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Ubique 95019 Zafferana Etnea (CT) – Italy Via Cassone, 23 Email: Web: UBIQUE is a newly formed startup that want to innovate the concepts of social and mobile. Our proposal is to create user-friendly, customer-driven and easy-to-use solutions with innovative and original approach, based on new way to interpret social and geomarketing data. Our main customers are public administrations and private companies.

VERSO 85100 Potenza - Italy Via Mazzini, 1 Email: Web: Verso is a wearable device that operates as a universal gesture controller for designing your gestures and play games, music, and sports, or interact with professional software, on PCs and smartphones. Our easy-to-use gesture editor enables users to define new gestures, customize interaction, and design new ways to engage with their favorite apps. Also, new gestures and gesture-based applications can be uploaded to our marketplace and shared with other users. We create ubiquitous controllers and environments that seamlessly and pervasively empower users in accomplishing the tasks they want, when and where desired, and that render the actual devices and technology invisible. Interaction and entertainment are becoming wearable. However, devices (wearable and infrastructure-based), such as, Myo and Kinect, suffer from very limited usability and portability. VERSO is a non-intrusive device that blends in with user activities: it can be continuously worn and activated when needed, it's compatible with any software, and users can create their own apps without writing code.

ITA Italian Trade Agency Sofia ICE - Agenzia per la promozione all'estero e l'internazionalizzazione delle imprese italiane BUL. KNYAGHINYA MARIA LUISA, 2 BUSINESS CENTER TZUM, 5th floor 1000 SOFIA Tel: 003592 9861574 /9861624 /9861618 Fax: 003592-9817346 E-mail: Web:

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Italian pavilion Webit Festival Europe 2018 Sofia, 26-27 june

Italian pavilion

Webit Festival Europe 2018 Sofia, 26-27 june

ARGO Vision


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20847 Albiate (MB) - Italy Via della Repubblica, 10 Email: Web:

00197 Rome - Italy Viale Gorizia 52 Email: Web:

00143 Rome - Italy Via Crema, 5 Email: Web:

ARGO Vision is an innovative startup, born in 2016, that excels in visual recognition. We design innovative AI based solutions, empowering companies’ business worldwide. ARGO Vision is focused on the development of solutions for low-power consumption and ultra low-cost architectures. The ARGO Vision AI engine serves a dozen company worldwide in marketplaces such as Augmented / Virtual Reality, Smart Manufacturing, Video-Analysis, Biometrics, Big Data and much more. Our artificial intelligence engine empowers “CyclopEye”, the most advanced neural sensor for smart parking guidance system. Our products use only proprietary techniques, no third party libraries.

ISCLEANAIR is a Clean-Tech innovative company that rethinks and redesigns the space we live, work and breathe in. APA - Air Pollution Abatement technology is the 1st filter-less, water-based, energy efficient solution to purify and control the quality of the ambient air in urban areas, industrial sites and domestic spaces. Wide global knowhow, 12 patents, 25 inventions. It integrates IoT and AI in a modular, intelligent platform enabling multiservices like wifi, electric charging, surveillance, advertisement, ideally deployed in a distributed “cluster”, indoors and outdoors, for public and private partners for a safe and resilient Clean Air City of Tomorrow.

Innova 98057 Milazzo (ME) – Italy Via Colonnello Berte’, 100 Email: Web: iNNOVA is an innovative Italian start-up with high skills in: development of applications and contents in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and 360° Immersive Video; digitization and technological innovation; Brand Design, Website, Web Marketing, SEO e SEM; Business and Technology Consulting; design and implementation of “IOT” systems (Internet of things); iNNOVA was founded with the aim of developing and empowering, in an innovative way, products and services based on virtual reality, augmented reality and 360° Immersive Video. The virtual environments created by iNNOVA are designed with dedication and professionalism to be used in HEALTH sector (in psychomotor rehabilitation, mental training and cyber-therapy), in TOURISM & CULTURE and TRAINING sector, creating immersive experiences with total involvement user and a more direct and immediate interaction. INNOVA protocols are created through a close collaboration among psychotherapists, rehabilitators, human performance specialists, mechanical engineers, computer scientists, designers and graphic designers. We are not simple suppliers, we are partners of creativity and development, able to support your company from the strategy to the publication of the final product. INNOVATIVE Ideas for every necessity!

Keplero 00143 Rome - Italy Via Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, 221 Email: Web: Our goal is to “Accelerate digital transformation by drastically reducing the time to market of IoT projects and applications, for the continuous improvement of companies and organizations, through a monitoring and control suite designed to automate processes and monitor their efficiency. Keplero I2B Suite enables the acquisition and the real-time processing of data relating to production processes, industrial or operational processes. It can be used for the design and development of vertical IoT projects, that aims to constantly monitoring activities, reduce wastage of resources and provide a decision support tool.” Our potential Clients are: 1. Companies involved in Industry and manufacturing who want to improve using Industrial IoT technologies; 2. Companies involved in logistics and Transportation, Municipalities or Agency interested in Smart City Projects. Energy Service Companies (ESCOs), interested in Smart Energy Projects, Companies involved in Smart Building activities. Our Potential Partners are: 1. System Integrators who want to use Keplero Platform on IoT or Industrial IoT project; 2. Hardware and Sensor Producers who want to use Keplero Platform as Service as an added value to their catalogue.

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Roialty 20123 Milano – Italy Piazza San Sepolcro, 2 Email: Web: Roialty is cutting-edge marketing technology providing a deeper understanding and clearer insights on your customers. We help our clients collect valuable customer info that drive business success. We do that by leveraging social media data to enable real-time profiling of individuals based on their behaviors on social networks. Roialty allows to push further your customer profiling capabilities thanks to its progressive profiling and digital loyalty tools. Roialty proprietary technology automatically classifies interactions in real-time, leveraging AI, machine learning algorithms and scalable architecture that manages billions of events. And aggregates them into a customer centric view to deliver actionable insights and personalized calls to action.

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