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Interview with Dreams in Fragments. 1.Our first question is all about your band name. Who came up with this unique band name and what is the story behind this name? Chris: When I joined the band, it had been under a different name for a while. But due to the incomplete line-up there was no big successes to report. After some personnel changes we thought at the beginning of 2017 that it was time to change the name. So we collected ideas and selected this one. A name should reflect a band’s sound. I am always looking for something unique that does not already have many other meanings. Like that it is also easy to find online and is easier to remember. Yeah it seemed suitable for the representation of the music as well as from the recognition value.

Seraina: We brainstormed. "Dreams in Fragments" convinced us all in the end, because we could associate something with it. In retrospect, I couldn't think of anything more fitting.

2.Your very first album is out and the title is „Reflections of a Nightmare“ and the title needs some explain why you picked this title and who came up with this title? Seraina: That is also a little pun. Because the word "reflection" doesn't just mean thinking about something, it also means reversing

something. So, they don't necessarily have to be nightmares. We leave that open and let the listeners decide for themselves whether they see it as a dream world or a nightmare world. Or maybe both?

Chris: It's very similar to the band name. We collected ideas, figurative and literary, and worked at it until we were satisfied.

3.Is the album „Reflections of a Nightmare“ a concept album or have all the songs a different story of themselves?

Seraina: It's not a concept album - the songs all stand for themselves and deal with different topics. But I like it when the listeners can interpret the songs themselves or spin their own story together, just like I have my own interpretation of each song. That's why not all songs are as clear in meaning as for example "Little Red". Chris: No. There's a red thread running through the album, but it's more random than wanted. The whole album shows the development of the band since its formation. But of course, you would have to know in which order the songs were written in order to be able to follow them, because the sequence on the CD is different. If that's not a challenge!

4. Can you explain song by song what is the

song about and is it personal of fiction? Seraina: I generally write fictionally because I like to tell stories. But I never explain the songs. The listeners should bring in their own interpretation and find their own story in it.

5.We saw the video of the song Nightchild and we can say it is a professional video can you tell us who made this video and

who came up with the scene idea of the song? Seraina: Dave Kruse from Kruse FX made the video for us. Apart from the text, we didn't make any specifications. Dave found some wonderful pictures.

6.As inspiration you name 2 bands (Delain and Nightwish) but we believe these 2 bands are not the only bands you love and we also believe that every bandmember got his/her own top 5 bands and songs and tell us why this band? Seraina: That’s hard. I could list so many more.


- Led Zeppelin (they brought me into harder rock music) - Foreigner (it just always fits) - Dio (the voice! the songs!)

- W.A.S.P. (l love the special energy in their songs)

- Halestorm (killer frontwoman with a killer voice) Songs: - Layla (Eric Clapton / Derek and the Dominos) - Sultans of Swing (Dire Straits) - You Keep Me Hangin’ On (Vanilla Fudge) - Killed By Death (MotÜrhead) (best Intro ever) - Dark Matter (Beasto Blanco) Chris:

Bands: - Nightwish: I liked the period most when Tarja’s operatic voice and Tuomas Orchestral composition collided.

- Dimmu Borgir: One of my first metal bands when growing up, Entrone darkness triumphant is an all-time favourite!

- Delain: Every Song has a perfect melody going, somehow incredible how they do it.

- Amaranthe: For the combination of electronic and metal as well as female, male vocals and growls

- Temperance: They make me forget the world around me and dream. Songs: - Wishmaster (Nightwish) - Mourning Palace (Dimmu Borgir) - Unspoken Words (Temperance) - Poison (Alice Cooper)

- Every Rose has its Thorn (Poison)

7.You done some shows in Eastern Europe and we like to ask you: The rest of Europe like Holland, Germany do they have to wait very long before you will play there? Seraina: Hopefully not! We’d love to tour the rest of Europe (and even more than that), but it’s always a matter of time and money. Chris: I don’t think so. We will start the coming year with our first concert in Germany and it will certainly not be the last one abroad!

Our magazine got the slogan ‘More Than Metal’ and in this part of the

interview we like to talk about other things than the album but more about tattoos or hobbies and that kind of stuff. 8.On your band photo we see that some band members got tattoos and we have to say we love tattoos and we got them too and we like to ask what kind of tattoos you have and why this and is there a story to tell about the tattoo? Seraina: I have only two tattoos: A clef on my ankle and a feather who writes “Imaginary” on my back. They represent my love for music and writing. “Imaginary” is not only the inspiration for my texts but also one of my favourite songs by Evanescence.

Chris: I have the one tattoo you might have

seen: A ribbon of red ivy around the forearm. It's the partner tattoo that my wife and I had stabbed to our wedding.

9.Playing in a band is a passion and can be a hobby. We like to ask beside playing in Dreams in Fragments you got other hobbies and if so what is this hobby or hobbies? Seraina: Music, too, but in a different form: I love going to concerts and festivals. Chris: It's almost all about music: I have my own little recording studio where I like to spend a lot of time. The rest of the time I spend on the

sofa at home snuggling up with my wife and the two cats.

10.Before we end this interview we like to ask is there anything you like to add to this interview what we did not ask or is important to tell our readers or is there anything you like to say to our readers? Seraina: Thank you very much for your interest, and we hope you like “Reflections Of A Nightmare�! Chris: Thanks for your support. To the readers: If you like what we do, let us know ;)

Thank you very much for doing this interview with us. http://dreamsinfragments.ch/ https://www.facebook.com/dreamsinfragments/

Interview by Yolanda & Hans Clijnk All concert photos by Hans Clijnk Photos Dreams in Fragments copyright by band

Interview with Danko Jones.


More than 6 months ago your last

studio album ‘A Rock Supreme’ has been released. Can you say that this is a personal album with songs that are all about you and the band?

Well I write all the lyrics for the songs on every album. I write them from my perfective and that makes every song personal.


Was it a hard job to make this

album because you and the band are mostly on tour? No, to tell you the true after 9 albums it is getting easier to write songs.


If we look to the titles of the

songs we think about some bands( KISS, MĂ–TLEY CRĂœE , Van Halen, Thin Lizzy and AC/ DC). Are these bands an inspiration for you? Yes that are bands I grow up with but you can name more bands say 20 more and not only rock but also blues bands and punk bands as well. You never know where the inspiration comes from at one moment it can come from Slayer and the next moment it comes from Nick Cave.


Was it your idea the cover of the

album or the artist that make the drawing?

The cover art is made by Ulf LundĂŠn. He makes cover for the band Graveyard. And we love the band Graveyard. The drawing was made for another band but it was not able used for them. The result as we can see now is the drawing but the artist add some things into the drawing to make it is good for us. You can see the Wild cat poster and a poster below the belt and there is a Piranha and that is a song from us. It was an image he already had and we made sure it was a girl rocker that was working on the model kit.

It is a male dominated world of the rock scene and we are happy with this cover to shout out to the female rockers.


You got a nickname ‘The Mango

Kid’. Can you tell us who gave you this nickname and why?

I love mango’s and we got a song with the title ‘The Mango Kid’ and that is a long long time ago.


This evening you are support act

of the band Volbeat. Is it difficult to make a setlist and to give the crowd a good setlist based of 23 years Danko Jones? We don’t do that. We only got an half of a hour to play and the majority of the crowd do not know Danko Jones. If there will be people that will buy the cd and become fan of us than that is more than welcome an extra bonus or gift.

The slogan of our magazine in ‘More Than Metal’ and in this part we like to talk about other things that your album. 7.

Can you tell us what model guitar

you use and why? I play an Ultra Max of Hagstrom and that is a recent switchover from the Gibson SG that I play for many years now.

During the recording of this album I bought Hagstrom in a cheap local guitar shop in the town where we did the recording of the album. It was a 300 dollar guitar Hagstrom it was a low made version. I done almost every song of this album on this guitar and it does not matter price or quality of the guitar if you can play guitar.

Sometimes you get the best tones out of the cheapest guitars.

I tagged Hagstrom in posts on Instagram and they reacted out to me and we start talking and that is the start of me playing the Ultra Max. The model I used was the Hagstrom Metropolis and they do not make that model anymore.


We like to know what guitar pick

you use (is it custom) and do you use every tour another pick or is it the same pick for the begin you started the band?

I am not so much into guitar picks. We got picks with Danko Jones in the current logo on it and they are made by Dunlop and I use bass picks so John and I have the same pick.

I don’t use guitar picks but bass picks because the guitar picks are too small and thin. For the last album we changed the logo so we also changed the pick. For me it is just a tool.


Beside playing in a band, touring

and making albums. Do you have a hobby? You got a lot down time when you are on tour. A lot people think it is go go go when you are at tour. I do podcast until some time ago I had a few columns in magazines.

Magazines are going out of business. 2 months ago my column in one magazine ended because the magazine ended. There was a moment I had 4 deadlines a month for different magazines. I got one deadline for a magazine in Spain called Rockzone. I wrote a book with the title ’ I've got something to say’.


To what band and what album are

you listening at the moment? Hard question. Sacred Reich - awakening The new zigzag record


What is your favourite drink on

tour and when you are not on tour? I don’t drink alcohols too much. I drink a glass of wine by my meal. On tour it is just water (any kind of water still or carbonated).

12. Pizza.

What is your favourite meal?


We come to our last question of

this interview. Is there anything you like to add to this interview or is there anything you like to say to our readers?

I am really bad in answering this question. I think you covered everything. http://www.dankojones.com/main/ https://www.facebook.com/dankojones

Interview by Yolanda & Hans Clijnk Concertphotos by Hans Clijnk

Elvenking - Reader Of The Runes - Divination

Release date: August 30, 2019. Label: AFM Records. Line up: DAMNA (vocals) AYDAN (guitars) RAFAHEL (guitars)

LETHIEN (violin) JAKOB (bass) LANCS (drums)

Track list: 01 – Perthro 02 - Heathen Divine 03 – Divination 04 – Silverseal 05 - The Misfortune Of Virtue 06 - Eternal Eleanor 07 - Diamonds In The Night 08 - Under The Sign Of A Black Star 09 - Malefica Doctrine 10 - Sic Semper Tyrannis 11 Warden Of The Bane 12 - Reader Of The Runes – Book I

This is the tenth album from the Italian Folk Power Metal band. The album is a concept album and this is the first chapter under the name ‘Divination’.

The album start with the song ‘Perthro’ and it sounds Spanish if it comes to singing and some parts of the music. It is a intro to enter the story and also the album. By the song ‘Heathen Divine’ we hear the Folk metal with fiddler that take us into the story. And the vocals of Damna is very clear and totally not Italian.

Normally we are not a fan of Folk metal but with this album of Elvenking it is different. The album contains so must Power metal sound and for the most part it are the guitarist that makes it sound this way.

We get totally sucked into this album and it is hardly to take a break.

But the next song got again a high doses of Folk metal to get the speed out but not enough.

The next song on the album is ‘The Misfortune Of Virtue’ and it starts very slow and then it is a very good mix of Folk metal in a Power metal jacket.

This album is perfection in every way you can think of.

We can not hardly wait to know when the next part of this story will come out and to enjoy it.

But before we get to excited we will be excited to know they come on tour.

During this tour we hope they got plenty time to play many songs from this album.

Cd review by Yolanda & Hans Clijnk All concert photos by Hans Clijnk

Band photo by Andrea Falaschi

https://www.elvenking.net/ https://www.facebook.com/elvenking.official/

Archer Nation

Annihilator Podium Victorie ,Alkmaar. 23 – 10 – 2019. Because of the wedding of Jeff Waters and his move from Canada to England the whole tour was moved to a date a year later. We saw Archer Nation before as support for Annihilator and that was on 05 – 11 – 2015 in Patronaat in Haarlem. It is super cool to see this band again and what we know from the show back in 2015 it will be great show. These 3 guys from Santa Cruz, California make music if there are 300 guys on stage. The style music they make is a blend of rock and heavy metal.

They play the setlist in the speed of a tornado. This was the setlist of the evening: Not My Own Shackled Acedia Hell in a Handbag Day That Never Came Division Severed I Am the Dawn

Before we know it it is the end of the set and they make place for Annihilator. Jeff Waters (founder of the band) had a nice idea for this tour to promote it is 30th anniversary of the studio album ‘Alice In Hell’ and that was to take Randy Rampage to this tour and to let him sing the classic songs of ‘Alice In Hell’ but sadly Randy passed away before the tour started.

So this tour is in memoires of Randy and to promote the album ‘For the Demented’.

On this show Jeff needs a lot of help from the crowd because he got high fever and his voice is not as it must be. That is something he does not have to ask again. He gets a lot of help from Aaron Homma and Rich Hinks doing the backing vocals during the whole set.

The setlist of the evening is the crème the la crème. Betrayed

King of the Kill No Way Out One to Kill Set the World on Fire Ultraparanoia The Trend (instrumental, intro only) Schizos (Are Never Alone) Parts I & II Drum Solo Knight Jumps Queen Twisted Lobotomy Psycho Ward Tricks and Traps Phantasmagoria Encore: Burns Like a Buzzsaw Blade W.T.Y.D. Alison Hell

Jeff is playing different guitars like a ESP E-II V-II STD Black and a Jackson JS Series JS32T King V and ofcourse his own Jeff Waters "Annihilation-II" Flying V with body paint ‘For the Demented’.

The band got a lot of fun on the stage and the young guys joke around Jeff. Jeff gives during the show fistbombs to people in the crowd and he is enjoying it.

Then there is a moment to give the spotlight to the newest member of the band Fabio Alessandrini behind the drumkit.

Back to the setlist we can say it is a fan favorites setlist and there are even songs in the setlist that have not been played for a long time and also songs that are classic songs from the band.

A funny part of the show was when Jeff was talking about he heared many ways how the bandname was and one of the ways was Anal eater.

Annihilator ends the concert in style with the songs W.T.Y.D. and ofcourse for Randy the song Alison Hell.

For a next album we do not have to wait very long because Annihilator’s next album with the title ’BALLISTIC, SADISTIC’ will be released on January 24th, 2020 via Silver Lining Music.

https://www.facebook.com/archernation/ http://archernation.com/ https://www.facebook.com/annihilatorband/ https://www.annihilatormetal.com/

Concert review by Yolanda & Hans Clijnk All concert photos by Hans Clijnk

Infected Rain

Lacuna Coil

Eluveitie Tivoli Vredenburg, hall Ronda in Utrecht. 17 november 2019.

The first thing what we see as we come in to the hall is that the drumkit of Infected Rain is totally on the front of the stage. Infected Rain is a Moldovan Nu metal/ nu metalcore band and this is the first time we see this band. The vocals are done by Elena ‘Lena Scissorhands’ Cataraga and she got a mix of screaming with high pitch and also clean vocals followed by deep grunts.

For an opening band of the evening they know to get the crowd into action. Mold

Passerby Orphan Soul Lure Black Gold The Earth Mantra Sweet, Sweet Lies

Elena ask the crowd to make a circle pit and start the song and there is a circle pit and the crowd makes sure the circle pit is moving.

During one song Elena is getting on the stages barrier to sing and people in the crowd hold her by the legs to make sure she is not falling into the crowd.

Then it is time to say goodbye and to get the next band on the stage. Lacuna Coil is the next band and this band from Italy we have seen before. The last time we saw this band was it hard to make photos because the band plays the first 3 songs in totally darkness.

Marco Coti, Diego and Richard all got face painting on and that is because of the promotion of the last album ‘Black Anima’. They play 4 songs from this album this concert but also 6 songs from other album plus a cover.

Setlist of the eve Blood, Tears, Dust Our Truth Layers of Time My Demons

Reckless Enjoy the Silence (Depeche Mode cover) The House of Shame Sword of Anger Heaven's a Lie Veneficium Nothing Stands in Our Way

The vocals are done by Cristina Scabbia and Andrea Ferro and they form a good team. The interaction with the crowd is also perfect. Halfway the show they do the song ‘Enjoy the Silence’ and now the whole crowd is singing with the band.

The total of the show is very good and the crowd loves it a lot aswell the band that enjoy every moment they spend on stage.

The band is getting closer to the end of the set and before they leave the stage they take time for one photo with the crowd and then it is time to clear the stage for the headliner of the evening.

It is time for the headliner of the evening and that is Eluveitie. When you think of Folk metal you do not think about a country as Switzerland but that is where is band is from.

From the speakers the in tro is played and it is showtime.

This band knows how to make a show and with 8 people on the stage making music it is perfect. Looking at the setlist it will be a long evening. The most songs on the setlist are from the album ‘Ategnatos’. Not only the music is good also the show elements are perfect.

The vocals are done by founding member Christian "Chrigel" Glanzmann and the female vocals are from Fabienne Erni.

That is not the only part they play in the band they also play on instruments like mandola and celtic harp.

That are not they only members that play old instruments in the band we also see Michalina Malisz playing the hurdy-gurdy and Nicole Ansperger on violin, Matteo Sisti on a tin whistle.

And then we also see bandmembers on todays instruments like bass guitar, guitar and drum.

Setlist of the evening Intro Ategnatos King De Ruef vo de Bärge Deathwalker Quoth the Raven The Slumber

Worship Artio Epona A Rose for Epona Thousandfold Ambiramus Drum Solo Havoc Kingdom Come Undone Breathe Helvetios Encore: Rebirth Inis Mona Epilogue

They not only sing in English but also in Swiss like the song ‘De Ruef vo de Bärge’.

Conclusion of the concert it is a very good concert with 3 perfect bands in 3 different styles.

https://www.infectedrain.com/ https://www.facebook.com/infectedrain https://www.lacunacoil.com/ https://www.facebook.com/lacunacoil/ http://www.eluveitie.ch/ https://www.facebook.com/eluveitie/

Concertreview by Yolanda & Hans Clijnk All concert photos by Hans Clijnk

Danko Jones


VOLBEAT Rewind, Replay, Rebound World Tour

ZiggoDome in Amsterdam. 19 november 2019. Long before the concert will start we are at the ZiggoDome to do an interview with Danko Jones. This interview will be in this issue. What we also see is that the first people already waiting in front of the doors to get the best spot in the hall and in front of the stage.

Then it is show time and Danko Jones and his bandmates can start their show.

With a setlist of 7 songs from 5 different albums it is a short show but it is a show he gives everything. It is a very good impression of Danko Jones and his teammates.

His teammates are on bass John Calabrese and on drum Rich Knox and he is also doing the backing vocals.

Setlist of the evening: I Gotta Rock Fists Up High First Date

Full of Regret Lovercall Had Enough My Little RNR

For fans of MotoĚˆrhead, KISS and plenty more bands and also punkrock bands this band is truly a must to see at a concert.

And like Danko Jones is sinning on the last album ‘A Rock Supreme’ I’m in a band and I love it. Then it is time for the stage changes for the next band of the evening. The next band is Baroness and they play a totally different style music then Danko Jones and Volbeat.

The style is Indie/Rock and is totally different that Danko Jones.

To be honest this is not our style of music but we have to say it is not a bad band with a bad setlist. The setlist of the evening contains 5 songs from the last album ‘Gold & Grey’. The vocals in Baroness are done by John Baizley and Gina Gleason and both are also playing the guitars.

The total setlist of this evening: Kerosene March to the Sea Borderlines Tourniquet Can Oscura Front Toward Enemy Throw Me an Anchor If I Have to Wake Up (Would You Stop the Rain?) Fugue Shock Me Isak Take My Bones Away We take a moment away from the concert just to have a relax and to

talk about the concerts we saw till now. And then it is time to get ready for Volbeat the headliner of this evening. Four places on the stage with microphones, 3 of them are on the catwalk. Volbeat knows how to make a party out of a concert. From the speakers Born to Raise Hell (MotoĚˆrhead) and Red Right Hand( Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds) and that means the show is almost starting. Then the concert starts and they start the setlist that has a total of 22 songs. On both sides of the stages are camera’s to make sure everybody

can watch the show on big screens on the stage. The bandmembers look good and the sound is good and they have a good lightshow. Michael Poulsen and Rob Caggiano are the only bandmembers that go many times on the catwalk and make contact with the crowd.

The setlist of the concert: Leviathan Lola Montez Pelvis on Fire Doc Holliday Sorry Sack of Bones The Garden's Tale Sad Man's Tongue Black Rose (with Danko Jones) When We Were Kids Slaytan Dead but Rising Fallen Die to Live (with ZZ Bottom) Seal the Deal For Evigt

7:24 Lonesome Rider Last Day Under the Sun Encore: The Devil's Bleeding Crown Let It Burn 16 Dollars Still Counting Looking at the stagesetting and the way Michael Poulsen have his microphones set on the catwalk it is not hard to think about an inspiration from Metallica. By the song ‘Black Rose’ Danko Jones is getting on stage to sing with Volbeat.

The evening is full surprises like by the song ‘Fallen Die to Live’ to have ZZ Top beards.

That is not all because they have more surprises in the pocket like big ballons to push into the crowd and they also have big confetticanons to shoot plenty confetti into the crowd.

Then there is the song ‘For Evigt’ it is the song that Michael dedicated to his father and it is song in partly English and partly in Danish.

Like by all concerts there is a begin of the concert and before you know the end is getting closer and closer. We have seen 3 bands and all 3 make the ZiggoDome shake a long time after.

http://www.dankojones.com/main/ https://www.facebook.com/dankojone s/ https://yourbaroness.com/ https://www.facebook.com/YourBaro ness/ https://www.facebook.com/volbeat/

Concert review by Yolanda & Hans Clijnk All concertphotos by Hans Clijnk

Female Metal Voices Tour 2019 Podium De Flux, Zaandam. 01 – 12 - 2019 Lost in Grey

Forever Still


Leaves’ Eyes

Kassogtha For the show of this evening there is a big change and the change is that not Leaves’ Eyes will close the evening but Kassogtha will be the headliner.

The first band of the evening is Lost in Grey from Finland. As opening band they have the hard job to play for a not full hall but they surprised us very much. Not only the vocals are super good but also the show is good to stay watching.

The band got only time to play just 5 songs.

In these 5 songs the band knows exactly to give the best to the crowd.

By the song ‘The Waste Land’ the show element is lifted up to a higher level and it turns out to be a perfect part of the show. Sadly that the show is so fast to an end. Setlist of the evening

Revelation The Waste Land Wolves Among Men Dark Skies Far Beyond and Further

The next band is Forever Still from Denmark.

Like the first band is this also a band we never saw before so it is a big surprise for us.

The style of the music is not easy to discribe but we give it a try to explane it is Industrial rock,modern rock/alternative metal and sometime we find it sounding like the last album of Within Temptation.

The vocals by Maja Shining you have to think of the sound of


Sturm, Alanis Morisette and Amy Lee.

The setlist of the evening got 10 songs of the 2 albums they made. Setlist: Fight! Awake the Fire Scars

Say Your Goodbyes Is It Gone? Breathe in Colours Do Your Worst Survive Miss Madness Rewind

With 2 albums in the pocket we are sure this band will get bigger and will do more shows in the future. We make ourself up for the next band. The next band is Sirenia and is not unknow at all.

We have seen this band before so we know what kind of show and type of music it will be. On the setlist we find old songs but also songs from the album ‘Arcane Astral Aeons’.

From the first tones of the music the crowd is getting into the show.

We find the vocals of Emmanuelle Zoldan not very loud and to clear to hear and we do not know why? Backing vocals are done by Morten Veland and by some songs he gets the help of Jan Erik Soltvedt. Setlist of the evening: In Styx Embrace Dim Days of Dolor Treasure n' Treason Queen of Lies Into the Night Meridian My Mind's Eye The Other Side The Path to Decay

By the song Meridian Morten is doing the main vocals and he is singing with a dark deep sound. Then it is time for the next band and because many people come from far they changed to line up so everybody can see the show of this next band and this band is Leaves’ Eyes. We saw this band many times before and this evening they got a guest and that is Andre of Sadist and he is playing bass. The biggest part of the show is all about Vikings. From the start of the show until the end it is Vikings, Vikings and more Vikings.

As we know Alexander is perfect for the role as Viking and he knows that too so it is not strange to see him on stage is his Vikings outfit.

Sign of the Dragonhead Across the Sea My Destiny Riders on the Wind Black Butterfly

Hell to the Heavens Night of the Ravens Farewell Proud Men Hell to the Heavens Encore: Blazing Waters Leaves’ Eyes just got a new Ep out and from this Ep they play the title song ‘Black Butterfly’.

Micki Richter and Thorsten ‘Tosso’ Bauer are pushing the guitar sound to the max and nailing it.

It is a good show that comes to an end. It is time for the last band. Sadly for the band that many people only came to see Leaves’ Eyes and

left the hall after the concert and leaving an empty hall behind. To make sure they do not play for nobody the other bands come to watch to the show of Kassogtha.

The vocals of Stephany are easy to describe it is clean vocals and then it are growls that are deep of sound.

She sounds like Arch Enemy and also like The Agonist. Listening to the music the link with The Agonist gets bigger for us. The setlist is short and sadly we also have to leave early. Kassogtha (The Call) The Greatest Fall Welcome to the Machine (Pink Floyd cover) Pale Horizon Born We can look back to a good evening with 5 good bands.

https://www.lostingrey.fi/ https://www.facebook.com/lostingrey/ http://foreverstill.dk/the-band https://www.facebook.com/Foreversti ll/ http://sirenia.no/ https://www.facebook.com/sirenia/ https://www.leaveseyes.de/

https://www.facebook.com/leaveseye sofficial/ https://kassogtha.com/ https://www.facebook.com/kassogtha /

Concert review by Yolanda & Hans Clijnk Concert photos by Hans Clijnk

Profile for Cameraeye Magazine

Cameraeye Magazine 11 - 12 - 2019  

Interviews: Dreams of Fragments and Danko Jones, cd review Elvenking, concert reviews Annihilator, Eluveitie, Volbeat and Female Metal Voice...

Cameraeye Magazine 11 - 12 - 2019  

Interviews: Dreams of Fragments and Danko Jones, cd review Elvenking, concert reviews Annihilator, Eluveitie, Volbeat and Female Metal Voice...


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