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After running countless tests on the new life forms, researchers from NYU have concluded that the “aliens” have larger pituitary glands than we do. The pituitary glands control the body’s hormones, growth, and homeostasis. The larger pituitary gland helps explain why the aliens have overpopulated their home planet and are on a pilgrimage to find a new place to call home. They reproduce rapidly, with each female being able to give birth every couple of weeks, and the males having very high levels of testosterone. Researchers at NYU also tested the limits of the sensory centers in the brain. After examining the eyes of the aliens, researchers have found that they are very similar to those of the mantis shrimp. This means that within the eyeball of the alien, there are 16 color receptive cones. To put this into perspective, humans only have three color receptive cones. Aliens can see all spectrums ranging from ultra-violet to infrared. What’s even more astounding about the aliens is their sense of hearing. It seems that aliens can hear and tune into radio frequencies. Their ears respond to the radio waves and relay the message to the brain. Much like an antenna does to a radio.


what do they want and where are they going?