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CAMERON KNOLL OWNERS ASSOCIATION Board of Directors Meeting - August 31, 2009 - Minutes

MEETING DATE - August 31, 2009 LOCATION I 51 Fenclall Ave. (Home of Scott Tobias) TIME I 7:00 P.M. ATTENDEES - Scott Tobias, John O’Dowd, Katrina Joyce, and Pat Stott (CS1) CALL TO ORDER - P.M. QUORUM - Three (3) Board Members in attendance OPEN FORUM

- Two (2) residents, Cory Getz and Becky Hyman, attended to discuss violation letters. Specific information was provided to the residents to resolve their violation letter issues. APPROVAL OF MINUTES - Minutes approved from July 27, 2009 Board meeting except for (1) removing the word "DRAFT" from the top of the first page and (2) under "Matters for Board Information" on page 1, item number 4 corrected to show "2009" after "October 31".

MATTERS FOR BOARD ACTION - Replacing mailbox units —Diagrams, specifications, and pricing information about mailbox replacement was presented, discussed and tabled until further information can be collected and presented to the board. Repair parking lot sign —The Board approved having contractor, Mario Montenegro, repair of the parking lot address sign at the 33-65 Fendall Ave. parking lot at a cost of $200. - Additional tree trimming/removals —The proposals received so far did not include all of the trees that needed trimming or removal, discussion tabled until Katrina Joyce will survey the common areas and map out exactly which trees need trimming or removal. CS1 will request updated proposals from the tree contractors to include a more comprehensive plan. - Correcting parking space size Pat Stott will contact the asphalt stripping contractor and request they re-paint the parking space lines for the parking space in the parking lot at 7'5-87 Fendall Ave. so that it is consistent with the original scope of work contracted. - Landscaping update request for 57 Fendall Ave.— The homeowner had not provided the previously requested survey of his property to determine the exact property dividing line between his property and the Association's common area, no further action will be taken on this request until survey is provided.

MATTERS FOR BOARD INFORMATION & DISCUSSION - NEW BUSINESS: 1) F inanciai Statement Mstrggestion was made for placing a portion of the Operating Account funds ($40,238 as of 7/31/09) in an interest bearing account. The Treasurer will research various banks CD or other interest bearing accounts and present his findings at the next Board meeting. 2) Delinquency Report —The status of collecting, $6,879.89 in delinquent fees from 1 1 owners was

reviewed and statuses against the owners with the four largest delinquent amounts (ranging from $866.14 to $3,020.00) that are more than 90 days past due. 3) Winter Care for New Concrete - Reviewed a letter the concrete repair contractor with their recommendations for the maintenance and care of those recentiy repaired concrete areas during the Winter season. The Board noted the recommendations but will not take further action on them at this time. 4) Covenants Inspections W Reviewed log sheet from CS1 showing the results of CSl's covenants inspections of the community and scheduled violation hearings. Also, discussed the emails or letters received by CS1 from the owners in response to their individual violation notices or request for ARC approval. No action taken pertaining to changing of any Rules at this time. 5) Letters — Discussed and directed CS1 to respond to letters received the owners. - OLD BUSINESS: 1) Verify property line for S7 Fendaii Ave.(Knapp) — The homeowner had not provided the previously requested survey of his property to determine the exact property dividing line between his property and the Association's common area, which is needed to address the issue of whether the Eanciscaping and other work the owner made adjacent to his unit was a violation 01°C-KOA rules. Pat Stott will send a follow-up letter to the owner to make a second request fora copy of his property survey for the Board to review. 2) painting final walkthrough inspection of the recently completed 2009 painting project to arrange for the inspection before the next board meeting. A Board member will also try to participate in the inspection.

TASK LIST REVIEW - Reviewed the Open Task list items and found the foilowing tasks are in progress or pending: 1) John O'D0wd and Katrina Joyce are to revise and update the ARC approval form. 2) Katrina is to further research the instaliation of street iightingjust outside the north entrance to the community on Fendall Ave. and report back to the Board with her suggestions. At this time the City of Alexandria and its Police Department will to install the lighting, so the Association would have to hire a contractor to install the lighting in that area.

3) The Board is to research the type and cost of new signs to place near the front of each building that will show the address numbers of the units in the building (e.g. "51-57 Fendall Avenue"). 4} CS1 is to obtain proposals from accountants to prepare the Association's 2009 financial audit and taxes.

5) Scott Tobias will research the type and cost of signage to instruct pet owners to comply with the

City ordinance requiring them to pick up and properly discard their pets‘ waste. MEETING ADJOURNMENT:

- 8:37 P.M. NEXT MEETING: - 7:00 PM on September 28, 2009 at 14 Fendail Ave. (Home of John O'D0wd).

APPROVED Cameron Knoll Owners Association Board of Directors Meeting Meeting of 27 Iuiy 2009 Home ofB0ard member John O’D0wd, 14 Fendall Avenue

Call to Order John O’Dowd called the meeting to order at 7:15 pm. Attending: Iohn 0’Dowd, Scott Tobias,

Iohn Hasse, along with Pat Stott. Residenfs Forum Mary from 9 Fendail addressed the Board about damage to her bushes being caused by neighborhood dogs urinating on them. The Board agreed to create new "Curb Your Dog” or similar signs at the time of new mail boxes. The Board asked management to send a reminder to residents asking them to ensure that their dogs do not do their business in Cameron Knoil yards, but rather waik their dogs to Fort Wiiiiams Park or some other place. The Board recommended buying a spray or chemical that deters dogs. Agproval of Minutes XX should be 33 Floyd. The word "draft" should be removed. With those two changes, the

minutes from the last meeting were approved. Matters for Board Information 1. Financial Statement 2. Delinquency Report — Board discussed next actions for delinquent accounts. 3. Heritage Web Solutions — It was moved, seconded, and approved that Heritage Web Solutions be engaged to create the Association’s Website. It was moved to pay Heritage Web Solution in advance 10 months ofthe maintenance fee of$14.99 per month to get three months free.

4-. 4000 Duke Street — The Board discussed landscaping changes. The Board approved extending the deadline for moving the tree to October 31, 2009. The Board voted to decline Mr. Carmichae1’s offer regarding landscaping. S. Welcome Committee — Correspondence with Dr. Knapp was discussed. No further action was taken at this time. The Board tabled the appointment ofa Chairman for a proposed Welcoming Committee. 6. '7 Fendall Avenue — The Board discussed the recent flood at '7 Fendall Avenue, for which Middieclorf took fuli responsibility. The Board took no further action. 7. Status of 2009 painting project — With the exception of 32 Fendall Avenue, which shouid be painted this week,aI1the painting for this year has been completed. 8. Asphait/concrete repair — The repairs are scheduled for Iuiy 29, with marking

scheduled for Iuly 28. 9. Low water pressure reported — 13 South Floyd - The Board discussed this, and took no action.

10. ARC Request Form — Tabled untii next month.

11. ARC Request for Approval Log Sheet — No action required at this time. 12. Federal regulations change - Burke & Herbert Money Market - We can have six transactions per month. 13. Letters - Management sent out letters to the community. New Business The sorry state of grass in common areas was discussed. This was tabked until a future meeting. Next Meeting Next meeting is tentatively Monday, August 31 at the home 0fSc0tt Tobias. Adiournment Meeting adjourned at 8:08 pm. The next meeting will be Monday, 27.

Cameron Knoll Owners Association Board of Directors Meeting Meeting of 29 Iune 2009 Home of Board member Katrina loyce, 8 Fendall Avenue

Call to Order called the meeting to order at 7:02 pm. Attending: john O’D0wd, Scott Tobias, Katrina Ioyce, Iohn Hasse, along with Pat Stott. 1. Hearing a. 11 Fendall Avenue — siding has been taken care of. b. 5 Fendall Avenue — siding has been taken care of. 2. 24 Fendall Avenue — Sean Lenehan a. Action item: CSI will ask Middledorf to contact the unit owner. 3. 47 Fendall and 9 Floyd - postpone the unit until the next painting cycle and give the

unit orders until April 1 to complete repairs; on April 1, we will start assessing the maximum fine allowable by law. 4. Motion to fine the unit owners who did not complete repairs, $10 day from May 31, 2009 to lune 30, 2009 since they failed to communicate with the board or management company as to their intentions Motion carried to assess 9 South Floyd and 47 Fendall the fee of $10 per day for 30 days. 5. 32 Fendall — Has asked for 90 day extention to complete exterior repairs. Motion passed to send the unit owner a letter, fining $10 a day for 30 days but board will waive fines if the owner completes the repairs by July 31, 2009.

Meeting minutes of last meeting Approved. RESUBMIT with the word "Draft" removed. Management repgrt There are two requests for trimming oftrees in the common area: 7 Fendall and 33 S. Floyd Floyd. Pine trees in common area of his area be removed. CSI to draft a RFP from three vendors requesting recommendations about what common area trees needs to be trimmed or, in a few places, common area trees should be removed and replaced. Parking lot repgirg and restriping proposal

Three bids were discussed. The Board voted to go with Dominion. CSI will write a letter to the owners describing this upcoming work and the Dominion schedule.

Financial statement Nothing warranted discussion. Delinquency report Foreclosure of85 Fendall as oflune 17. Outstanding delinquency 0f$1,134. When they

sell the unit, ifthere are proceeds, we'll get our money depending on who has liens on it.

ARC Request Form Katrina is drafting an ARC Request Form. Katrina will complete this draft and share it with the Board.

Letters Dr. Knapp - We didn't close the loop. CS1 will send a ietter: regarding the B0ard’s understanding ofyour property vs. common property: use our plots unless he has some proofwhat he owns and what is common area. Our plan is to do something in the fall with the common area adjacent to the unit. And what wiil he do about his property in concert with what the Board will do?

Action item: CSI will send out a ietter to all residents about trash etiquette and mosquito season, to reduce standing water. New Business 1. Katrina shared photos of landscaping probiems. 2. CS1 Wili send to the Board a list ofvisible violations to home exteriors and grounds. Feedback by COB Monday. Then by the following Friday, CS1 will send out letters about violations.

3. Some problems will be addressed in fall planting. Others will be added to an RFP we'll issue in the winter for 2010 landscaping. 4. Signs and Mailboxes: vendor identified $1,000 per box and we need about 8 boxes. Cost ofboxes, labor cost, removal ofthe old boxes, coordination with the USPS, still needs to be resolved along with replacing the keys for all units. Signs pointing to units will be part of the mailbox

Task list review issued a warning notice to a Nissan that parks out there; Eicense plate expired in 2008. Towing: (703) 7197333. Vicki Moser is coming to ]0hn’s house this Wednesday at 8 pm to discuss the Website. Action item: IEH will send John the information on the copy-writer. Adiournment

Meeting adjourned at 8:55 pm. The next meeting will be Monday, July 27 at 14 Fendall Ave.

Minutes | Archived June | 2009  

Minutes | Archived June | 2009