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Pre-production Pitch OPEN: A short horror film By Owen, Kaine, Cameron and Aidan

Risk assessment 1. The first risk is filming under the bed. The way to be careful with this shot is make sure the camera is safe by doing practise runs of what we want to shoot. 2. The other risk is getting things stained: we can solve this by putting covers or blankets where we need blood. We can make sure they’re out of frame when filming. 3. The stairs are steep, we can do practice runs again to make sure no one falls or is hurt.

Location Scouting 1. Main Location: Cameron’s House, the film will be filmed at this location when it is dark. 2. Side Locations: We will record audio for example wind outside and gather foley from outside sources.

Budget Details 1. Dog Tail Prop: £2.65 2. Fake Blood: £1.17

Overall Pricing: £3.82

Cast List Character Profile: Girl She is independent although easily frightened. She can be courageous in the heat of the moment. Acting: Hattie Emilia Perez Moss

Final Script

Equipment 1. Tripod 2. DSLR Camera 3. Steadicam

Costumes and Props 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Pajamas Blood Hammer Tail Torch Dog Tail

How does your film fit into the horror genre? Our film certainly contains techniques shown in many horror films such as suspense, terror and jumpscares. An Example of a film could be ‘The Pact’ which tells a story about a woman sleeping in a house unaware that someone is in the house with her watching her every move. This scene within the film shares similar aspects with our envision of our film. This is because it builds suspense, and then reveals a horrific sight of a man watching over her. Which could be linked to our film and relates to our concepts and ideas.

Filming Schedule Week commencing 14th december, filming will happen on the monday, tuesday and friday of every week. Sound filming will be integrated with filming the videos. Editing: once all footage is filmed, we will edit every lesson up to the 24th january

Pitch Horror Film  
Pitch Horror Film