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A story of,

Youth Leadership and Impact

A Letter from the president This year marked the 25th anniversary of AIESEC Cameroon and a second step down the, traced by the organization in 2010/2011 towards the achievement of the 2015 goal. In Cameroon, a country of unparalleled diversity and resilient ambition, over 300 students through the five local chapters and from 18 universities worked with intensive collaboration to deliver great impact. In spite of many challenges we faced on our path, we succeeded to manage and deliver our promise being committed, investing in our leaning and the learning of others, all for the development of our communities and Cameroonian youths. In my experience 2012-2013 has been full of uncertainty within key pillars of the organization. Despite this hurdles and with limited resources, we made it another remarkable year of developing youth leadership for a better Cameroon. We hit a new highest realization of our exchange programmes with 147 experiences provided to both Cameroonian and students abroad. With our vision to propel youth leadership and sustainable impact, we provided an opportunity to lead a team to 470 youths. With an overall growth of 375%, this year symbolises true leadership from our members. Through uncertainty we stayed focus to the end goal. Nevertheless, the ball is still rolling towards our stop point for achievement evaluation in 2015. We still have a long way to go, to frame the organization as 1st choice for youth, corporate and non-corporate sector in Cameroon and to be recognized nationally for creating positive impact in our society. This report is a short summary of our achievement in the year 2012/2013. Is a story of the impact we created, showcasing the stories of young people living the AIESEC experience. The achievements resulting from this year are many and stem purely from the extensive collaboration between a numbers of groups. I would like to thank all the members of AIESEC Cameroon who made lot of sacrifices, as well all the partners and Alumni of AIESEC Cameroon. Best Wishes MBAH AKWA Hermann President, AIESEC CAMEROON/ 2012/2013


AIESEC Cameroon today has 25 years of experience in developing high-potential youth into globally-minded responsible leaders. Present in over 117 countries and territories and with over 60000 members, AIESEC is the world's largest student-run organization. Focus on providing a platform for youth leadership development, AIESEC offers young people the opportunity to participate in international internships experience leadership and a global learning environment what makes AIESEC unique is the youth-driven impactful experience that it offers to its members. AIESEC is run by young people for young people.

Peace and fulfillment of humankind's Potential

AIESEC members live an integrated development experience. This involves leadership opportunities, international internships and interacting with global network to support their development.


Our members are part of an exciting, driven global network. They are able to contribute to societal change while exploring their own vision for a positive impact on society. We are supported by the thousands of partner organizations around the globe who look to AIESEC to support the development of youth and to access top talent through our global internship programme. Our alumni are leaders within the organizations and communities. They use the experience, skills and inspiration AIESEC has provided them to be agents of positive change within today's society

AIESEC is a global, non-political, independent, not-for-profit organization run by students and recent graduates of institutions of higher education. Our members are interested in world issues, leadership and management. AIESEC does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, and gender sexual orientation, and creed religion, national, ethnic or social origin.

117 COUNTRIES 65 years old

Our Values


ur values provide a way for AIESEC to encourage common behavior across our global network

We lead by example and inspire leadership through our activities. We take full responsibility towards the development of our members.

We are consistent and transparent in our decisions and actions. We fulfil our commitments and conduct ourselves in way that is true to our ideas

we seek to learn from the different ways of life and opinions represented in our multicultural environment. We respect and actively encourage the contribution of every individual.

We create a dynamic environment by active and enthusiastic participation of individuals. We enjoy being involved in AIESEC.

We aim to deliver the highest quality performance in everything we do. Through creativity and innovation we seek to continuously improve.

We act in a way that is sustainable for our organization and society. Our decisions take into account the needs of the future generation


988, AIESEC Cameroon was officially proclaimed as a full member of AIESEC international body during the 40th International congress in Boston USA. Our vision of bridging students and recent graduates from Cameroon across boarders has gone way beyond creating high potential leaders across cities,ethnic and religious denomination.

1988-1989 Paul MOUTASSI DILE 1989-1991 TICHA Samuel TENENG 1991-1993 Patrice BIGOMBE LOGO 1993-1994 Luther TCHATHOUA 1994-1995 Jacques DJAMBA BELECK 1998-2000 Nelle SIKE 2000-2002 DesirĂŠ MOUANGUE 2002-2004 Pascal NGU CHO

From it foundation in 1988 hosted in the federal university of Yaounde, we expanded to Douala and Dschang in 1993, to university of Buea in 1994 and to Bamenda 2009. For the past 25 years AIESEC Cameroon has known.

2004-2006 Habib EWANE 2006-2007 Landry TAKEU 2007-2008 Wilfred TCHASSE 2008-2009 Wilfred TCHASSE 2009-2010 Eric TCHOKOMAKOUA 2010-2011 Clovis Akamamen: 2011-2012 Berlin Ngeuemeni 2012-2013 MBAH AKWA Hermann

Key events organized by AIESEC

 1993: Séminaire sur Methodologie de Creation et de Financement d’une PME et d’une PMI – Carrer Fairs  1994: -Professionalisation of Education and Employment Opportunities for Young Graduates with collaboration of British Council and the National Employment Fund (NEF) -AIESEC UNCED (United Nation Conference of Environment and Development) Follow up project, March 1994 with the collaboration of Royal Embassy of The netherlands, World Bank, World Wide Fund for Nature, Ministry of Environment and Forests.  1995: Afro 95 (AIESEC African Congress) with the partnership of Banque Mondiale, Fonds National de l’Emploi, NESTLE Cameroon.  1996: Social Development in Cameroon, a Youth Insight , Congress Palace Yaoundé with collaboration of World Bank, PNUD, NEF, PROSAM, Royal Embassy of the Netherlands.

 2000: -Seminaire Inter Universitaire sur la Creation d’Entrerise (SUICE)  2002: Online Training on Corporate Responsibility (CSR) with World Bank  2005: Cameroon Career Days _09-10 December) Hilton Hotel Yaoundé with Africa Recruit, ADHR Apave. -African Excellence UBS (Union Bank of Swiss) Awards winner  2006: AfroXLDS (AIESEC African Exchange and Leadership Development Seminar) Douala and Limbe , 22 -28 March 2006 with the support of MTN , Standard Chartered Bank, AES SONEL, Douala Urban Council, SEME Beach, Kenya Airways, PriceWaterHouse Coopers, ADRH Apave.  2011: AfroXLDS (AIESEC African Exchange and Leadership Development Seminar) Kribi with the support of MTN,Standard Chartered Bank,Kenya airways,BICEC and the ministry of Tourism and external relations  2012: Cameroon youth to business forum (CY2B) Douala at Gicam

Achievements in figures

 5 Local Committees (University of Buea, Yaoundé, Dschang, Douala and National        

Polytechnic Bamenda) 1235 Leadership experience 513 Trainees from all continent worked with both or corporate and non-corporate partners in Cameroon 213 Students sent abroad through our international traineeship program 1500 peer educators trained on HIV AIDS 118 events organized on the following issue; HIV AIDS, Corporate Social responsibility, Youth entrepreneurship and Information technology. 3352 high school students sensitized under this issue 1004 Students trained on Activating Entrepreneurship Topics 106 Students trained on CSR issue and Sustainable Development

More experience, more Impact. A Snapshot of stories from our members I am currently reading a Master’s in Business law, University of Douala, Cameroon. I joined AIESEC in December 2011.I heard about this organization from a friend who encouraged me to join it. I contacted the president of the local committee of Douala and he invited me for an info session. My first really contact with AIESEC was at JumpIn (National Induction Seminar) 2011 organized in Bamenda. I was very impressed, seeing the potentials my own fellow school and bench mates were doing on stage; to me it was a dream. I joined the organization first by curiosity, but after knowing what they were dealing with I decided to take it. Seriously and continue the adventure with them. What motivated me is that I wanted to improve myself by getting this “team spirit”, in fact I have naturally this strong character and in the past I had relevant experiences leadership positions but I was acting like a “chief “not a leader and I knew that I had to learn how to be a “leader not a tyrant”. I

Ayong Chick Thierry,20yrs


have learnt a lot about time management and organization because as I had many things to do at the same time with a lot pressure from my parent’s about my school results, AIESEC about AIESEC results and me about my personal business, it was not easy at all. AIESEC have thought me lessons that were beyond my imagination. In fact I learned how to strike, never give up in spite of all the difficulties that I can meet. All I can say is that AIESEC is incredible some will tell you nice story, others terrible one’s, but you should keep in mind that every experience is unique, try and never regret you are a leader believe in yourself and know that in every situation you can find an opportunity not a problem. I had my AIESEC experience, it’s mine, join AIESEC and gain yours, challenge yourself, the only risk that you run is to grow .MANUELA BALEP, Vice president Exchange 12/13

I’m a final year student in the University of Buea studying biochemistry. Well, I became an AIESECer around April last year. The main reason stems back to my early youth. My father used to say; “When people die, they become the past. We then refer to them as he or she was. Only people who have marked the world and left a legacy are still remembered today.” When I heard about AIESEC during the second phase recruitment process last year, I said to myself “this might be it” The opportunity to be remembered for something and create IMPACT, so I jumped in. I also joined AIESEC because it was BIG and international. This AIESEC year has been really great, with lots of experience and education and challenges, key amongst which were related to project implementation and financial

sustainability, Improved a lot on not only my public speaking skills but also on my leadership skills not to mention general improvement in managing hard and soft skills. History always rewards the brave, it has never rewarded those who just stood aside and waited for things to get better. We are living in a world that is fast changing and you have to be ready to step in if not you will be left behind. Always be proactive and inquisitive. Ask questions about things you don’t understand because information is power. AYONG CHICK, Vice President, Talent Management

I studied businesses law at university of Yaoundé 2 SOA. Charles EBOLO,29rs After 3 years, I AIESEC Yaoundé followed training in transports and logistics and with AIESEC I have a new passion: being humanitarian. I joined AIESEC in 2012 to improve my English because French is my native language, learn team work and sip the diversity of AIESEC; since then, it has been a love story, I have assisted in several conferences and projects of AIESEC . Today, I am proud of all the experience I have gained, I have learned to shape my destiny and give it the right flavor. AIESEC to me stands as the best organization in terms of youth development, sometimes I wonder why I didn’t know AIESEC earlier. Charles EBOLO, Team Leader AIESEC Yaoundé

Hey AIESEC!! I am currently reading masters in management at the University of Dschang. I WOKO Josiane,22 yrs joined AIESEC in AIESEC Dschang 2012 because it’s a platform of opportunities and a global student organization. It provides members with the means to develop themselves, their leadership, their professional skills. It has been a great experience for me. Like for example you will attend conferences where you will meet different people and this really helped me to develop my networking skills, most of all, team management. It is amazing knowing that you have to manage people (members). What is nice is that during those conferences you will learn how to do it, that is, they train you on that. This has motivated me to take a leadership experience, currently I am in charge of talent management, in my Local committee, LC Dschange WAKO Josiane Talent manager AIESEC Dschang

My internship duration is about 6 weeks in Douala, Cameroon. The experience here is very nice and I’m satisfied with this journey here. Concerning about the job, I worked in CECEC Company, microfinance here for 4 weeks. In the first 2 weeks, I was sent to branch Manjo, a village which was 3-hour’s drive from Douala, for training. I lived and worked with a German intern there, which helped me to understand the cultural difference of the European and Asian People. The boss there was a very kind person, who helped and supported a lot of our daily life and work. However, the work itself is a little challenging mainly because I didn’t know French, which was a great obstacle of communication between me and the local people. The work was trivial, not requiring much skill. After 2 weeks, I went back to Douala and the situation was getting much better. The director there really wanted me to learn something, so I was sent to the different 5 branches for one week to have a broad view of the company. In all it has been a great, experiencing Cameroon

Ke Yingzi from China

My name is Susanne Ekström. I went to Douala, Cameroon for 18 weeks to do a Development internship in a Human Rights organization named REDHAC (The Central African Human Rights Defenders Network). The aim with my internship in REDHAC was to gain further knowledge about human rights and to experience practical work in a NGO. While being in the end of my internship my perception is that I have fulfilled my objectives. I have gained indepth knowledge about the daily work in the REDHAC head office, as well as about how the network works

Susanne Ekström., from SWEDEN

internationally. The knowledge I have gained includes both the work of human rights defenders as well as the violations carried out against the defenders in Central Africa and internationally. Additionally, I have gained understanding about what strategies and mechanisms REDHAC uses in their work to assist and defend these defenders.

The AIESEC Experience is the way AIESEC develops young people. It consists of 3 phases: Engagement with AIESEC, Experiential Leadership Development and Life Long Connection. AIESEC’s major programmes are delivered through the Experiential Leadership Development Programmes

The Experiential Leadership Development Programme (ELD) Is an opportunity for any young person to discover and develop their leadership potential it provides every young person access to AIESEC’s value based platform with the following characteristics: International cross-cultural opportunities, access to a global network, opportunity to make positive societal impact, personal and professional development Team Member Programme (TMP)



835 Experience delivered A Team Member Programme is a practical opportunity for a young person to work as part of a team delivering a specific objective within a defined period.




A team Leader Programme is an opportunity to lead a team to achieve a specific objective while

E x p re i e nc e De l ive re d

guiding other in theirs works

TLP 600 500 400


300 TLP

200 100 0 2010-11





experiences delivered: Companies in Cameroon received 12 international talents in

their company and we succeeded to send 7 Cameroonians working in companies out of Cameroon A Global Internship Programme provides opportunities for young people to gain cross-cultural professional development experience abroad.

57% drop

( T LP )



experiences delivered: Local NGOs and orphanages & our projects in Cameroon

received 122 international volunteers in their organization and we succeeded to send 21 Cameroonians working in in NGOs and on community projects abroad. A Global Community Development Programme provides opportunities for young people to create direct positive impact through an international volunteer experience

GCDP 148


146 144 142 140


138 136

134 132 130 2010-2011



The Member committee (MC), is the national office that connects the activities of the organization at the national level. We empower the local offices in our network and manage the development of national strategies and operations. The strategic development, product development, operations management, finance and legal management, brand management, information and conferences management are services that we provide to our local committee to support the national association to drive sustainable operations, ensuring efficiency in our processes and create a higher volume of quality experience for young people. With a team stand “ Commitment Team-work and accountability� we wanted to stay close to our commitment to become a reference organization by working together with the collaboration of all local committees and our national stakeholders. Being accountable to our members, our vision ,promise and our partners .

F RO M LE F T; Francis Tsague: Vice president Project Innocent Djiofack: Information system manager Leonard Pekwekoh: Vice president Talent manager Jackson Ndongou: Vice president Finance and administration Hermann Akwa: President Adamou Mfambou: National outgoing exchange Manager

Franck Ngahane: Vice president external relation



Field of study

Foster Ndifor

University of Buea


Myreille Enow

University of Buea


Rodrigue Suh

University of Buea

Environmental science

Sekwene Awah

University of Buea

Environmental science

Forkhom Kehbila

University of Buea


Tabe Affuembey

University of Buea

Information technology

Larry Foncham

Pan African Inst

Business administration

Nelly Sirri

University of Buea

Environmental science

AIESEC in Douala Noupet Denyambe

University of Douala

Information Technology

Diane Tamba


Shipping and logistics

Manuela Balep

University of Douala

Business Law

Ramses kimaya

University of Douala

Banking and Finance

Douglas wantou


Banking and Finance

Larissa Djeukoua

University of Douala


Poullo Souleyman



AIESEC in Yaoundé Name


Field of study

Clotaire Ndongmo

P and T Yaoundé


Elvis Ndikum

University of Yaoundé


Nadine Cire

University of Yaoundé


Aurelie Sanou

ENS Yaoundé

Monique Teuwa

University of Yaoundé


AIESEC in Bamenda Abang Tambe


Civil engineering

Alima Charifa


Information Technology

Akebe Leonard


Information Technology

Shelomith Fongyen



AIESEC in Dschang Patrick Ngoune

University OF Dschang


Haruna Michel

University of Dschang



University of Dschang

Bio chemistry

“When I was asked by the current president of AIESEC to talk about about my AIESEC story, I made him to understand it’s very difficult talking about this experience because I always feel like diving in an become an AIESEC member to live this wonderful experience again. I joined AIESEC after my baccalaureate in 2002; I enrolled into the University of Douala to read economics. Far then and I am quite sure it exist today, we use to be warn of secret societies in university and believe me, my family didn’t want to for any reason listen or hear I have joined an association. While in my second year at the university. I was passing by an amphi and saw this group of school mates promoting AIESEC. I was attracted to them because there were some foreigners. I got close and was received by a finish girl who could speak French. She explained to me what AIESEC was and the mission. I got interested and paid the registration fees. Little did I know that, paying the fees was just a step to become a member. Later I was called for interview and was asked to register online. The online part was very challenging and even pushed me out of AIESEC because I was so bad in the use of computer back then. In 2007, I jumped in again promise myself I here for good. I was enrolled in the CSR project. We had the responsibility to organized conferences on environmental sensitization, carry initiatives that seeks to bring


Public awareness toward the environment and the danger of our activities. We organized several conferences and sensitization activities on campus. The key touch point of my passion for environment began in 2008 In UPGRADE Conference in Yaoundé from the session delivered by Mathieu mandeng, the CEO of Standard Chartered Bank on corporate responsibility and environment. I was marveled after the session because it changed my belief that investing on environment could only be on charity bases. I can invest and create a company that will fight to preserve the environment and at same time make profit. That is how it all started. COPROTEV was officially put to birth in 2010 after going through several challenges. Today we have registered over 20 environment risk evaluation on major mining projects within the country. We also execute civil engineering and IT based contract. I am proud to say in 2 years we have registered a lot of success above my imagination, with the help or my partners like BOCOM, SONARA and of course AIESEC. I am proud to be an AIESEC.

Janvier Kengne CEO, COPROTEV



In AIESEC, we run community based projects that serve as a platform to develop soft skills within our membership and drive meaningful impact in people’s life. The direct and indirect impact created by our projects has contributed in the education of over 1105 6 in topics related to environment, health and information education. This year we registered 147 international students taken part in our community project with 43% growth. Our projects were implemented in Yaoundé, Douala, Dschang, NKambe, Mbengwi and Tik ombere all coined under the name:


Charlotte from AIESEC united working with OSV orphanage at PK9

Working closely with orphanages and contribute to social integration of those underprivileged children. Through this project, we intend to educate, empower and develop orphans and under privileged children. The project was run with the collaboration of orphanages in Douala, Dschang, Baffoussam, Bamenda and Yaounde. From July – December 2012, we reached over 1200 Orphans receiving education basic education on IT and Health protection.

Sensitizing people on climate change, the causes and consequences of climate change, Waste management, How to manage natural resources like water and wood to prevent deforestation. Planting of trees to protect water catchment areas

and making the environment “go green�. We registered 2 water catchment protections, planted 1000 trees and sensitized 5000 people in the village of Nkambe, North West region of Cameroon

Over 250 children and adults were given practical trainings on the use of computers. 6 local associations of woman, ethnic groups and local traders were involved in the learning process.

Training of 50 local traders in Mfou-Yaounde

Training on basic computer use and MS office to kids in Tokombere

JumpIn Under the theme engage and inspire youth leadership, the national induction seminar JumP In 2012 was hosted by AIESEC in Dschang from the 6th to the 9th December 2012; Jumpin IS one of our key conferences each year we engage and develop new members into the organization via this conference. AIESEC members came from over 10 universities. It was also an opportunity to reconnect with our past, our alumni were present to share their AIESEC experience with members. Delegates participated in workshops delivered by our partners and alumni on sales and negotiation, personal effectiveness, personal motivation and time management.

Upgrade Upgrade is our biggest national conference. Its also called national leadership and development seminar, it was hosted by AIESEC in Douala at the university of Douala campus from 19th-2. Organized under the theme: empower, drive and lead youth leadership. It was a platform of experience sharing, networking and key workshops from; PWC, PAD, BICEC

AIESEC International Congress Moscow From 18th -27 August AIESEC Cameroon was part of the over 600 young people who converged in Moscow’s Cosmos Hotel for one of the largest youth congress on the planet organized by AIESEC. This annual summit brings together, youth leaders, business leaders, AIESEC alumni and CUD. individuals from different works of the society. It was also a great achievement for AIESEC Cameroon. For the 1st time 5 members represented the country in IC. Our presence in the congress laid a platform of attraction to Cameroon, our culture and what we have to over to other entities. It was also a great learning point to all the participation with new ideas brought in via workshops and networking with other entities.

WACS The West African connecting seminar was organized from 29th October – 4th November 2012 under the term: collaborating to ensure growth. To the conference brought together delegates from all West African AIESEC member countries and beyond to Ilorin, Nigeria the official host of the conference. The conference served as an open space to discuss hot topics related to sub regional collaboration among member countries and connect delegates with realities of different countries. 9 members from AIESEC Cameroon among which 2 facilitators successfully represented Cameroon in this conference.

Leonard Pekwekoh National President Email: Was previously the national vice president,talent management . He graduated from the University of Buea with bachelors in Physics Elvis Tegum Vice president external relations Email: Was previously the vice president external relation of AIESEC Douala, He graduated from the university of Douala with bachelors in Accounting. Myreille Enow Vice president Finance and administration Email: Was previously the vice president finance and administration of AIESEC Buea. Graudted from the University of Buea with bachelors in Accounting Noupet Denyambe Vice president outgoing exchange Email: Previously the president of AIESEC Douala. Student in the University of Douala, Information Technology Ndifor Foster Vice president Talent Management Email: Previously president of AIESEC Buea. Graduated from the University of Buea. With a bachelors Psychology

Quinta Okuna Vice president,incoming Global internship program Email: Former national support unit member Graduated from ESTIC Yaounde Alain BONGBI Information system manager Email: Former national support unit member Studies information technology, university of Buea

Financial report of AIESEC Cameroon in 2012-2013 Since 2011-2012, AIESEC Cameroon has been struggling to be financially sustainable while running its operations. In 2012-2013, AIESEC Cameroon has still not yet succeeded to improve its financial management, nevertheless it has significantly foster its capacity to deliver more life changing experience to young people around the country. This is reflecting directly in various local committees (LC) willing to invest more financial resource in infrastructure, IT and community work around Cameroon AIESEC Cameroon’s budget is determined by the National Plenary of Local Committees. It is financed through local committees’ contribution via exchange (41%), Partners through sponsorship, donation and grant (25%).Referring to 2012-2013 financial performance, AIESEC Cameroon runs without any balance.

Revenue: The two largest sources of revenue for the AIESEC Cameroon are exchange fees (41%) and partnership support (25%). Despite, the insufficient financial management of the entity, AIESEC Cameroon is exploring new ways to strengthen its sales capacity and accentuate its focus on business development in other to meet up with financial sustainability.

Expenditures: The level of expenditure of AIESEC Cameroon is still slightly higher than the accrued revenue. This is due to huge investment done in infrastructure such as offices in various local committees, membership Revenue

2012-2013 (XAF)

Membership fees Affiliation fee Exchange fees( incoming &outgoing)

100,000 1,668,750

Sponsorship, donation and grant


Corporate AIESEC International

1,000,000 873,500

AIESEC Cameroon financial year was not really one of solid financial management we ever seen, and the one with the most efficient revenue stream. Nevertheless, it has succeeded to generate more impact, and increased its sales capacity and forces. Of particular pleasure is the increased ability of local committees to have partner(S) at almost all events organized.

Other Total revenue

439,000 3,207,750

Expenditure Communication and information system expenses Office expenses Finance and legal Personnel and stipend Conferences and strategic meeting expenses Exchanges operation expenses others Total expenditure Balance

(146,600) (1,000,900) (53,832) (240,000) (1,464,000) (100,500) (71,400) (3,077,232) 130,518

development through the different conferences organized to empower and unleash our member capacities. The main cost centers are office and flat maintenance, and conference and strategic meeting. This is directly followed by communication and

formation system documents.




Statement of revenue and expenditure the operating fund

This financial data refers to the period 1 July 2012to 30 June 2013. For the purpose of this report only expenses and

Main souces of expenditure 3%

Main sources of revenue

Communication and information system expenses

2% 5%

Affiliation fee

2% 11%

Office expenses 21%



Exchange fees( incoming &outgoing)

Finance and legal


Corporate 8%


Personnel and stipend

25% AIESEC International

revenue result from the national bureau’s operation are shown.

Publication Manager: MBAH AKWA Hermann Layout & Design: Innocent Djiofack Special Thanks to: Franck Ngahane, Francis Tsague,Innocent Djiofack, Adamou Mfambou, Pekwekoh Leonard,Ndongou Jackson, Noupet Denyambe,Ndifor Foster, Abang Tambe, Patrick Ngoune, Clotaire Ndongmo & Hermann Akwa.

Our Supporters: Pascale Balem,Francis Eret,Bryant Tako,Annick Akobe,Tako Model,Obiang Philippe,Wilfred Tchasse,Habib Ewane, Landry Takeu, Jean Emmanuel Ouahouo, Ben FONDUFE,Berlin Ngueumeni,Lum Simanka,Mylene Moukam,Romaric Kamela Carlos WAFO, AWA Innocent, Janvier Kengne & AAC

Our partners

The national annual report is distributed to AIESEC members and a partner is available for download in our national website. This edition was compiled and edited at the national office of AIESEC Cameroon. Copyright Š 2013 by AIESEC Cameroon All right reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form, or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise without prior consent of the publisher Published by AIESEC Cameroon 165 Bessengue Douala Tel:+237 33 41 35 57/77 71 13 60

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