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Q6. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product? Throughout my media product, I have come across lots of new things such as software and technology which I haven’t used before. As I am not the best of at using technology doing this task help e expand my knowledge and get a general grasp on how to use new programs, edit and enhance images and successfully produce in my opinion a good hip hop magazine which would appeal to the 16-21 years old audience. In the process of making my magazine I have learnt various aspects of different technologies and software. ICT Skills, by doing this task I was able to knowledge and gain an experience and skills in ICT and use different websites such blogger and slideshare. Using the blog was new for me however I like learning and experiencing new things as it helps me expand my knowledge and brings me new challenges. Besides that the blog allowed me to upload my work and videos such as uploading videos from YouTube and using movie marker also create videos and presentations, make posts for media product and receive teachers’ feedback and comments through my blog. By using slideshare, I could embed the PowerPoint to my blog.

I have taken advantage of the Apple MACs provided at my school which allow me to convert files and take screenshots for development and web research. Having used a MAC before allowed me to spend much less time learning the basics and therefore practice more complex aspects that it has to offer, such as programs that could improve my media product.

Programs, whilst making media product I had to express my knowledge and understanding of different programs. Programs such as Adobe Photoshop Cs3, Da font helped make my magazine professional as possible. I’ve learnt how to alter and remove background and filter my images to make them look as eye catching and amazing as possible and I could convert my images to make them to the best quality without ruining the original quality of the images and selecting parts of an image or even crop an image out using the quick selection tool or magnetic tool. This has helped me to obtain professionalism (for example) by making me use my cover artist on a new background to give section to the magazine. I learnt how to use certain effects as well, such as drop shadows and outer glows, which in general gave the magazine a distinguished look. In addition to these skills, the use of layers was essential. Layering also allowed me to create my masthead and subheadings, images and etc.

By using the DaFont, I able to download different kinds o styles on font for free which more professional and more developed than the default ones on Photoshop and also it helped me create my title and subheadings too. Here I spent long time looking for right fonts for my magazine and what is best suited.

Photography – using the amazing quality cameras and learnt how to take variety pictures that I never knew, I have always loved taking photos but not ever at such high intense quality, and I got to explore the world of photography, with the use of this skills knowledge such as high- key and low – key lighting and the use of different camera angles. Using this camera allowed me to take incredible images, and they were of such high quality I did not really need to alter anything other than removing the background. During the photography session, it is important to take a lot of pictures so that you have more choice.

M os t of all, I learnt the importance of continuous saving as importing, converting , uploading and downloading takes up a lot of memory. I must research and plan what I’m going to do, to give me guidance in case I struggle. Also, that it is OK to take a few ideas as long as you develop the idea and make it your own.