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K-pop K-pop is a musical genre that includes various styles like

electronic dance music, hip hop, rap, rock, R & B, etc, and refers specifically to the popular music of South Korea. For 3 ½ years to hear this style of music, which I met through internet in 2010, which gave me the chance to see various Korean television series, which introduced me to Asian culture, which allowed began investigating about this great culture (music, traditional food, lifestyle, among other things) HANBOK Korean traditional dress

HANGEUL The Korean writing system

TOBOKKI It is one of the most popular street food in South Korea

K-pop groups my favorites are:


Super Junior was the first group I met and listen when they called my attention completely. Super Junior is the most popular group in South Korea, debuted in 2005, under the company SM Entertainment. The group Comprised a total of thirteen members at its peak.

My favorite member is: Lee Sungmin


MBLAQ is my second favorite male group, this group known him since his debut in 2010. MBLAQ means "Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality" It is a South Korean group of five boys, created po Rain, an important and famous singer of the company J.Tune Camp.

My favorite member is: G.O


This group is the only group of girls I like. SISTAR is a girl group consisting of four girls. This group debuted in 2010 under the company Starship Entertainment. Its members are Hyorin, Bora, and Dasom SoYou

My favorite member is: Yoon Bora

Thanks to kpop I love Asian culture, specifically South Korea. I would love someday to travel to this country and enjoy the beautiful scenery. As Gyeongbokgung Palace:

Beach Haeundae:

IIchulbong the Mt. Seongsan

But the place I would most like to meet is the center of Seoul, where there are large stores and mall in the country, because as you know South Korea is the city of technology and fashion.

Korean New Wave  
Korean New Wave  

This magazine talks about some Corana culture, which I find quite interesting and which I really like