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STOVETOP SMOKERS Stovetop, Oven, Grill, Campfire or Sterno Available in two sizes. Smokes food indoors on your stove, outdoors on your grill, on a campfire or with the Lil’ Smokey using sterno. All Stainless Steel construction. Heavy duty but light enough to do the job. Fold away handles. Dishwasher safe. Sample wood chips, recipe pamphlet & instruction manual included. New and improved version! Larger items can be smoked using an aluminum foil tent.

We are “The Original” STOVETOP SMOKER 11”x15”x3.5” - 8lbs - SMKW

GOURMET MINI SMOKER 7”X11”x3.5” - 3lbs - CMS

CAMERONS LIL’ SMOKEY 7”X11”x3.5” - 4lbs - CLS



For Indoor Smokers (superfine texture) For your Indoor Smokers Available in 9 flavors: Alder, Apple, Bourbon Soaked Oak, Cherry, Hickory, Maple, Mesquite, Oak and Pecan. All natural, kiln dried and pesticide free. Available in 1 Pint or 5 Quart containers. 1 pint Item # CAL, CAP, BSO, CCH, CHI, CMA, CME, COK, CPE. 5 qt Item # CQAL, CQAP, BQSO, CQCH, CQHI, CQMA, CQME, CQOK, CQPE


Over 250 tantilizing recipes to use with your Camerons Stovetop Smoker. Also includes recipes for Grilling / Baking Planks & Stockpots. Item # CRCR



Cooking on the Plank Recipe Guide

Available in a 2, 4 or 8 pack of Cedar, Alder or Combo. Sizes: 6”x12” or 7”x13”.

Over 50 mouthwatering recipes to use with your Grilling or Baking Planks.

These all natural wood planks allow your food to roast slowly, basting in their own juices creating a subtle smoky flavor. Specially cut to conveniently fit in your sink for soaking. Comes complete with instructions and recipes. Can be used more than once.

Item # PCB


GOURMET GRILLING PAPERS Available in a 4 or 8 pack of 6”X8” Cedar, ties included. All natural wood paper allows you to add delicious, all natural flavor to your favorite foods. Keeps your food moist and enhances your presentation. Item # CW6X8-4, CW6X8-8


Patented 2-chamber bag provides just the right amount of smoke. Cooking chamber Food product

Oven, Grill, Campfire or Skillet Available in Alder, Hickory or Mesquite. For use with Fish, Poultry, Beef, Pork, Vegetables, Tofu and Game Meats. Easy to use instructions and recipes included on packaging.

Tiny perforations allowing smoke to penetrate food

The bag consists of three layers of foil creating 2-chambers. All natural Wood Chips are already included in the bag between the lower two layers and this is what creates the flavor infusion within the bag. The middle layer has small perforations in it allowing the smoke into the bag while keeping the food separated away from the wood. The top layer is a cover. Easy to Use: Slide food into the bag, Seal by folding the end over three times, Place on heat source and follow cooking instructions, Serve - DELICIOUS! Item # SMBAG-AL, SMBAG-HI, SMBAG-ME




Available in 6 All Natural Wood Flavors: Apple, Cherry, Hickory, Mesquite, Peach & Pecan. Bar-B-Q Grilling Smoke for your Outdoor Grill. Easy To Use. Clean, No Mess, Economical — Use more than once, up to 90 minutes. Item # FWAP, FWCH, FWHI, FWME, FWPCH, FWPE

Woodchip Chamber



For Outdoor Grills or Smokers

All of our woodchips and chunks are all natural, kiln dried and pesticide free. They are available in a Smoking Chip (course texture), a BBQ Chip (thumbnail size) or a BBQ Chunk (fist sized). “All of these products can be used in your outdoor Grill or Outdoor Smoker for your favorite Smoking and Cooking applications.”



(Course). Available in Alder, Apple, Hickory or Mesquite. Available in approx. 2 lb. bags.

(Thumbnail size). Available in Alder, Apple, Hickory or Mesquite. Available in approx. 2 lb. bags.




Give your meals a full smoky flavor on your gas or charcoal grill. Perfect for fish, steak, ribs & more. Durable stainless steel construction. Simple and easy to use. Best used with our BBQ Chips. For your outdoor grill. Item # BBQSB

BARBECUE CHUNKS Wood Chunks (Fist size). Available in Alder, Apple, Cherry, Hickory, Maple, Mesquite, Oak & Pecan. 5 lb. & 10 lb. bags. 5 lb. Item # BBQC5-AL, BBQC5-AP, BBQC5-CH, BBQC5-HI, BBQC5-MA, BBQC5-ME, BBQC5-OK, BBQC5-PE 10 lb. Item # BBQC10-AL, BBQC10-AP, BBQC10-CH, BBQC10-HI, BBQC10-MA, BBQC10-ME, BBQC10-OK, BBQC10-PE

GRILLING PELLETS These are the Premium Grilling Pellets on the market. They are all natural wood and the pellets contain at least 75% of the species advertised. (Most others on the market have less than 25% of the wood offered and the remainder is filler). These pellets can be used successfully in all Pellet Grills and also to add flavor to your regular BBQ experience. 20 lb bags. Available in Apple, Cherry, Hickory, Mesquite, Peach and Pecan. Item #GPAP, GPCH, GPHI, GPME, GPPCH, GPPE

OUTDOOR GRILLS Our grills make your outdoor grilling needs a breeze. All the grills come with their own carrybags to make portability a plus. All parts are stainless steel and dishwasher safe. All of the grilling surfaces are Camerons designed unique corrugated wire which create a “non-stick” surface allowing easy flipping of burgers and other grilled items.

TAILGATOR GRILL 12.5” round grilling area. Easy to store. Perfect for tailgating or camping. Economical uses 15-20 briquettes. Holds up to 8 lbs. Collapses down to 4” to fit in carry bag (Includes Carry Bag). Item # CTG

SCOUT GRILL 16.5”x10.5” grilling area. Easy to store - folds flat. Perfect for camping. Holds up to 6 lbs (Includes Carry Bag). Item # CSG


PIT GRILL 17.75” round grilling area. No tools required just 3 simple steps. Adjustable height. Easy to store. Perfect for camping. Holds up to 12 lbs (Includes Carry Bag) Item # CPG

MULTI ROASTER Stovetop or Oven (Induction capable) Made of High Quality 18/10 Stainless Steel with off-set handles for easy pouring and storage. Three great cooking products in one, allowing you to roast, sauté and bake your favorite foods. Lid can be used as a sauté pan and the rack hangs from the side for easy draining of up to a 20 lb. roast, turkey or ham. Item # CMRW

STOCK POTS 12 & 16 Qt Stovetop, Induction capable

20 & 24 Qt Stovetop, Induction capable

Full Tri-Ply body with Stainless Lid. Made of High Quality 18/10 Stainless Steel with Stainless Steel lid. Forged stainless handles allow for easy lifting and stay cool to the touch.

Made of High Quality 18/10 Stainless Steel with glass lid. Side mounted handles allow for easy lifting and stay cool to the touch. “6mm Tri-Ply base for even heat distribution. Base is 26/0 Stainless and is Induction Capable”

Item # SP12, SP16

Tri-Ply Base Full Tri-Ply

Item # SP20, SP24


BEEROASTER & DELUXE Outdoor Grill or Oven Available in two models - Regular Beeroaster and Beeroaster Deluxe. Roast a full size chicken using your favorite beer, wine or marinade. Sturdy stainless steel construction. Simple and easy to use... both models come with instructions and a recipe guide. Dishwasher safe. The Deluxe version is a tube/ pan combo with included vegetable clips making it easy to roast your vegetables right along with your chicken. Item # CBR, CBRD

CHILI ROASTA Outdoor Grill or Oven The Chile Roasta will roast your chiles to perfection every time. Durable stainless steel construction. Simple and easy to use. Comes with 4 delicious recipes and bonus pitting tool. Great for hors d’oeurves. Dishwasher safe. Item # CR



Outdoor Grill or Oven Cook your Turkey the RIGHT way – Upside Down! With the Turkey DunRite™. Slide the seasoned turkey onto the saddle with the breast down. Place in any standard roasting pan (11” x 15” or larger depending on the size of the turkey) and into the oven or grill. Juices flow into the breast, making it as moist and juicy as the dark meat and the skin is completely browned all over without having to baste. The turkey is uniformly moist and the outcome is totally delicious. The turkey is cooked in the air and not in the fat – resulting in reduced fat and healthier meal. What you end up with is a turkey that is DunRite. Energy saving as the heat is transferred into the inside of the Turkey and the cooking time is reduced by about 15–20%. The Turkey DunRite™ is all stainless steel, dishwasher safe, and due to the “knock down” design is very compact for storage. Patent pending.

.. . t h ! rig N t i W k o O o D C E D I UPS

Item # TDR


Oven Grill

Heat and serve HOT tortillas for up to one hour during your meal. Works great with all sizes of tortillas and is microwavable and washable. Size: is 12” in diameter Item # Sun TW00101, Ristra TW00102 Lady TW00103, Plain TW01421

45 seconds in the microwave = hot and soft for up to one hour

Serve hot food right from the oven for up to one hour during your meal. A multi-use carrier that is washable. Size: is 11” x 17“ and is 3” tall (easily carries a standard 9x13 casserole dish) Cleanability: Invert, wash, submersible, and air dry. Item # TT01430


Keeps bread warm for up to an hour! Works great with all biscuits, pancakes, bread sticks and bagels Cleanability: Invert, wash, submersible, and air dry. Size 12”x12” and is 21/2” tall Item # BW00105 Cook and serve HOT food right off the grill for up to one hour. Works great with burgers, hotdogs, steaks, ribs, and vegetables! Size: is 12” x 13“ and is 3” tall Item # GW00108

Heat and serve HOT rolls for up to one hour during your meal. Works great with all sizes and shapes and is microwavable and washable. Size: is 12” in diameter and is 3”high. Cleanability: Invert, wash, submersible, and air dry. Heating: For use in microwave only Item # Red BW01416 Blue BW01417 Fall BW01515

POP-UP TIMERS Oven or Grill Pop up timers available in four different temperatures. 145° for seafood. 160° for steaks and roasts. 170° for single pieces of poultry and ground meats. 180° for whole poultry. Item # PTX4-145, PTX4-160, PTX4-170, PTX4-180


MAKIN BACON Microwave Cooks bacon vertically in your microwave away from the fat. Great for BLT’s. Convenient drip tray catches the fat. Dishwasher safe, Cool Grip Handle and it fits in just about any microwave. If you’re going to eat bacon this is the way to do it. Item # MB

FASTA PASTA ® Microwave

The ORIGINAL Microwave Pasta Cooker . Fasta Pasta® perfectly cooks all types of pasta to an Al dente texture (spaghetti, macaroni, tortellini, and lasagna noodles). Also cooks vegetables, soups, casseroles, rice and even chocolate cake! No waiting for a big pot of water to boil – saves time energy and water! Proudly made in the USA from FDA approved BPA free plastic. Comes with instructions and starter recipes.

Companion cookbook for the Fasta Pasta. Over 50 recipes including salads, soups, entrées and even chocolate cake.

Item # FP

Item # FPCB

10 MAN CLAWS ™ One Tool - Many Uses Gives a power grip to lift heavy roasts, brisket and turkey. Pulled pork and shredded turkey are a breeze with the sharp claws. Ideal for holding that Sunday Roast steady while carving! Toss and serve salads with the easy grip handles. Manufactured from BPA free, heat resistant plastic – dishwasher safe. Item # MC


We have various options to help you display our products from counter and shelf displays to clip strips and floor displays. We also offer multiple combinations so if you need a custom combo - just ask!


CAMERONS PRODUCTS P.O. Box 60220 Colorado Springs, CO 80960-0220 888.563.0227

Welcome to Camerons Products! We have been in business for over 25 years and our goal is to provide you, our loyal customers, with innovative products, the best service we can give and competive pricing. We hope that some of our products will spark your imagination and expand your culinary palate. Be sure to check out our new Turkey DunRiteTM, the Made in the USA Fasta Pasta and some of our new accessories that will make your kitchen experience even easier. We are also excited to bring you the Foodwarmer Collection of products. These new products keep your food warm and fresh from the time you cook it until you serve it. We would like to thank you for your continued patronage and happy food smoking and cooking. Chris & Anne Malone Camerons Products

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Camerons Products 2011 Catalog  

Camerons Products 2011 Catalog

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