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Cameron Knoll Home Owners Association Board Meeting April 30, 2012 Home of Julie Podolsky 37 Fendall Avenue Call to Order – Julie Podolsky called the meeting to order at 6:58pm. Attending: John O’Dowd, Julie Podolsky, Marc Dluger, Heather Winkelmann, Elaine (Rice) Resident Forum 1. 51 S. Floyd – ACC approval for siding. John moved to approve pending the color of the siding; Marc seconds. Patio door is pending. Resident would like to just move for siding and will do the door at a later date. Resident noted the siding color and the shutter color. Board approved. 2. Residents (Scott Tobias, Erika Knott) came to meeting with four requests: a. The lights in the community. Resident stated areas are dark. Resident will investigate lights that can be placed on houses to illuminate dark areas. b. Resident would like to make a community area near where the shed was. Maybe a fenced-in area for the children. c. Area with liriope should be replaced with grass. d. Dirt pathway that goes around the townhouse. It gets rained out and it is slippery. Approval of Minutes –Amended minutes approved at 7:51pm Matters for Board Action 1. Landscape Proposal – Board needs the revised contracts. Action Items: Rice will get revised contract for Board’s approval. 2.

Retaining Wall/Storm Drain Proposal – Board discussed three bids and compared prices. Action Item: John moved for stone; Heather seconded the motion. John moved to contract with Handyman Dan; Marc seconded. Motion passed.

Report Review from Officers and Committees 1. President’s Report • Web Site – President explained the changes they would like to the website. ACC forms are still an issue. Content looks good. ACC forms need to be revamped a little bit. Board thinks in the next couple of days we should launch it. Action Item: John moved pursuant to last tests we go live; Marc seconded. Motion passed. 2. Treasurer Report • Financial Reports – Board would like a year to date variance report. •

Miscellaneous – Board discussed switching our business account from Wachovia account and go with Cardinal Bank (Rice recommended) Action Item: Julie moves to switch our business account from Wachovia Bank to Cardinal Bank; John seconded. Motion passed.

Repair/Replacement Reserve Update Recommendations – John recommended the Falcon group after researching all the companies. Action Item: John moves to go with Falcon group not to exceed $2,790; Julie seconded. Motion passed.

3. Welcoming Committee • Marc is trying to set up meeting soon 4. Safety Committee • Will set up meeting to discuss charter ACC Approvals • 53 Fendall Avenue - Landscape Request Action: John approves; Marc seconded. Motion passed. 1. History Report a. Will review at next meeting New Business

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Resident has recycle bin that is labeled and they put it out first thing Monday morning; Board reached out to the city and would like to send the resident a letter to make them aware of Alexandria city rules Landscaping company did not get rid of any debris. Board wants to remind residents that our landscaping contractor is not contracted to mow grass in front of your area. Board would like to reiterate that the landscaper needs to reach out to Rice and inform them that they are coming to take care of the special projects (ie poison ivy)

Next meeting: Monday, May 21 at 7pm; at Julie’s house 37 Fendall. Adjourn: President adjourned meeting at 9:30 pm

APRIL 2012 Meeting Minutes  

APRIL 2012 Meeting Minutes

APRIL 2012 Meeting Minutes  

APRIL 2012 Meeting Minutes