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Public Transit Changes on Duke Street As a way to facilitate public transit in the region, the city of Alexandria has put together the High Capacity Transit Corridor Work Group and identified three specific areas for improvements. Duke Street, right next to Cameron Knolls, has been targeted as one of these areas of interest. Growth throughout the region over the coming decade has spearheaded Alexandria's interest in public transit, attempting to alleviate traffic concerns and improving public transportation options for those living in the region. For the past few years, the working group has conducted various studies and have passed them along to the City Council for approval. As it currently stands, a broad-based plan for creating a bus rapid transit (BRT) system along Duke Street – with dedicated bus lanes, mixed used lanes, and pre-boarding payment – is the goal. The potential for reshaping Duke Street from Landmark to Telegraph is highly probably with various frontage roads being removed, limitations on lefthand turns implemented, and reversible car traffic lanes being established. It should be noted that at this time a detailed, block-by block engineering and impact study of the proposed BRT system has not been released to the public. Furthermore, and probably as important, a funding plan has yet to be fully established. Your HOA is aware of this developing issue and will monitor the situation. Homeowners interested in the city's plan for public transit development can visit the following website,, to learn more. The city has posted various presentations as PDFs, supplied relevant documentation, and announced upcoming public meetings.

Public Transit Changes on Duke St