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Many residents have complained to the Board about the ever-increasing problem of pet owners failing to pick up their pet's waste in our neighborhood. In an effort to find out what could be done about this problem the Board reached out to our police liaison, Sergeant Matt Weinert, and he put us in contact with Animal Control Officer Shannon Williams who has kindly provided us information. First, in order for Animal Control to enforce the leash law & people not picking up after their pets they need a letter on file which gives them permission to be on Cameron Knoll's property. That letter has already been sent and is now on file for 2012. Anyone (a resident, the property management company, even a passerby) can call in a complaint via phone, email or police radio as long as it is occurring at the time of the call. When registering a complaint Animal Control needs to know where the person lives and a description of the dog. They will go directly out to the violators residence, speak with them, and issue a warning notice. All callers remain anonymous to the violator unless the caller would like them to say that they were the ones who called. When someone does call in a complaint they may be asked for their name, address and contact number - this is for record keeping only and so the responding officer can contact the caller with questions if needed. When filing a complaint please make sure to take into consideration the time of the call; if it is before 6am or after 8pm weekdays and before 8:30am or after 6pm on weekends there are no Animal Control Officers on duty. The complaint can be filed via email or by leaving a voicemail message, but without the address of the violator there is nothing that can be done by Animal Control at that time. The phone number to call is 703-746-4774, when emailing a complaint it should be sent to If there are several violators and the violations are occurring around the same time everyday then the Board can arrange for Animal Control to make periodic patrols around that time and they'll do that for about 2 weeks. Please note that they cannot guarantee an officer will be there each and every time to do the periodic patrol due to the priority of the call and the small amount of Officers, but they will do the best they can. Without personally viewing the violation, Animal Control cannot issue tickets. They will speak with the violator and issue a warning notice. However, if Animal Control has issued a warning notice and the violation continues without Animal Control being able to view the violation personally, you can submit an affidavit to City Hall where the violator will be cited and a ticket will be issued. A sample affidavit with the appropriate municipal code can be found on the “Documents and Links� page of the Cameron Knoll website, along with a blank affidavit form. If you would like to read the City Codes for yourself, you can find them at We would like to encourage all pet owners in Cameron Knoll to please pick up after your pets so that we can keep Cameron Knoll a clean and attractive neighborhood.

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