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Cherished Baby? The Cherished Baby is an affectionate term for what we believe to be the ultimate in baby art with session options for the mother-to-be. Our designer sessions lavish your child from head to toe with exquisite accessories and carefully chosen props. Your baby is the primary focus—only to be accented with special touches. Our accessories are completely complimentary and can be combined with your personal treasures as well.


also cherish our new mommies… and because, together

our staff has many years of experience in parenthood and newborn care, you can relax while we take care of every detail. We often tell our new mothers, “All you need to do is be here and we’ll do the rest.”


few things we ’ d like to emphasize :

N e wb o r n

sessions go much more smoothly if the baby

is under 10 days old, however, if you’ve missed this time frame, don’t fret—with our patience & expertise we will still capture outstanding images of your baby. We understand that a new


family may be feeling overwhelmed at this time, but We Take Care of You and Your Baby! So all you have to do is show up and let us pamper you.


h e f i r s t y e a r f l i e s b y . Before you know it your little one will be crawling, talking and

walking, digging into all that makes the world such a curious place. Here at Signature Photography

& Design Studio, our goal is to capture all these not-to-be-missed moments in stunning professional portraits that will mark your baby’s growth during the first year.

C h e r i s h e d B a b y C o l l e ct i o n s

-the first year- is our celebrated baby club and includes three

or more milestone portrait sessions between 3 months and 1 year. As a new member of the club you’ll receive top notch attention as one of our beloved babies, along with one custom DVD slideshow of every


ordered image from each session upon completion of the Collection. In addition, at each Cherished Baby Session parents can select from our specially designed and specially priced portrait collections that culminate in a gorgeous year end product of your child.


Signature Photography & Design Studio • 843-300-3333





e l c o m e

o u

t o



Eddie Toporek

owns and operates

Signature Photography,

a 3200 sq. ft. boutique studio. The studio is located conveniently on East Bay Street, in downtown Charleston, South Carolina and has ample parking. Eddie’s passion for art, (actually music and photography), started at a young age and has taken him through many musical and photographic journeys around the world. Through these experiences his love for the arts continues to grow and the new state-of-the-art studio was designed and built in 2009. As the new studio opened its doors, the staff was expanded to further Eddie's vision and passion for providing only the finest for his clients. In this studio, the product lines are consistently redesigned to offer new and fresh art using both natural light and high grade professional studio lighting systems while incorporating graphic and image design into the photography produced. All of this is done with a staff of highly experienced and talented individuals working as a creative team for every client. Eddie’s mantra for all photographic art produced by him and all artists on staff, whether


created on location or in the studio is that every subject is a new, fresh and unique opportunity to create a new work of art.

Clothing Suggestions


lothing for the Mother-to-Be: Please come prepared with several options for us to choose from. You will start by wearing your personal clothing for a traditional look, and then we may recommend different

fabric wraps for a creative look. Many of our clients also chose to do full or partial nudes. We can assure your privacy will be respected and that with the proper lighting, the focus is primarily on your tummy, all other areas will be in shadow. These intimate portraits are a personal treasure and a wonderful way to tell your family’s story.


lothing for Mom & Dad: Black pants & denim jeans are always great—we love pre-pregnancy jeans left unbuttoned as opposed to maternity jeans. Dark colors like black are slimming while lighter colors can add

weight to the image. Long sleeves are best; however, skin on skin can be beautiful as well. Jewelry should be kept to a minimum so as to not distract from the image. Black turtlenecks and/or tube tops can be provided.


lothing for Baby: These sessions are all about your baby. We prefer either no clothing or a cloth diaper, but we welcome you to bring one outfit as well. If you are not sure what will work, bring a few

outfits, and we will advise you. Solid colors look best, and hats can be fun too. Consider choosing a color that will compliment or match the colors for each additional session. Soft shades of blue, pink, ivory or white always look great. Overalls, diaper covers, bloomers and tulle skirts work best. Don't worry about shoes—we love to highlight little toes.


rop Suggestions: A silver rattle, silver cup, teething ring, personal blanket (solid if possible), hats and headbands for girls. Please feel free to bring any other items you may want to use.

e d d i e @ s i g n a t u r e p h o t o g r a p h y. b i z

w w w. s i g n a t u r e p h o t o g r a p h y. b i z



Maternity Session


This amazing time of life is the perfect opportunity to pamper yourself with a maternity session. The beautiful images created when you’re awaiting the little one’s arrival are breathtaking.

E S pous e I ncluded

add a child for $ 35

Capture the Miracle of Life in a Timeless Expression of Love with Maternity Portraits


The best times for this session are between the seventh & eighth month of pregnancy.



1- 16x20 Canvas Gallery Wrap

Creative Session

34900 Value




19500 Value


1- 8x10 Framed Desk Portrait

Complete Cherished Baby Creative Session Package-A

Create Heirloom Portraits Remember This Time Forever

60500 Value




*all Products available À la carte

Complete Cherished Baby Creative Session Package-B



Maternity & Newborn Session T h e T r a n s i t i o n s C o l l e ct i o n — A PAIR OF SESSIONS—

O ne

to C apture T he E nd of and O ne to C elebrate Y our

Y our P regnancy N ew L ittle O ne

Options to Purchase Add-Ons —see page 7—


104900 Value


Designed to hang simultaneously in baby’s nursery

Entire Package



Special Pricing for



Package Includes: 2- 8x10 Framed Prints (1 from ea ch session ) & 1- 8x20 Frame with Matte & Non Ref lective Glass fea turing 3- 5 x 5 prints . 4

Signature Photography & Design Studio • 843-300-3333

Creative Newborn Session OR





The Beginning

Newborn to 3 months

What a joyous time to capture the essence of a new little one. Tiny fingers, toes, and all the details that will be treasures for years to come. Typically, the baby will be bare or in a diaper cover. This is also a great time to create wonderful relationship portraits with Mom & Dad as well.

up to

A S ingle S ession

95000 Value


Cherished Baby Creative Sessions and Complete Packages Creative Session




3 Image




4, 7 or 9 Image



*all Products available À la carte

THE Cherished


Basic Collection Three Session Packages


M om & D ad



Choice of 4, 7 or 9 Image Collection with Frame Plus 2 Mounted 8x10’s and 8 Wallets

add a sibling for only $ 35

A Relaxed and Creative Session Black & White or Color Images


An infant changes so rapidly during the first year. Each phase of development is an opportunity to capture enduring memories and important milestones. Experience the joy of knowing you captured those unique & fleeting moments. Each Cherished Baby Collection Series includes sessions below.

The Moments

3 to 4 months and 6 to 8 months

The Freedom

1 year to 13 months

At around three to four months your little one should be holding their head up and at around six months your baby should be sitting independently. These moments are full of giggles and smiles. Clothing should be kept simple. Diaper covers, bloomers, overalls, and tiny tulle skirts are perfect for these baby's sessions.

The best time to capture this session is when the baby is standing alone or taking a few steps. Now the fun really begins! Clothing can be simple or the baby can be all dressed up. Bring a few outfits, and we can choose the ones that will work best for your series. Don’t forget to ask about our birthday cake series. (Ask to see our clothing selection for parents & children.)

Option 1 Three Sessions

Option 2

• Full Newborn Package with Product See The

Beginning at top of page

Three Sessions

• 6-8 Month Session—Sitting Up • First Year Session—Standing or Walking

140000 Value Includes: Special 1 Framed 8x10 (2nd & 3rd Session) 2- 5x7’s & 8 Wallets—Featuring 2 Poses Offer $ 00 1- 8  x20 Collage Framed Art Piece—



135000 Value


Special Offer



Featuring 3 Poses, One from each Session—(after final session)

• 4 Month Session—Holding Head Up • 6-8 Month Session—Sitting Up • First Year Session—Standing or Walking Includes:

1 Framed 8x10 (each session ) 8 Wallets (each session ) 1- 8  x20 Framed Art Piece—Featuring 3 Poses, One from each Session—(after final session) *both programs expire at age 14 months

Upon completion of the Collection, each Client receives a DVD slideshow of all Images purchased.

NOTE: Clients who have completed a Creative Newborn Session will receive $100 off this Collection.

e d d i e @ s i g n a t u r e p h o t o g r a p h y. b i z

w w w. s i g n a t u r e p h o t o g r a p h y. b i z



How Will You Remember? T



o l l e ct i o n

h r o u g h o u t


o f

a b y


o l l e ct i o n

5 Sessions ’s First Yea


NewbornT Session B 4 P Month Session T F | 1 8 P Month Session T F | 1 1 Year Session T F | 2 Family Portrait Session same as




r o d u ct a s





r o d u ct a s




same as





An Outstanding Way


Complete Baby's First Year

M y F i r s t Ye a r DVD F or

your enjoyment you will receive a P resentation of all images purchased in your F ive S essions .


Sessions 2, 3, 4 & 5 All Include:

1- 8x10 (Framed), 1- 5x7


8 Wallets

for the

Family Portrait Session

the products may be substituted


credit only towards any

Wall Portrait

for a



or larger .

Over 3000 Value $


Special Collection Price $82800



T w o Fa b u l o u s S e s s i o n s

C of

o l l e ct i o n

Yo u r C h o i c e

from 3 Months to the Precious First Birthday Includes:

A Beautiful 20 Page Portrait Album Featuring up to 30 images A Presentation Video Featuring all album images & all additional purchased images This Plan Also Includes The Option of adding A Sibling or Pet to One Session and Your Entire Family to The Other Shoot with no additional charges. All other Products available À La Carte. 290000 Value


Cherished Baby Special $129500 6

Signature Photography & Design Studio • 843-300-3333


Cherished Baby F or

clients who have purchased any


o l l e ct i o n a d d

o n s

C herished B aby C ollection



Add-On 1




— 3 POSE —

Add-On 2 — 4 POSE —

1- 8x10 2- 5x7 16 Wallets

5- 8x10 or smaller Gift Prints

270 Value

Special $29500


43000 Value



Special $21600 (CBAO3)


Add-On — 2 POSE —

48 Custom Announcements/ Thank You Notes 1- 11x14 Framed


Add-On — 3 POSE —




Add-On 5 — 5 POSE —

1- 16x20 Framed Wall Portrait 1- 10x20 (3 image) Framed Art Piece 2- 8x10 or smaller Gift Prints 1- 11x14 Framed Wall Portrait 16 Wallets 2- 8x10 or smaller Gift Prints $ 73500 Value

25000 Value


Special $62500

Special $18750




71500 Value




Add-On 6


— 8 POSE —

1- 16x20 Canvas Gallery Wrap 8 Wallets 44500 Value


Special $32500 Upgrade to a 20x24 Canvas Gallery Wrap for $75 more.

Special $53500

Add-On 7 — 5 POSE —

1- 16x20 Framed Wall Portrait With Artist Level Frame 4- 8x10 or smaller Gift Prints 16 Wallets 48 Cards/Announcements 115000 Value


Special $86900

These exclusive collections are made available at a value price to all of our “Cherished Babies” who chose one of our five Cherished Baby Collections;

Maternity,Transitions, Cherished Baby Basic Collection, How Will You Remember? Collection, or Album Collection A dditional items such as À La Carte Prints, Wall Portraits, Custom Framing, Announcements, Image Boxes, Custom Albums & DVD Presentations available. An in-studio portrait consultation is scheduled for all sessions. | Images must be ordered within 30 days of session to receive pricing. | All three sessions must be of the same child. | Program expires when the child turns 14 months old. | Please note: All prices are subject to change without notice.

Cherished Baby Collection

NOTE: All Cherished Baby Members receive a 10% discount on Custom Birth Announcements and Baby Holiday Cards! e d d i e @ s i g n a t u r e p h o t o g r a p h y. b i z

w w w. s i g n a t u r e p h o t o g r a p h y. b i z


Wa l l P o r t r a i t s

Ready to Hang

A r t -B l o c k s

Numerous Styles & Designs. From $420

Canvas Collage

Available in 14x14 or 16x16. Featuring 9 Images. From $xxxxxxx

Custom Designer Series Numerous Styles, Shapes & Colors Small - From $99 Medium - From $495 Large - From $795

Signature Series Framed Portraits

Prestige Frame

11x14 Frame. Includes Matte & Glass. Featuring 2- 5x8 Images.

27500 Value



Printed on Canvas. From $595

Special $23500

Masterpiece Frame

Artist Triple Frame 33x33 Frame. Featuring 4- 10x10 Images.


Special 995 $


24x32 Frame. Printed on Canvas. Includes Matte & Filet. Featuring Your Choice of Image Size. 24x32 or 16x24.

(F ramed

as above for

Prestige Frame 16x20 Frame.


Smaller sizes starting as low as $595

47500 Value



Special $41500

Send us a digital image of your walls before your presentation and we'll be able to project your image on your wall, framed to scale, for you to see. For accurate sizing, please lean a visible yard stick against your wall.


Signature Photography & Design Studio • 843-300-3333

Bonus Items a


T h o s e W h o H av e P u r c h a s e d

Cherished Baby Collection



and have met the terms below...

E ssence Pa cka g e

P r e c i o u s Pac k a g e

T he E ssence P ackage includes O ne 14 x 14 S elect D esigner F rame

The Precious Package includes One 20x24 (or


G a l l e r y W r a p p e d C a n va s

Featuring 4- 5x5 Images

Our Free Gift to You

Our Free Gift to You

Requires a total minimum purchase of $1,500. Minimum per Session is $400.

Requires a total minimum purchase of $2,100. Minimum per Session is $500.

e e e H eirloom Pac k a g e The Heirloom Package i n c l u d e s O n e 20 P a g e Designer Lay Flat Album Featuring up to 30 Images

Our Free Gift to You Requires a total minimum purchase of $3,000. Minimum per Session is $700.

e These bonus products are offered exclusively to Clients participating in our Cherished Baby Collection Program and are only available after the final image presentation appointment. Collections all have more than one Session. e d d i e @ s i g n a t u r e p h o t o g r a p h y. b i z


w w w. s i g n a t u r e p h o t o g r a p h y. b i z


What Comes Next? After



First Year‌

any times we are asked at the end of the series ,

"W hat

comes next ?"

Because our goal is to work with your family through all of life's important

stages, we have many options to continue your portrait history. Our wonderful Cherished Baby Program continues to document your child's growth and includes sessions at 18 months, two years, four years, and five years of age. This Program allows you to automatically become a Cherished Child Member and provides, special pricing opportunities and wonderful portraiture. Additionally, your child can participate through the years in our Inspired Program. For children from 1 to 15 years, "Inspired" is a fund raiser for the MUSC Children's Hospital in which you will still benefit from your CB/CC participation.

U sing


Speciality Sets,

we also offer

Themed Sessions r a n g i n g f r o m E a st e r

Portraits, Little Angels, Fairy Princesses, Sports, Firemen, Fishermen and more. These festive portraits provide a magical journey into the imagination of your child.



have watched many children come to the studio for their newborn images ,

and we have gone on to photograph many of their portraits through the years. It is truly an honor to know that we have played a small part in some of the most important moments in our clients lives. We are truly grateful for the trust that has been placed in us and we will continue to strive to exceed your expectations with exceptional portraiture.


Signature Photography & Design Studio • 843-300-3333


he C herished B aby by S ignature P hotography & D esign S tudio offers a 100% guarantee - you’ll love your portraits. If you’re not satisfied, we’ll redo them. We pride ourselves on creating beautiful works of art, and make a considerable effort to go above and beyond your expectations. Although you’ve spent every day of the baby’s life caring for the little one, the impact of seeing professional portraits of the bond you share is astonishing. These images are the perfect way to immortalize the connection you have with your child. The emotional journey of viewing each session is a rewarding experience you will not soon forget.

Fr e q u e n t l y A s k e d Q u e s t i o n s What if my baby is not happy during the session? We are experts at coaxing tiny ones to cooperate, but if for some reason your baby is having an off day, we will gladly reschedule your appointment. How many poses will I see? Our portrait artists take as many poses as necessary to capture the perfect images. On average, you will see 25-45 images at each session presentation. You will be able to view your images in Full Color, Black & White, and Sepia Tone on our multimedia presentation system. In addition to seeing some of your images retouched, our portrait artists will select their personal favorites. These choice images will be displayed with custom art work and will illustrate a sampling of our wonderful product lines. May I purchase additional poses? Yes, give yourself the flexibility of choosing additional images. You are going to see some beautiful images, so be prepared. Most of our clients purchase additional images at each session for gifts and keepsakes. Does my Image Presentation require an appointment? Yes, your appointment is scheduled for 2 hours in duration. While it doesn’t always take that much time, we don’t want you to feel rushed when placing your order. Be advised that the last 20 minutes of your appointment are reserved for processing your order. Please bring anyone who is a decision maker as well as family and friends who may want to place their own orders. Be prepared with an idea of how many portraits you will need to share with others and get ready for an amazing show. Please note that we no longer provide an image CD or proof printouts for home viewing. What if I cannot make a decision? Our skilled image consultants will help you with your investment choices, but should you be unable to make a decision we will happily schedule a new appointment for you. However, we have wonderful bonus products that are only available during the first Image Presentation appointment. For this reason, we encourage clients to place orders at this time. Additional image presentations can be scheduled with a $35 service fee. May I wait until all of my sessions are completed to place my order? Unfortunately, we are unable to combine multiple sessions into one package. Each session must be ordered within 30 days to receive our special Cherished Baby pricing. Please be aware that image files are retained for only 90 days if no order has been placed. After that period, unordered files are disposed of; however, once you place an order, files are retained indefinitely or as long as reasonably possible. Appointment confirmation: We will call you to verify your appointment. If you need to reschedule, please give us a minimum of 24 hours notice. We understand that emergencies sometimes arise with small children and are forgiving in those circumstances. Payments: Due to the custom nature of our work, payment is collected at the time you place your order. We accept cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. We also offer a convenient payment plan. Order processing starts immediately, so any changes must be made within 24 hours. All orders are final. Delivery & Pickup: Your portrait order is typically ready for pick up in approximately six weeks. Some specialty products may take longer and we will notify you should there be a delay. We will contact you by phone and/or e-mail to let you know. At times, there may be seasonal delays.

B ecause E xcellent C ustomer S ervice

is O ur G oal , we have instituted policies that benefit both our clients and our studio. We believe that sharing these policies & expectations will enhance our professional relationship with you, our valued client. • An in-studio portrait consultation is scheduled for most sessions. • All session orders must be placed before the next portrait session is conducted. • All Collection Sessions must be of the same child. • Portrait files 16x20 and larger are retained for as long as reasonably possible. • If you miss any session, we reserve the right to pro-rate & refund • We prefer that clients schedule only 1 image presentation per session. your money and cancel any further obligations for either party. There is a $35 fee for each additional presentation.

e d d i e @ s i g n a t u r e p h o t o g r a p h y. b i z

w w w. s i g n a t u r e p h o t o g r a p h y. b i z



info @ 843.300.3333





How Will You Remember?

Digital Oil Painted Portrait

The cherished baby 4 19 13  
The cherished baby 4 19 13