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INT. MANNY’S CAR - EVENING Manny and Sam are parked in front of a one story house with a large wooden porch. A few other similar houses line the block. Sam stares at the house. MANNY Just go inside. I need to go to work. SAM I can’t. MANNY Your fuckin’ groceries are gonna go bad in here. I’m late. SAM I don’t want to go in there. Manny holds back frustration. He takes a moment calms himself. MANNY Baby, can you go inside for me? She needs you. SAM Ok. Fine. Ok. MANNY Thank you. See you in a bit. Love you. Manny kisses her on the cheek. She grabs several bags of groceries and gets out of the car. INT. KATHY’S LIVING ROOM - SAME Sam’s mother, KATHY (46) is lying on a worn down floral couch. She is incredibly high. She mindlessly watches the home shopping network channel. Her living room looks as if it hasn’t been cleaned in ages. SAM Hey ma. Brought the groceries you asked for. I got you a couple shirts too. Kathy doesn’t take her eyes off the TV. She mumbles.




KATHY Did you get my cigarettes? SAM Yeah, I got them. Here. Sam tosses a pack of cigarettes at Kathy. Kathy gives Sam a doped-out smile. She slowly packs the cigarettes, opens them and puts one in her mouth. She picks up a lighter and drops it. Sam picks it up and lights her cigarette. KATHY Thanks, baby. Kathy’s husband, NEIL (50) staggers in with a cigarette in his hand. NEIL Kathy. Kathy! KATHY What? NEIL Can you stop leaving the damn curling iron on? I just burned the shit out of my hand. Look at this shit. Neil shows the burn to Sam. Sam nods. Kathy mumbles. NEIL What was that? She don’t ever leave that damn couch. Tell Shiloh to pick up all these damn toys of the floor. Neil shakes his head in dissapointment. He takes a drag from hsi cigarette, scratches his butt and shuts himself in the bedroom. KATHY Whatever you say honey. Sam glances uncomfortably at the bedroom and Kathy. SAM I’m gonna put these away. Sam grabs the groceries and attempts to find her way to the kitchen despite the clothes, children’s toys and various clutter on the floor.


INT. KATHY’S KITCHEN - SAME Sam puts the groceries on the counter. The kitchen is almost as disgusting as the living room. Various painkillers, benzodiazepines and other pill bottles are scattered across the counter. Half-empty liquor bottles sit next to them. SAM Shit. SHILOH (25) walks in the kitchen door from the back porch. Shiloh wears a club dress, heels and has perfectly straightened hair. JULIE (6) and JADEN (3) run inside and start playing. SHILOH Hey. Sam glances at her and starts putting the groceries in the fridge. SAM Hey. SHILOH Pass me a beer? Julie, stop playing rough like that. And quit yelling. SAM Well don’t you look nice. SHILOH You like it? I’m meeting this guy Dave tonight. SAM Ha. What happened to the other guy? SHILOH He stopped paying attention to me so I stopped paying attention to him. You know how it goes. SAM Why do you always like that? You go and the same bars trying to impress fucking know?

go out dressed to the same clubs every time. You people we already

SHILOH Shut up. Don’t be a hater.



4. SAM Another thing, who the fuck is bringing mom this liquor? You know she can’t drive. SHILOH Shit, don’t ask me. SAM Who’s watching Julie and Jaden tonight? SHILOH Neil said he’d do it. I have to go, I’ll see you later.

Shiloh grabs her purse from the counter, kisses Sam on the cheek and heads towards the door. NICK, (17) walks in from the back porch. He yells at Shiloh. NICK This is the last fucking time I’m staying in to watch your kids Shiloh! SAM Who bought mom this liquor? And who the fuck is mixing her drinks? Nick? NICK She was having a bad day so I did her a favor. SAM You’re not even 21. NICK Cole bought them. I just brought them. SAM Well stop enabling her. NICK You’re one to fucking talk. SAM She’s not even supposed to drink on any of that shit she’s prescribed. Next thing you know she’s going to be shooting up in here. Kathy walks in. She looks completely out of it. (CONTINUED)



KATHY Stop fighting. Why is everyone always trying to fight? Honey can you pass me my drink? SAM Fuck this. Sam grabs the liquor bottles and pours the remaining liquid down the sink. It takes Kathy a moment to realize what she has just done. KATHY Why? Sam kisses Kathy on the cheek and exits quickly.


Sample from my feature length script Bermuda.

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