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• 25th May 2008 Africa Day Fundraising BBQ



• 19th July 2008

It It was was then then time time for for the the chief chief executive executive officer officer Jocelyne Jocelyne Ngassa Ngassa to to assess assess the the organization’s organization’s achievements achievements during during the the past past year. year. An An assessassessment ment described described overall overall as as positive positive and and marked marked by: by: The The creation creation of of a a free free phone phone number number allowing allowing Cameroonians Cameroonians in in difficulties difficulties to to seek seek advice advice from from other other Cameroonians Cameroonians in in the the Diaspora Diaspora The celebration celebration of of the the youth youth day day -- On On the the 15th 15th of of March a guided tour at the Science Museum was organised for children of CamerooThe March a guided tour at the Science Museum was nian descent. organised for children of Cameroonian descent. • The participation of Cameroon Forum to various events (including Africa Day…) • The participation of Cameroon Forum to various events (including Africa Day…) For the coming year, emphasis was laid on: •For the Annual Fund raising Dinnerwas andlaid Dance coming year, emphasis on: (September 2008) • Annual Fund raising Dinner and Dance Save • Mentoring program Save money money from from your your telephone, telephone, gas gas and and (September 2008)

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Development of strategic partnerships Mentoring program Participation at 2nd Africa day event Development ofthe strategic partnerships

electricity electricity bills bills by by switching switching to to Euphony Euphony services services and HELP the Forum at the same time. and HELP the Forum at the same time.

•The implementation Participation at the 2nd Africa day event of an online payment facility through the website was unanimously greeted.

Cameroon Forum The meeting implementation of an online facility through Cameroon Forum has has teamed teamed up up with with Euphony Euphony The was completed by apayment drink reception offered by the Executive Board. the website was unanimously greeted. one of the fastest growing utility companies one of the fastest growing utility companies in in The date of the next Ordinary General meeting was fixed for the 19th July 2008. Europe The meeting was completed by a drink reception offered Europe by the Release Executive Board. by the communication Team Press prepared Pierre-Paul Tengwo For more more information information call call The date of the next Ordinary General meeting was fixed For Anne-Francoise Castiglioni for the 19th July 2008. Jocelyne Ngassa on 07956 454 786 Marcel Amoko


Jocelyne Ngassa on 07956 454 786 or Manfred or Manfred Mbella Mbella on on 07901 07901 910 910 411. 411. You can also go to our website and click You can also go to our website and click on on the the Forumsavings Forumsavings link link

Press Release prepared by the communication Team Pierre-Paul Tengwo Anne-Francoise Castiglioni Marcel Amoko


• 2008 Fund KEY raisingPROJECTS dinner and dance

Fund raising dinner and • • Mentoring Program dance • Community support line Mentoring Program • • Youth Day celebration • Community support line • Africa Day Youth Day celebration • • Partnerships to be • developed Africa Day • Partnerships to be

developed * Euphony NEW *MEMBERS Moneyline UK * Bantuway * FEForum SamuelsExecutives Cameroon * Africa Recruit to the wish a warm welcome following* A2D new members who NEW joined usMEMBERS this quarter

Cameroon Forum Executives - Banin UK (Community wish a warm welcome to the group) following new members who - Julius Co (Corporate joined us and this quarter Member)

- Juliusandco (law firm) Benefits -Membership Banin UK (Cultural group) Become member of Cameroon Forum and take advantage of the following benefits

Brothers and sisters, I personally call on you to deepen your already strong commitment to the cause, I call on you to continue to invest your time and other resources into this enterprise, into this brand, for we will be leaving a legacy that is synonymous with the most beautiful butterfly for our children, and their chil-

Membership Benefits

• Discounts to allofCameroon Become member Cameroon Forum Forum andevents take advantage of the following benefits • Discounts to Cameroonian restaurants in the UK ••Discounts Cameroon InvitationstotoallDiaspora and Forum eventsevents community ••Discounts Access toto CFCameroonian network of restaurants in the UK professionals community Cameroon events

Suite 501 - International House - 223 Regent Street - London W1B 2QD Telephone: 020 8905 7400 - Email: - website: Cameroon Forum is a civil society organization which seeks to integrate the diverse portfolio of Cameroonian professionals, associations, businesses and related institutions, towards a greater social, economic and cultural integration of Cameroonians into UK Society. The ultimate goal being to foster good, diverse and rich bilateral relations between Cameroon and the UK.



••Invitations and Access to to jobDiaspora adverts in

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Spring is always synonymous with a time of renewal, of reflection, and of transformation. This process is true in nature in terms of the seasons – new blossoms, fresh air, more light, and even in terms of the transformations that occur in say the animal world – for example the total transformation from a caterpillar to a butterfly. This is truly amazing, and evidences the power of nature. It evidences that there is a higher power, a higher and inner force that orders the way the world works, totally outside of our control – the rhythm of nature – the heartbeat, day and night. We can call on this force of nature to fill us up, and initiate a transformation just like with the butterfly. It is time for Cameroon Forum to pupate, it is time to initiate the process of this beautiful transformation that occurs to organisms that are in tune with nature’s rhythm.

Annual Fundraising Dinner and Dance

The The meeting meeting was was moderated moderated by by Mr Mr Francis Francis Shupo. Shupo. The The agenda agenda focused focused on on the the organization’s organization’s activities activities during during the the past past year year and and aimed aimed at at providing providing the the foundations foundations for for the the year year to to come. come. After After the the word word of of welcome welcome by by its its Chairman, Chairman, Mr Mr Chris Chris Nasah, Nasah, His His Excellency Excellency Samuel Samuel Libock Libock Mbei, Mbei, reiterated reiterated in in his his opening opening speech speech the the support support of of the the Cameroonian Cameroonian representation representation to to the the activities activities of of CamCameroon eroon Forum. Forum. He He congratulated congratulated the the organization organization for for its its actions—especially actions—especially its its works works to to increase increase members members and and its its efforts efforts to to reach reach out out to to the the wider wider Cameroonian Cameroonian community. community.





drens’ children etc. Let us move forward with conviction, and in unison with each other and with nature, keeping our eyes focused on the prize, and it shall be well. N a t u r e ’ s rhythm is Sustainability itself – what the whole world today is yearning to achieve – HARMONY.

Mindful of the fact that within the

Following another successful Cameroonian community, we have general meeting, we continue to highly qualified and experienced deliver on our promises as we professionals who are willing to seek to improve further our opspend time with other Camerooerational practices, and seek to nians to help them move up the increase the number of people who are supporters at a distance career ladder, set up their own busito take on their membership nesses or help them deliver on a commitment – the benefits make specific project, we believe this this worthwhile, so please do program will be a strong benefit to come on board, let us SPRING Forum members. INTO ACTION, and create HARMONY. Together We Build Chris Nasah – Leading Servant Chairman


If you have any article that you would like us to publish, please send it to

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Immigration Employment Civil Litigation Company Law Conveyancing Wills and probate


We have some beautiful nuggets that will yield gold such as – the The Cameroon Forum Mentoring mentoring programme, the CF Program has been developed as a Golden Nugget Fund, and the tool to empower members of the Cameroon Community Line. Cameroonian community in the UK.

• Access to CF network of proEdition •Next Access to job adverts in CamJuly eroon2008



• September 2008

Officially Officially launched launched in in April April 2007, 2007, Cameroon Cameroon Forum, Forum, held held its its first first ordinary ordinary general general meeting meeting of of 2008, 2008, on on April April 19th 19th in in London. London. The The meeting meeting that that saw saw the the participation participation of of many many Cameroonians Cameroonians living living in in England, England, guests guests and and friends friends of of Cameroon Cameroon was was honoured honoured by by a a strong strong delegation delegation of of the the High High Commission Commission of of the the Republic Republic of of Cameroon Cameroon in in Great Great Britain Britain and and Ireland, Ireland, led led by by his his Excellency Excellency Samuel Samuel Libock Libock Mbei, Mbei, the the High Commissioner. High Commissioner.


Chairman’s Message

Ordinary General Meeting

Cameroon Cameroon Forum Forum OGM OGM in in London London on on the the 19th 19th April April 2008 2008


2 0 0 8

To contact us: 22 Corbett Road Wanstead , London E11 2LD Tel : 0208 989 2929 Mob: 07951 898 773 Fax: 02089892974 Email: 1 Web: www.

The main objective being that of increasing knowledge exchange and networking opportunities between Forum members while empowering our community members and allowing them to make full use of the Forum network of professionals.

If you are interested in this program as either a Mentor or a Mentee, please send us an email at

REMITTANCES : “The Western Union” Effect As well as working hard (some on low paid jobs) and supporting themselves and their family, many Africans in the UK send money back to their country of origin. This money that is sent back is described as “Remittances”. This goes largely unrecognised, but is a vital part of money flows into the continent, and contributes to tackling po ve rty, an d hel pin g m ake ‘development happen’ in Africa. Remittances to all developing countries 2005 totalled $188 billion –

twice the amount of official assistance developing countries received (IMF F&D June 2007). Note that many also go unrecorded through informal channels. If these were included, it could add up to 50% to global recorded flows. To sub-Saharan Africa between 2000 and 2005 increased by more than 55%, for the rest of developing countries it rose by 88%. Africa receives just 4% of total remittances.

CAMEROON FORUM Highlights of Activities To give you a measure, the UK’s aid budget is £4.4billion, remittances are more than 50% this, contributing £2.3billion to developing countries. 2005 World Bank estimates indicate that remittances to developing countries rose to $167 billion, a 73 percent increase from the 2001 figure of 72.3 billion. There are other flows into Africa through official development assistance (oda) and foreign direct investment (fdi), which appear to be more volatile than remittances.

What’s the impact...

“Remittances to all developing countries totalled $188 billion. .”

Remittances tend to have the effect of increasing household spending through a multiplier effect. Some of the areas which remittances assist include: invest in Education for kids, healthcare bills including care for the elderly, enterprise creation, health initiatives, cost for rites of passage, utility bills, and nutrition. There are even new schemes where mobile phone credits can be bought in the west for family in developing countries. Detailed research carried out by the IMF demonstrated the povertyreducing effects of remittances. The study showed that a 10% rise in the remittance-to-GDP ratio is associated with a fall of a little more than 1% in the percentage of people living on less than $1 a day and the poverty gap. Further studies that have linked remittances to the investment channel, in such a way that remittances either for or enhance financial access concluded that remittances tend to stimulate growth. Microfinance institutions have increasingly become interested in this sector whereby remittances can act as collateral or shortee for small

business start-ups for those who have normally been excluded from the formal sector. This is an issue which plagues Cameroon where the ability to have access to financial services is extremely limited to most if not all small enterprises.

From personal experience, we are all familiar with the high Article submitted by cost of transferring money Mr Chris Nasah through formal routes. Because of higher volumes, India for example enjoys l o we r fees when sending CAMEROON FORUM HAS TEAMED CAMEROON FORUM HAS TEAMED money through UP WITH MONEYLINEUK UP WITH MONEYLINEUK money transfer operators. Each time you use MoneylineUK to Each time you use MoneylineUK to A report from send money back home, you enjoy a send money back home, you enjoy a reliable service, better exchange rates the DFID was reliable service, better exchange rates and cheaper than Western Union or commissioned and cheaper than Western Union or MoneyGram. to encourage MoneyGram. competition Moneyline will give 25% of the fees to among money Moneyline will give 25% of the fees to the Forum. Therefore, by using this transfer operathe Forum. Therefore, by using this service, you are making a donation to tors to ensure service, you are making a donation to the Forum. To send money, please openness and the Forum. To send money, please check or lower costs. check or call 0800 084 2420. Gareth Thomas call 0800 084 2420. MP, commentPlease quote reference ing on the rePlease quote reference ‘CAMEROON FORUM’ port, said “ We ‘CAMEROON FORUM’




want to make remittances contribute more effectively to international development, and making it easier and cheaper for people to send money home to families and communities abroad is an important way to do this. We also want to ensure that it’s easier for people in other countries to access the money “





“Launchpad is all about asking questions and making sense of the way things work. What am I looking at? What would happen if... ? What do my friends think? How could I... ?” Extract from the Science Museum Website

Youth Day - Science Museum - March 2008 On Saturday the 15th of March 2008 ,Cameroon Forum organised a visit to the Science Museum to celebrate Cameroon Youth Day. Many children from Cameroonian descent were present at the event. The children enjoyed various activities including

• • • • • •

Launch pad, the Science Museum's most popular hands-on and brains-on gallery. Theatre show where William had to compete with another museum visitor Plasticity exhibition


Space gallery Future science

Visit to McDonalds The day went well and the children had a good time. It was very nice to observe how the children were building up friendships. The trip to McDonalds was fun and relaxing. Next time we need to give them more food!

Future events: A trip to the London Aquarium has been suggested for July 2008 Report by Elizabeth Emmanuel

Cameroon Forum Community Support line is a volunteer run helpline providing advice and information for the Cameroonian community in the UK. The aim is to provide a confidential listening hotline serving the whole of the UK. People of all ages can call about anything that gives them concerns 3








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