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Evaluation of the opening of scum By Cameron Lewis

Mise en scene This shows two people in a car chasing a man so from the start of the film we can see that the two people in the car dominate, we can also tell where the film might be set from the front of the car this might of wanted to be used as an establishing shot.

the uniform this officer is wearing can be seen to set the ear in which the film is set as it is an old uniform which is not longer in service show that the film would not be set in the modern day.

Mise en scene The colour pallets throughout the opening sequence are very dull this can set the film as being a very dark and depressing, the main colour we can see is a greyish colour this is a very dull and depressing colour.

The actor himself used in this scene looks very weak and powerless this could be a reason they chose him for the film as he doesn’t look like he has enough will power or strength to do anything about the man forcing him into the tub.

Edits Just before this shot there was a cut this is a gritty edit that wouldn’t look very flowing this is common in bsr films as it the films themselves are gritty it aids the film in what it is trying to show like a bottom of the barrel edit. This shot was done in a freeze it would freeze the scene maybe to give the viewer a better idea on what is happening in this scene the man being chased was caught and is being held by the ear powerless against the man holding him. Only a bsr film might focus on that part of the scene as it showing how he has no power against the man.

Camera work The camera shots in this opening scene is mostly handheld a bsr film would do this because the camera wobbles it would create a jaring effect also the shot type is very cheap to shoot. In this scene the camera pans across this is cheap way of showing the surroundings to the audience and because it is cheap but effective however a bsr film would use it.

Camera work This is a match on action shot of the man walking into an office this shot would not cause much movement and can be done with one camera which would make it overaully cheaper and therefore would appeal to a bsr film.