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Screen Team

Cambridge Film Trust’s Screen Team project was launched as part of September 2010’s thirtieth Cambridge Film Festival. This unique three year training and events programme – a first for any film festival in the UK – aims to inspire young people to take part in volunteering activity and help them to build their skills and confidence, thus improving their chance of securing future employment. In its pilot year the project trained 10 unemployed people from Cambridgeshire in the delivery, programming and marketing of film events in a number of locations – including a field in Grantchester Meadows, the gardens of the Fitzwilliam Museum, a popup 3D cinema tent in the Grand Arcade shopping centre, the Queen’s Theatre in Cambridge University’s Emmanuel College, and the state-ofthe-art Arts Picturehouse cinema.   

The Screen Team is a Cambridge Film Trust initiative which has been funded by Legacy Trust UK, an independent charity set up to help build a lasting cultural and sporting legacy from the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Pre-event team briefing

TRAINING Topics included

film programming | health and safety | digital projection| how to evaluate a project | planning an outdoor event | the basics of a marketing campaign | customer service | how to do a risk assessment | working safely outdoors | ushering | online marketing | film certification | useful contacts and resources for applying for jobs in the film industry | and how to safely lift a heavy object!

Our Participants Said…

All project participants said the course had increased their confidence as well as their understanding of arts organisations and the film industry. “The general overview of the industry and the particular knowledge that I have learnt about film exhibition are both hugely valuable, and will make me think more carefully about the specific jobs available in what often feels an impenetrable industry.”  “I believe my experience with the Screen Team will be instrumental in selling my skills and experience to a future employer. It opened up contacts in the industry that I never would have created on my own, and I don’t think I could have received the opportunity for such hands-on training anywhere else.”

4 celebratory large-scale film events... enjoyed by over 2000 members of the public 10 participants benefited... from a 7 week structured training programme 13 industry experts... contributed to 15 training sessions

ABOVE: Preparing out door box office

Our Partners Said…

“Thanks and congratulations to all involved in the Movies Beside the Museum event. The highest accolade I can give your volunteers is from our Visitor Services Manager... who said that you were definitely the best organised and most professional team she has dealt with, and that she had never before worked with such an effective and well prepared team of volunteers as the Screen Team.” Kate Carreno, Assistant Director, Central Services Screen Team member Jan working on hospitality

- The Fitzwilliam Museum

“...I found it valuable to be a part of each detailed planning stage of the events, and rewarding to have so much interaction with our audiences and to learn first-hand the impact our events were having on them.” ” “Getting to spend a few days in the projection booth and seeing the Festival from this perspective was great. I even got to press some buttons!” “The organisers have a wealth of experience that they were generous in sharing this with us. They facilitated dialogue with major figures within the field that we would not normally have had such close access to.”  “I’m especially thankful to the organisers for being consistently and unfaltering supportive of each of us from start to finish, patiently mentoring and expertly leading us...”

The Screen Team project will grow in 2011 and 2012, taking the Cambridge Film Festival across the entire Eastern region for the very first time as we celebrate the runup to the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics Games by presenting large-scale events in at least six different regional locations. We will offer expert training to at least 35 young people from across the region who will go on to play an important part in the delivery of these special events.

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Event photography © Tom Catchesides

Our Aud ie

For more information, or to find out how you can play a part in the Screen Team, contact the Project Manager Becky Innes on or call 07961 374905. |

Screen Team Leaflet  

Cambridge Film Trust’s Events & Training Programme, offering structured volunteering opportunities to young people across the East of Englan...

Screen Team Leaflet  

Cambridge Film Trust’s Events & Training Programme, offering structured volunteering opportunities to young people across the East of Englan...