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Nokia Lumia 1020 test - brilliant 41 megapixel compact camera?

The Nokia Lumia 1020 is known to be a smartphone . But this smartphone brings with it an interesting option: a 41 MP camera with Xenon flash PureView. What the smartphone's camera can everything else, learn it in a short test.

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Good resolution of 41MP Good touch screen display Good lens Xenon flash Good white balance without a blue tinge

Nokia Lumia 1020 with 41MP resolution Deemed purely externally, it is with the Nokia Lumia 1020 by way of a 41 MP camera which has a smartphone in the Htc 808 PureView format. The Htc Lumia smartphone, like all smartphones on the market nowadays also a touch screen in which also functions as a touchscreen display screen of the camera. You will find a 4. 5 inches touchscreen with a resolution involving 1280 x 720 megapixels. Typically the left edge of the device is usually free of buttons or plug-ins. The right side carries a volume control, an energy and standby button plus a small release button that runs the camera. Typically the Nokia Lumia 1020 may also produce small dimensions and very low weight. It is only 129 x

71 x 10 mm along with weighs just 158 grams once Likewise located at the bottom on the Nokia Lumia 1020 another Micro-USB charging port, some sort of speaker and microphone. The spine of the unit looks more like a camera. This is the great camera module, an LED light, typically the Xenon flash and the camera contact while the Nokia Lumia 1020 may well still lie almost flat available. In the camera seen wading the Htc Lumia 1020 which has a Qualcomm Snapdragon dual-core - 5 Ghz processor, only two GB RAM, 32 GIG on-board memory and a only two, 000 mAh battery. The software program with the Nokia Lumia is usually operated, is Windows Phone 6 The handling is very simple and straightforward and looks familiar after the sacrifice of fowl.|leaving the|a|using} very short time. Naturally , you can access Fb, Twitter and with your cell phone each time. At this point, however , the camera on the Nokia Lumia 1020. Typically the camera has a resolution of 41 megapixels. But you can likewise change the aspect ratios. Throughout 16: 9 ratio the images are of a size of 34 MP and they are residing in a 4: 3 rate with 38 MP. The condition with the Htc Lumia 1020 is that the graphics are shot all the time during these sizes. An upload for you to Facebook, Twitter, etc . but must be over 5 MP size. And so every picture has yet being loaded on the house computer system, and then return to typically the smartphone to upload after croping and editing. Cumbersome for online images instructions Yes, but who employs 1020 as the Nokia Lumia appropriate camera can be more than content with the resolution.

Realistic white balance on the Nokia Lumia 1020 Additionally , the Htc Lumia 1020 has a Xenon expensive, which has a white harmony, reminiscent of daylight. Via mobile phones or smartphones on the whole are accustomed to the harder bluish tint in the bright balance, which is derived with the LEDs. The Htc Lumia 1020, however , uses realistic color harmony. In addition , the expensive reaches a good range, plenty of to illuminate. For a fine, realistic color is generated. The images are crisp along with clear even in twilight and provides a good distinction. Nokia now offers a standard camera app that could be operated intuitively. It is particularly useful when you have no experience which has a compact or DSLR camera still. Here you can adjust the debate and exposure namely. In addition there are a few great characteristics that are fun. While using Auto setting, the photographic camera sets perfect on its own. The main problem with the Htc Lumia 1020 camera is it just takes time for you to trigger again. Although recordings involving CS images are generally probable, but the camera reacts too slow. So you can often miss the decisive time, which is really annoying in most situations. Due to massive file size naturally it takes longer to avoid wasting everything and then the photographic camera also takes longer to respond yet again. Shame really.

Conclusion – Nokia Lumia 1020 test

Any individual want to buy any extra photographic camera and his phone is always along, you for the Htc Lumia 1020 camera certainly a fantastic option. But who would like to easily upload photos for you to Facebook and Twitter, could make great eyes, Htc Lumia 1020 simply because its too cumbersome while using. Also who would like to capture action-packed graphics, should rather rely on yet another device. For all others this kind of smartphone camera is more than acceptable.

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Bigshot compact camera for young photographers The unusual Bigshot compact camera was designed for young photographers and interested adults. It will bring them closer to the world of photography. To start, however, it must first be built once. Extra special is the hand crank, at which the battery can recharge on the go. Although the Bigshot is worth a purchase through their special workmanship, but it does not offer much of their performance here. Only a 3-megapixel resolution are available to the user. And the 1.4-inch screen, the camera already has almost old-school. However, the manufacturers have also not the objective of achieving a high image quality. Rather, they want the project to introduce Bigshot children and young people into the world of photography and get them to stick with this passion. The camera kit is really suitable for children 8 years. This does not mean that the kids get along completely without the help of an adult, while they assemble the Bigshot.

To increase the learning effect even further, there is also a matching of Bigshot site with extensive teaching materials. Here, new photographers can learn about optics, sensors, and other aspects.

With support from Google The camera was including through the financial support of Google. But it was developed by Professor Shree Nayar at Columbia Universtiy. The Bigshot has three lenses, in addition to a standard focal length are also a panoramic optics and a lens for stereo photography here. The stereo images are realized by a beam splitter. A red-blue glasses for viewing is included with the kit. Also in handling the lenses the camera remembers the old days, because the lenses sit on a revolving drum type and must be rotated front of the sensor. The data are stored only on an internal memory and approximately 120 JPEG images find their place. The camera is powered by a lithium-ion battery. The special feature here: With a hand crank, the battery can be recharged if the power should go out one way. The camera measures 129 x 72 x 40 mm and costs in trading around $ 98. Even when selling the children should be taken into account, a portion of the proceeds will be used to establish the camera make it accessible to children whose parents can not afford the purchase.

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CES 2013 - Canon PowerShot N square, practical, well? Can be purchased in PowerShot N - The exact CES is also this a good possiblity to introduce great new products and solutions with very special info. So it is wonder that Canon is not able to take it, developed a new ground breaking idea arriving. The exact PowerShot A few are the conventional design of surveillance cameras look old, even at this point lacks the classic release control key!

CES 2013 instant Canon PowerShot N The exact PowerShot N is almost rectangle, has a fold-touch display screen and consists almost entirely on the lens. Traditional release button seemingly missing. They usually are small , but it surely has still lots of refinements. As the CMOS sensor with 16. 1 megapixel decision (1/2, 3Inch). The exact engaging 8x zoom lens by using a focal time period of 28-224 mm (KB) during f / 3 to m / 5. 9 takes on stabbing sharp images you'll using a fold-out two . 8-inch touch screen technology. Image securing and lens ring As a consequence of image stabilization, quite possibly restless shot images are pointed. One of two standard zoom lens rings acts as a cause button. Optionally, as well reaches a tap in the touch screen. Hence Canon will make it attainable to operate even unusual taking positions. Whether overhead mindset or recordings at walk out. Here, additionally , the fold-out display screen can help.

Filming around HD quality Naturally , the movie taking with the Canon PowerShot A few are in Full-HD excellent. Special extra, if you value, is often automatically generate a 4-second clip before just about every frame. So its possible to be, for instance , create a the historical past story to the recordings during the day. The exact PowerShot is not just pertaining to amateur photographers and professionals equally will be satisfied at this point. So you can discover the Creative-shot mode for many effects to make the shots even more special. No matter whether changing focal points, gradation and contrast and other influences.

Without having rework on the COMPUTER SYSTEM? Canon promises of which rework the computer will no longer be vital, but this has nonetheless to be verified. As always now, the exact PowerShot N is equipped with Wi-Fi potential. The PowerShot Nist small , and handy with a scale 78. 6 goujat 60. 2 x 29. 3 mm and weighs in at 195 grams available. Conclusion instant Canon PowerShot N The exact Canon PowerShot N compact cameras is almost square, unquestionably practical and safe decent! From the end with April 2013, it is actually expected to be is sold from us and price tag around 330 pounds.

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Nokia lumia 1020 with 41mp resolution Aktuelle Nachrichten über Kameras - Kompaktkameras, Systemkameras, Videokameras, Aktionkameras, Spiegelreflexkame...

Nokia lumia 1020 with 41mp resolution Aktuelle Nachrichten über Kameras - Kompaktkameras, Systemkameras, Videokameras, Aktionkameras, Spiegelreflexkame...