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Citylite™ bicycle light combines a simple, elegant design with easy handling and outstanding efficiency. The light angle is 220 degrees so that the cyclist is visible even from the sides, a feature that ensures a particularly safe ride. When the lights are snapped together after use, the design ensures that everything comes together perfectly. Form and function are united in Citylite™ through a straightforward design that is well-thought-out down to the last detail.

Citylite for citylife Denmark is well known throughout the world for its bicycle culture – fortunately, safety in traffic is part of this great culture – and with Citylite it simply doesn’t get any easier or more elegant. Traditional bicycle lights used to mean lugging around with 2 bulky lights; with Citylite you get all the advantages of visibility, safety and efficiency in one clever, neat unit. Citylite is a unique designed bicycle light that combines innovative design and swift mounting with stability, efficiency and utmost safety. Elegant simplicity, epitomizing Danish design and technology.

220 ° light diffusion Be seen in traffic – also from the side! Superior optical and lens design gives a clear focused beam of light that spreads out 220°, making you more visible in traffic on your way through the city – also from the side. Other coin battery lights simply don’t give you this same level of safety.

Swift and easy mounting Each lamp clicks swiftly and easily onto the handlebar and saddle stem. For oversized bars you can simply use the elastic band to attach the rear light to either the saddle stem or to the frame or bicycle rack.

Consistent light intensity Be seen in traffic for longer! With Citylite you no longer have to ride around with lights that only work well during your first couple of rides. Citylite is equipped with two CR-2032 lithium batteries connected in parallel.

ø25-30 mm


Superior design and functionality Citylite™ has all the traits of a good solution: simplicity and a thoughtthrough design in every detail; form and function go hand in hand. State of the art design and technology in one neat, compact unit.

©© When front and raer lamp are clicked together the on/off switch is hidden and thereby prevents unintended battery drain by accidental turn on in your pocket or bag.

©© The unit is designed to fit snugly into each other when not in use, therefore making it easy for you to always have both lights at hand. They are small enough to fit into a jacket pocket or handbag and therefore easy to take with you around town. Citylite is the world’s most compact set of bicycle lights!

©© Simply press on the side of the lenses to pull out batteries. For your convenience no tools are required, making battery change a simple task.

©© To mount Citylite to your bicycle, simply click them apart, glide into position on handlebars and saddle stem and you are ready to go. No brackets are required for Citylite.

Weight per set: 45 grams Optic & Lens: Facet Optic with 220 degrees light spread Batteries: 2 x CR-2032 Measurements: 65,3 x 26 x 34mm

©© Should the saddle stem be hidden behind a bag or other, Citylite can be mounted alternatively on the frame or carrier rack, using the elastic. Thanks to the patent pending Dura-Loc™ technology, Citylite adjusts to fit standard 22-30mm diameters, mounted alternatively with the elastic even up to 35mm diameters. ©© Once you have arrived at your destination, Citylite is easily removed and clicked together, ready for your next ride. ©© We recommend you to remove your Citylite when not in use, as even though plastic is a fantastic material, it may lose elasticity if stretched over a longer period of time.

Technical data for Citylite

Impact and weather proof!

Technology Special lens and optical features combined with two high powered LEDs light up an angle of 220° – 110° to each side from centre point. In comparison to other coin battery bicycle lights, Citylite allows you to be seen even from the side by other road users. This ensures greater traffic safety for all parties. Or said in other words: Citylite for citylife! We’ll do what it takes to secure your visibility in traffic! Fitted with two parallel connected CR-2032 lithium batteries, a technical detail that doubles the batteries’ lifespan, making Citylite more economical than other coin battery lights and safer. The above finesse combined with a custom designed energy saving circuit ensures a long lasting and consistent light intensity, as well as an enhanced diffusion of light, to make sure you are seen in traffic – also from the side.


45 grams

Light diffusion

220 degrees


up to 300 M

Battery lifespan

40 hrs steady / 100 hrs with flash

Battery type

CR 2032


The Citylite story There are very few people who realise how many things have to be taken into consideration before launching a new product like Citylite and if they did most people would never even start, even though they had a great idea. Luckily there are people who not only have great ideas but also have the energy, courage and belief to carry it through. One of these people is Lars Beck, the man behind Citylite.

Compact bicycle lights without brackets It’s actually 18 years ago since Lars Beck first got the idea for a compact set of bicycle lights that could snap directly onto the bicycle without requiring a bracket. He approached some of the leading companies within the field and ended up selling the design to one of the major players in the bicycle market. Unfortunately the company had a double agenda and put the product in the draw. So what do you do if you believe that you have a brilliant idea that you want to see in the market place. You take a deep breath and push on. That’s what Lars Beck did anyway and eventually managed to get the product into production and launch it in several countries in Europe. But his troubles were far from over and a competition clause put the adventure on hold. Lars fought hard for several years

to keep hold of his patents and that is why Lars now again is on his way out into the world with his bicycle lights – a simple idea that makes life easier and safer for all cyclists and this is at a time when the bicycle is more popular than ever, both at home and around the world.

A brilliant idea and a lump of plastic One could write many words about all those years of hard work on Citylite. But if one should mention the key elements in the journey that Lars has travelled, then it started with a lump of plasticine which he rode around with on his handlebar. He knew he had got a brilliant idea, but how could he take it further?

Ups and downs The little lump of plasticine was the beginning of an adventure that really has had its ups and downs. Lars wanted to study industrial design but this meant that he first had to learn to draw. He spent several years improving this talent and eventually applied to the Danish Design School, however without prevail. Instead he applied to several design courses abroad and in the end chose to study Product Design & Manufacture at a university in England. This has obviously given him key knowhow within the field of product development and manufacturing.

Back on his bike and on the road again A couple of years ago Lars succeeded in finally getting his project back on the rails again with the help of a loan guarantee from Vaekstfonden and advice from various companies and individuals. Finally the world’s most compact set of bicycle lights will soon be lighting the way for cyclists in cities all over the world.

The Danish company Citylite S.m.b.a. is presently launching Citylite in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, England, France, Holland, Belgium and USA.


“After 20 years in the creative industry, my most trusted design tool is my intuition and my gut feeling...�

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