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Issue 1 Vol 1. September 2013

New Dominion Magazine September 2013 Inaugural Issue

Table of Contents From the Editor September Horoscopes Rape: A Private Pain September Erotica Ask the New Dominion About the New Dominion New Dominion Man: Jay-Jay

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New Dominion Magazine September 2013 Inaugural Issue


Cameron Cowan Editor-in-Chief

Contributors Jason Eads Simeone Grey

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New Dominion Magazine September 2013 Inaugural Issue

Your September Horoscopes

Aries September is challenging for members of your sign! With challenges around your job/business and co-workers/employees this month is a difficult one on the career front. You are focusing on relationships this month but trying to fulfill romantic and sexual needs can be a little too taxing. Your sign is known for its fiery nature so its important to reign in that part of you as well as the carelessness that often accompanies it this month.

Taurus This is a playful time of the year and after a recent period of seclusion, you are ready to re-enter the social scene. Members of your sign are often caught being too social this month and your social life revolves mostly around your work and work-life. You are looking for fulfillment and possibly working for society or the world around you. Family and inter-personal arguments arise this month and you may also see a spectre from the past bubble up.


Get ready to redo your home and work environment this month. You’re ready to make some physical changes to the world around you. You might also be looking at ways to make your work more efficient. This is also a great time to review the past and get back to your roots. This is also a great month to love and be loved and your relationships thrive under this great energy. Express yourself through art and creative activies and reach out to your frieds and family during this time.


This is a month to be careful! Carelessness is your biggest enemy this month. Financially things are improving and you have greater resources to improve that part of your life. Personal relationships suffer this month as you struggle to relate to others. Sharing Ideas and thoughts are more important than emotions this month.


Close bonds and relationships are important this month in the backdrop of tremendous financial success around property and tangible assets. Don’t go for the quick buck, go for the long term bet. You are able to stand up to others more than usual this month and this skill will come in handy. Trust your instinct.


This is the month to look over things and look to make improvements in all areas of your life. There is anxiety about health with you and others. There is also some financial anxiety as well. Reach out to others and trust your instinct for self improvement. Do what makes long-term sense.


This is a month to take a step back, take a low profile and be more aware of your own limitations in many areas of your life. Although group activities are your friend this month, it will be hard to accomplish your goals. Falling back in love with yourself and taking some much needed time for yourself are key to success Libra.

Your September Horoscopes

New Dominion Magazine September 2013 Inaugural Issue

Scorpio Get ready to widen your vistas and change your perspective this month. This is a happy goal-oriented time and you reach out to people in a surprise show of affection that is rather unlike you. This is important as this time is perfect for life long connections and marriage.This is juxtaposed by your own secret longings or private love affairs that dominate your social life this month. Play out fantasies in your head as the opportunity to do so in your life will be limited. You will also need to be recognized this month professionally. Sagittarius This is prodigious month for you with recognition, awards, and improvement in your property and your financial concerns. Your life of partying, socializing, and generall craziness continues this month. You will be more friendly and may join a group of like-minded people. You will also be seeking that which is uplifting and that which leads to greater wisdom. You will be expanding yourself with greater passion than ever before.

Capricorn Long distance travel, connections, and sharing your ideas are very important this month and you will be doing alot of it! Social connections around your work and career are important and you are work easily with others this month. This ease also spills over into your vibrant sex life this month. Be careful of authority figures this month.

Aqarius You’ll be focused on Money and Health matters again this month. Although those worries will be coming to an end. Relationships are bubbly and vibrant. New romance may come from the place you least expect it especially in that it may be with someone who is different than someone you would normally be attracted to. There is a new electricity in the air so get your skills keyed up because you will have challenges to meet head-on!


Your focus turns to relationships now. Its time to sharpen those inter-personal skills and finally get down to the business of building solid relationships that will help all parts of your life. This month is marked by the right attitudes in personal relationships and hard work in all areas of your life. The results will be sweet.

The Autumnal Equinox is a time of renewal and getting ready for the repose of Winter. Now is a great time to clean things out and get ready for the deep and meaningful transformation of Winter.

By Cameron Cowan, Editor-in-Chief I wanted to start this article by saying, “So you’ve been raped� but that seemed to be a very cavalier way of talking about a sensitive and under-served topic in the gay community. The rape of men, be they straight, bi or gay is one of the biggest un-reported and forgotten facts in our society. It is indeed a private pain that many men carry.

Rape: By the Numbers

Rape is poorly depicted in the movies. Rather than being the strange man in the coat that your parents warned you about it is someone far more trustworthy, far more sinister, and much closer to home.

80% of rape victims are under 30 Someone is raped in the United States every 2 minutes. In other parts of the world it can be under every minute. There are well over 200,000 rape victims every year (that is mostly reported victims) 54% of victims never report 2/3 of assaults are committed by someone the victim knows 38% of perpetrators are a friend or acquaintance of the victim.

As gay men in America, you don’t have to worry about the creepy guy at the end of the bar on a friday night. You might want to look at your friends you think you trust. I am not saying that you need to be paranoid or hide in your house. But if someone is going to take advantage of you sexually, you will most likely know who they are and you may trust them.

Rape Culture

There is a lot of talk these of rape culture. This conversation as come mostly from women who have been attacked for “getting what they deserve” and “dressing slutty.” They argue that the way in which women are objectified and the fact that the burden of reducing the risk of rape falls squarely on them and not on men is unfair and perpetuates “rape culture.” How does this translate into gay male culture? In Gay culture, women are safe due to the preference of the men in the room but the issues around, dressing provocatively and consent to sexual acts still exist. Sadly, many people don’t feel that consent is that important especially among men. After all, according to mainstream culture, even mainstream gay culture men should be excited about having sex 24/7 and 365. How many pornography scenes have Guy 1 going into a room and starting to feel up Guy 2 and all of a sudden with no conversation, they start having sex. That is an example of the perpetuation of rape culture.

Alcohol, Drugs, and Sex

Every rape story is different. I’ve heard stories about women who were at home and were attacked and raped. I’ve heard of stories where two guys are hanging out, they get drunk, someone passes out and then one of the guys is taken advantage of for sexual purposes.Somehow when substances (be they legal or otherwise) are involved somehow people blame the victim.

Obviously, getting black-out drunk isn’t exalting behavior, however, just because someone is drunk shouldn’t make them a sexual target. Sadly, in this culture it often can be.

Our Youth

Gay culture obsesses over youth and looking the right and looking young and fresh and sexy. But one community that isn’t really being focused on is our Gay youth. It wasn’t until a rash of suicides and the “It Gets Better Campaign” that people finally started to realize that to be LGBTQ in this country (and under 18) can be a hellish experience, even in 2013. What is even worse is many young men might be sexually taken advantage of by someone older and not ever report to wait decades in shame before they do. For young people who are already accepting of their sexuality, it can be painful. For a young man who might be questioning or has no inclination towards being gay the mental and physical trauma can be devastating. As we have seen with the Penn State scandal and the on-going scandal within the Catholic Church, the trauma can last a life time for this men.

How Not To Rape

There is but one way: always get consent and make sure your sex partner is coherent enough to consent to any sexual activities. The importance of that is under-stated. No fudging, no “you’re drunk but you’re good to go right?” attitudes. Clear consent is the only way. Don’t forget to stand up to others who behave in a negative way or start to perpetuate rape culture. Help your fellow man/women/queer person and work everyday to stop this dangerous epidemic. You don’t need to be a hero, all you have to do is raise your voice when you see it happening.

How to Make Some Change

Do we want to continue to live in a culture where drugs and alcohol are used as an excuse? Should gay men be they young or old continue to be victimized by each other? The unequivocal answer should be a loud and re-sounding “NO” from gay men everywhere. Change starts with each of us.

New Dominion Magazine September 2013 Inaugural Issue

September Erotica

A Sexy Moment

By Simeone Grey He was a mass of male flesh pinching his The flame of the candles flickered elegantly nipples, actively rubbing and jacking his cock against the wall. His bedside table was littered and squeezing his asshole together around with an assortment of toys, lube, and soft the butt plug. His breathing was heavy and handcuffs. He enjoyed this thoroughly. He was his chest rose and fell with each breath. His in-shape but not overly chiseled. He was strong favorite was just coming up. with a strong chest and firm arms. The candles danced against his tan skin. He had his favorHe had been having fun like this for years. ite underwear on and a slim fitting undershirt He quit jacking and slipped the soft handhide his torso from open view. He was already cuffs over his wrists. He tightened them hard, underwear did that to him. with his teeth and slipped them behind his back. His cock glistened in the light and he There were a couple magazines laying open on was enjoying the wave of pleasures coming the bed and one of his favorite movies danced from his ass and what was on the screen. He across his TV screen. He laid down on the bed turned his body over. He felt the cool of the and pinched a nipple through his shirt. His sheets against his skin and started rubbing hand quickly found his cock and he was gently against them. He was breathing harder now, rubbing the fabric imprisoning his member. He he could feel it welling up in his balls as they slowly peeled out of his clothes and let them tightened against his body. He was ready to casually drop to the floor. His hands kept rub- cum. Orgasm was near as he kept rubbing bing his body. He quickly found his hole and against the sheets. started by inserting just a finger, then two. He turned over, slipped out of the handcuffs He rubbed the sensitive pleasure opening. He and rubbed the plug in his ass and gave his picked up a handled dildo, squirted some lube cock some needed attention. Seconds later, on it and quickly inserted it. He was jacking cum splashed onto his stomach, arm, and and impaling himself now. He removed the dil- onto his thigh. His head flew backward and do and picked up one of his butt plugs. It was his eyes shut in pure ecstasy. his favorite because it was not too big and not too small and made for a great finish. He slowly but surely squeezed it into his ass. The pressure against his prostate made his cock harder than it already was. He looked at the screen, it turned him on even more.

Sometimes, sex is a single player game.

New Dominion Magazine September 2013 Inaugural Issue

Ask New Dominion

Ask the Staff of the New Dominion Dear New Dominion, I’m a versatile guy in the truest sense of the word, I’m ready to top or bottom depending on the pleasures of the guy I’m playing with at the moment. I’m in a committed relationship now and he is a total bottom with no desire to top at all. I miss bottoming sometimes and being a top all the time is becoming annoying. I love him and I want it to work. Any ideas on how we can keep everyone pleased? Sincerely, Wishing I could be on my back Dear On Your Back, Thanks for writing man! Look, its tough sometimes but now that you’re emotionally tied together you need to make your sex life work. Let’s face it, sex is a huge part of any relationship. Our suggestion? Try toys. If he isn’t interested in topping you you can get the anal stimulation you’re looking for with some fun toys. Grab your man, hit Adam and Steve or the local store, find some goodies and go home and find out the many possibilities! Dear New Dominion, We’ve been in a committed relationship for 15 years, we’re in our early 40’s, both have great jobs, making good money and we live in a good area. My husband has gotten the baby bug recently and since our state allows LGBT adoption he says we should investigate it and start the process. He said that being a gay man he thought that he would never have the joy of fatherhood. He and his father are very close and so I imagine that plays a part. Honestly, I’m struggling with the idea. I never envisioned my life with children and I never planned on having any. Needless to say, I’m not enthusiastic about this plan. Am I a bad person for not supporting my husband and his desire to have children? Sincerely, No Baby On Board Dear Baby, Having kids gay or straight is a difficult decision and something not to be taken lightly, after all, kids are for life. Many gay men never thought children and family would be in their future but times have changed. Now having a family is in the realm of possibility and like other couples gay men have to face the choice about having a family. My suggestion? Express yourself fully about your desire not to have children. Make this decision together and your relationship will go stronger. I do encourage you to visit some children, see what its like, even try fostering before you commit. Your heart may change if the right child comes into your home.

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About the New Dominion

New Dominion Magazine September 2013 Inaugural Issue

About the New Dominion By Jason Eads Cameron Cowan asked me to talk a little bit about New Dominion in lieu of a Letter from the Editor. New Dominion was created to be a new resource for queer people (although we tend to target Gay men) and to be something that talks about the serious stuff (like rape in this issue) and the lighter stuff as well like celebrity news and technology news as we discuss on the website. New Dominion is a publication that has plenty of stuff that guys like and maintains a focus on the mainstream nature of gay culture. We are excited to grow with each and every one of our readers as the years go by and we hope to have many years with you all. Thanks for reading!

Its time to come out of the closet children! Welcome to the New Dominion The Staff of the New Dominion

Jared Williams, Photographer Jay Jay Botha, Model

Welcome to the New Dominion New Dominion Man: Jay-Jay

Stats: Height: 6’ 2” Origin: South Africa (Complete with accent) Profession: Professional Golfer/ Model

New Dominion September 2013