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Benefits Of Dry Cleaning There are many benefits of dry cleaning and reasons why you should choose dry cleaning as an option for maintenance of your special and most valued clothes. Alterations and adjustments Be it leather jackets or suede clothes, or even draperies, most professional dry cleaners offer additional services that include alterations – they have dedicated clothing care specialist who do the repair and alteration work as required. They repair loose buttons, sew one newer matching ones if necessary and also repair stitches, zippers and other parts that might need repair. Convenience Doing dry cleaning is as simple as dropping your clothes off at the cleaners and picking them up after dry cleaning – they save hours in doing laundry and ironing, and give a far better effect. Most cleaners also offer storage space for garments that are off season. They are stored in a vault that protects them from any sort of damage or theft. Professional finishing Based on their expertise in various things including stain removal and other maintenance, dry cleaners know the right method to clean the fabric based on their material and type. The special equipment used by the dry cleaners result in clean finishing, giving crisp, and wrinkle free clothes that look good as new. A lot material can be cleaned Initially, dry cleaning was thought to be an option for cleaning only silk and other rare and expensive materials. But now most household textiles including blankets, duvets, comforters, pillows, rugs, draperies, tapestries, curtains and sheets are also professionally dry cleaner. Preventing further damage Clean drapes and textiles prevent various things including infestation of moths and other damages, both direct and indirect. Timely removal of dust and accumulated dirt also removes possibilities of breathing hazards and other health effects Stain and odor removal with perfection Professional dry cleaning removes stains and odor that might have accumulated due to water or smoke damage. The mouldy smell of water damage cannot be removed by just sun drying. Dry cleaners use ozone treatment causing oxidation and elimination of odors by releasing oxygen. Technologically advanced cleaning

Article 4: With their specially designed equipment, dry cleaners use the latest technology and specialized equipment that cannot be recreated at home or normal launderers. They also constantly update themselves with the latest cleaning methods and fabric technologies. Dry cleaning can be used to clean materials that cannot be cleaned with water. They use organic solvents that remove soil and stains from the fabric. The whole process of dry cleaning uses little or no water and this means there is no damage to wool or silk those are prone to shrinking, distorting and fading. Dry cleaning solvents work by dissolving and removing grease and stains that cannot be done by water alone. Dry cleaning and pressing is good for clothes in the long run, and are usually used to take care of expensive materials and clothes. Professional dry cleaners use services that include tailoring in NYC, suit tailors who do alterations in NYC. They also include drapery cleaning in NYC, leather jacket repairs, leather cleaning, wedding dress cleaning, handbag repair, wedding dress alterations and cleaning in NYC. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Alice James is the professional offering cleaning services in Chicago who also likes to write interesting articles and blogs, helping people understand the industry and make the right decisions when it comes to hiring someone for the cleaning services. She recommends Cameo Cleaners for the best cleaning services.

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