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Cameron Knoll Homeowners Association Board Meeting December 19, 2011 Home Of Julie Podolsky, 37 Fendall Avenue Call to order President Julie Podolsky called the meeting to order at 7:04 pm. Attending: John O’Dowd, Julie Podolsky, Marc Dluger, Heather Winkelmann, Brandon Kasen, and Elaine representing Rice Property Management. Residents’ Forum No Residents Forum Approval of Minutes The minutes for the November meeting were approved with no changes required. Old Business Painting Proposal: Middledorf proposal was discussed – Motion passed with stipulation that the Bid Form entry #1 is for 3 units and the total will not exceed $13,090. Remaining items – “is 10% due at signing” and “specify scope of work to Middledorf”. Fees and Administrative Policy changes: Collection Resolution - John recommended a change to the last sentence of section 4.5 so that it reads “12 consecutive timely payments” and removing “Quarterly” from the first sentence of section 4.6. Motion passed to reflect above changes to amendment of Fees and Administrative Changes. Effective date of this change will be after the third round of violation letters are sent to homeowners. Board instructed Rice to send out a letter about updated policy on 01FEB with an effective date of 01MAR. Reports from Committees/Board: Crime – group of homeowners can charter a committee and make recommendations but following meeting with Police Liaison, Board will no longer press the issue. Flyers for the meeting with Police Liaison will be put on homeowners’ doors. Website – Tabled discussion for next meeting with a few notes. Website missing ACC info and needs a non-flash based alternative. Landscaping – Map was created and discussion of Rankin’s recommendations ensued. Board wants basic proposal and any additional proposals for recommended areas. Board requests copies of 2011 and 2012 contracts, to include scope of work and cost. Board is willing to pay for additional areas and approve landscaping committee.

Welcoming – Charter discussed; 3 person (Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer), Board can veto decisions, Board appoints positions if necessary. Notice of Violation and Hearing: Board discussed and decided to send a third round of Violation Letters to homeowners prior to a Notice of Hearing. Specific residents’ complaints and plans to address violations were discussed. ARC Request: Board discussed recent roof change request. Board requests a sample of the roofing material prior to making final decision. Need to add roof verbiage to Rules. 39 Floyd – Approval pending Robert’s inspection. New Business: None identified at this meeting. Next Meeting: The next meeting was set for Monday, 23 January at the home of Heather Winkelman, 85 Fendall. Adjourment: The Board adjourned at 9:20 pm.

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