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Trend Book S/S 2012 by Camilla Matthews

S/S 2012 Trend Book

Contents Introduction to Escapism Childhood Dreams Vintage Wonders Escape into the Wild Tainted Nature

Introduction Escapism - ‘an inclination to or habit of retreating from unpleasant reality, as through diversion or fantasy’ In our ever changing and ever evolving society it brings about the ever so scary realisation of how much we need to escape from the normality of our day-to-day lives. The trend of ‘Escapism’ is a growing trend amongst society whether it is among fashion, interiors, art, or the less obvious types such as emotions and nature. Within this trend book I am going to look at four different types of escapisms showing how they have an effect on fashion, from which I will depict four new trends for Spring/Summer 2012.

Childhood Dreams

Introduction “There is a garden in every childhood, an enchanted place where colours are brighter, the air softer, and the morning more fragrant than ever again.� - Elizabeth Lawrence. Let your childhood dreams whisk you away to an enchanted land, a place where only your creative mind will lead you to, a place to escape. Dreaming allows an individual to escape to the furthest place away imaginable to where they are at that current moment in time, it is seen as a way to cope with the stresses of modern life. Children are now encouraged to daydream as it creates a greater desire for creative thought. Recent studies have proven that they will develop greater skills to deal with the changing pattern of day-to-day life. Feminine silhouettes such as fairies and princesses are revisited to capture some reality of our childhood dreams. Natural forms will be featured in the shaping of new garments. On accessories such as tights materials like chiffon and silk will almost act in the form of a natural growth. Fluid drapes along with fresh natural colours in silks with sequin embellishments will allow us to reconnect to our childhood dreams to form an enchanted trend for spring/summer 2012.

Key Pieces

Key Words Embellishment

Natural Forms Floral Pastel


Colour Pallette

Pantone 203 C

Pantone 537 C

Pantone 8321 C

Pantone 481 C

Pantone 7429 C

Pantone 7457 C

Pantone 4685 C Pantone 7541 C





Dried Flowers



Vintage Wonders

Introduction There is no escaping the wonders of vintage fashion. Rummaging through your grandparents cupboards, picking up unique items that no one else will have automatically gives you the emotional attachment to that garment. A piece that will be treasured more than any other item of clothing regardless of the price. Every time the garment is worn it is almost an emotional escapism, with tales from grandparents and the vintage smell you are transported to the era of which it was originally worn Vintage fashion has been a reoccurring trend on the catwalk bringing back a more classical, sophisticated and feminine look. Once again it will be taking us back to sitting in a field in our prettiest frock making a daisy chain in the summer sun. With new floral prints in bold colours vintage fashion will be reformed to suit the modern day women. Lampshade dresses reflecting the shape of flowers, oversized shirts and trousers brought in with leather belts and statement hats are soon to be must have items.

Key Pieces

Key Words Floral Hats Oversized

Travel Antique Country Picnic

Lampshade Dress Layers

Colour Pallette Pantone 7534 C Pantone 5025 C Pantone 7493 C Pantone 457 C Pantone 722 C Pantone 646 C


Floral Pattern Material






Escape into The Wild

Introduction Natural escapism is a form that many people feel the need to endure. Everybody needs to retreat from the day-to-day running of life and experience different surroundings. Whether it is to relax or to understand different ways of living there is something for everyone out there whenever they need to escape. It may be deemed upon as ‘wrong’ to some however, second hand fur is making an influential come back and will be a key feature on the catwalk. In the form of jackets and accessories be prepared to go back in time to the era of cavemen and women. Statement tribal jewellery, backcombed hair, fur jackets, oversized bags and the oh so loved animal print will be making a come back in 2012, so we can express our pure love for natures ways.

Key pieces

Key words Realistic Expressive Fur Volume Tribal Cuffs Inner Animal

Colour Pallette pantone 453 C pantone 7407 C pantone 1605 C pantone 181 C pantone 7533 C



Animal Print Faux Fur


Tainted Nat ure

Int roduct ion

As much as we love escaping into the true beauty of nature sometimes we encounter tainted nature; Natural disasters that are uncontrollable and out of our power, nature that brings us back to the real world and the problems that we are faced to overcome on a daily basis, nature that cannot provide an escapism. Issues with Oil have been the main focus for this trend, an ongoing concern that has only recently began to have an affect on society with issues such as the rise in fuel costs. It is now beginning to have an impact on our lives and how we live them and is now set to take form in the shape of fashion, bringing about more earthy tones and distorted pieces relating to the corrosion of natures beauty. High shine coated stretch denim mixed with netting alongside agate jewellery will give a distressed earthy look. For a more eveningwear approach wear sheer embellished garments bringing in the agate jewellery again to portray the corrosion of natural forms. This trend is set to send out a very powerful message amongst society.

Key Pieces

Key Words Feat hers leat her


Wet Look Sheer

Dramat ic Rock

Embellishment Nett ing

Pantone hexachrome black C Pantone 532 C Pantone 404 C Pantone 437 C Pantone 8281 C Pantone 5425 C

Colour Pallette






High shine coated stretch denim


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Trend Book S/S12  
Trend Book S/S12  

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