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A collection of my academic work presented to ensure my exchange by the Science without Borders program.


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PORTFOLIO Curriculum Vitae

Personal Information Camila D’Ávila Fernández 4th year Design student at UFSC (graduation started at 2010) 21 years old Female Born May 6, 1992 in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil Lives in Florianópolis, Av. Cesar Seara, nº 36, apto 202 - Carvoeira Phone: +55 48 3234 0536 Mobile: +55 48 9166 0111 Email:

Language Skills Fluent Portuguese (mother language) Advanced English Advanced Spanish Basic French Basic Japanese

Past Experience Nov/2013 - Today Internship at SENAI/SC - Graphic Design Aug/2013 - Sep/2013 Internship at Labmin - Editorial Design Mar/2013 - Jun/2013 Internship at Mobiliza - e-Learning Aug/2012 - Jul/2013 Participated in the commission candidate to host the 24th National Design Students Meeting (the biggest design student meeting in Latin America) Aug/2012 - Dec/2012 Graphic Design exchange program at ORT in Montevideo, Uruguay Feb/2012 - Aug/2012 Internship at Seplan - Web Design Dec/2010 - Jan/2012 Internship at Lantec - Editorial Design

EDITOR’S LETTER Motivation Letter

With this letter, I would like to express my interest in studying at the Royal Academy of Art as a Science without Borders student for the 2014/15 academic year. The Science without Borders program is a unique opportunity to fulfill my dream of studying in a dutch university with financial aid from the government. It is an essential addition to our training as professionals, leaving our cultural addiction to take a broad view of how the rest of the world deals with the same problems. I joined the Federal University of Santa Catarina in 2010, for the Product Design graduation. I’ve always been interested in design, but I had no idea of how big the area was. In the first semester, I started an internship with Graphic Design because, in my city, the Product Design industry is very scarce. I started as an illustrator of academic material, and since they liked my performance, I was invited to start diagramming. It was then that I fell for Editorial Design. I continued doing other internships in Graphic Design, but still attending Product Design. As the semesters went through, I realized I needed to change my area. In 2012 I enrolled in my first module of Graphic Design, in the Editorial Design project, and after that I decided to do an exchange course in order to discover if it

was what I really wanted to do. I went to ORT in Montevideo - Uruguay, to study Graphic Design for a semester. There, in a conversation with one of my teachers, I told her about my passion for Editorial Design, my desire to do a Master’s degree in the Netherlands and my dismay as a student. At that moment she told me about my ability to conceptualize and, as here in South America beauty is still more cherished than concept, it would be perfect for me if I could study in Europe, especially in Holland, since she had done her masters there. I’ve always been in love with the Netherlands, starting from the tulips, the way of life, the bikes, the food and people politeness and then finding out that there is the perfect place to develop my skills in conceptualizing and combine this with a great experience. I’m in the 4th year of the graduation, but I have got only 2 projects focused in Graphic Design. I feel that this experience is vital not only to stand out in the industry, but also to feel much more motivated and confident in order to complete my graduation. I really hope to be accepted by KABK to start the fulfillment of my biggest dream. I want to learn but also share my experiences with your students, as I am sure that this will be a huge step towards becoming an increasingly qualified professional.


Magazine made during my exchange to Uruguay, for the Dise単o Editorial 2 (Editorial Design 2) class. November 2012.

The proposal here was to create something directed at young people from the middle class, that had a modern and attractive look. All the magazine subjects were pre defined and we were told to work with them the way we chose best. The biggest challenge was the fact that I had never done a magazine design before. I had to learn how to work with different subjects in only one project, knowing which grid would fit best and manipulating the content according to the target audience.


The proposal here was to create a drop cap letterform for my favorite book, “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” by Stieg Larsson and to illustrate the letter L as in his surname. To escape the cliché of working with the “dragon”of the title, after some brainstoming, I chose to work with one of the first scenes in the book / movie, when the grandfather of Harriet, the girl who starts the plot, gets a frame with flowers. It’s something that symbolizes her disappearance and makes him keep on looking for her. This lettering was the first I had the opportunity to do. The main element are the petals, which together have a texture reminiscent of dragon scales. It was a laborious and time consuming process since I worked them one by one, but I finally got a satisfactory result.



A couple of books made during my exchange to Uruguay, for the Dise単o Editorial 2 (Editorial Design 2) class. September 2012.


The project proposal was to create two different designs for the same book of poetry “Ejercicios de Estilo”, a “normal” version and one “experimental”. Each poetry book reports, in different ways, the same situation. In the “normal” book, the challenge was to think of a layout in which the small and big texts could be visually balanced and pleasing.

In the “experimental� book the challenge was to work each poem as a single piece, understanding what was the focus of each interpretation to thereby design something suitable for it.


The goal of this project was to handletter sketch your favorite quote, phrase or title. I chose to work whith the phrase “Reach out and touch faith”, the chorus of “Personal Jesus”, a song by the british band Depeche Mode. First I wanted to work with each word’s true meaning but, after some unsuccessful attempts, I realized that the result was not visually pleasing. So I chose to work with less typographic variations, to enhance the impact of each word. For “Reach Out” and “faith” I drew more impactful letters, following the meaning of the terms. “Touch”, because it is something more delicate and, in most cases, related to affection, was done whith cursive letterforms. The “&” gave it the final balance. This was the first lettering phrase I had the opportunity to do, and despite the early attempts having not worked very well, the end result was really pleasant to me.


A portfolio magazine made for WDKA, that embrances all my passion for editorial design. March 2014.

My dream has always been living and studying in the Netherlands When the Science without Borders program came out, I knew I could not let this opportunity pass. I knew the competition would be great and, as I recently changed my degree, I would be in certain disadvantage with other candidates. Then I realized that for this to happen I needed something that at the same time could show my qualities and my passion for editorial design, which is why I changed my course.

As many universities asked for the portfolio in pdf, in a magazine format, I had the idea to make it a magazine for real. After a lot of reference research, including books, magazines and catalogs, I chose to work with a modular grid, making the inclusion of the projetc images easier. I also used some elements that reinforce the image of the magazine, such as the barcode and the layout of the curriculum vitae and letter of motivation. I hope you have enjoyed it and, in August, we can meet in KABK!

Thank you!

Portfolio KABK  
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