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A look at the old and the new including some campus celebrities for both live variety acts and games. Jordan is the modern version of a one-man band. Here is your introduction to a guy with truly incredible talent.

For over two decades, Tom has been one of the biggest audience draws of any in his field. He’s still at the top of his game and always creative.

P.E.E.R.S along with Toyota and AT&T are bringing audiences a fun but enlightening experience about the dangers of texting while driving.


An inside look at the history behind one of the campus market’s most bizarre hypnotists and why students flock to see him.


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RANDOM THOUGHTS & OTHER MINDLESS DRIBBLE While I often reserve this column to deal specifically with entertainment issues, this month I want to deal with two issues that are both human and humane.

I have never been a very big user of Facebook but I have connected with old friends colleagues both from my high school and college days and some lost co-workers and friends from my NACA days. What follows are two inspirational posts I found when I connected with friends: Aging is part of human nature and while college kids think they are going to live forever, if any of us are lucky enough, we will live well into our 70's and beyond. This is a perfect example of what happens when youth fades into older age. Thanks to

Margo Stalzer Dimmery for sharing this with me and giving me the chance to share it with you: CRANKY OLD MAN

When an old man died in the geriatric ward of a nursing home in an Australian country town, it


was believed that he had nothing left of any value. Later, when the nurses were going through his meagre possessions, they found this poem. Its quality and content so impressed the staff that copies were made and distributed to every nurse in the hospital. One nurse took her copy to Melbourne. The old man's sole bequest to posterity has since appeared in the Christmas editions of magazines around the country and appeared in magazines for mental health. A slide presentation has also been made based on his simple, but eloquent, poem. And this old man, with nothing left to give to the world, is now the author of this 'anonymous' poem winging across the Internet. Old age will be something that will come to all of us, should we live long enough to get there: CONTINuED ON PAGE 6

What do you see nurses? . . .. . .What do you see? What are you thinking .. . when you're looking at me? A cranky old man, . . . . . .not very wise, Uncertain of habit .. . . . . . . .. with faraway eyes? Who dribbles his food .. . ... . . and makes no reply. When you say in a loud voice . .'I do wish you'd try!' Who seems not to notice . . .the things that you do. And forever is losing . . . . . .. . . A sock or shoe? Who, resisting or not . . . ... lets you do as you will, With bathing and feeding . . . .The long day to fill? Is that what you're thinking?. .Is that what you see? Then open your eyes, nurse ... you're not looking at me. I'll tell you who I am . . . . .. As I sit here so still, As I do at your bidding, .. . . . as I eat at your will. I'm a small child of Ten . .with a father and mother, Brothers and sisters .. . . .. . who love one another A young boy of Sixteen . . . .. with wings on his feet Dreaming that soon now . . .. . . a lover he'll meet. A groom soon at Twenty . . . heart gives a leap. Remembering, the vows .. .. .that I promised to keep. At Twenty-Five, now . . . . .I have young of my own. Who need me to guide . . . And a secure happy home. A man of Thirty . .. . . . . My young now grown fast, Bound to each other . . .. With ties that should last. At Forty, my young sons .. .have grown and are gone, But my woman is beside me . . to see I don't mourn. At Fifty, once more, .. ...Babies play 'round my knee, Again, we know children . . . . My loved one and me. Dark days are upon me . . . . My wife is now dead. I look at the future ... . . . . I shudder with dread. For my young are all rearing .. . . young of their own. And I think of the years . . . And the love that I've known. I'm now an old man . . . . . . .. and nature is cruel. It's jest to make old age . . . . . . . look like a fool. The body, it crumbles .. .. . grace and Vigor, depart. There is now a stone . . . where I once had a heart. But inside this old carcass . A young man still dwells, And now and again . . . . . my battered heart swells I remember the joys . . . . .. . I remember the pain. And I'm loving and living . . . . . . . life over again. I think of the years, all too few . . .. gone too fast. And accept the stark fact . . . that nothing can last. So open your eyes, people .. . . . .. . . open and see. Not a cranky old man . Look closer . . . . see .. .. . .. .... . ME!!

Remember this poem when you next meet an older person who you might brush aside without looking at the young soul within ... We will all, one day, be there, too! The second bit of reality I want to share with you concerns "dogs", mankind's best friend. I think most of you already know I am an animal lover and a huge supporter of rescue animals, shelter animals, and adoption. I often research authors who have statistics and have written amazing stories about these loyal but endangered animals. Even as a writer of sorts, I don't always don't get to read as much as I should, but I have found a wealth of stories and information through Amazon's with audio books. I listen to these constantly to stay better informed and some of the stories will bring you to tears. I wonder how human beings can be so cruel to animals that can bring us much joy and love.

For instance, in a number of southern states, animals are subjected to cruel extermination in gas chambers where they are herded in together and they try to claw their way out as the gas causes them to convulse. In several North Carolina counties, 97 of every 100 dogs, including puppies are destroyed, some after living only 3 days (or less) in the shelter. Some no-kill organizations have tried to rescue as many as they could transporting them up north to foster homes and then to adoptive families but often times the kill rate is so quick they can't line up local foster families in time and the dogs are brutally murdered before arrangements can be made. While shelter workers claim the process is more

humane than the old kill sticks that were used in the past by workers to simply stick the animal in the heart to kill them. But they often missed and had to stick the animal 2 or even 3 times puncturing its lung where it would eventually suffocate from blood filling its lungs.

I have to admit, I am up to eight dogs on the farm here in South Carolina. Four came from breeders and the other four are rescued. The rescued dogs seem to have a much deeper appreciation for having a permanent home. While some of them were abused as puppies and have taken a while to adapt, their love is unconditional. They are far more resilient and have needed far less medical care than the pure bred dogs.

But here are some astounding statistics. Due to the absolutely incredible work of rescue workers, foster care pet parents, non-profit pet transfer workers who actually transport dogs from kill shelters to prospective parent-owners, and the ever growing number of no-kill shelters, about one in four selter dogs nationwide are being rescued. If we could get everyone who is not a breeder to spay or neuter their pets to cut down on unwanted pregnancies and get the rescue


placements up two of four, not a single shelter dog would have to be put to death. There would be no need for cruel gas chambers or euthanasia except in cases where the animal had an incurable disease or was rabid. Then no-kill shelters would have better adoption rates, accept more animals and could better align dogs with families suited to their lifestyles and conditions. Campus Activities Magazine has founded the Save-Jake Foundation to encourage artists, agencies and campuses in saving dogs, cats and horses throughout the United States. Anytime you order printed products, logo apparel, school imprinted items, or artist and agency imprinted items from us, 50% of the profits go to support a no-kill shelter in your area. Every item even including additional magazine subscriptions qualifies. Plus you can choose the recipient from a list of over 1,000 qualifying organizations. Choose one in your local area or a national organization like the ASPCA or the U.S. Humane Society. Buy items you would normally buy anyway and 50% of the profits will go to that organization as a gift in your name. Even if you don't own a dog, you can help save one. If your campus would like to start an effort with your school's supporters to make a difference, we will recognize you in the magazine and send your activities members exclusive RESCUE t-shirts.

Starting this summer, we are going to solicit artists and agencies to get involved in our new project ARTISTS for ANIMALS. Every artist that joins the cause will be part of a nationwide effort to get campuses to stop the killing. Every time your campus supports the rescue of an animal by volunteering at a rescue facility, having a spay/neuter program for your community or has a program to benefit the placement and support of any no-kill shelter or rescue organization, your campus will be put into the drawing for one of TWO FREE SHOWS and you will be able to select the artist from the list of ARTISTS for ANIMALS entertainers supporters. Campus Activities Magazine will cover the show LIVE! and devote space in the magazine to your Activities Board and the artist who gives their time to perform for your campus. Artists will be solicited this summer and we hope to have a wide variety of artists to support this worthy cause. Schools planning programs should find a way to include any special benefit in the 2014/15 school year. Feel free to email me at or call me toll free at (800) 728-2950 if you have any questions.

“Dogs Are What Make Humans Human. They Stabilize Our Lives And Give us Abounding Love.”


Finding Happiness

Each year I speak to therapists who work in counseling centers at campuses across the country. Their case loads have increased dramatically. They are most commonly seeing students who are seeking help for depression and anxiety. After recently reading two studies on happiness, I figured it was a good time to share proven tips on how to find it. Happiness is valued far more than any other virtue. Exercise increases the flow of endorphins which enhances your feeling of well-being. It relaxes you and provides a more positive feeling about your body image even if you do not see a physical change. One study showed that even a seven minute workout can be enough. Exercise actually has a greater impact on treating depression than antidepressants.

Get more sleep. Sleep deprivation negatively affects the hippocampus in the brain which processes positive memories. Studies involving college students showed that when sleep deprived participants were asked to recall a list of words, they remembered the negative words at a greater rate than the positive ones. Your mood early in the day, which is dependent on a good night’s sleep, determines how you feel the rest of the day. A mid afternoon nap can be beneficial. Those who take short naps are able to overcome feelings of fear and anger which tend to come flooding in during the late afternoon hours. Live closer to work. Those who spend hours commuting are exhausted by the time they get to work and return home. You sacrifice time that brings you pleasure and spend more money commuting.

Stay in touch and spend more time with family and friends, because the most important thing in your life is your relationship to others. Neglecting this is one of the top five regrets on one's deathbed. The support from my family and friends has been invaluable in my toughest times. I laugh a lot when I am with my friends, and laughter is the best medicine!

of well-being is reaching out to enhance the lives of others. The magic number is 100 hours a year or two hours per week. Community service boosts happiness, eases depression, increases greater life satisfaction, and longevity. One study showed that people were happier when they spent money on others rather than themselves. Practice gratitude every day. I constantly live in gratitude. When things get tough, I sit back and realize that it could be a lot worse. Always look at the positive things in your life. Keep a daily gratitude journal and jot down three things that you were grateful for in that particular day. Express it verbally to those who are close to you. Taking time to meditate improves focus, clarity, attention span, and is calming.

Smile a genuine smile. It can't be fake; it has to involve the eyes. When backed up with positive thoughts a smile will make you feel better physically and emotionally. Did you ever notice how contagious a smile is? Our brains have receptors that are hard-wired to receive a smile with positive feelings. If someone looks dour it tends to bring us down, when they smile, you smile. Surround yourself with positive people.

Spend time outdoors. When exercise is performed outside, it has more emotional benefits than when it is performed indoors. Spending twenty minutes outdoors in good weather elevates mood, broadens creative thinking, and improves memory. I bundle up or carry an umbrella on a nasty day and walk. The fresh air makes a tremendous difference in my attitude and productivity. Take time to volunteer to help others. The single most effective exercise in developing a sense


One study concluded after eight weeks of a meditation class, neuroimaging showed the area of the participant’s brains controlling selfawareness and compassion grew, while areas associated with stress shrank. Meditation is one of the most effective tools for living a happy life.

Plan an adventure that brings you pleasure. The mere act of planning and anticipating a vacation but not necessarily taking one, can boost one's happiness for eight weeks. People who thought about seeing a movie had a 27% increase in their endorphin levels. Always have something on the calendar that provides a break from work. It can be as simple as going to a concert, a sporting event, road trip to visit friends, or hiking.

I am a cock-eyed optimist with a great love for life. Life is too short to be unhappy! It doesn't always come easy but if you incorporate some of these tips into your daily routine you will be pleasantly rewarded.

Questions on college life? Email me at

Glamour(less) Shots the irony of the Holy Land; it produced the greatest book about love, but is filled with hate.

My journey to my first show was still not over, as we needed to go from Sharm El Shiek to El Gorah, so we were herded into the back of a Czech Air Force cargo plane with 40 soldiers and 40 duffel bags strapped to floor in front of us (which made me uncomfortable since I know Czechs bounce...but their airplanes don't.)

You are probably unaware that the Americans serving in Egypt are not on American bases as such, they are part of the “Multinational Force & Observers,” the MFO, whose job it is to keep the peace in this war-torn part of the planet. The USA has worked the last 33 years with 12 other countries who send troops and 5 who send funding, as the only non-UN peacekeeping force in the world. Their two main camps are located at either end of the Sinai Peninsula, and could not be more different.

By Steven Kent McFarlin (AKA Spanky)

I am proud to report I just performed in my 32nd country (my passport has more unreadable ink than a prisoner doing life without parole). Armed Forces Entertainment invited me to go to three countries I have never been before: Egypt, Jordon, and Turkey. Since I know many readers may have the delusion that being a professional comedian on a world tour is glamorous, let me set the record straight. To get to my first show I spent 16 hours on airplanes, 10 hours in vans, and 15 hours in airports, making my door-to-door travel time a brutal 41 hours. If you figure in the time change, it was 49 hours without a shower or chance to be horizontal. My longest flight that day was from Houston to Istanbul, and I spent an optimistic 20 minutes before take off thinking the seat next to me was going to remain unoccupied. Seconds before the aircraft door was closed, my hopes were crushed as I saw a bear of a man lumbering my direction. This Turk was so big I’m pretty sure the weather service gives names to his farts. He wedged into the seat next to me draping one giant arm in my lap, and then opened his brief case filled with cold medicines. Every time he coughed I would get elbowed, which was about every 8 minutes...for 12 hours! During dinner he pierced a chicken breast with a fork and held it up and ate it like a popsicle. I lost my appetite.

Another flight later and I arrived in Egypt in time catch sunrise at the spot Moses parted the Red Sea; I also got a glimpse of Mount Sinai where Moses was given the tablets, however, after 50+ hours without sleep, I’m pretty sure if Moses saw my face...there would be another commandment. I was struck by

The North Camp is surrounded by the violent Gaza Strip and Egyptian army bunkers that are frequently attacked by militants; the South Camp is surrounded by tourist beach bars, casinos, and a Hard Rock Cafe. But due to the timing of my visit, both places were very tense. For those of you not keeping up with what is going on in Egypt, the abbreviated version is the Egyptians got sick of their totalitarian leader three years ago and overthrew him, had an election and the candidate representing the Muslim Brotherhood won, when he got in office he tried to also take over the military among other bad things, so the people had another uprising and he was arrested last summer. The interim government led by the military outlawed the Muslim brotherhood, and there has basically been a civil war ever since, claiming over 1,500 lives since July. The day I was there the new government put their new constitution to a vote (to be followed by presidential and parliamentary elections). Needless to say tensions ran high and it got violent at the polls, many were killed and many more wounded. Our tour director made the comment he was glad we were flying out of Terminal 3 in Cairo because it was furthest from the street should the terrorist try to take over the airport. Yikes!

I was thankful to leave Egypt’s unrest behind and arrive in Jordon, one of the most pro-western countries in the Middle East; however it was far from fear free. The US Embassy in Jordon forbids Americans to drive after dark, not only to avoid terrorist attacks, but also to avoid the local’s horribly hazardous driving. I checked in my hotel room in Amman, and found a porcelain contraption next to the toilet. I knew it was not a bidet because the water only flowed downward. When I later was told that it is for Muslim guests to wash their feet before their prayers I felt really bad...for using it as a urinal. Our next stop was Turkey, the country that serves as the transition region between Europe and the Middle East, but being 97% Islamic it seems much

more like the latter. We went to the southern border to entertain the troops that man the Patriot Missiles a mere 30 miles from the war in Syria. They are not allowed to leave the base for one year (& alcohol is forbidden) and they don't even have a kitchen, only MREs (meals in bags) making for worse conditions than serving in parts of Afghanistan. I felt so sorry for them I didn't get upset when they thought it would be funny to sound the alarms, tell us a Syrian missile was incoming, and have us run to the bunkers. Ha. Ha. Ha. It is stressful enough to be in any strange land where you cannot speak the language or read the signs, but in the Middle East the stress increases ten-fold; dealing with unusual foreign Customs Agents (and customs), hearing the omnipresent calls for Islamic prayers throughout the day, and worst of all, the endless security checks. Whereas we go through one per day in the US, there you go through four to six per flight: before the ticket counter, after the ticket counter, at the gate, upon arrival, after baggage claim, etc. To enter the parking lot of a hotel our van was inspected top to bottom, even swabbing the door handles and analyzing for explosive residue, and we were submitted to x-ray, metal detectors, and wands each time we walked into the hotel lobby. You even had to go through a security check to go into a shopping mall. My travel companion joked he had been through x-ray checks so many times his bag has cancer. US hotels leave a chocolate on your pillow; overseas military hotels leave a “Bomb Threat” list of instructions by the phone. Questions I am to ask a terrorist if he calls include "When is the bomb going to explode?" Good night, sleep tight. These endless reminders of the proximity to harms way are unnerving, but they do make you thank your lucky stars to be born inside the relatively fear-free borders of the USA! This morning I returned home after 12 flights in 12 days, 70 hours of flying/layovers, 26 hours in vans, for a total of 96 hours of travel (an average of 8 hours per/day), to go to 7 bases in 4 countries, and do 8 shows in 9 days. How is that for glamour?

Furthermore, the military tours have the most difficult performing conditions a professional comedian will ever face. All shows are severely censored by orders passed down to the base Commanders from the Pentagon. Often shows are performed at noon, or outside, or both. And almost half did not have a stage, or sound and lighting systems. Transportation and accommodations are often far from glamorous. But wherever that flag flies I will go, because you will never ever find more appreciative audiences! I am honored to be able to bring a little slice of home to America’s heroic sons and daughters who serve to protect our freedoms! Steven Kent McFarlin (AKA “Spanky”) is represented by GP Entertainment.



There are many, many hypnotists that have flooded the college market in the last few years, but very few have ever had the success, longevity, uniqueness or great reputation that Dale K has managed to attain for the last 15 years in the campus market.

Dale has been a staple in the market since around 1999, but most of our readers probably don't know the details of his background story and how he came from being a hungry kid trying to learn hypnosis in Canada to becoming a force in the campus market. "My father was a part time clown," Dale says (completely serious), "so I grew up around jugglers, fire eaters, magicians and other types of variety performers. I was exposed to all that and because of that I tried everything; I was obsessed with it. I tried everything from fire eating to juggling to magic and thought I knew everything. I knew I wasn't that good, but I thought I had seen it all.”

It wasn’t until Dale was in high school that he saw a performer that changed his life. “I saw my first stage hypnotist. I didn’t even know what that was at the time. This was a nighttime show at a fundraiser at my high school in Canada outside Toronto. It blew me away. I had seen hypnosis in the movies but I never thought a legitimate stage show of this kind existed. It wasn’t a performer anyone here would know now, but he was famous at the time in Canada and I had a lot of respect for him. However, when I went to knock on his dressing room door as a 16 year old kid, he didn’t want to have anything to do with me. I found out that was the case with most hypnotists, they just didn’t want to talk to me about it and there was no internet at the time to just go learn how to do this or connect with others interested in the field. So, I hiked through the snow to get to libraries and look at books and am really self taught. Most of these books were based on clinical hypnosis and many were these odd books

that didn’t really tell you what you needed to know to put together a stage show. I never got everything I needed from one place.”

Dale was acquainted with the husband and wife mentalism team The Evasons, who saw his genuine interest in the craft and helped to point him in the right direction. He grew at it from there.

Hypnosis has always been a tough sell to corporate audiences, who tend to be a little more tight around the collar about letting loose in front of their peers than colleges, but somehow Dale managed to work his way into that market first. “I was about an hour outside of Toronto and there were many corporate parties in that city. That is how I got my start. It was very difficult at first; when you imagine a 17 or 18 year old kid walking out on stage at a corporate event, it was a bit of a tough sell initially.”


Back then, as with today, Dale managed a very unique stage presence and style that helped separate him from the pack. “Back then I had a very distinctive look about me. I had crazy, excessively spiked blond hair and bright orange suits...I wanted to be very different from the goateed hypnotists in tuxedos swinging a pocket watch. I really wanted to distance myself from everyone else but it was tough. The way hypnosis works is that if people think you are a hypnotist, they will sit there and listen but if you walk out and don’t look the part, people are skeptical right off the bat. So, I had to work that much harder, but it was worth it from a business standpoint. Every time Hollywood wanted a hypnotist for something, my phone was ringing off the hook because they wanted to see something unique and different and I just stood out. I have a lot of pilots under my belt that never aired for one reason or another, but the opportunities and experience really helped me in other facets of my career. I was doing exactly the opposite of what all those books and the traditional view of hypnosis said to do. Most hypnotists try to play it safe when it comes to their approach.”

His nonconformity is what set his signature style as a high energy, fun and fast paced show from the outset. “Most hypnotists think you should be quiet, monotone and slow, don’t use loud, high energy music, the lights have to be dark and the crowd completely silent. I found out you can change most of that and still create that hypnotic state of mind in a person and be able to make the show much more entertaining and engaging for the

audience. They don’t want to sit there and listen to a hypnotist drone on in a 20 minute induction, they want action and to this day that is what I give them.”

It didn’t come easy; Dale’s abilities have come with a lot of work. “It just takes stage time and experience and I think that is why you see many young hypnotists struggle. You see them in the same zone they have always been in, stagnant, too scared to adapt and try something new. That goes back to the experience of being able to do not only the college market but work in the corporate world as well. You have to be very versatile and a little brave to be able to juggle all those things at once and that is


why there are only a handful of hypnotists that have done it. It does take considerable skill built through experience.”

Dale has always been known for his stunning marketing and promotional materials, with a unique look very few entertainers in our market could ever compare to. In 1999 he moved from Canada to The united States and set his sights on the college market. “I wanted to come in heavy straight away and I didn’t want people to think I was new at this because I was still pretty young. I had been doing this show already for 12 years in Canada and the last thing I wanted to do was start all over again. I thought if I hit hard with great promo I could pick up right where I had been and continue the stream of bookings I had in Canada in the u.S. I didn’t want to skip a beat and wait a year to get bookings. People saw that and immediately reacted. They said ‘Oh, you’re a hypnotist? You’re not like any hypnotist we’ve ever had.’ The calendar quickly became full.” There are many performers who view the campus market as a step on the way to bigger and better opportunities and some who just seem to remain in the market out of necessity. But, there are rare examples of quality performers who have ample chances to play in other venues that remain in the campus market for the love of the game. Dale is one of them. “When you go to the performing arts market, 90% of the time the theater is beautiful, the techs and production are amazing, the sound works great, the lighting is awesome, it’s a full’s wonderful. When you go to the corpo-

rate world, as a performer you are looked after like royalty, the attention to detail is flawless and they can provide anything because money is no object. But, with the college market, as a performer I love it because it keeps me on my toes. It makes me better at what I do. It is inconsistent; tonight I could be in a gymnasium, tomorrow in a 2500 seat $20 million theater that has everything a performer could dream of and the next day be in a cafeteria at a noon show at a community college performing over the clanging of silverware. It keeps me on my toes and for me, I appreciate that more than anyone could know. I consider myself a true professional at my craft and every true professional that is deeply passionate about what they do always wants to get better. I personally did very few comedy clubs, but as a stand up comic, the comedy club circuit is the training ground. You go there to learn your craft, for me that is the college market. That is really the crux of why I love this market.”

There’s something to be said as well for the incredible level of energy campus audiences provide in feedback to the stage hypnotist. “Sometimes the corporate retreats are different, where the ties are a little looser but in general, that market is more subdued than the average college audience. The college audiences really bring an unbridled level of energy and they bring it hard. The doors are ready to be busted off the hinges with them and I don’t think I have ever seen more intense reactions outside of the campus market. Especially during orientations and welcome weeks when all the freshmen are coming in. They are just lined up at the doors and foaming at the mouth to have a good time and let loose in their new, free re-

ally the first place in their young lives they are independent adults.” Every performer loves a packed house and big crowd, but sometimes the real test of one’s ability is the opposite, this holding especially true for hypnosis. Dale has played for crowds from 8 to 4,000. “That kind of packed audience is a lot of fun and there is no shortage of volunteers, that is the ideal situation. On the other hand, my record for the lowest attendance was at a community college in the middle of Indiana. They only did their programming at noon, but on a whim decided to book my show for an evening event. I didn’t know this until I got there and the entirety of the audience was the eight people that were on the student activities board (laughs). They looked

at me and asked ‘Well are you still going to do a show?’ In my head I was wondering how I could possibly pull this off but you know what? That day was the day I put one foot on the road to becoming a better hypnotist, because I still did a show and made it work. I learned so much from that, which brings me back around to the point of why I love performing for campuses so much. I am as good as I am today because of my stage time in the campus market, but I have learned something that makes me more professional for all the other markets as well. I have learned so much from the colleges. I have had fire alarms go off, the sound cut out, heck even the power go off entirely, right in the middle of a performance. Once I was even doing an outdoor show about 10 yards from some train tracks and, you guessed it, a train came through. When you are trying to put people ‘to sleep’ all those things make you better. Now, I know I can nail it at just about any venue, any time, for any crowd size.” I ask Dale if he basically has ice water in his veins at this point. “’s very cold water,” he says laughing.

For a different type of energy and fun for an audience of any size in any venue on campus, consider Dale K for a fast-paced, action packed show that will leave your students wanting more. Contact Rubber Room Productions at (815) 341-5929 or email him at


JOE SHOWERS: After being named “Class Clown” and learning tons of useless tricks, professional juggling was the only career path he could have picked. Juggling is only the beginning of this ping-ponging, finger-tricking, hula-hooping, volleyballing show, filled with amazing tricks and jokes. ENDEAVOR ENT•

JOHN CASSIDY: He has appeared numerous times on television as a stand-up comedian, magician or as a Guinness Book of Records® celebrity. He has been a guest on Late Night with Conan O'Brien, Martha Stewart Living, The Weakest Link, NBC's Today Show, Live With Regis and Kelly, and the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon four times. SOPHIE K ENT•

THE BODY POETS: The Body Poets are a dance group from San Diego, CA. You may have seen them on America’s Got Talent or America’s Best Dance Crew. They also just showcased at the 2014 NACA National Conference in Boston. Their unique one hour show combines hip hop, break dancing, tap, and other forms of dance with A LOT of audience interaction. “It went VERY well. The group was flexible, engaging, and lots of fun” - Adams State university BE COLLEGES • INFO@BE-COLLEGES.COM

20 RIDE: America's # 1 Zac Brown Tribute Band, 20 RIDE, is American Country/Folk music at it's finest. The first tribute of it's kind, they are taking audiences by storm. As Zac Brown's tour manager Paul Chanon said, "I had to do a double take the first time I saw him. I thought it was really Zac." AuTHENTIC VOCALS, AuTHENTIC MuSIC, an AuTHENTIC BAND. This is not a wig wearing, lip syncing, pretending to play tribute. These are real players, doing the great music the way Zac does at all his concerts. up close and personal, moving, and fun! EASTCOAST ENTERTAINMENT


A former Campus Activities Member and Orientation Leader, he now tours nationwide as a magician and works at Walt Disney World. Todd has been honored with multiple CAM Readers’ Choice nominations and Disney’s ‘Best Specialty Act’ award is the only magician to have performed in Cinderella’s Castle REDD PROMO (630) 435-5269


A 3X “Novelty Entertainer of the Year” nominee that’s part magician, part mentalist, and part comedian - jam packed into a wild night of audience participation! He’s shattered more Guinness World Records than any other magician (an astonishing total of 12!), thrilled audiences in 21 countries across 4 continents, and performed at over 100 college campuses. (401) 300-3986



DANIEL MARTIN: Daniel was recently nominated for 2014’s “Entertainer of the Year” award and Campus Activities Magazine recognized him as the singly HIGHEST/BEST rated touring act in the country for 2013! His magic has been featured on NBC, CBS, WGN, VH1, Discovery and at thousands of live events worldwide. Daniel has quickly become one of the most in-demand entertainers in the nation. His high-energy fusion of Insane Magic, Escapes & Sarcastic Improv consistently lead to standing ovations and record breaking crowds at theaters, campuses and celebrity events nationwide. INFO@BASS-SCHULER.COM • (773) 481-2600

ERIC DITTLEMAN: Eric Dittelman has been reading minds at colleges, all across the country. A semi-finalist on "America's Got Talent", Eric combines amazing mind reading with stand-up and improvisational comedy. He was a guest on "The Ellen Degeneres Show" and featured in "Entertainment Weekly", "RollingStone", and even "The National Enquirer." FRANCO TALENT • (401) 236-8636


CULTURE SHOCK: Culture Shock is an innovative program developed at Grand Valley State university by Patrick Wilson and Darnell Head. The program uses hypnosis to expose an array of stereotypes, resulting in an eye opening display of cultural misconceptions. SUMMIT COMEDY (800) 947-0651

An award winning prop comedian, Heath has appeared on The Tonight Show, Last Comic Standing and as a cast member on Blue Collar TV . On the big screen, Heath appeared in the films Man on the Moon with Jim Carrey and Courtney Love and The Odd Couple II with Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau. SUMMIT COMEDY (800) 947-0651


Jonny was recently voted as "Psychic of the Year 2017" and he couldn't be more happy. He’s also proud to have been in the 2011 and 2012 Campus Activities Magazine Awards. His showcases last year went amazingly well, and is looking forward to wowing you. REDD PROMO (630) 435-5269

MICHAEL C ANTHONY: VH1 calls Michael C. Anthony the best stage hypnotist on the planet. He has been seen on CBS, ABC, NBC & Fox. His show "Hypnotized" is an avant-garde blend of the human psyche and eye-popping theater. It is both hilarious and mind-boggling at the same time. New York university says, “There is good, better and best. Michael C. Anthony is the BEST OF THE BEST.” Perfect for anytime of year and for any audience. Campuses bring Michael in year after year. One campus alone has hosted his show 61 times to date. INFO @NEON-ENTERTAINMENT.COM




JASON BISHOP: As America’s Hottest Illusionist, Jason Bishop might have a person passing through his body one moment or make goldfish appear from nowhere the next. The Jason Bishop Show now tours the most dynamic illusion and magic show in the uS. The show currently features exclusive large illusions, award winning sleight of hand and “closeup” magic that is captured live and projected onto LCD screens for the audience to have a clear view of every detail. INFO@AUBURNMOONAGENCY.COM

JOSEPH TRAN: With a disarming de-

KEVIN JOHNSON: One of the Top 10 ventriloquists in the world, his “Godvilla Theater was a hit on America’s Got Talent. He started out at Legoland in California and was twice honored as Best Male Performer at ANY amusement park in the world. CLEAN and All Age Appropriate. David Belenzon Mgmt • (858) 832-8280

BEN SEIDMAN: Ben Seidman is the only person to be named the Resi-


DAVID GERARD: David got his start as a performer while in college, performing mystifying psychological demonstrations at both public and private events. More recently, he’s performed in his own theatrical show and for companies like HP and Google.,,a blend of illusion, humor, and story telling. NANCY@AUBURNMOONAGENCY.COM

dent Magician at Mandalay Bay, Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. His residency followed a three-season contract as creative consultant for Mindfreak on A&E, during which he designed the illusions performed by Criss Angel. In 2011, he spent 3 months in Stockholm, performing and creating Helt Magiskt, for SVT, the biggest TV channel in Sweden. Seidman’s performances are jam packed with stand-up comedy, pick pocketing and world-renowned sleight-of-hand. MELISSA@SUMMITCOMEDY.COM • (800) 947-0651


meanor, clever wordplay and energetic vibe, Joseph resurrects the traditions of the variety entertainer and brings it into the 21st century. Part magician, part comedian, Joseph’s combination of signature magic and standup is perfectly suited for college crowds. INFO@BE-COLLEGES.COM

From the streets to the stage. Watch anywhere, Laugh everywhere. Combining stand-up comedy, music, and circus skills, Alex Clark performs an act which event programmers have called “simply genius”. It’s a comedy experience that’s a hit on stages across the globe for audiences of all ages. INFO@BASS-SCHULER.COM




100% personalized for you and your campus! Great for homecoming or other themed events, these 10’x10’ works of art can be done outside or inside! An artist will come to campus and create your pre-approved artwork on campus over the course of 2 days. INFO@BE COLLEGES.COM

PAINT U: ‘Paint university’ is bringing the paint party experience which has been packing out festivals and nightclubs around the world to your campus. The lights, the sound, the paints and the performers Paint u bring will make your alumni wish they were back in class. (732) 818-9600




way? Double Dare! American Idol…if these three popular programs had a baby, Grant Edmonds’ high energy Variety Game Show would be it! And EVERY CONTESTANT WINS CASH! It doesn’t matter if you’re smart, talented, or gifted in any way…it’s all about how entertaining (how “special”) you are! The show includes comedy, modeling, dating, dancing, and “air-banding” (a prop-free version of Rock Band) and the more entertaining they are, the more money they win! INFO@BASS-SCHULER.COM • (773) 481-2600

Have a karaoke party with Karaoke Star! The only karaoke company that provides sound, lights, and also provides each performer with a CD recording of their performance! No limit to the number of CDs, or the number of songs per person! We can even add special effects to the vocals, such as Auto-Tune, Echo, etc! Karaoke Star is run by a professional sound engineer from Nashville with over 11 years of experience. With over 90 % of schools "re-booking" this act, it is becoming a very popular on the college market. "Truly a unique event! • (615) 975-3420

Education combines with entertainment as we teach students the fundamentals of Djing at our ‘Be The DJ’ masterclass and then follow that with ‘Light It up’, the world’s wildest glow party. Student DJs get to join our residents on stage to spin a short, supervised, set. (732) 818-9600

Nascar Remote Control Racing, Speed Pitch, Basketball Hoop Shoot, Football Toss, Laser Tag, Game Show Trivia, Obstacle Course, Slide, Bungee Run, and Sumo Suits. Northwest College says, “... Action Entertainment’s quality is by far the best.”


Jordan B. Wilson: The Leader Of The Band...

In the campus market, most genres of entertainers come a dime a dozen. Of course there are acts that stand above the rest in terms of quality, but it's rare to find an act that has a truly unique approach to entertainment.

as a street performer. I still street perform some now here and there, living in the Bay Area."

Jordan B. Wilson is one of those acts. A musician and inventor of musical instruments, he travels to college audiences with his novel one man band shows that one has to see to appreciate, and is unlikely to compare to anything else that has been seen on campus before. Just out of high school Jordan built his first one man band contraption. "It was basically just a set of drums on my back and I played the guitar and harmonica while I used it. I traveled around for a while doing that, and when I was about 20 I built a larger machine. Then I was able to play a whole set of drums, guitar, bass guitar and keyboards at the same time."

Jordan was doing a lot of street performing, opting to move from the wide open spaces of Kansas to a more promising musical mecca in the Bay Area in Northern California. "When I left Kansas I traveled around for about six months making a little documentary online about my travels and supporting myself

It wasn't only Jordan's audiences that were limited in Kansas, his musical influences were as well. "I was pretty sheltered musically growing up, I mainly just listened to a lot of pop stuff on the radio. Eventually I was introduced to Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails, who composes and plays all of the instruments on their records. He was a huge influence on me. That combined with a serious lack of musicians to play with in Wichita led me to work toward the one man band stuff."


Jordan is an example of someone who wanted to do something, so he did it, no special skills or experience required. He didn't have a background in engineering or parents who were mechanics. "I built tree houses and stuff when I was a kid, but I didn't really get into building things until after I built my first musical contraption. I realized there was so much I could do, way beyond anything I had ever imagined. Once I really got into building things it seemed the sky was the limit and I started collecting tools." Here is another aspect where living in the Bay Area instead of a rural state like Kansas really came in handy for Jordan. "They have this place called Tech Shop here in San Francisco, which is a members-based workshop and has millions of dollars of equipment. You can build anything from robots to musical instruments. That is where I build now, but I don't have any particular influences when it comes to building. I just sit down with pen and paper and sketch out ideas and get to work on making it happen."

For more info contact Norman Magic Productions at (800) 307-8959 or


In an environment where fly-by-night novelty companies spring up and go out of business faster than your students change board positions, it's nice to know there are solid companies out there with longevity and great reputations your school can trust.

New York Party Works is a family owned and operated business that features sound and regularly inspected equipment, vetted employees, a very impressive level of liability coverage and a passion for putting on great events on campus.

Margaret Fescina and Theresa Rampanelli sit down as representatives of the company to tell readers of Campus Activities Magazine a little bit about their business and how they cater to the campus market. "NYPW has been in business almost 20 years doing novelties for campuses. We provide all sorts of interactive entertainment to colleges, from inflatables to carnivals to photo systems and booths, arcade games, game tables, performers, DJs, lounge furniture, really almost any type of entertainment they require."

NYPW is a company that strives to consistently push the envelope. While there are many imitators trailing behind

the original ideas of the innovators in the novelty market, NYPW makes a concerted effort to develop quality attractions that can't be found anywhere else. "For the larger pieces of equipment we attend the biggest trade shows for novelty suppliers to make sure we are completely up to date on the latest and greatest attractions. We also have our own department in house that creates a lot of the photo systems. Those are constantly changing and we work on coming up with new ideas and angles on the photosystems we offer." There will always be imitators trying to copy the success of any product they see, but when you have a reputable company like NYPW that is consistently working towards creating new and exciting attractions, you know you can go to them first for a reliable experience and having the cutting edge and original. This is a diverse company that works in more areas than just the campus market, servicing special events like Bar Mitzvahs as well as corporate and church groups. It does speak to their ability to adapt and provide a sound experience no matter who the client. "The campus market is a very large part of our business. We do a

lot of corporate parties, summer picnics and the Bar Mitzvah market as well as communions, family reunions and birthday parties. So we have a breadth of experience in many different areas for lots of different types of clients." There is a sizable staff at NYPW ready to handle any business our market can throw at them. "We have almost 20 employees not including our crews going out with the attractions so that we can keep up with any demand in place."

When it comes to safety and covering their liability, NYPW is second to none and can assure your peace of mind as a booker. "We have a very large general liability policy, which goes up to $6,000,000 which, to my knowledge, is as much as any other company in the market in terms of coverage. This is important to a lot of universities and we make sure they are comfortable. We are even frequently asked for additional coverage and are more than happy to accommodate. We want to do everything we can to make them comfortable and protect them so any liability is on us and not them." NYPW has a huge range of entertainment options for your campus. Contact Theresa Rampanelli at (631) 501-1414


When it comes to the truly upper echelon of hypnosis, few entertainers can match the level of experience of Tom Deluca. Performing for well over 20 years for campuses across the country, Tom has mastered the art of not only making the crowds the stars and amassing HuGE audiences, but has become a champion of the coveted rebooking. He recently played Winthrop university for his 20th straight year!

Tom has been performing his entire adult life, actually working his way through college and graduate school with hypnosis. "I was initially hypnotizing people on a clinical basis, to help them lose weight, quit smoking and conquer phobias." Performing at a night club in Decatur, Illinois, Tom's show started to attract more attention. "It got to be a pretty big deal. I would come every Wednesday night and some college students would show up. Eventually I was invited to perform at some of their campuses and found my way into the campus activities market as a more permanent home. "You tend to see a lot of performers who treat the campus market as a stepping stone. I never looked at it like that. I really enjoy the passion and excitement students have for this genre of entertainment and there is rarely an opportunity to perform for crowds as big as those the campus market draws elsewhere." Since entering the market Tom has done thousands of campus dates.

Tom plays schools of all sizes and regularly sees crowds in the multiple thousands. "The largest college audience I have seen is around 10,000 students," he says. "But it's not uncommon for me to play for crowds in the 1,000-2,000 range regularly." The real test of a quality hypnotist however is being able to accommodate the smaller schools. "Starting off working in a nightclub, I had to learn to become a really, really good hypnotist with people crowding the stage in a small room and alcohol being involved. I couldn't be the cookie cutter hypnosis act. When I started doing the college market, that really expanded. In the beginning, it was hard to get the really big crowds and that is the tough part. You have to have people there, especially because I work on a volunteer only basis. I only work with the folks on stage who are willing participants and this tends to create a much more stable and reliable show. If there is only a small number of people you have to really know what you are doing to get those volunteers and make it happen. All of that one-on -one clinical work and the club work I think really helped allow me to do that." Hypnosis is a notoriously difficult art form to translate into other markets but Tom is one of the few who has done an amazing job making himself an attraction in the corporate market. This speaks highly of his skill and adaptability, which simply helps campuses ensure they are hiring a top notch act. "It can be a very difficult market. The crowds sometimes are not big and

there is a lot of pressure on people when they are in suits, in front of their bosses and professional peers. They can be worried they are going to go up on stage and embarrass themselves and I am blessed to be one of the few hypnotists I know of that has been able to adapt and do well in that situation. It's not that I never have tough nights in the corporate market or even at colleges. You can be hurting inside, you just can't show it on the outside. Every time I walk onstage, I bring it."

One aspect of Tom's ongoing success in the campus market has been his attention to remaining affordable and working consistently with an agency who feels the same. "Over the years I have had many people say we should go up on the price, and as the show has gotten more popular and been able to draw larger crowds, we knew we could. But remaining accessible to as many schools as possible has been a higher priority for both me, and the great team I have worked with at Admire Entertainment for the entire time I have been in the college market. They are a great team and have always been very supportive of my goals and wonderful with the schools. I had no idea this show and the campuses it reached would turn out to be the adventure of a lifetime.� For more info: contact Admire Entertainment at (845) 365-3436 or


If you want to know how good an act might be that you plan on booking, just ask another campus where they have played. Here are current reports from our readers. All ratings here had complete verifiable information and were signed by the reviewer. All reports must have been submitted by the school where the date was played. These reports are comprised of reports electronically submitted on our web site. Reports MAY NOT be submitted by the artist or their agency. ALL REPORTS MUST BE SUBMITTED ON OUR WEBSITE AT: THERE IS A DIRECT LINK TO THE REPORT FORM ON THE HOME PAGE. HERE ARE THE CATEGORIES FOR THE RATINGS FOUND AFTER THE BUYER’S NAME AND PLAY DATE: (1) ORIGINALITY; (2) ARTIST’S ABILITY; (3) RELATIONSHIP TO THE AUDIENCE; (4) COOPERATION / ATTITUDE; (5) ROAD CREW / MANAGEMENT; (6) AGENCY COOPERATION; (7) PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS PROVIDED. Campus Reports listed in RED indicate the buyer reported a perfect score in all categories that applied to their campus performance for that artist or event. ATTENDANCE (When Available) AND THE LOCATION ON CAMPUS WILL FOLLOW THE PERFORMANCE DATE. THESE RATINGS REPRESENT ACTUAL SHOWS REPORTED BETWEEN OCTOBER 1 AND OCTOBER 25, 2013 sssss INDICATES A PERFECT SCORE FROM FIVE (5) OR MORE SCHOOLS WITH NO SCORE LESS THAN A 5


ADAM GRABOWSKI Auburn Moon Agency

University of South Dakota, Vermillion, SD 01/13/14 350+ Aalfs Auditorium 5555-55 Nathan Hofer, Assistant Director of Student Services - Programming

Minot State University, Minot, ND 01/15/14 200+ Anne Nicole Nelson Hall 5555555 We look forward to hosting Adam each time we book him! He is so interactive with the crowd before, during, and after the show. He is great to work with on the Activities Board side of things as well, and is flexible if problems with venues arise. Our students also love his shirts, and we love them as well because it is great promo! Overall, we are always happy to have our friend Adam come visit us at Minot State! Marley Kotylak, Co-Director of Entertainment Alverno College, Milwaukee, WI 01/22/14 35+ The Mug 5555--Adam was awesome! He had the girls laughing so hard they cried throughout the show and was an absolute joy to work with. Can't wait to see him perform again! Alle Ott, Ms. ANDREW SLEIGHTER Summit Comedy, Inc.

University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Charlotte, NC 01/17/14 102 After Hours, Cone University Center 5545-54 CAB at UNCC loves working with Summit Comedy! The agent we work with is always great and they provide us some great comedians! Kristianna Kelson-Gallagher, CAB Comedy Crew Chief

ARVIN MITCHELL Summit Comedy, Inc.

Northern State University, Aberdeen, SD 01/22/14 260 Krikac Auditorium 5555454 Arvin was amazing to have on campus as well as around our crew. He had an energy that rubbed off on everyone in attendance and the buzz of his show carried on into the following days. We were very pleased to have him on campus and wish him nothing but success in the future. Derek Lien, CAB Team Leader BRIAN MOOTE Summit Comedy, Inc.

Lock Haven University, Lock Haven, PA 01/31/14 400+ Price Auditorium 5555-55 Brian was one of funniest comedians we've ever had perform at LHU. He had great stage presence and was so much fun to work with! Kacie Shallow, Coordinator

CHLOE HILLIARD Summit Comedy, Inc.

James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA 01/17/14 97 Taylor Down Under 555555Chloe was very interactive with our audience which something our staff and students really enjoyed. She put on a hilarious show by showing her moves as a back-up dancer, playing matchmaker with students, and telling all around comical stories. It was a pleasure working with Chloe and we would to have her back again! Olivia Howell, Program Director

ERIC O'SHEA Summit Comedy, Inc.

Morningside College, Sioux City, IA 01/24/14 85 Yockey Room 5555-55 This comedian was absolutely amazing! Humble, easy to work with, extremely talented, very personable, and experienced in the field! Spencer Eiseman, MAC President


University of Massachusetts-Boston, Boston, MA 01/29/14 100+ campu center ballroom 5555555 Eric (AS ALWAYS) was awesome and a joy to work with, he spent a lot of time talking to the students after the show and taking pictures. Could not ask for a better professional at any show Chuck Henriques, Assistant Director of Student Activities FRANCISCO RAMOS Summit Comedy, Inc.

Lock Haven University, Lock Haven, PA 01/31/14 400+ Price Auditorium 5555-55 Francisco was hilarious! He had originality to his jokes, and was a blast to work with! Kacie Shallow, Coordinator GRANT EDMONDS' COMEDY VARIETY GAME SHOW Bass/Schuler Entertainment

Franklin College, Franklin, IN 01/23/14 13 Auditorium 3355-44 Natalie Brewster, Coordinator of Greek Life and Activities JEFFREY JAY Summit Comedy, Inc.

Muhlenberg College, Allentown, PA 01/17/14 30+ Red Door 4445-44 Jeffrey Jay was personable and easy to work with. He was very aware of the audience and catered to our needs. He was funny, informative, and his interactive section was different and fun! I would definitely have him back again at our school. Hallie, Presidential Assistant, Student Activities JESSI CAMPBELL Summit Comedy, Inc.

Daniel Webster College, Nashua, NH 01/17/14 75 ERC Collings Auditorium 4455554 Melissa Beer was wonderful to work with at Summit Comedy. She made the entire process run

very smoothly. Melissa helped me with a date change and other odds and ends. Jessi was wonderful! She arrived with plenty of time to chat with our SAB and then gave a wonderful performance. Thank you to Melissa, Jessi and Summit!! Elena Marinelli, Assistant Director of Student Life

SUNY at Purchase College, Purchase, NY 01/26/14 70+ The Student Center 5555-55 Booking Jessi was an excellent experience from beginning to end. Summit Comedy was a pleasure to work with and was timely with responses and requests. Jessi is extremely professional, easy going, nice and very funny. She worked well with our students and professionals alike. The students who attended the show loved her and she was flexible with her content to appeal to all audience members. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a hilarious performer and an all-around great person for a show! Rebecca Halligan, Assistant Director of Student Life Central Connecticut State University, New Britain, CT 01/29/14 100+ Alumni Hall 5555444 The Students at CCSU Block Booked Jessi Campbell at NACA Northeast Regional Conference in the fall of 2013. Jessi is an outstanding comedian and had everyone in the audience laughing all night. Jokes are very original and great for a college campus. Definitely one of the best comedians to perform at CCSU. Nathan Baird, Advisor MATTHEW BROUSSARD Kirkland Productions

University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Little Rock, AR 01/14/14 30 Meeting Room 4445-5Matthew was fantastic to work with and the audience really enjoyed his show! Emily Cox, Student Development Specialist


University of Montevallo, Montevallo, AL 01/15/14 75 Student Life Center 5555-55 The students absolutely loved Mike Winfield. He was very funny, but not offensive. Jenny Bell, Director of Student Life

SUNY College at Oneonta, Oneonta, NY 01/20/14 110+ Hunt Union Ballroom 5444-44 Mike E. Winfield was the only artist booked for the event. He was excellent and it was a pleasure working with him. Tiffany Squire - Comedy Chair, in the SAAC w/ Mike E. Winfield MISSION IMPROVABLE sssss Bass/Schuler Entertainment

Central Ohio Technical College, Newark, OH 01/15/14 42 Warner Center 5555555 Fantastic show and super experience! The "agents" of Mission IMPROVable are funny, down to earth and extremely fun to be around. If you are looking for an event where you want people to laugh, have a good time and walk away wanting more...look no further. This will be a group we will continue to host on our campus! Holly Mason, Asst Director of Student Life

IL Math & Science Academy, Aurora, IL 01/16/14 350+ Auditorium 5555555 Show went over great. The students loved the audience interaction aspect of the show. Artists arrived late due to traffic but were ready to jump in as soon as they arrived on campus. Overall a great show! Amy Woods, Coordinator of Campus Activities

Roanoke College, Salem, VA 01/18/14 77+ Colket Center Ballroom 5555555 Mission IMPROVable was amazing. I didn't know what to expect but they were certainly better than anything I could have thought of. I would recommend them to anyone who is doing an improv/comedy event. These guys are extremely talented and not to mention hilarious! Allyson Wallace, Event Supervisor University of Central Missouri, Warrensburg, MO 01/21/14 90+ School Campus 5555-55 Mission IMPROVable is a great group to work with. They were very energetic and did a great job getting the audience involved. Carrie Calovich, Comedy Coordinator

Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College, Saint Mary of the Woods, IN 01/31/14 100+ Prospective Student Overnight 5555555 I have seen MI multiple times, and they never fail to exceed my expectations! Excellent, as always. Margy Frazier, President, Student Activities Committee OLIVIA HAREWOOD Artists West Entertainment

Cornell College, Mount Vernon, IA 01/31/14 100 Commons 5555555 Hayden Howard, Comedy Chair SAMMY OBEID KP Comedy

University of Akron Main Campus, Akron, OH 01/22/14 251 Student Union Ballroom 555555Sammy Obeid is legitimately one of a kind! He has his own flair and flavor about his comedy and his act as a whole. His "smart" jokes are absolutely hilarious and his one liners hit you in all the right spots. Holly K. Pilcavage, GA-RHPB

Lower Columbia College, Longview, WA 02/01/14 100+ Wollenberg Theatre 5555553 Sammy did not arrive on time but it was due to a flight delay. He had a wonderful performance and

we hope to maybe someday bring him back in the future. Roxana Ahmadifard, Director of Student Programs

THE INCREDIBLE BORIS Kirkland Productions

Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 01/10/14 500 The International Center 4555-55 I think Boris could definitely benefit from an updated website! He is such an awesome guy and performer, we love having him come to MSU and we know other schools would enjoy him just as much as we always do! Claire Nuttall, Events Director TRACEY ASHLEY The College Agency

Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, Bloomsburg, PA 01/24/14 75+ Kehr Union Ballroom 5555-5Rob Rowinski, Special Events Chair VLADIMIR CAAMANO Sophie K. Entertainment

Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr, PA 02/01/13 85 Thomas Great Hall 5555--Hannah Rossen, Student Activities Assistant

Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr, PA 01/31/14 75 Thomas Great Hall 4535554 We are considering rehiring for another show; great performance! Faatimah Jafiq, Activities Assistant Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr, PA 01/31/14 100 Thomas Great Hall 5555--4 Sara Lazarovska, Student Activities Assistant


BALL IN THE HOUSE Degy Entertainment

Defiance College, Defiance, OH 01/14/14 50+ Auditorium 5555555 We LOVED having them here! Everyone went wild with their performance and just adored their talent. And they were so easy to work with, were mindful of a snafu, and were open to doing a workshop with our students. It was a great time! Nicole Buccalo, Director of Student Activities & Leadership ELLE MAZE Houla Entertainment

Georgia Highlands College-Floyd Campus, Rome, GA 11/20/13 200 Student Center 4455555 Elle was great. Very nice voice and great attitude/relationship with a transient audience in a cafeteria setting! John Spranza, Director of Student Life


CHRISJONES Bass/Schuler Entertainment

University of St Francis, Joliet, IL 01/09/14 2230 Sexton Auditorium 5555-55 Chris was amazing! He was very easy to work with and the students loved the show! Dominique Annis, Director of Student Engagement & Involvement

Dominican University, River Forest, IL 01/10/14 200 Martin Recital Hall 5555-55 Chris did an amazing job! He arrived early to do teasers and encourage students to come to his show - which was at maximum capacity! He connected with the students, and did very appropriate jokes/hypnosis. As he promised...we all left with our faces hurting from laughing so hard. We will have him back very soon!! Michael Lango, Director of Student Involvement Bethany College, Lindsborg, KS 01/15/14 125+ The Pit 5555555 It is a pleasure working with Bass/Schuler Entertainment. They are quick to respond to questions and are very professional. They are my favorite agency to work with. I currently work with Scott Bass and he is so kind and thoughtful that you truly feel a part of the Bass/Schuler Entertainment family! He is a great resource and I have really enjoyed working with him thus far. Chrisjones came to campus early to do some teasers during lunch and dinner to promote his show that night. Within 30 minutes of him being on campus he was meeting a lot of students and decided to go running with our cross country team in the afternoon. The night of the show he was professional and was willing to help us set up if need be. He ended up watching the wrestling match before he came to the location to set up his things. The students really enjoyed having him on campus and seeing his show and his teasers all over campus. He is definitely someone we will have on our campus again! Tricia Saunders, RD/SAB Advisor

North Central College, Naperville, IL 01/17/14 700+ Pfeiffer Hall 4555-55 Working with Bass/Schuler Entertainment is always so easy and pleasant. The individual staff members are so personable and willing to accommodate and be flexible to ensure that the college/university books artists and attractions that will be a good fit. Hypnotist chrisjones returned to North Central College for a second year this January and, in our opinion, will be a continued annual show. chrisjones is very friendly, easygoing, and helpful in the process of coordinating his show on campus. He communicates clearly to make the planning and behind-the-scenes preparation very simple and straightforward. His show is high-energy and engaging. He has loud, Top-40 music playing before the show, which immediately gets the crowd pumped up and highly anticipating the performance. chrisjones references pop-culture and relevant material that is tailored to his audience. His humor and approach to the show immediately gains the attention and investment of the audience members. chrisjones incorporates popular music into show and directs the hypnotized students to interact with those who are not hypnotized, making sure that all members in attendance have some role or participation in the experience. Overall, North Central College is highly impressed by the past two shows that chrisjones has brought to campus and the College plans to continue to make chrisjones's show an annual event. It is one of the most highly attended programs of the year! dani izac, Area Hall Director; Office of Residence Life Simpson College, Indianola, IA 01/18/14 250 The Principal Black Box 5555544 Kristen Wyse, Assistant Director of Student Activities CHRISTOPHER CARTER Bass/Schuler Entertainment

helped the students stay engaged and intrigued throughout the entire show. Brian Donahue, Graduate Assistant DANIEL MARTIN Bass/Schuler Entertainment

Eastern New Mexico University-Main Campus, Portales, NM 01/21/14 240+ Ballroom 5555555 Most genuine act I have ever worked with. Edwin Lee, ASAB Entertainment Co-coordinator ERIC DITTELMAN Franco Talent

University of South Carolina-Columbia,Columbia, SC 01/16/14 106 Theater 5555-53 Promo was on our organization. The show was on the first week of the Spring semester so we were unable to promote the event to the extent we usually can. Artist was great and the audience was thoroughly entertained. Eric's performance was a fun blend of comedy and magic. Taylor Bush, Vice President of Programming and Diversity ERIC MINA GP Entertainment

Thomas College, Waterville, ME 01/08/14 300+ Thomas College Auditorium 5555555 Eric Mina put on an amazing performance that students are still talking about days after. He is one of the best entertainers that we have worked with! Students are excited and are already looking forward to seeing him perform on campus again. Demi Robshaw, Campus Activities Board Chair Eastern Connecticut State University, Willimantic, CT 01/16/14 180+ student center btr 5555555 Dajoun Jones

Herkimer County Community College, Herkimer, NY 01/21/14 50+ rich 247 5555555 Great show! Leann Pratt, Assistant Director of Student Activities

College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, VA 01/24/14 200+ Phi Beta Kappa Hall 3445-35 Eric was incredibly easy-going and easy to work with. He connected well with the students, so much so that he was busy signing autographs for over an hour after the show. His teaser was incredibly engaging, too. We enjoyed working with him! Kaitlyn Moran, Coordinator, Programming FREDERICK WINTERS Bass/Schuler Entertainment

Alverno College, Milwaukee, WI 02/05/14 1+ Conference Center 55555-5 Students loved the performance and the experience! Daysi Perez, Student Event Chair JONATHAN BURNS Fresh Variety

Saint Ambrose University, Davenport, IA 01/17/14 150 Rogalski Center Ballroom 4444-44 Chelsea Ebert, CAB Special Events co-chair

Georgia Highlands CollegeFloyd Campus, Rome, GA 10/24/13 300+ Student Center 555555Very strange and hilarious act! Students loved it! John Spranza, Director of Student Life

University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, NE 01/17/14 430 Student Union 5555-55 Craig Karges was a great performer to have to kick off our first event of the spring semester. His talent combined with his interpersonal skills

Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS 01/24/14 185 Forum Hall 5555555 Mark was great to work with. He really got the crowd into the show and built a great atmosphere. I would highly recommend bringing him

CRAIG KARGES Karges Productions

MARK TOLAND MT Productions


to for your next event! Troy Pike, Graduate Advisor K State After Hours

University of Illinois at Springfield, Springfield, IL 01/25/14 150 Brooke's Auditorium 4555-45 So easy to work with and friendly, great report with the audience! Mary Umbarger, Student organization and leadership coordinator MAT FRANCO Franco Talent

The University of Texas-Pan American, Edinburg, TX 01/15/14 250+ UTPA Student Union 5555555 The students loved Mat. He did an excellent job. I loved his enthusiasm and how he engaged the students! Daniela Venegas, Programming Board Advisor

Westfield State University, Westfield, MA 01/25/14 200 Dever Stage 4555-55 Mat put on an awesome awesome show! Students were talking about him days after he had performed about how much they liked him. We had Mat come two years ago and many juniors and seniors came out to see him again because of how great his shows are!! He is a great guy and I would highly recommend him to any school! Steve Kligerman, VP of Programming on SGA MICHAEL KENT Fresh Variety

Brenau University, Gainesville, GA 01/08/14 135 Pearce Auditorium 5555554 Michael was very engaging and entertaining! Our students loved it. From a staff perspective, he was also very easy to work with. Overall, it was a wonderful experience. Lauren Hall, Student Activities Coordinator University of New Orleans, New Orleans, LA 01/13/14 175 University Center Ballroom 5555555 Michael has been a guaranteed success at every campus I've worked with - he's so pleasant to work with, so helpful & so hilarious. Always a joy! LeeAnne Sipe, Assistant Director University of the Cumberlands, Williamsburg, KY 01/15/14 350 Gatliff Chapel 5555555 Michael was amazing and incredible to work with. I would recommend him for any school. Lisa Bartram, Director of Student Activities

Otterbein University, Westerville, OH 01/27/14 110+ Otterbein Campus Center 5555-44 Great show. Really connected with audience. Read crowd well. Very professional. Kira Smalley, Gen. Member RAN'D SHINE Everything But The Mime

St Petersburg College-St. Petersburg/Gibbs, St. Petersburg, FL 01/06/14 400 registration center 5555-54 Was incredible, students and staff enjoyed every moment of his performance. Look forward to having him here again! Davie Gill, Coordinator, Student Life and Leadership St Petersburg College-St. Petersburg/Gibbs, St. Petersburg, FL 01/09/14 60+ Administration Building 4555-5Stephanie Henningsen, Student Activities Coordinator

SAILESH Metropolis Management & Entertainment Group University of Akron Main Campus, Akron, OH 01/15/14 869 E.J. Thomas Hall 555555Sailesh is absolutely amazing and extremely hilarious! He's a hypnotist that we tell our students

is "suggested for mature audiences" and this brings so many people in just to see what he's all about! He's literally brilliant and really knows how to reel in the crowd with what he has the students under hypnosis do up on stage! Holly K. Pilcavage, GA-RHPB SEAN BOTT Bass/Schuler Entertainment

Walsh University, North Canton, OH 01/16/14 230 Barrette Center 4555-54 I can’t tell you how much we appreciated Sean's performance! The students are still raving about how awesome and mind-blowing he was! It was also very refreshing to have such a laid-back artist who wasn’t just here to do a show and leave. Sean even put in extra time before AND after the show- the students, Programming Board, and I all appreciated and enjoyed every bit of his time here! Our Programming Board members especially appreciated that he could be funny while still keeping the show relatively clean and that he was able to connect with everyone so well. He did a wonderful job relating to the students. He didn't need to be extremely vulgar, but threw in those witty little comments that college students love. He was sincere. We could tell he loved interacting with the crowd. He made it fun. Absolutely wonderful! Bernadette Strausbaugh, Director of Student Activities and Commuter Services Clarion University of Pennsylvania, Clarion, PA 01/31/14 100 Gemmell Student Complex Food Court 5555555 Abagail Streich, University Activities Board Memeber SPIDEY GP Entertainment

Le Moyne College, Syracuse, NY 01/24/14 350+ Small Auditorium 5555555 He was great, the crowed loved the whole show. The venue was full and everyone loved it. Spidey and his manager were easy to work with. He was the first artist I have seen to give a shout out to our programming board in the show. Paul Rich, Commite member AIRBRUSH WINTER HAT ARTISTS Fun Enterprises, Inc.

University of Akron Main Campus, Akron, OH 01/12/14 718 Robertson's Dining Hall 555555The airbrush hats were a HIT! The line was long the whole entire event because every student wanted to get a hat designed. Sean and Anthony, the artists, were so great to work with! Holly K. Pilcavage, GA-RHPB BALLOON ARTIST, FACE PAINTER, HENNA TATTOO Kirkland Productions

Fort Lewis College, Durango, CO 01/15/14 200+ Animas Lounge 445555Thanks Michelle. Our students loved the Henna and the Spin Art. We can't wait to have you come back to our campus. Elizabeth Roberts, Union Programming Coordinator BALLOONS BY LESTER & BODY ART BY SUSAN Everything But The Mime

San Jacinto College-Central, Pasadena, TX 01/13/14 250+ Student Center- Inside 5555555 Lester and Susan are amazing. They are ALWAYS set up and ready to go early, engaging with the students and truly enjoy what they are doing. This is the only act I have ever brought back in the same year. Book Lester & Susan and you will not be disappointed! Amanda Rose, Coordinator of Student Life


University of Houston, Houston, TX 01/15/14 550 University Center 5555-55 Lester and Susan were awesome!! The students loved them, and there was a great turnout! Taylor Rouleau, Cinema & Novelty Chair Texas Woman's University, Denton, TX 01/22/14 60+ Student Union 5555555 They were AWESOME! The students really loved it! Ashley Fridia, Campus Activities Board President



Wells College, Aurora, NY 01/25/14 150 Gym 5555555 Bongo Ball Mania was great! Our students loved it and had a wonderful time! The crew, Jesus and Seth were wonderful with the students and great to work with. We've had many requests to bring it back and most likely will! Hailey Ur ibe, Assistant Director of Student Activities CARICATURE ARTISTS Party Animals

University of Akron Main Campus, Akron, OH 01/12/14 718 Robertson's Dining Hall 555555The caricatures are always a student favorite. The artists can do individual or friend caricatures and they even fill in the background with funny scenes or quotes from the students! The artists were extremely friendly and they were able to get through a ton of students in a 3 hour time period! Holly K. Pilcavage, GA-RHPB MIKE DA ROVING GUY AND MARGARET'S "ART ON YOU" Everything But The Mime

University of Akron Main Campus, Akron, OH 01/12/14 718 Robertson's Dining Hall 5555555 We have had Mike & Margaret for numerous events and every single time the students cannot get enough. Whether they want body art, balloon creations, or just want to watch the magic happen, there is always a crowd around these two! We love working with them and bringing them to campus!! Holly K. Pilcavage, GA-RHPB PARTY PIX GREEN SCREEN PartyPix Photo Experience

University of Akron Main Campus, Akron, OH 01/12/14 718 Robertson's Dining Hall 555555Our students love the posing for the camera with all of the fun props PartyPix brings along! They offer a variety of backgrounds for the students to have their photos printed on as well, which the students love! Holly K. Pilcavage, GA-RHPB PHOTO BOOTH PartyPix Photo Experience

University of Akron Main Campus, Akron, OH 01/12/14 718 Robertson's Dining Hall 555555The photo booth was so fun! PartyPix brought along a trunk of props, which the students couldn't get enough of. Our students love taking the photos and groups of friends are always trying to get as many people into one photo as they can for fun! It's definitely a great take away for the students, so they can remember how much fun they had at the event that night! Holly K. Pilcavage, GA-RHPB


Georgia Highlands College-Floyd Campus, Rome, GA 01/13/14 200 Student Center 4-4454Despite having technical difficulties with the printer that delayed the start of the program, the crew stayed longer to make up for lost time. Students LOVED the cases and demand was nonstop once it was up and running. John Spranza, Director of Student Life SPIN ART SHUTTER SHADES Bobby K Entertainment

Wells College, Aurora, NY 01/25/14 150 Gym -555555 Bobby K is one of the best agencies to work with in the Central NY area! Kate and crew that came to do the spin art shades were so easy to work with. They got on well with the students and were very accommodating! Hailey Ur ibe, Assistant Director of Student Activities


BARRY SCOTT Kirkland Productions

The University of Findlay, Findlay, OH 01/22/14 100+ The University of Findaly 5555-5Almar Walter, Director of Intercultural Services DAVID COLEMAN Coleman Productions, Inc.

University of Akron Main Campus, Akron, OH 01/29/14 324 E.J. Thomas Hall 555555David Coleman delivers pure gold! He's definitely a student body favorite. His mix of humor, straightforwardness, and advice is exactly what we all need to hear every now and again when moving forward with our relationships in life! Holly K. Pilcavage, GA-RHPB ELAINE PASQUA Pasqua Productions, Inc.

Pennsylvania State University-Abington, Abington, PA 01/26/12 48 4555--5 Elaine is an outstanding presenter who demonstrates superior command of her subject matter and an exceptional ability to engage college students. She is a passionate teacher who shows respect for a diverse audience and an ability to talk about difficult subjects with knowledge, sensitivity, empathy and with appropriate humor. I have hosted this speaker multiple times and have had consistently good feedback from students. I will continue to host Elaine Pasqua for ongoing student programs and plan to hire her for staff development training. Donna Monk, Campus Nurse GREG R. BAIRD Bass/Schuler Entertainment

Minnesota State Community and Technical College-Moorhead, Moorhead, MN 01/28/14 8 Campus classroom 4455-4Greg was engaged with the audience from beginning to end and provided great insight on how to form communities to move beyond bias. Would love to have him back again on our campus. Chesay Colson, Coordinator of Diversity and Inclusion

MICHAEL HINGSON Kirkland Productions

University of Houston, Houston, TX 01/29/14 60+ University Center Theater 5555555 Kristen Ernst, Activities Coordinator PHIRED UP Kirkland Productions

Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, FL 01/25/14 185 RecPlex Basketball Courts 5555-35 KJ McNamara was an absolute pleasure! Her speaking engages students in an interactive and interesting manner. Our students have highly positive reviews about her keynote and specialized sessions. As staff, I particularly am impressed by her ability to connect with various audiences. She had the opportunity to work with Greek Life, a general keynote audience, and with graduate assistants that help student organizations recruit. Following this experience, I would recommend KJ and Phired Up to any institution hosting a Leadership Conference. Lauren Soares, Graduate Assistant for Leadership Development and Civic Engagement TROY STENDE Kirkland Productions

University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, Minneapolis, MN 01/17/14 33 Conference Room 5555-45 Lisa Gruszka, Associate Director



High Riding Adventures: Hot Air Balloons

In the world of novelties, there's a lot of hohum and repeats in the market. But, if you want a truly unique and special experience, think about the wonder and amazement your students can experience with a bird's eye view of your campus on a tethered hot air balloon ride with High Flying Adventures, available through Kirkland Productions.

Brian Rohr is the owner/operator of the equipment and the pilot for your adventure, and has been around ballooning just about as long as he can remember. "Gina Kirkland developed this idea and brought us in about 7 or 8 years ago," Brian says. "I don't think anyone else specifically working with colleges and universities was doing it at the time. She came out and flew with us before putting it together and we now organize and oversee all her balloon tethers and act as the liaison between her company and all the colleges and universities. I do most of the tethered events myself. Being near Dallas, TX, I am pretty well centralized to travel this show across the country. My father, Chuck Rohr is in central Florida and has been doing this since 1968, so I was raised in flight and around ballooning. I was getting experience with the balloons in inflating, flying and burner time starting at around 5 years old." It's clear that when High Flying Adventures comes

to your campus, you are getting an enormous level of experience.

the biggest factors in getting off a successful event with balloon tethers."

With the nature of the tethered ride, a 3 to 4 hour event can often see hundreds of students though the process and in the air, but the format does present its own unique challenges. "It is a very specialized type of activity. Doing an untethered free flight is sometimes easier than doing a tethered ride where you are tied down. The balloons act like a big sail and don't generally fare well in high winds. Training and experience are really

HIgh Flying Adventures has a perfect track record of safety and success. Contact Kirkland Productions at (866) 933-3430 or


There are a variety of factors taken into account when High Flying Adventures take students up, from atmospheric and weather conditions to the elevation of the space being used for the attraction and the corresponding amount of wind that elevation produces. For any of you possibly concerned about liability issues however not to worry; in all the years of his experience, Brian has never had an incident and places a paramount focus on safety. "Within ballooning, tethered rides are a very specialized activity. Balloons themselves in my humble opinion are very safe, really as safe as the pilot you're working with. It should be made clear that these are an aircraft and we are piloting, even on tethered events but there's a saying in ballooning that 'calm winds solve all of our problems.' That is absolutely true, not only about the weather conditions, but also about the mentality of the pilot in charge of the craft."


So much of this year’s Novelty/Variety issue is focused on fun, we thought it would be a good idea to feature an attraction that, while enjoyable, has a lot more “meat” than just pure entertainment.

The Aware 3 campaign against distracted driving featuring an original simulator developed by CEP Inc has found not only great success in the campus market, but has now been adopted by major corporations for their efforts including State Farm Insurance, Toyota Motors and AT&T. It has been found to be so effective in fact, that now CEP has made them available to local law enforcement divisions to aid in their efforts to make our roadways safer for all of us. Mike Seymore is the big cheese at CEP Inc and is the leading creative and business mind behind the Aware 3 project. He talks with Campus Activities Magazine® about this project he is deeply passionate about and how it has made such great leaps and bounds in the world of preventing highway fatalities due to distracted driving.

“Around 2005 or 2006, I noticed a new trend,” Mike says, “which was a spike in accidents happening because of people using their mobile phones for texting while driving. I have had a background in virtual reality simulators for a long time, going back almost 13 years with interactive flight simulators called the XJ5 that could do barrel rolls and teach people how to fly very well in a combat situation. I really saw this as an opportunity and way to train them so they are more aware of what is happening on the road. I started looking into driving simulators and it didn’t seem as if there was

really anything out there that didn’t feel like a video game. When we were working on the XJ5 projects, those were six figure simulators that we were selling to museums across the country. When I looked at driving, I thought it would be rel-

atively easy for me to create a scenario where we could interface an actual car with a driver. All of the drunk driving simulators out there at the time focused only on drunk driving and were just boxes people sat in. I realized if we used an actual car we could create the most realistic simulator anyone had ever seen.”

They did just that, and not only did the program find great success in the campus market (2700+ dates so far), but other entities in the wide world took notice and jumped in as well. “Based on our work in the campus market, we started getting calls about three years ago from some of the majors in corporate America. The first was State Farm, who wanted us to launch a 60 city campaign branding them to show their work in the community helping people learn about the dangers of texting and driving, which we con-

tinue to do today. That precipitated calls from other major sponsors. We got a call from AT&T who wanted to do a 400 city tour for their “It Can Wait” campaign. That was followed by Toyota, who wanted to launch their campaign, and we are on a 150 city tour with them, doing all of their auto shows. It has been pretty amazing. We are getting to come into contact with a lot of people beyond our college work.” This led to another exciting development in the spread of the prevention program. “Another phenomenon is that police departments all over the country have become interested in purchasing these units for their communities as well. We have had state police, county sheriffs and local municipal departments contact us, all of whom do community outreach. We have been very excited about this development and our ability to impact communities on an even deeper level.” At it’s heart, this is a campaign about making a difference. “Even though we are a novelty company, I have a passion for the campus market, and I believe everyone should do something to help our society in some way. We make these affordably available to these police departments, work with these corporate sponsors and will continue to serve the college market in our not-for-profit capacity through our P.E.E.R.S. foundation to continue to try and make some difference in the safety of all our communities across the country.”

For more information on the AWARE 3 simulator programs, contact CEP Inc at (866) 2888126 or


Dan Chan: Master of Deception

If you're looking for entertainment for your college campus, Dan Chan Presents could be your solution. Dan has logged over 5000 shows since his first show in 1999. Today his is regarded as one of the top corporate and college magicians. Dan has the uncanny ability to entertain the most difficult of audiences with his magic. You'll see him have a card signed by a spectator and when the trick is over you may see it all the way across the room in a wine bottle or another impossible location. One of the most unique skills he possesses is the ability to pick pockets without being detected. The numerous videos on his website show him time and time again consistently getting the best reactions possible from both high school, colleges, and university audiences. Take a look for yourself find him on youtube. Put the following in your youtube search bar and let the videos speak for themselves. Bay Area Grad Night Magician - Grad Nite - Guaranteed Reactions!

DeAnza College Carnival - Street magic - APCA / NACA entertainer - College magician


By Kayla Marsh Susquehanna University Voices fill the air as a room packed from front to back full of undergraduate students occupy Charlie’s Coffeehouse, a space the size of two double dorm rooms. Many students sit in chairs set up along the side of the room, while others sit on plush couches scattered throughout the room and others sit on the floor. As 8 p.m. rolls around, student voices settle down to whispers, and the lights are dimmed as members of the Student Activities Committee

introduce the night’s guest to a roaring of applause. This is the first time Susquehanna University is witness to the magic and comedy of hypnotist chrisjones. When many people look up chrisjones on the internet or on Facebook or even on his email, they usually find the phrase “oneword” located before his name. “When I was 8 years old, I had a speech impairment where I would speak really fast and was really shy, so everything would come out as ‘one-word’ like ‘hiI’mChrisJones’ and that really kind of just stuck around with me all these years,” Jones said. Still a self-proclaimed “shy guy” who uses his magic to make friends, today Jones is on the road 140 days and 50,000 miles a year by car or plane to put on performances for numerous colleges and universities, where audiences can run anywhere from under fifty to a couple of thousand students. However if you asked Jones if he remembers as a child what he wanted to be when he grew up, he would tell you that being a hypnotist wasn’t at the top of the list, but the greatest decision he has ever made.


Born in 1988 in Chicago, Christopher Michael Jones came from a very religious family. “My parents were very religious and Christo-

pher means ‘Christ’ which they used because they wanted me to remember where I came from,” he said. Son of Brent, a self-employed photographer, and Ingrid, a children’s nurse, Jones said that aside from his speech impairment he had a pretty happy childhood.

“We lived in a good part of Chicago – a safe neighborhood. Many people think that Chicago is just this bad area but it really isn’t. It has lots of nice neighborhoods too,” Chris relates. Noting that his parents were 40 years old when they had him, Jones said that he always felt like he had to be something special “while they were around. I was always afraid of them dying.”

“My parents were pretty cool though. My dad taught me a lot about being self-employed and about always having a plan and that if you work hard and sacrificed, in the end you’ll be happy.” “My mom taught me how to be good around kids,” Jones said. “I can’t imagine myself having my own kids though. I would like to adopt a couple kids’ maybe and dogs.” Growing up, Chris said he always wanted to be a football star but ran into some problems along the way.

“I’m not that big, I’m only 5 foot 10. I’m not insanely muscular, I’m not that intimidating and I got pushed around a lot, so I chose running, and it has been one of the greatest gifts,” he said.

In high school, Chris was told that he maybe wasn’t college material. “They all described me as talkative and a part of me wanted to become a teacher just so I can tell my students ‘go ahead and talk and express yourself,”’ he said. But he proved his teachers wrong when he heading off to the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. He wanted to be a track star and a physical therapist but was told that if he did both, he wouldn’t be able to graduate on time. “I had showed up for the first day to register for classes and was told doing physical therapy and track would take five years to

plete, and there was no way I was going to stay in college that long. I began looking at the lines for the other majors, and I happened to notice the sociology major had a really attractive teacher. I knew nothing about sociology, but I was like ‘if she’s my teacher I would learn about sociology.’” Chris graduated from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse with degrees in sociology and psychology. Jones stayed with track and ran competitively for one year and was nationally ranked, he decided to drop it after the first year because it was “too much work.”

It was at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse that Jones ended up meeting his future best friend, Sam Simons, when Sam and a couple of friends in the dorm asked Chris if he wanted to play poker.

“I didn’t know how to play, and they said that it was a $10 buy in. I was cheap and poor and honestly thought these guys just wanted to rip me off,” he said. It didn’t take long for the two to hit it off after Simons noticed the Chicago t-shirt Jones was wearing.

“He was like ‘you’re from Chicago? So am I.’ We just got to talking and we realized that we both had the same favorite band, and each had our first girlfriend, and we’ve been friends ever since,” Chris acknowleged. “At first I thought that he was really cocky, but then so was I,” said Simons of his original impression of Jones. “But as I got to know him and hung out with him, I realized that it was more confidence than anything… he is just this social butterfly and he’s supportive and nice to everyone.”

Jones, very proudly, mentioned that he was the one who introduced Simons to his wife during their sophomore year. “I was very shy and he was just like ‘grow a pair and talk to her,” Simons said.

At the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Jones also met his best female friend Tina Howard.

“I was a junior when she was a freshman and she was this shy, tall and awkward girl, and I knew that this girl was awesome so I made it my project to make sure that she knew that she was awesome,” Jones said.

Howard recalled that “I didn’t really know a lot of people when I moved in and my roommate’s parents had gotten her this loft bed and we were trying to put it together and Chris was just walking around and he came in and helped us put it together.” Ever since then, the two have been great friends.

“I talk to her two times a week, every week. We agree that we would never be able to date because we are just too great of friends,” Jones said.

“Being around him and seeing how he interacts with everyone always makes me smile. No matter what he is doing he always tries to make the people around him very comfortable,” Howard said. It wasn’t until he went on to attend graduate school at Southern Illinois University Carbondale that Chris really picked up hypnosis when mind reader Chris Carter came to his campus to perform. Jones said that while graduate school was the first time he had been exposed to hypnotism, as a child he grew up loving watching old movies of performer and illusionist Harry Houdini. “I was amazed at how he had all these handcuffs and chains and how he would escape from them,” he said.

While Jones said that he was never a big fan of asking his parents for toys when he was a child, he said, “One year I had asked my parents for handcuffs and a straightjacket because I wanted to try these tricks to see how long it would take me to get out.”

chrisjones has come a long way from that little boy trying to recreate Houdini to a man playing his own sold out shows all across the country. “It is incredible seeing how much he has refined his craft,” Simons said. “I remember him doing card tricks for people in our dorm and seeing how it impressed everyone, and now he is going cross-country.”

The writer of this story, Kayla Marsh, is from Susquehanna University and will graduate in 2014.


ocated in Duluth, MN, the College of St. Scholastica is a small private college with a little under 3,000 undergraduate students and an active Campus Activities Board. Programming most during the week nights, they feature all kinds of events in the market, from live performers including music, comedy and variety artists to a successful film series and novelty attractions.


Raeann Swedeen is the president of the Campus Activities Board and sits down with us to talk a little bit about the programming traditions and procedures on her campus. “The campus is fairly small, and Duluth is only about 80,000 people, so we work with what we have. Our school focuses mainly on health sciences majors like nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, health information management and a really big focus on business and accounting


schools. The board has about 15 active board members, 10 of which are chairs who take over specific events and assume full responsibility for those events.”

While many campuses have an advisor or director of student activities who does the majority of the heavy lifting for events at CSS, the primary responsibilities do fall on the students. “We are different in the way many other CABs run. As the president, I

CAMPUS ACTIVITIES LIVE basically take over everything, we have very little oversight from the administration staff. Once all the event chairs have all their information we basically run with the events and have the students take care of everything. We deal with the problems and things that go wrong and it is a great learning experience for our members. Even when we go to NACA our block booker is not our advisor, the president handles that. So at the last conference I was the one handling all of that and signing all the CR forms for events not only for our club but the ones that are booked through out student activities department, which handles some of our other major events on campus. It was a really good experience to learn that responsibility and leadership and sort of be the trouble shooter for everything. It was a lot of fun.” The CAB hosts four events per month, September through May. They mainly focus on coffeehouse performers, films and assorted other performers under the “random” category. “All of those take place during the week, apart from our movies which we do on a Friday or Saturday night, except during fest weeks. CAB takes over during our Winterfest and Mayfest, where we move events to the weekends. Our coffeehouse series typically has an acoustic musician come in and we serve hot chocolate, tea and food. We have big comfy couches and the students really enjoy the experience. We also bring in hypnotists, magicians and larger music groups like a cappella or vocal jazz. Our movies are in our auditorium.”

The random activity series is perhaps one of the most interesting to other campuses out there, because they fall into what is commonly known as the “homegrown” category of entertainment, so popular on campuses these days because of their ability to stretch a budget. “We will do anything from hide and seek to grocery bingo, minute to win it and different things like that. We do go to

conferences and book many performers but we also really like to make up our own fun for many of the other events.” For a small campus, the CAB typically sees pretty healthy attendance, which is due largely in part to not only the quality of their programming and marketing, but also the fact that the campus is in a fairly small and rural area, in a place where the weather during the school year is often pretty extreme, being so far north. “Honestly, a lot depends on the weather. We live way up north in Minnesota, so the weather is super unpredictable and sometimes extremely cold.”

When she says extremely cold, this is a cold that most of our campuses in the South, east coast and even much of the Midwest can’t even comprehend; cold that often reaches FAR below 0 degrees. “We usually do have really good turnouts. Our events see between 50 to more than 250 people showing up, it really depends on the day. We offer food at all of our events, so that really helps us. Also many of our students do live on campus or are involved with other campus events, so they are already on campus when we host events. We do have a pretty good attendance rate on average.”

The CAB does make an effort not to program against competing organizations, which does help attendance. “Because our events are during the week, we are one of the bigger attractions. There are other clubs that have events during the week as well but for the most part everyone knows that CAB puts on large events and we all try not to compete with each other. The only competition we have will sometimes be with our weekend movies if there is a hockey game going on. Other than that we work our events in well.”

There are a couple of big campus traditions that are always well attended. “We have our

Winterfest and Mayfest weeks that are always very highly anticipated. During those weeks we have events every single night of the week, and book all sorts of variety in live talent from music acts to the hypnotists and magicians. We also throw in some contests that are fun. This past Winterfest the theme was the 90’s so we had a ‘Name that song’ contest and did prizes. We have a male beauty pageant called ‘Mr. CSS’ which is always a big hit and in the spring during Mayfest we kick off with a coffeehouse series, film series, an all school barbecue and a 5K run. We have oozeball, which is mud volleyball, and last year we had to cancel because we still had snow at the end of April (laughs). We also have a softball tournament and those two weeks of school everyone really looks forward to and has a lot of fun. We also host a ‘Humans Vs. Zombies’ game which has been a huge hit on campus the last two years.” This is a game of their own invention, following the nationwide zombie craze that seems to be sweeping campuses. “That event happens during our Mayfest week. Students participating have these information meetings and they choose one alpha zombie. Then our campus becomes their ‘hunting ground.’ It is a very woodsy beautiful campus that works well for this event. There are many places to hide. The ‘humans’ have missions every night and they go up against the zombies and try to conquer each other. The only safe times are in the buildings during our other CAB events, so the missions are set around those events, but no one is safe during the night when they are trying to get back to their housing. We do prizes and it has gained a lot of momentum and become a very popular attraction on campus. For more information on the innovative ideas at CSS contact Raeann at


Campus Activities Magazine’s DREAM DATE has been one of the most successful campaigns in the publication’s history. This summer we will begin signing artists up once again to participate and we hope to match or exceed our previous mark of 100 artists participating including solo artists and groups.

Basically each artist/group will pay $199 for participation in the year-long program. This not only allows him/her/them to be a contributor to the AFA program but a candidate for the DREAM DATE give-away to campuses. For this meager fee, the artist(s)photo and category goes into promo that will appear in each CAM issue for one complete year. 50% of the $199 fee will be donated to the rescue of the animals most in need. Any genre of entertainment is welcomed. Other perks and discounts will also be offered.

Campuses will participate by sponsoring some activity during 2015/16 that will benefit the rescue or humane treatment of animals. The board can volunteer or organize students to give time at a rescue facility, have a spay and neuter promotion on their campus for the community, organize an event to benefit the rescue of animals in their area or come up with some other creative way to FEEL THE LOVE. CAM will target FOuR campuses who make the most impact and feature them in our magazine. Of the four campuses selected as finalists, two will become the winners of their own DREAM DATE. They can select any artist that is part of the AFA DREAM DATE Promotion. The artist(s) will play for FREE. The school will be responsible for a facility to house the event with appropriate sound and lights as well as accommodations for the artist they choose.

Campus Activities Magazine will cover the show LIVE and interview both the school board members and the artist(s) involved. The artist(s) management will negotiate the date for the show with the school in order to get the best campus and public turn-out. The event must be open to the community and if a ticket price is charged, a portion of the funds must be donated to a 501c3 recognized charity for animal rescue. Choice will be made by the campus in coordination with the artist(s).

All dates must be organized and agreed upon within six months of the announcement of the winners (excluding summer months when campuses do not have full-time enrollment). The artist(s) agency will issue a standard agreement with the winning campuses to confirm the date.

PO Box 509 Prosperity SC 29127

CAM MAR 2014

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March 2014 Novelty/Variety Issue  

The "Almost Evil" Hypnotist, Dale K, AWARE3 Disctracted Driving Program, Campus Legend Tom Deluca, College Of St. Scholastica, and "HOT Nove...

March 2014 Novelty/Variety Issue  

The "Almost Evil" Hypnotist, Dale K, AWARE3 Disctracted Driving Program, Campus Legend Tom Deluca, College Of St. Scholastica, and "HOT Nove...