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JOE Kelly, Executive Vice President Vanguard doesn’t just take on an issue – we are leaders on issues. Our relationships and depth of experiences in the areas of health, education, environment and other social causes make us stand out to prospective clients.

van·guard / van gärd a group of people leading the way in new developments or ideas

BRENDA Foster, Vice President, Account Services Vanguard is about more than the client/consultant relationship. We believe in the issues we promote, and we get right in the trenches with the experts and advocates who are fighting for a better world. We pride ourselves in identifying innovative strategies and adapting them to fit the needs of our nonprofit, government, and grassroots partners.

Dear Distinguished Panel of 2012 PRWeek Awards: Social change doesn’t happen at the top of a tower – it happens on the ground. That’s why, nearly

25 years after Vanguard Communications’ founding, we still embrace the grassroots as the key to successful social good initiatives. Certainly the way we reach audiences continues to evolve—

DEANNA Troust, Vice President, Creative Services No matter the medium—digital, print, broadcast—engaging, culturallysensitive products are vital to the success of any effort. Our five design awards in the last year point to the level of care that we take in building campaigns and designing products for our clients.

sometimes on a daily basis—but our talented, dedicated staff understands that communities will always provide fuel for innovation and the evolution of our communications approaches and our business.

We spend a lot of time with our audiences, gaining a deep, personal understanding of the issues. We learn about cultural influences and the reality of their lives. We investigate local offerings and

supports, and we design our strategies and messages to speak to them as individuals, as families, and as community members. Then, we give voice to these diverse perspectives, amplifying passion for the cause and generating a harmonious tone for social change.

TRACY FERRELL, Vice President, Operations & Human Resources Simply put Vanguard is unique. Our corporate culture inspires our diverse workforce to be value-driven, collaborative and inventive for our clients. We also maintain a competitive benefits package to keep our employees healthy and happy.

Despite the weak economy, Vanguard Communications’ social change expertise remains in high demand. In times of economic and social struggle, we find that even more people, organizations

and issues need our help. We have been fortunate to experience tremendous growth during a time when others are struggling financially to keep their doors open. In 2011, we are projecting a 40%

increase in revenue over 2010. That builds on the 33% increase we generated in 2010 over 2009. Yet, our agency and our staff still finds time to give hundreds of hours per year in volunteer services for the communities and issues we care about. I believe our staff ’s personal commitment to the social causes we champion is the core of our success.

Why Vanguard? 1. Our sustained industry and issues leadership 2. Our innovations in all we do from client services to staff rewards

innovation |ˌinəˈvā sh ən

3. Our tremendous growth in 2010 and 2011

imagination coupled with hard work and execution

4. Our phenomenal results for change-making clients 5. Our diverse talent and their long-term dedication to our company and our mission 6. Our commitment to communicating for social change across the country and in our own community – the Washington, DC metro area

At Vanguard, innovation is a core value. That’s why in 2010 we created the Innovator’s Award to recognize staff who envision a new way of doing business or fresh approach to a proven strategy. Our most recent honoree was a communications assistant who recommended that we reinvigorate our popular training curriculum with Prezi presentations. This non-linear, zoomable presentation format has added an active, new dimension to our face-to-face trainings and Webinars. And, our clients love the new format!

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