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A  collection  of  Cameron  Townsend’s  Graphic  work


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Client: Nothing Gold (Hardcore/Punk band) Purpose: EP front & back cover and layout Description: Objective was to create the EP covers and layout for NG’s EP called “Ghost Town”. The band wanted a cover that has the imagery of the city of Las Vegas with an unsettling feeling.


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Nothing Gold’s cover done in P back EP hotoshop.

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Client: Jennifer N. (Photographer) Purpose: To create a web page/portfolio for Jennifer’s photography Description: Web Page that shows off Jennifer’s photography skills. The web page is done in HTML and Flash. The navbar was created in Photoshop



Photo co for Jennifllage created Done in Pher’s web site. otoshop.

page. , e m o h L s ’ Jenniferith flash, HTM Done woshop. & Phot

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Client: Myself (personal piece) Purpose: To Create a painting in Photoshop that showcased my skills as a painter. Description: Painting of 18th century ship done in Photoshop. I really wanted to challenge myself by using limited color palate.



Painting of 18th century ship done in Photoshop.

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Client: Golden Nugget (School project) Purpose: Create a poster for the Golden Nuggets Red Hot Dice Classic. Description: Poster made with InDesign for the Red Hot Dice Classic. Art work and Logo were designed in Illustrator. Job called for three spot colors. Red, Black, and a metallic gold.



Red logo Hot di with & womce clas Illu an d sic stra one tor.

c Red Hot dice classi poster done with x28 InDesign. Size 22

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Client: Image Comics, The Walking Dead poster (School project) Purpose: Create a poster for The walking dead. Description: Poster made for The Walking Dead. Art work was designed in Photoshop. Logo done in Illustrator. The pieces were finally assembled in InDesign with some text put on the lower part of the poster.


11 g Dead The Walkinin logo made r. Illustrato

The Walking poster assemDbead led in InDesign.

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Client: Big Horns Ice hockey team (Personal project) Purpose: Create a logo for the Big Horns hockey team. Description: Logo made in Adobe Illustrator. Piece was made for my love of hockey and rumors that Las Vegas would get a professional NHL or AHL team.


13 hockey s n r o H Big made in o g o l team rator. Illust

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Client: Self promotion (Personal project) Purpose: To create a personal self promotion describing piece all in type Description: Piece was made in Illustrator. Piece describes myself with my name being the most dominant.



hical Self promotion typograpr. piece done in Illustrato

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Client: Expressions gallery event (School project) Purpose: Create a poster for the expressions gallery event. Description: Poster made with InDesign, Illustrator & Photoshop for Expressions gallery event. Logo was designed in Illustrator then brought into Photoshop for the effects. Sponsors logos were manipulated with Illustrator & Photoshop. Finally the piece was put together in InDesign.


oster Expressions Pig n. done in InDes


Differ of Expent variations ression s logo.

Cameron Townsend's Portfolio  
Cameron Townsend's Portfolio  

this is my graphic design portfolio.