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Opening sequence analysis By Cameron Lewis

Black hawk down conventions This opening sequence has no dialogue I find this really powerful because it keeps all the focus on the images being seen on the screen of dead bodies

Smash mouth beginning this is because right at the start of the film it shows a really skinny malnourished man holding a dead body and this image could be quite shocking.

Black hawk down conventions Engaging music in the opening few seconds of the scene the kind of misty music lures you in to thinking what's going to happen next.

Introduce setting the text at the bottom of the image lets us know where the film is set right from the start of the film this would also tell us the era as well with the date at the bottom.

Black hawk down conventions This introduces one of the themes of the film as it based on a true story this would make the audience think it was an actual account of what happened on the story this film was based on it would also give the audience an idea on what the film would be on.

This establishing shot shows us a rough idea of the type of land space the film will be set in the truck in it also gives the idea that terrain of the landscape is bad.

Black hawk down conventions This text shows use the narrative of the film as it lays down some back story for the film and makes us think how they are going to deal with the problem.

This introduces the characters of the film this lets us see who we will get attached to in the rest of the film.

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