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OVERVIEW Corporate photography is often the very first thing a new client notices about your company. You only get one chance to make that impression, we help make sure that your image is the one you want to convey. At PhotoArt we pride ourself on our creativity, experience and sensitivity. Photography is more than lighting, composition and timing – its about you, your business, your team, your family. Use a professional photographer to enhance your next event. Get quality images of your people for your web site, newsletter, annual report, as a memory for event attendees or to promote your next corporate event. Aerial photography is an important artistic skill. A lot of the world’s most interesting patterns are only apparent from the air. With breathtaking aerial, ground, and real estate images, our expert crew will capture the dramatic beauty of any subject from a unique, aerial perspective in our own Cessna 182RG. For fund raising, charity or not for profit events we understand that you on a tight budget but still need professional photography results. We do our best to work with you to develop a solution that provides you with great results at a competitive price.

corporate PHOTOGRAPHY We can cater to all of your corporate creative requirements; from photography ranging from annual reports, portraits and publications, brochures, marketing and promotional campaigns etc to art for the boardroom. Consumers are demanding professional publications and advertising and we have a number of services to give you an edge over your competition and help provide you with a positive and strong corporate image.

Industrial photography We have a large industrial client base ranging from small businesses just starting out to large construction and mining companies and government departments. We have photographed a broad range of projects ranging from aerials of mine sites, action shots of trucks and mining equipment, oil rigs and workers. We also specialize in time lapse photography and Virtual 3D Tours. Many industrial clients have requested time-lapse photography (ie concrete pours) and other projects ranging from several hours to years. We have the experience and equipment to take on any job.

AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY Our aerial photos offer a unique perspective to view large areas of agriculture, small acreages, mine sites, commercial buildings and projects, special events, construction progress, accident scenes, or to identify property boundaries and land use. Cameras may be hand held or mounted, and photographs may be taken by a photographer, triggered remotely or triggered automatically. We have extensive experience with aerial photography from helicopters and our own fixed-wing aircraft which is always on standby for any project that requires stunning aerial photographs.

Day rates - photographer Photographer


Assistant Photographer

$ 500

Scout days

$ 800

Travel days

$ 500

Half-day rates Photographer

$ 770

Assistant Photographer

$ 300

Hourly rates Minimum charge (approx. 2 hours)

$ 330


$ 185

Minimum Rates Basic post production work including file transfer and

$ 120

preparation, conversion to TIFF and JPEG, colour

$ 120

correction and contact sheet output.

$ 120

Additional Costs Digital retouching work including skin softening, blemish

$ 155

removal and eye brightening and manipulation work

$ 155

including compositing etc.

$ 155

Burn to CD/DVD and PDF contact sheet

$ 25 per disc

Courier delivery within Perth metro area $35.00 each trip

$ 35 each trip

Travel outside metro area in photographer’s vehicle

$ 0.78 per km

Additional equipment charges Location lighting kit

$130 per day

Time lapse digital camera

$125 per day

All prices are GST exlusive

General terms & Conditions Discounts are applicable to projects of more than five


days duration. Prints and other services priced on

Below is an example of a typical industrial shoot

application. All expenses paid for by PhotoArt (ie airfares,

agreement PhotoArt the creator of the work (“Work”)

excess baggage, car hire, taxis, accommodation, meals,

referenced in this document (Tax Invoice XXXX)

other travel expenses, and non-refundable deposits)

hereby grants to CLIENT defined herein (“Client”) a

are recharged at cost (including GST) plus 10%.

Non Exclusive license to use all the images of the Work

All rates are reviewed every six months, unless

Worldwide. This license shall be valid for An Unlimited

otherwise specified.

Time and shall cover publication of the Work in the

Travel considerations

following media only: Unlimited Media. The only credit

To minimise the risk of injury due to fatigue from long

line to be associated with the Work is “PhotoArt”. Any

haul flights, extended periods of travel, or exceptionally

other use of the Work by the Client shall require a

long working days, adequate rest time will be factored

separately negotiated license. This Work may only be

into the cost of such jobs.

held by the Client and not on-sold to a 3rd party.

Payment Terms


Invoice is payable within 30 days of the invoice date.

The copyright of all images remains with Peta North

License usage rights are transferred upon full payment

Photographer (PhotoArt).

of this invoice. Failure to make payments voids any license granted and constitutes copyright infringement. All rights not specifically granted in writing, including copyright, remain the exclusive property of PhotoArt.

PhotoArt Corporate Photography  

Corporate Photography by Perth's leading Mining, Commercial and Portrait Photographers

PhotoArt Corporate Photography  

Corporate Photography by Perth's leading Mining, Commercial and Portrait Photographers