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Mid range portrait • This is a mid range portrait shot of the accountancy area it was taken from mid range and had no focus at all

Mid range high angle • This is a mid range high angle shot because it was taken on a balcony and you are above everybody else.

Long focus • This is a close up shot of a guy gazing off looking at the quays the plants are blurred which gives this photo lots of effect I achieved this photo by just focusing on the guy and hiding behind some flowers so that it adds lots of effect to it.

Long range landscape photo • This is a long range landscape photo of buildings and they are all in focus, I achieved this shot by standing on top of a building so that I was either above or on the same height as most buildings, it creates this effect that you are tall and bigger than most buildings.

Mid range focus • This picture focuses on the water and everything else is blurred out which makes them less relevant and the water more relevant.

Close up shot • This is a close up picture of a person which is in the corner of the picture, it has some building in and out of focus.

Birds eye view/fast • This is a birds eye view of a car, we took this shot on top of a building so that we got a different perspective on things

Close up • This picture mainly focuses on this sculpture we achieved this by getting close up to it and just focusing on this.

Low angle • This is a low angle shot because you are below the building, I achieved this shot by standing under the building.

Rule of third (low angle) • This is another low angle but it also the rule of third because there is more than 3 in the shot, I achieved it by standing under them and trying to get 3 or more into the shot.

College I organized my folder so that all the shots I have taken will be easier to find

This is the folder with mid range photos, I only have 2 pictures because I lost them

Media city •

I organized the pictures into different types of shots so that it is easy to find them and it looks more professional

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