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Differentiating Dry Cleaning And Laundry While both dry cleaning and laundry are looked at as processes to remove stain and clean the items that are given for washing or cleaning. Dry cleaning is simply the process that is done without water while laundry is the normal, much more traditional water-detergent method of washing. Clothes are given to the laundry when they need to be washed due to regular usage but dry cleaning is used for dedicated stain removal and special treatment of the fabric. Dry cleaning is an effective process as a whole but there are a lot of restrictions in the material that can actually be considered safe for dry cleaning because of the use of solvents in the procedure that might damage the clothes. Laundry has the best common advantage – it can be used for almost any type of clothes without fear of the cleaning material harming it whereas dry cleaning is limited otherwise. Laundry is only an extension of the washing process done at home, whereas dry cleaning requires use of industrial solvents and special methods that are nearly impossible to do at home. Dry cleaning does not cause excessive shrinking whereas regular laundry might be hard on special types of garments like silk and wool. When considered as a cleaning method for rare objects like upholstery cleaning and curtain cleaning including materials like leather jacket cleaning and suede cleaning dry cleaning is preferred as the maintenance option – mostly because it protects the color and texture of the product better than normal laundry. Cameo Cleaners offer services like leather cleaning, suit tailoring, alterations in NYC, also leather jacket repair and best suede cleaning in NYC. Dry cleaning sheets and drapery in NYC their services are famous for handbag repair and wedding dress alteration and wedding dress cleaning in NYC.

Differentiating dry cleaning and laundry  
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