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What do you know about the Olympic Games?

What is it? The Olympic Games are a countries meeting that participate in different kind of sports, for example: 1. Swimming 2. High Jump 3. Cycling 4. Gymnastics 5. Volleyball 6. Pole Vault 7. 100 meter-dash 8. Marathon 9. Fighting 10. Weights

The important aspects that use this big meeting to be an awesome meeting are: THE OPENING CEREMONY: Usually is a dramatic celebration involving hundreds of people. OLYMPIC TORCH: Is an important symbol that travels around the world to the most important cities, that represents the sports fire, maybe this light stay inflamed around the next four years that we use to wait this amazing meeting , an example of this is this meeting was celebrated on 2012 the other will be on 2016 . Where was it born? It was originated in Olympia, Greece; more than 2,700 years ago. Since then they been attended by more than 200 countries, the last places that we used to celebrate are: Atenas, Beijing, Sidney, Londres, Atlanta, and other cities, and the next country is Brazil.

I will talk about the most important sports that have the Olympic Games, when Colombia has gone to his meeting, the medals that we have won.


The most important sports are: Swimming ,High Jump, Cycling ,Gymnastics , Volleyball , Pole Vault , 100 meter dash , Marathon , Fighting , Weights , Also the motor sports and horse riding .

SWIMMING: -It is an activity that develops in a pool, with different kinds of styles.

100 meter 窶電ash -It is a sprint race in track and field competitions.


An athlete passes the bar with the aid of a pole in a running track.



The athlete runs in a long journey with a specific measure, for example 42 KM.


The athlete runs on a track and the goal is to jump over a horizontal bar as high as the athlete cans


Is the use of a bicycle to cover a route


Is a sport involving the performance of exercises requiring physical strength, flexibility, power, agility, coordination, and balance


Is a team sport in which two teams of six players are separated by a net. Each team tries to score points by grounding a ball on the other team's court under organized rules.

FIGHTING: It is a battle that includes two players the goal is to knock down the opponent. WEIGHTS: Any object with a specific mass used to exert upward pressure.

COLOMBIA IN THE OLYMPIC GAMES: The country started to participate in this meeting since 1932 in Los Angeles. In total, we have nineteen medals: GOLDEN: 2 medals SILVER: 6 medals

BRONZE: 11 medals The sports that we have participation are: Taekwondo, Fighting, Boxing, Judo, Athletics, Shooting Sports, Weights, Motor Sports, and Swimming. OUR MEDALS: ATHLETE Maria Isabel Urrutía Mariana Pajón Diego Salazar Oscar Figueroa Rigoberto Uran Catherin IbargÜen Helmul Bellin Grodt

ATHLETE Clemente Rojas Alfonso Pérez Ximena Restrepo Jorge Julio Rocha Mabel Mosquera Maria Luisa Calle Jackeline Renteria

MEDAL Golden Golden Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver

MEDAL Bronze Bronze Bronze Bronze Bronze Bronze Bronze

SPORT Weights BMX Weights Weights Cycling Athletics Shooting Sports

SPORT Boxing Boxing Athletics Boxing Weights Cycling Fights

YEAR 2000 2012 2008 2012 2012 2012 1972-1984

YEAR 1972 1972 1992 1988 2004 2004 2008-2012

PLACE Sidney , Australia London , U.K. Beijing, China London, U.K. London, U.K London, U.K. Munich ,Germany Angeles , U.S.

PLACE Munich, Germany Munich, Germany Barcelona, Spain Seúl , Korea Atenas , Greece Atenas ,Greece Beijing –London

CONCLUSION When I saw the Olympic Games in Beijing I felt like “It´s Awesome I really would like to go to the Olympic Games “However I knew that our athletes needed a very good preparation, In the Olympic Games in London in the Opening Ceremony, when I saw the England Queen arrived to the ceremony I said “She was crazy “, but in these case was very nice to saw that, when on the broadcasting I listened that we won a Golden Medal with Mariana Pajón I really felt exciting .This big meeting in my opinion it’s a very important world symbol, I can recommend this because this talk about history but also sports.

All the information is from Wikipedia and also other pages.

What do yo know about the Olympic Games  

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