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PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE (2012/ architecture office) r e s u m e Internship at Sabugosa Arquitetura: Focused on Residential projects; (2012/ architecture office)

p e r s o n a l i n f o r m a t i o n Internship at Corcovado Arquitetura: Collaboration on Morar Carioca Camila Romano de Paula Antunes Brazilian 10/30/1990 Violetas 38, Itacoatiara, Niterói, RJ - Brazil +55 (21) 99962-9855

(Competition to design social housing projects for Rio de Janeiro);

(2013 – 2014/ architecture office) Internship at Muda Arquitetura: Focused on sustainable residential buildings and commercial projects; (2015 – now/ architecture office) Architect and Urban Designer at Muda Arquitetura: Management and development of execution architectural projects; (2015 – now/ engineer construction company)

t i t l e Architect and Urban Designer at União Realizações: Development of B Arch – 5-year Professional Bachelor Degree: School of Architecture and Urban Design - Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio)

projects for investment in different sectors.

RESEARCH / wORKSHOPS / COURSES (research) Scientific Initiation (CNPq) guided by Maria Fernanda Lemos; Project: Social Vulnerability - Special Areas in Brazil Subject to Flooding; (Research) South America Project coordinated by Graduate School of Design of Harvard University and PUC-Rio; Project: Rural Logistics – Multiprocessing Station; (extension course) Managing Local Water Resources – CCE PUC-Rio; (workshop) Landscape and Urbanism: Enlaced Territories organized by PUC-Rio; Project: New Typology - Rethinking Cabíunas Region; (international workshop) Rio Academy workshop: Ephemeral Solutions guided by Rua Arquitetos; Project: Urban Pulse “Palpitação Urbana”; (english and design course) ESL+Design Studio: coordinated by The New School for Public Engagement and Parsons The New School of Design; (GRAPHIC design course) Graphic Design by Parsons The New School of Design / Prof. Carmile Zaino; (GRAPHIC design course) Typography by Parsons The New School of Design / Prof. Etta Siegel; (GRAPHIC design course) Print-Production by Parsons The New School of Design / Prof. Glenn Baken.

teaching assistant a r c h i t e c t u r e d r a f t i n g : Prof. Silvio Dias; joint architecture and landscape architecture s t u d i o : Profs. Gabriel Duarte, Marcos Favero, Luciano Alvares s o f t w a r e s k i l l s (Utopian Architecture) Duarte Vaz, Flaviana Raynaud e Pierre Martin (Landscape Architecture); AutoCAD 2d and 3d Revit Architecture Rhinoceros competitions/ awards/ publications Grasshopper (september 2012) selected group V-Ray Morar Carioca Competition: Development of the macro diagnostic of QGIS the area where the project was going to be located. Published on IAB-RJ/ Sketch Up Pro Morar Carioca website; Photoshop (september 2014) 1st Prize Illustrator Sustainability Award in PUC-Rio - Research about Social Vulnerability for InDesign CNPq; Published article in PUC-Rio PIBIC annual book; (september 2014)

l a n g u a g e s Collaboration in Guggenheim Helsinki Competition – Project:

Portuguese, English and Spanish

Art+Public, Shelter+Park;

(november 2014) Collaboration in the National Competition for an addition to the Town Hall building in Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil - with Muda Arquitetura; ( j u ly 2 0 1 5 ) GARS Nepal Tibet: Earthquake Emergency Competition – Project: Emergency School for the city of Chautaura in Nepal. Published on Ikuku website; (august 2015) 2nd prize International Workshop Rio Academy – Project: Urban Pulse (PT: Palpitação Urbana). Published on the websites: ArchDaily and Arco Web; (april 2016) honorable mention Opera Prima Competition; Project: Urban Manufacture Complex – Building a Productive Layer (PT: Complexo de Manufatura Urbana - A Construção de Um Tecido Produtivo). Published on the websites: DAU PUC-Rio, Arco Web and in the magazine PROJETO – edition 431, page 134. (december 2016) Project developed for the South America Project Research published in the book Expanded Lines - Borderland Urbanisms: Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina by LAIT - Editora PUC-Rio, page 148;

other personal interests Graphic Design; Branding; Typography; Print-Making; Photography; Exhibitions; Travelling.

Resume 2016 - Camila Romano  
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