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5 March 2012

Š Courtney Carmod

From the editor


Lets have some dinner!


is all about style, coziness, good quality food, creativity, joy, tastiness, and living a healthy, yet fun life: The student life of the 21st century. Munchies is about smart students that like to enjoy their freedom, explore who they are and what they like. Munchies is about one of the most important periods of life. All we want to say is: why not make the best of it and enjoy it as much as you can?







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Craving for Munchies We all have them every once in a while, the munchies, that sudden crave for good food.


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English breakfast!


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Munchies! © Nosha


Hanne Wassink


Our student life is an important period. We live on our own for the first time and discover our own taste. We become our own person, make responsible choices and start to think about the important things in life. Oh, and of course we also like to be young and silly in the meantime. However, food is one of those important things and Munchies will tell you all about it. The Munchies How often don’t you have one of those days were the munchies are all we can think of, but money is nowhere to be found. It is not easy being a student sometimes but no matter what happens or how stressful our lives can get; we should always enjoy having the munchies! About Us Munchies is a magazine inspired by the student life. No, don’t mistake this magazine for being cheap, because it is far from it. Munchies

This is not a regular food magazine. Instead of other magazines, we do look at the cheapest way to enjoy the best quality of food. Munchies is about food and everything that comes with it. For Students By Students Do you know the ten places in Amsterdam where you can find the best food for hardly anything? Have you ever heard about a food intolerance that prevents you from having pancakes, hot chocolate or ice cream? Besides all of that, Munchies would also like to show you how to make the cheapest, yet best dinner you’ve ever had. After reading our blogazine, you can make a great dinner to enjoy together with all of your friends. Munchies gets inspired by food and students from all over the world; so get ready to experience something new. If you are curious about Munchies: sit back, grab a cup of coffee, some cookies and read this blogazine. Let it inspire you. Get ready to create the munchies!!




4 Munchies!

© Tim Geers


Goodmorning! © Steven Strijbosch

We want breakfast! After saying goodbye to the bathrobe (a serious shame), the slipper (a mortal sin), and the digital clock (understandable), students are collectively skipping the most important meal of the day: breakfast. Not knowing that breakfast is actually incredibly hip nowadays.

by Steven Strijbosch

Quick Coffee vs. Fluffy Pancakes First, lets define ‘breakfast’. For some people it’s a quick cup of coffee while putting on your coat as the closing door slams behind you. Others think of their first meal of the day as a combination of bacon, pancakes and syrup. We can all imagine that piles of fluffy pancakes, crispy bacon and golden maple syrup make a revolutionary morning dish for most students; however many studies show poor nutrition hurts school performance and achievement. Therefore providing yourself with a healthy breakfast should be a priority.

Morning Juice

6 Munchies

No Fuel = No Strength It’s all in the name; breakfast, a fast morning break. Breakfast is not a very big meal, and on the contrary of what many people think, you’re going to feel tired if

you don’t eat breakfast. Mainly, because you have spent the entire previous night without food leaving nightly munchies aside. No fuel in your stomach means: no energy and strength. You can imagine that your body and brain have trouble succeeding in their primary work without some serious fuel to do so. Do It Yourself Trendwatchers all over the world predict a great year for a relation between student and homemade granola. This might sound like a joke, but you can really put together your own healthy cruesli by gathering all that appeals to you. Making crunchy granola is much easier than you think. Actually it’s a scrambled piece of cake. You rummage some grains, nuts and seeds together in any local store and presto: within an hour there is a jar

full of crunchy, golden-brown breakfast cereal on the counter. It is healthy, delicious and most important: amazingly hip. Oh, and it has a long expiration date and it’s really cheap. Rise and Shine Anyway, our daily challenge is getting through the day unharmed. Putting the blankets over the head and staying in bed is always a good option, but rather impossible if you are a hardworking student, right? In those cases, eating your homemade cruesli is the best way to start of your day!

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© Josh Jansson







© Benson Kua



by Julie Trienekens

© Jelle S

‘I can´t eat pancakes anymore!’ Lactose Intolerance, it might not sound very nice and it isn’t: it’s the exact opposite. Annet Verhoeff (20) is about to go to South Africa for 5 months and recently found out she suffers from lactose-intolerance, “Now I can’t eat anything I like anymore.” Just a simple glass of milk, or a tasty cupcake is not done for Annet. “Last week I made cupcakes and when I ate one, I got a lot of stomach-cramps and I got really nauseous.” These are some of the symptoms Annet used to have very often and so she went to the doctor to find out what the problem was. “He told me it had something to do with a lack of lactase in my intestines, which usually breaks up the lactose in your body, but in my case it doesn’t. As a result I feel really nauseous, feel very sick and get stomach-cramps. What to do now? That’s the main question Annet faced after the doctors diagnose. “I was worried how it would affect my life.” She found out there’s a lot of food she can’t eat anymore due to this lactose intolerance. Also many drinks suddenly turned out to be troublemakers. “I can’t drink anything with milk in it, so no cappuccino’s or hot chocolate for me this winter. Desserts such as icecream or yoghurt are a ‘no go area’ as well since they contain lactose.” Soon Annet will leave her hometown for a five-month-stay in South Africa. She hopes the lactose intolerance won’t be too difficult to deal with

10 Munchies!

during her trip, but is worried it might cause some inconvenience anyhow. “I think they don’t care about my so called ‘lactose-intolerance’ in Africa.” No more pancakes Annet thinks the worst consequence of her lactose intolerance is saying goodbye to her favourite food: “I can’t eat Pancakes anymore!” Also her mums’ applepie with whipped cream is off-limits now, which is a big concern at family birthdays. Besides missing out on these sweet favourites, Annet has another dish she has to skip now too: chicken-sate with sate sauce. “I always eat this in the middle of the night, after going out with friends.” Unfortunately there is more. Most girls can relate to Annet when it comes to eating chocolate at a specific time of the month, but milk chocolate is not accepted anymore either. “That’s truly a big loss for me.” Goats in Africa Luckily it is not all bad. Annet now has a good excuse to skip some of the meals she doesn’t like, “I will never have to eat anything with goat cheese or feta-cheese anymore! At least now I do have a good excuse to skip those meals in Africa. I think they have a lot of goats there.”


Munchies organized an international dinner with students from different countries to verify that you can eat well without spending much money. Each person had to represent their country and cook something typical from there.

International Dinner

Jennifer Pompe, a German student surprised us with a Southern dish of her country, Käsespätzle, made ​​from egg noodles, cheese, onion, salt and pepper.

David and Bea represented Italy and they prepared spaghetti carbonara.

Roasted tomato and aioli. The aioli sauce is made ​​of garlic, mayonnaise, salt and parsley.

© Sonia Irama Alonso

Spanish, Italian, Turkish, German and Hungarian food. A dinner that did not miss anything and was done on a budget.




International Dinner

Typical Spanish omelette with potatoes and eggs.

Hoewel Adani & Wolf vanzelf sprekend een grote ol hadden, was de uitkomst. Lol hadden, was de uitkomst.meest adequate lettertype gezet moet worden vervaardigd.

Jennifer Pompe: “It was very fun to get together, learn how they cook our friends and inexpensively, without spending much money”. The dish is a vegetarian dish called Müjver, with cucumber, milk, eggs and wheat flour. Accompanied by Sarma Dolmas. Rolls done with wine leaves, stuffed with rice and Mediterranean spices.

Emre Bagirgan: “It’s a great idea being able to cook for others, to teach the cuisine of my country and to experience different dishes from other countries.”

The dish is a typical Turkish dish called Köfte, made with ​​ chooped meat (beef ) and Mediterranean spices, accompanied with Sarma Dolmas rolls too.

© Sonia Irama Alonso





You got a

Hangover? English breakfast!

4 rashers good-quality lean unsmoked back bacon 4 brown-cap portabello mushrooms 12-16 cherry tomatoes on the vine, room temperature 6 tsp olive oil 2 slices granary or wholegrain bread , cut on the diagonal 2 good-quality free-range pork sausages , minimum 86% pork 2 free-range, omega-3 rich eggs , room temperature few drops cider vinegar 2 x 100ml / 3.5 fl oz glasses freshlysqueezed orange juice , plus 1 orange cut into wedges handful fresh blueberries (about 50g/2oz)

© Tommy Rumble

16 Munchies

Step one Lay the bacon, mushrooms and tomatoes on a foil-lined tray. Brush the tops of the mushrooms with 3 tsp of the oil and both sides of the bread with the remaining oil. Set aside. Heat the grill to very hot. Lay the sausages on a small foil-lined tray (best not to prick goodquality sausages or they may lose moisture). Grill for about 10 mins until cooked, turning occasionally. Step two Meanwhile, three-quarters fill a small pan, and a wide, deep sauté pan with water. Bring both to the boil. Lower an egg into the small pan and remove after 30 secs. Crack the egg into a cup. Add vinegar to the larger pan then, using a wire whisk, swirl the water around to create a whirlpool. Remove the whisk and slowly tip the egg into the centre of the whirlpool (see top picture). When the water comes back to the boil, remove the pan from the heat, cover and leave for 3 mins, then remove the egg. Place in a bowl of warm water while you cook the other egg - or cook both eggs an hour ahead, leave in a bowl of iced water, then reheat for 1½ mins in simmering water before serving. Step three Meanwhile heat a griddle pan to very hot. Place the tomatoes, bacon and mushrooms under the grill for 3-4 mins without turning. At the same time, lay the bread on the griddle pan, cook until crisp, about 1 min each side. Drain everything on kitchen paper. Step four Remove the eggs with a slotted spoon and drain briefly on a cloth. Arrange everything on a plate and serve with the juice and fruit.



ESTAURANTS & Student top 10 list! ARS





In the beautiful Crea Institute you can find a cozy restaurant/bar. They offer a daily changing menu of original dishes for good prices. The Crea institute is a student organization where art meets theatre and culture. It is a creative environment filled with inspiration. The staff is very nice and always open for a conversation. De food is absolutely wonderful for the price you pay. The kitchen uses biological and natural ingredients and many dishes are vegetarian. You can also enjoy many homemade pies and cakes. Crea is famous for their delicious homemade chocolate brownies!

18 Munchies




THE place to go on a Saturday morning after a good night out, or a lazy Sunday. Students come to get good quality breakfast for a ridiculously cheap price. Even if you don´t need any furniture or other home supplies, if you´re short on money – like many students are at the end of the month – visit Ikea and enjoy a delicious meal for hardly anything! Thirsty? Buy one soda cup and you are allowed to refill it as many times as you want. An excellent and popular formula created by Ikea. Suggestion: The meatballs with cranberry and fries, most popular and tasty dish on the menu!

restaurant 3 Atrium


Casual self-service at the University of Amsterdam: a get-together for many students, located in the heart of the magnificent city centre. This is the perfect place to go during one of those busy study periods a students’ life is stuffed with. Study here and enjoy a good meal in the meantime, hardly spending any money! Regular visitors don’t have to end up always eating the same since the menu changes on a daily base.




For a good sandwich one must go to the famous Van Dobben at Rembrandt square. They have the best Dutch ‘Kroketten’. A ‘broodje kroket’ (bread with a croquette) is a true must have here. Apart from the kroketten also the filet American is famous. Like the bread, it’s homemade which much add just that bit of extra flavour that make people so fond of Van Dobben. Once you eat a sandwich here; you don’t want to eat sandwich anywhere else!




A cheap student restaurant/bar in the middle of the city centre since 1975. Here you can get a nice vegetarian meal or salad for only 5 euro’s. However, they’re most famous for their spare ribs and sate; truly tasteful and delicious! The place is packed with students who often come here to enjoy a nice meal and to play one of the board games the tables are supplied with. As the Dutch say, this place is very ‘gezellig’, which means it is a nice cozy place to come and relax!.

6 Nam Kee This restaurant played a central role in a big Dutch film a couple of years ago. The best Chinese food in town is being served here! Close to the train station in a very cozy neighborhood for students, it is surrounded by many bars. Nam Kee consists of three restaurants owned by the Chan family. Two generations of the family have maintained the quality of the authentic Cantonese family recipes since 1981.You should try the famous oysters of Nam Kee and well-known products such as Peking Duck and Tja Siew, they are prepared according to traditional recipes.




vliegende 7schotel Located in one of the most cozy neighborhoods of Amsterdam, de Jordaan! Here you can find Authentic Amsterdam: local Amsterdam people and many cafés. If you want to enjoy an original Amsterdam night out, you should come to this place! You can enjoy the vegetarian kitchen that serves good quality food for very affordable prices. Besides, they offer a wide range of beers.

20 Munchies



People from outside the city come to Amsterdam to eat a ‘broodje döner’ at this Turkish restaurant. The meat is of very good quality and the prices are low. Also, the staff is very friendly; often they offer their customers a cup of Turkish tea for free! Also, the dishes come with many side dishes so you will definitely not leave this place with hunger!



One of the most beautiful and colorful restaurants of Amsterdam located at the famous Albert Cuyp street. The building used to be a synagogue, now it is an Arabic restaurant. For very low prices you get very big plates of food. If you want to celebrate your birthday or any other special ocasion, Bazar is THE place to be! They staff will arrange a good spot for you and your friends and make sure you will truly have a wonderful evening in this beautiful place!



Cheap but colorful Italian restaurant. Famous for their excellent thin pizza crust. They offer one of the cheapest pizza’s in town and they are absolutely delicious. Do not be fooled by the somewhat boring entree, because once you step in you will find yourself in a nice setting. The ambiance is very warm and cozy, as if you are sitting in Italy for a moment! The bread is homemade and comes with delicious herb butter. Who says students cannot enjoy a good night out for a cheap price?

© Steven Strijbosch





Mint tea

Hot chocolate

te t a L 22 Munchies

Š Steven Strijbosch

c a m

to a i ch

Coffee Hot Chocolate - CREA Cafe - 2,60 Latte Macchiato - Cafe Noir - 2,40 Coffee - Canvas 7th - 1,60 Capuccino - Cafe de Roeter - 2,10 Mint Tea - Villa Ruisch - 2,20


Best chocolate cupcake ever! Ingredients 5 (1 ounce) squares BAKER'S Semi-Sweet Chocolate, divided 1 (18.25 ounce) package (2 layer size) chocolate cake mix 1 (3.9 ounce) package JELL-O Chocolate Instant Pudding 4 eggs 1 cup BREAKSTONE'S Sour Cream 1/2 cup oil 1/2 cup water 6 small candy canes, crushed, divided 1 (8 ounce) tub COOL WHIP Whipped Topping, thawed Directions Heat oven to 350 degrees F. Chop 4 chocolate squares; set aside. Beat cake mix, pudding mix, eggs, sour cream, oil and water with mixer on low speed until moistened. Beat on medium speed 2 min. Stir in chopped chocolate and 2 Tbsp. candy. Spoon into 30 paper-lined 2-1/2inch muffin cups. Bake 20 to 23 min. or until toothpick inserted in centers comes out clean. Cool completely. Frost cupcakes with COOL WHIP. Melt remaining chocolate; drizzle over cupcakes. Top with remaining candy.

21 Munchies

Š Online in the internet: (accessed on 5th March 2012)

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