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Interview with Biff of Saxon:

 More than 40 years ago you are the frontman of Saxon. Looking back on these 40+ years can you say that this is the road(vision) you and the rest of Saxon had in your mind when you started the band?

No, it is not totally different, I had not anything in mind really. Just a singer in a band who want to be successful, that was the key. Musicians and singers must be lucky, and I was lucky to be at the right place and time with a head full of ideas.

 ‘Thunderbolt’ is Saxon’s last studio album and the title came from the inspiration in the gods of Greek mythology and more songs are about this topic. Is that something what is more a hobby to know more about Greek mythology?

Well I like history, and I am just telling stories, that is a secret of Saxon, they tell stories.

Some stories are about modern life and some stories are about history. I have a wide range of interest I write about. “Thunderbolt” I had a few ideas in the past to write about the Greek gods it is pretty cool the stone Greek mythology was linked on the roman mythology they were all over the place and Greek words are also in the English language.  On the album you also look back to your first tour with Motorhead the song is called "They Played Rock and Roll". You never had the idea to make an album with only memoires of the 40+ years Saxon?

No, I have never that idea, but I can fill one.

 For this album you also went to Pledgemusic. Can you tell us why you sell the album this way? Is it to give the fans something special what by normal way was not possible?

We have never done pledge before, so we thought let’s give it a try. When you pledge you get something different, you can get the album earlier, you can get a t-shirt or a signed album. I think it is a good idea, I don’t know if we do it again, let’s wait and see.

 This evening you are halfway on your first part of the ‘Thunderbolt’ tour, can you tell us how is the tour going so far and how are the reactions on the songs of the new album played during the show?

The first 3 shows in England were completely sold out, 1700/2000 people. We still have done 3 shows in German, the reactions have been fantastic so far. People had bought the new album, so people know the songs, it is always great.  To talk about touring of course you done plenty tours with many other bands but in March 2018 Saxon will tour with Judas Priest. Are you

excited about this tour and are you fan of Judas Priest?

Yeah, we like Judas Priest. First time we toured with Judas Priest was in 1980. We have done a few shows with them in the past in 2015 we did a few shows in America. This is the first time we do a full tour with them since 1980, again it is epic. Our producer (Andy Sneap) did their album as well so there is a connection and our producer is in Judas Priest now he is playing guitar instead of Glenn Tipton which has Parkinson's disease.

Glenn is still in the band obviously, but he is not play live.

Our slogan is More Than Metal and, in this part, we like to talk about other things:  Do you have hobbies? Not many at the moment, I must say I have no time for hobbies. I just like spending time with the family and the animals around the house.

 How do keep that your vocals are still in good shape even after 40+ years of singing?

Well I do exercise a lot, I wear a Fitbit all the time I intend to take 10,000 steps. We have lot party’s when we on the road, we drink a lot, so I take a detox day yesterday. The older you get there are more pains that come up. So, if you can handle them it is ok, you must know your limitations. That is the key.

 Is there anything you like to add to this interview or anything you like to say to our readers?

The philosophy of Saxon is preferring for the worst but expect the best. The never surrender mentality in Saxon is very strong that is how we live our lives and how we give our shows, 100% every night and the fans are very loyal to Saxon. Next year is our 40th anniversary from the first album so we are planning something special for next year that should be good. It is good to see families, guys bringing their sons and daughters to see the band an obviously we had a lot of fans between the 25 and 35 it is a very mixed audience. https://www.facebook.com/saxon/ http://www.saxon747.com/en2/

Interview by Hans & Yolanda Clijnk All photos by Hans Clijnk

Interview with Metalwings for Cameraeye Magazine 2018 Answering musician: Stela Atanasova - Lead Vocals, Electric Viola, Keyboards


Can you explain the band name, who came up with this name and why?

Stela Atanasova: I wanted to combine at least two elements in the band’s name just to guide the audience in which style we play. For this reason, I decided that this combination of metal and wings will be very good. Our name describes quite well the stylistics and ideology behind our music. Metal music is a comprehensive concept and at the same time, quite specific, and the addition of the wings which are a symbol of freedom, I think was the best way to explains the energy flowing in and around our band.


How did the band meet each other and form this band?

Stela Atanasova: We met after I posted an ad on the internet. All has started seven and a half years ago in the Autumn of 2010 in Sofia, Bulgaria when I decided to form a symphonic metal band. It was very difficult in the beginning to find the appropriate musicians for this genre of music. Over the last seven years some of the former members of the band have taken their own way and we had to look for new members but I think that the band now is completed. Current members of the band are:

Stela Atanasova - Operatic Vocals, Electric Viola, Keyboards Grigor Kostadinov - Guitars Krastyo Jordanov - Guitars, Backing Vocals, Irish Flute Milen Mavrov - Bass Angel Kitanov - Keyboards Nikola "Blackie" Ivanov - Drums

In April 2018 your very first studio album (‘For All Beyond’) will be released by yourself. Tell us more about this album. How many songs are on it? What style music do you play? Is there a story hidden in the album?

Stela Atanasova: 19th April 2018 is the official date of the release of our first studio album called “For all beyond”. In this album we’ll present 10 masterly composed songs, including one acoustic song in Bulgarian language. The album will also include the song Fallen Angel in the Hell (in a new arrangement) and Fallen Angel in the Hell (Instrumental version) as bonus tracks. The male vocals in the album are performed by Max Morton.

“For All Beyond” is mixed and mastered by Max Morton at Morton Studio. The lead single of the album is the song “For All Beyond”. The orchestration parts in this song are performed by SOFIA SESSION ORCHESTRA, BULGARIA. Cover Design will be made by Yasen Denev at Red Ring Entertainment. I believe that behind every album there is a hidden story. You can find a story based on the memories and experiences of each member of the band. A story that wants to open the curtains for a new show. A story that tells about new lands, dreams and hopes. Especially behind our album you will find songs that tell a different story from our lives fulfil with Joy, Sadness, Hope and Forgiveness. As for your question about the style we play - the band’s style is considered as symphonic/power metal with female operatic vocals.

At this moment you are not under a label. Do you already have interest from a label or do you hope the new album will get you one?

At this stage we all think that it is better to stay independent. This is entirely our decision and has nothing to do with whether a label has already shown interest in us. We prefer first to get more popular and to build our own name before to sign with a label. •

Can you tell us what inspirations you have to write the lyrics?

Usually when I compose a song the lyrics come along with the music. I love to write lyrics about the magic of life, the miracles that surround us, and the things we have forgotten and locked deep in our souls. •

Up on today you only played concerts in Bulgaria. Is the plan to tour as support act outside Bulgaria after the album is released?

For us the most important thing now is the album “For All Beyond” to reach as many people as possible in the world. At this stage we are aware that as an independent band it would be very difficult to reach every place

where we have fans waiting to hear us. But with every new day, with every new song - we strive to have the honor and the opportunity to tour and play around the world. •

Can you give us (every band member) your top 5 all-time albums favourites?

Nikola (Blackie) Ivanov:

Metallica - Master of Puppets Iron Maiden - Fear of the Dark Nirvana - Nevermind W.A.S.P. - The Crimson Idol Accept- Metal Heart Bonus: Metalwings - For All Beyond Krastyo Jordanov:

Nightwish - Once Avantasia - Metal Opera p. I and p. II Iced Earth - Dystopia Xandria - Neverworld's End Sirenia - At Sixes and Sevens

Stela Atanasova:

Queen - A Night at the Opera Nightwish - Dark Passion Play HIM - Razorblade Romance Within Temptation - The Silent Force FireHouse - Full Circle Grigor Kostadinov:

Dream Theater- Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence Iron Maiden- Brave New World Dio- Inferno:Last In Live Andy Timmons- Resolution John Petrucci-Suspended Animation Milen Mavrov: Mastodon - Emperor of Sand Pearl Jam -Ten Dorje - Catalyst Nick Johnston - Remarkably Human Twelve Foot Ninja - Silent Machine Angel Kitanov:

Scorpions - Acoustica, Crazy world Europe - The Final Countdown Al Bano e Romina Power - Felicita Toto Cotugno - L’Italiano

Our slogan is ‘More Than Metal’ and in this part we like to know more about the members of the band.


Beside playing in a band do you got any hobbies?

Stela Atanasova: In my free time I love to travel, to read books and to watch movies Angel Kitanov: I love to fish Nikola Ivanov: I like to drink a beer with Krastyo after a band's concert Krastyo Jordanov: I like to drink a beer with my friends Milen Mavrov: E-sports •

Is there anything you like to add to this interview or anything you like to say to our readers?

Stela Atanasova: Thank you for this great interview. Always be yourself and follow your dreams step by step!

https://metalwings.eu/ https://www.facebook.com/metalwingsbg/

Interview by Hans & Yolanda Clijnk.

Seyminhol – Ophelian Fields

Release date: 23 February 2018 Label: Lion Music

Line-up: Kevin (Voices and concepts) Nico (Composing, Guitars, Keys & Orchestrations) Tom (Drums & Percussions) Vianney (Bass)

Track list:

Intro: Appetite Act II, scene 2: My Soul’s Idol Interlude: Nymph Act III, scene 1: Hidden Desire Act III, scene 2: Behind the Mask Act IV, scene 5: Her Majesty of Flowers Act IV, scene 7/ Act V, scene 1: The Bramble’s Litany Part 1: The Devil Takes Thy Soul Part 2: Crown of Thorns Part 3: After Outro: The River Lamentations

This is the new album from this France band Seyminhol. For this album they use again Hamlet as the source like on the previous album "the Wayward Son".

For all Dream Theater fans is this again an album to listen to. Like on the previous album Nico is the man behind all the music composing and all the orchestrations.

Kevin (vocals) is the man behind the lyrics and the concepts.

There are a few bands in the world that can not only make 2 albums in a row that are of a very high quality and 2 concept albums with one song that is cut in acts. With this new album Seyminhol push the door further open to a bigger crowd in the world of prog. Metal band. They start the album with the Intro: Appetite just to open the album slow and the song ends with spoken words. Then the album starts with the story and they do it full speed.

It is very hard to review an album like this because it got so much good elements inside that it is hard to make sure we write about all. It is well-known they spend the 3 years between the previous album and this album very good and to make sure it sounds very good. Even after a few spins in to the cd player we found more cool parts and it is too much to tell about all of them because the album is full of it.

We are for sure this album will be in our top 10 of albums we like very much.

The album in unique in its kind and it will blow you away.

https://seyminhol.wixsite.com/siteoffeng https://www.facebook.com/Seyminhol/

All photos by Christian BrĂŠmont

Cd review by Hans & Yolanda Clijnk

For All We Know Mother Of Millions 16 - 03 - 2018, 013, Tilburg. When we enter the hall the support act was already busy with the first song of the setlist. Mother of Millions is a Greek band, and this is the first time they play here. They play Prog. Rock and they play it in it’s pure form.

The band got 2 releases and the last released album is ‘Sigma’ in 2017.

The setlist is not very long with 20 minutes but the band gives us a good impression of their music. The main vocals are in the hand of George Prokopiou and he knows with his singing to give the show some special effect. George Boukaouris is the drummer and he is also doing percussions on his drumkit and he is taking the backing vocals for his part and his way of doing the percussion gives the concert an extra dimension some extra mood to the song.

Kostas Konstantinidis is the guitar player and during one song he is not playing the guitar with a pick but with a fiddlestick and the use gives this song some extra sound. To make the band complete there is Panos Priftis on the bass and Makis Tsamkosoglou on keyboards and is handling the samples during the show. We hope to see this band some other time and we then hope they got longer time to play.

The headliner of the evening is the band For All We Know. Master mind behind this band is Ruud Jolie and he is beter know by bigger crowd as guitar player of Within Temptation and by others as guitar player by Maiden United.

This is the second show of a 3 days tour to celebrate the in 2017 released album ‘Take Me Home’.

Also, the rest of the band are well-known from playing in other bands. The main vocals are done by Wudstik and we are impressed by his singing.

What an amazing singer is this and what a rage does he got. Ruud also got the help from Kristoffer Gildenlow (Dial, Lana Lane, Pain of Salvation) on the bass and backing vocals. He is also the main man behind the project Breaking The Chains and for this evening they have some stuff with them to support this project.

He is playing on many different models including the fretless bass and the sound of his playing is super dark and deep. The other guitar player in the band is Bart Hennephof (Textures) and together with Ruud they make sure the guitar parts sounds clean and heavy and with plenty solo’s.

But this is not the whole band

They not only play songs from the last album ‘Take Me Home’ but also from the first album that was released in 2011. The only sad part is that the concert is not sold out. And the total set takes 1 ½ hour before they leave us with memoires of a good impressive concert and that tasted to more.

So, our hope is that soon they will do some more shows and we can enjoy more of this amazing band and then we also hope they bring a guest of the album along.

https://www.facebook.com/pg/motherofmillionsban d/about/ http://www.motherofmillionsband.com/ https://www.facebook.com/forallweknowmusic/ http://www.forallweknow.net/ https://www.facebook.com/breakingthechainsnl/ http://www.breakingthechains.nl/

Concert review by Yolanda Clijnk All photos by Hans Clijnk

Profile for Cameraeye Magazine

Cameraeye magazine 03 2018  

Interview with Biff Byford of Saxon and Stela of Metalwings, cd review Seyminhol and concert review For All We Know & Support

Cameraeye magazine 03 2018  

Interview with Biff Byford of Saxon and Stela of Metalwings, cd review Seyminhol and concert review For All We Know & Support