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Daniel Martin has continued to be the undisputed highest rated performer in our Artist Report Cards system for the last 2 years running. There are droves of entertainers floating around using the title ‘comedy magician.’ Few of them can truly claim to be great at both. Daniel is getting equal parts laughs and gasps per minute in his performance. Not only is his show hilarious and amazing, but perfect for the campus market because just about every element of it involves the audience in some way. “When you see my show, you are getting an amazing infusion of a standup performer and a top shelf magician doing magic that you’ve never seen before. This is material that people have not only never seen in the college market, but no one else in the world is performing the effect that I am, because I have spent years crafting them myself.”

Dan is such a prolific mind in magic that he’s actually got two completely different shows he can perform, so many schools have taken advantage of multiple appearances in a year. With a nearly 90% rebooking rate, it’s little wonder he’s had to continue to innovate and produce new material to meet the return

client demand.“It really is as funny as it is impressive and it kind of breaks the mold from the typical comedy magician because the audience is so much a part of it. They kind of come on a journey with me and are intimately involved in the success or failure of the illusions themselves. They are not the brunt of the jokes, but they provide the material. They help me make people disappear and turn invisible, read minds and generally have a good time, all based around not me but their peers.” The core of Daniel’s show is the audiences, augmented by a really fantastic performer. “I think a lot of performers fall into the trap of trying to build their personal character up to the point where the show is all about them. I want my show to be about the audience. I want them to remember how they felt. Years from now I don’t want them to say ‘I saw cool magician.’ I want them to remember how they laughed and bonded with their peers.” Bass-Schuler Entertainment • (773) 481-2600 or

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