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COLLEGE STUDENT should own by: Cameron Love

Classroom Casual When it comes to going to class every day, all college students need a fashion plan. Although stress and time vary from day to day, having a casual look ready to go to class in can be exteremly helpful.

$12 American Rag V-neck, Macy’s This v-neck looks classic, but with a fun twist as the red highlights provide some flair. Pair this with dark jeans and you are good to go in Fashion 101.

$29.99 Dark Jeans, $29.99, American Eagle These jeans go with anything, and fit the body nicely. Plus, dark wash jeans are a lot easier to dress up than the lighter washes of denim, so the jeans can also be very versatile.


business Casual

One of the most common problems for college students is not having any appropriate clothes to wear to a business casual event. Oftentimes, we forget that there are many opportunities for career networking in college, and forget we need to dress the part of a young, professional worker.

$19.99 Sweater, $19.99, Macy’s This sweater is a solid choice for any business occasion. Also easy to dress up or dress down.

Dress, $19.99, Charlotte Russe This high-low dress is not only really cute, but can also work in a business situation. Depending on the shoes, it can be business casual or just casual.




$29.99 Dress, $29.99, Charlotte Russe There are many times in college when students want to dress up and go out for a night on the town or to formal functions. This dress is perfect for that occasion — it’s classy, fits most figures well and the lace is beautiful. When it comes to guys, you can never go wrong with a suit. Well, actually, you can. Make sure the suit is well fitted and tailored correctly. Also, try mixing things up and wear a bow-tie instead of the standard necktie, or even go crazy with your sports jacket and try a new material or color. One of my favorite pieces of clothing is my maroon velvet sports jacket. It’s fun and fancy!


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Fashion & the Hill Epaper  

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