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Comedian, Adam Grabowski explains how to react when your crowd is less than you expected. For Advisors, Directors and students seeking a career in the industry, AEP puts you ahead of the curve.

Shawn Radley shares with you some interesting statistics on how you can get a larger crowd for your events.


The perfect blend of magic mixed with comedy, Frisbee is attracting more and more attention.


They’re A Band All About Having Fun!

“Walkin’ On The Sun”, “All Star”, “Then The Morning Comes”, “I’m A Believer” And “Can’t Get Enough Of You Baby” Are Just Part Of The Hits From This Multi-Platinum Group.


From the Publisher Real Life Laff Guru Artist to Artist AEP’s Signature Event

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Smash Mouth Artist Report Cards Reader’s Choice Awards Rock ‘n Road Show Campus Marketing Greg Frisbee

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In the first two days the awards were open, we tracked more than 500 votes for this year’s awards. This shows an accelerated activity level over past awards during the last two decades.

This year, we were blessed with having a completely diverse range of artists filling each category which gave national exposure to a wider number of acts. Because the nomination process was

so wide-reaching, for the first year too, no artist was in more than one category, something that hadn’t happened since the initiation of the Reader’s Choice Awards. This year the awards process opened later and will close later. It took more time to validate the wide range of nominations, so the official ballot will be online through 11:59 pm on March 16,


2013. Since all votes are tabulated online, we will know instantly who the winners are. They will be notified immediately to get an interview planned for the Annual Awards Issue which will hit the streets around the second week of April in the print version and the online version will go up as soon as the printed copies hit the mail. If early predictions hold true, we can estimate at least a 12% increase in activity for the awards over last year because of the ease in voting online.

Last year was a year of transition in that we accepted online votes, mailed bal-

lots, faxed ballots and email ballots. Because everything except the online version had to be tabulated by hand, the administration costs were higher and it took longer to verify unreadable ballots and verify fraudulent ones. There was a possibility of human error. This year’s awards has eliminated that possibility.

The system for voting has been greatly simplified and for the first time this year, nominees could submit videos on the ballot for students and directors to see prior to making their choices. Students found this particularly helpful if they were undecided among several contenders for the award. It also assists in showing particular strengths an act may have. We encourage all students and directors to vote as early as possible to avoid jamming the system in the late hours before the deadline. You should vote from a .edu address and only one vote is allowed per IP address. Agencies can vote from any address associated with their agency. Please note that ONLY schools may vote for Agency of the Year and ONLY agencies may vote for Campus Program of the Year.

Carnival Cruise Lines Signs Up To Sponsor AEP Conference Showcases

If you are a campus director, major campus buyer, agency representing talent in the college market or independent artist, you should be considering attending the Third Annual Association of Entertainment Professionals Worldwide Conference, June 16-18 at South Point Casino in Las Vegas.

Carnival Cruise Lines has signed up to sponsor the Monday Showcases. The afternoon showcase will be Family Friendly Entertainment and the Evening Showcase will be a variety of more Adult offerings. Buyers from Carnival will be present to make offers to artists who attract their attention. This comes on the heals of a decision to revamp the entertainment offered on their ships.

Artists and Agencies can apply to showcase starting February 20 and all applications must be received no later than April 20. The Showcase selection committee will meet April 21-30 and selections will be announced May 1. Both Monday and Tuesday sessions will include educational sessions with key entertainment professionals dealing with issues


involving booking and presenting talent. Tuesday will also include a Major Agency Panel which will allow buyers to ask questions on booking major and celebrity acts. Tuesday’s two showcases are geared toward higher-end acts.

In an agreement with Campus Activities Magazine®, College Buyers can register one attendee at the pre-conference rate of $475 get a second attendee FREE. In an attempt to provide reasonable accommodations, South Point has arranged rooms in the AEP Room Block for $49+tax (No resort fee). Shuttle Service is available. Come in an enjoy a Vegas show with us Sunday evening along with a social gathering. The Kick-off starts Monday Morning.

If you are a director, buyer from any part of your campus or student looking for a career in the industry, you should not miss this conference. Register to attend, or apply to showcase at Campus delegates with the BOGO offer should email their free attendee to to receive their confirmation.


Nominated Fastest Rising Star

Adam Mamawala is an award-winning 25 year old stand-up comedian based out of NJ. Adam has performed at over 100 colleges across more than 30 states, was named the second highest rated comic on Campus Activities Magazine’s Dean’s List with an average score of 4.84/5, and was recently showcased in Funny or Die’s "Top 30 Under 30: Comedians to Watch"! 2012 CAM GOLD MEDAL WINNER


Nominated Best Music Artists

The Von Shakes moved to America from Dublin, Ireland in March 2012 and haven’t looked back since, headlining colleges and universities from Colorado to upstate New York and in between. With their gloriously impassioned sound, great vocals and catchy lyrics, it’s no wonder the U.S has taken a liking to them. Check out the website at


Nominated Entertainers of the Year

Using an ad on YouTube, Dave and Ethan invited pairs of women to double date them. Now, 200 dates later, their romantic experiences have been translated into hilarious reenactments, songs, and dating lessons. They have since made multiple appearances on The Tonight Show, and were voted 2012’s Best Comedy Artist by Campus Activities Magazine readers!


Sophie K is a full-service entertainment agency meeting the needs of colleges/universities, corporate events, festivals and clubs. We consider ourselves more of a boutique agency for stand up comedians, bands and variety artists allowing us to pay closer attention to the artists and the customers. We’re thrilled to be nominated. We sincerely appreciate it and we appreciate your business even more.





In December, nine people ranging from ages 15 to 25 years collapsed during a Zed’s Dead concert at the Electric Factory in Philly. The concert was cancelled. One attendee reported that many people were sloppy, eyes rolling to the back of their heads and they were falling. In the past year a drug called Molly seems to have made its way into the Electronic Dance Music scene. College campuses have also experienced a considerable increase in the use of Molly

within the past year. Reportedly, students who don’t typically use drugs are using it.

Molly, originating from the word molecule, is the powder or crystal form of MDMA, the purest form of Ecstacy. MDMA is most commonly known for its use in the pressed pill Ecstacy. Coming across the Canadian border and from Asia, it is now being marketed as a club drug. In the late 90’s and early 2000’s, I addressed Ecstacy in my programs at campuses across the country. Eventually I deleted it because it seemed like the drug disappeared. The reemergence of its use is causing me to dust that topic off and bring it back to the forefront.

It is difficult to tell if the drug, which is sold as

a powder or pills with Coach or Mercedes pressed into them is pure. Ingredients are mixed in unsanitary places like bathtubs and toilets and Molly can be laced with Ketamine, meth and heroin. The active ingredient, MDMA, induces feelings of empathy and creates a feeling of love and warmth towards everyone. So one’s feelings are not real, they are created by the drug. Users have the desire to touch and feel but do not perform well sexually.

MDMA can cause confusion, anxiety, depression, paranoia, sleep problems, and drug craving. Physical effects include in-

creased heart rate, heavy sweating, teeth clenching, chills, seizures, convulsions, and a sharp increase in body temperature.

Serotonin, a neurotransmitter, is a chemical that transmits nerve impulses from one cell to another in the brain. MDMA harms the nerve cells, causing an alteration in the serotonin levels, affecting mood, and often cycling people into long-term depression and anxiety after its use. It has also been shown that one time use of MDMA can create lesions in the brain. Memory deficits can also occur in users. Often taken at raves, the continuous dancing without rest or rehydration can cause the body temperature to rise to dangerous lev-


els. Excessive perspiration induces a loss of fluid and the euphoric qualities of the drug make the user oblivious to their energy expenditure. Molly is often taken with alcohol, causing further dehydration and putting the user at greater risk. This dehydration leads to overheating, convulsing and seizures.

An undercover drug officer once shared a story of a young man who died from an MDMA overdose. His body temperature continued to climb to well over 108 degrees an hour after his death. He also showed a video of a guy flopping on the floor like a fish out of water. This was a result o the increase in body temperature.

I have been speaking at colleges for the past 15 years. Each year it always seems that there is a new substance to tempt students. Never did I think that Ecstacy would return in the form of Molly. My own personal motto and message to students has been - Treat your body like a temple. It is the only one you have. If you respect it, you will remain healthy and have a good quality of life. I have seen many friends who experimented with various drugs and compromised their health and quality of life. Nothing else matters unless you are healthy.

Questions on college life? Email me at Images from CNN & Suffolk County NY, via Google

Kirby, enough! He has given me the best gift a writer could have: a deadline. He has also given me another gift every writer cherishes: creative freedom. The number of columns I’ve submitted extends into triple digits, yet there has only been one that he refused to print, and in retrospect, I see that was a wise decision (Thanks, Mr. Kirby!) Our working relationship is amazingly harmonious and I believe he is simply the best publisher a writer could ever hope to work for.

Thanks, Mr. Kirby!

In last month’s column I detailed my personal evolution as a stand-up comedian and announced the unique new format for performing comedy I recently created (to see a video sample go to: This month I’ll go from joking about joking to writing about writing.

I am a humorist by trade; I truthfully can’t think of any other occupation I am suited for, but performing comedy is only a portion of my job description. Since I am creating comedy on the stage merely an hour a night, that leaves me with twenty-three hours of the day to kill, and I spend much of that time creating comedy on the page. I have written humor for screenplays, for commercials, for websites, for a variety of television shows, for other performers (from Joan Rivers to Johnny Rotten), and not to state the obvious, for magazines.

Someone recently asked me how long I have been writing for this fine publication. I was at a loss and had to do some research. Turns out if you are a freshman in college reading this, well, I have been writing this monthly column longer than you have been...writing. And I can not thank the publisher, Mr. W.C.

I’m ashamed to admit my foray into being a humor columnist did not get off to a smooth start. My very first column received an unexpected response in the form of a scolding letter to the editor that was printed in the following month’s issue, appropriately titled “Spanking Spanky.” The reader, a well respected faculty advisor, expressed his disappointment my writing was irresponsible and distasteful, and made a plea to Mr. Kirby, “I only hope you and your staff will be more critical and diligent as you review and select material in the future.”

This morning I looked over the column in question and saw the reader made some valid points; I deeply apologize and hope he has forgiven me after all these years. And I, once again, thank Mr. Kirby for not pulling the plug after my first attempt. I believe he knew that as a comedian I place an abnormally high priority in going for the laughs, occasionally at the expense of taste and responsibility. Some of my words are serious and some are just in jest, and the reader is burdened with making that distinction.

I also wrote about airports: “If you do have to wait at baggage claim, I recommend a tip I learned from another comedian; to amuse himself, whenever a child’s car seat appears on the baggage carousel he yells, ‘Oh my God! Where’s our baby?!’” Like all writers, I look back at my early work with equal parts pride and shame; ashamed I wrote some things that make me cringe now, yet proud my skills have grown and I am a noticeably better writer today. Like all writers, I learned less from writing classes than I did from actually writing; you can depend on instructors to teach you the basics, but to find your own voice you can only depend on yourself.

Thanks to Mr. Kirby I have had the opportunity to seek that voice on a monthly basis for many years, and my writing has improved because of it. So, thanks to Mr. Kirby, I am happy to report my third book will be published soon. Please look for “Laughter Hereafter” by Steven Kent McFarlin on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or iBookstore (and if you like it...thank Mr. Kirby).

For example, in that first column on travel tips, I wrote about staying in hotels: “Have fun with future guests by unrolling the toilet paper about ten feet, write ‘Help! I’ve been kidnapped by the maids!’ then roll it back up.”


Artist to Artist


Encourage Helpful Social Media It’s okay to ask the audience to come closer to the stage. Tell the people walking by oh-so-slowly to join in on the fun. Tell them to text their friends and tweet about you. Don’t be offended by people on their phones.

We’ve all had it happen. You’re about to go on, you look out at the audience, and it’s empty. Poor advertising, remote venue, other events going on at the same time, or any combination of factors can be the reason. No matter what, you’re under contract and have to perform. Why not make the best of it. Here are a few tips on how to make the event successful for the school and yourself.

Have FUN! Try things you might not usually attempt because....who cares! There’s only a few people at the show. You have been granted a license to have fun. Try to pick up the vibe of the show and be sincere. Off the cuff comments and honesty always help connect with a smaller group. It’s closer to a conversation than a full audience, so make sure you’re in the here and now. Use your go-to material, but don’t just spit verbatim. Make eye contact and connect.

Address It. Don’t pretend it’s a packed house. Just reassure the audience that they’re going to get a great show despite the numbers. You can tell them outright, or better yet, address it in a fun way. I tell quiet audiences that they’re out of control and need to calm it down. An obvious bit of sarcasm, but it brings to light what everyone is experiencing and now they can laugh about it instead of feeling awkward. Once people accept the reality of the situation and know you’re not going to be a diva, they’ll feel comfortable with the small turnout. Do Mental Math. If you’re starting to feel like it’s going to be a long day (in a bad way), do some quick mental math to keep you from giving up. If need be, remember how much your check will be for this show and divide that amount by the number of

Hold Them Accountable. Make sure they react! You know what parts of your act get the crowd going. Make sure they react accordingly. Often in small crowds, students are afraid to laugh out loud because “that’s awkward” ....I know I was self-conscious of everything as a freshman. Point out that nobody cares if you laugh out loud.

ple in the audience.... that’s the price per ticket.

EXAMPLE: $1,300 check / 20 person audience = $65 per person $1,500 check / 10 person audience = $150 per person

If your show costs that school $150 per person, then give them a show worth $150 a ticket! It may seem cheesy, but in the end, you’ll end up smiling about it.

DO NOT ALIENATE! You don’t want to lose 30% of the audience in one comment. It’s good to take some chances with this group, but you don’t have the normal social pressure of a full audience to keep everyone in their seats. People have no problem leaving a show that looks like a flop. College students are young and probably haven’t been to much live entertainment other than concerts, so they might not know how to act or feel. Make them feel safe. Only make fun of those you know can take it. If a comedian ripped on me when I was 18 years-old, it would have been the end of the world.

Don’t Pout, Help Out If you can help with a teaser or an announcement, do it. Don’t hide away in the green room. You’re going to have to do the show, so help out. You have to be an adaptive and creative person to work in this market, so use your noggin. If it gets people into seats, it’s worth it.

You put on shows for a living, the students don’t. Don’t be afraid to objectively point out what the students can do to make the show a success. A solution for a small crowd can be as simple as changing the venue. If the venue is too large, suggest moving to a smaller room. If the venue is too remote, maybe you can perform in the student union or wherever they serve late night food. Foot traffic is extremely helpful for getting people to attend a show last minute. Reflect. Make a point to hang out and joke around with the student activities board after the show. Don’t be mad at them for not getting you a crowd. That’s over now. Give them helpful tips for the future, but mostly make them feel better about the whole experience. Trust me, you’ll end up feeling better yourself.


In the end, you want them to like you. Leave them telling their friends, “You totally missed out on the show tonight!” This will keep your reputation in tact and will help future artists that play that school. Get them to feel the same way you do: You’re great at what you do and people missed out by not being there!

AEP: The Ultimate Training Conference June 16-18: LAS VEGAS, NV



If You Are An Advisor or Director Or A Student Interested In a Career In The Entertainment Industry, This Event Is For You. • (803) 782-1947 The Association of Entertainment Professionals



Sunday, June 16, 2013 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM AEP's Social Gathering (New Member Welcome) 7:00 PM - Until Special Vegas Show Tickets (To be Announced)

Monday, June 17, 2013 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM Conference Registration 9:00 AM - 9:30 AM AEP's Coffee Talk & Vendor Market Place 9:30 AM - 9:40 AM Conference Welcoming and Opening Remarks 9:40 AM - 11:00 AM Letting Leaders Lead and Building the Best Team in the Instant Age From building new systems to hiring new employees, running an entertainment organization in this modern era requires an intimate knowledge of what’s new as well as what still works. Industry leaders will touch on eliminating redundancies and focusing on efficiency in the entertainment workplace. 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM Vendor Market Place/Deal Making 12:15 PM - 12:30 PM Break 12:30 PM - 4:00 PM Networking/Showcase Lunch (2 ½ -3 hr. showcase) 4:00 PM - 4:30 PM AEP Artist Showcase "A" with "Meet & Greet" 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM Managing the Paper Process. From inception to execution the contract takes many forms and passes through many hands. Hear from the experts on the best practices on making sure the show matches the flow. 6:00 PM - 6:30 PM Vendor Market Place/Deal Making 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM Dinner On Your Own 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM AEP's Artist Showcase "B” (3 hr. showcase) 11:00 PM - 11:30 PM Artist "Meet & Greet" & Social Gathering

Tuesday, June 18, 2013 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM Conference Registration 9:00 AM - 9:30 AM AEP's Coffee Talk & Vendor Market Place 9:30 AM – 9:45 AM AEP Remarks Doug Hall, Principal, TalentPlus Entertainment, LLC & AEP Vice Chair 9:45 AM - 10:45 AM Keynote Speaker with Q & A

10:45 AM - 11:45 AM There’s No Business like “NO” Business. When is enough enough and when do you have to make the hard decision to fire an artist, agent, or even a client? This session will help determine the warning signs of a bad event partner and how to creatively walk away.

11:45 AM - 12:00 Noon Break 12:00 Noon - 3:30 PM Networking/Showcase Lunch (2 ½ -3 hr. showcase) 3:30 PM - 4:00 PM AEP's Artist Showcase "C" with "Meet & Greet" 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM Buyer/Agency Panel Discussion This is your opportunity to speak face to face with major agents. The open dialogue format will allow conference attendees to ask agent questions about booking talent and for agents to talk about how they view the current direction of the entertainment industry. 5:30 PM – 6:30PM Conference Report Card/Vendor Market Place/ Deal Making Andrea Michaels, President, Extraordinary Events & AEP Chairperson 6:30PM – 7:00 PM Break 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM AEP's Signature Artist Showcase & Dinner 11:00 PM - 11:05 PM AEP Leadership Closing Remarks/ Special Thanks 11:05 PM - 11:30 PM Showcasing Artist "Meet & Greet" & Social Gathering 2013 AEP WORLDWIDE SPONSORS:

• Carnival Cruise Lines and George Lopez Punchline Comedy Clubs (showcase sponsor) • EastCoast Entertainment (showcase producer) • Barbara Banta (showcase producer) • Bob Higa Entertainment (meeting producer) • American Entertainment Magazine (Official Publication) • Campus Activities Magazine (College Sponsor) • Cameo Graphics Group (Marketing & Design) • Mark Howell (Website Design) CONFERENCE REGISTRATION/ QUESTIONS: • • (803) 782-1846 HOTEL REGISTRATION: South Point Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas NV (866) 796-7111 • Ask for The AEP Conference Rate: June 16-18, 2013

REGISTRATION FEES: MEMBER through April 30 NON MEMBER through April 30 CAMPUS through April 30 (Two for)

$495 $595 $495



MEMBER after May 1 NON MEMBER after May 1 CAMPUS after May 1 (Two for)

MEMBERSHIP FEES: BUYER member SUPPLIER Member CAMPUS (all inclusive) Campus membership extends to all buyers that serve the needs of that existing campus location only.


$595 $695 $595

$199 $399 $199



IF SELECTED: FEE INCLUDES Showcase Fee, Booth Fee, One Conference Registration, 10 complimentary artist passes (excludes meals)

MEMBER Additional staff/each

$1390 $ 395

NON MEMBER Additional staff/each

$1795 $ 495

All showcasing acts will be assigned a sound check, a performance date and time. All acts are required to attend their sound check in order to perform.


Only Suppliers May Apply For Showcase Slots




This Phenomenal Rate Is Double Occupancy, All-Inclusive. No Resort Fee. Property Includes Not Only a 4-Star Resort, Casino, Stables, Fine Dining And A Exceptional Showroom But a Bowling Alley Too.

VENDOR BOOTH FEES (NON REFUNDABLE): Includes booth fee and one conference registration MEMBER Through April 30 Additional staff/each NON MEMBER Through April 30 Additional staff/each MEMBER after May 1 Additional staff/each NON MEMBER after May 1 Additional staff/each

$795 $395 $1095 $495 $895 $495 $1195 $595

DOUBLE BOOTH PACKAGE: Includes 2 conference registrations MEMBER $1590/$1790 after May 1 Additional staff/each $395/ $495 after May 1 NON MEMBER $2090/ $2290 after May 1 Additional staff/each $495/ $595 after May 1





hen it comes to drawing a crowd for a major concert on campus, it can be tough to find an act with appeal wide enough to hit the mark with the diverse demographics of today’s student bodies. The hottest celebrity hit makers can usually draw a great crowd, but often at great cost.

The alternative is to find those bands out there who have garnered massive familiarity yet may not be in the center of the spotlight, but are still out there looking to work and to play great shows. Why not consider an act that can bring a full load of hits, but is still realistic for program boards without enormous budgets?

Smash Mouth is an act your students will remember, or certainly their songs. If the average college student was born between 1992 and 1995, then songs like “Walkin’ on The Sun,” “Can’t Get Enough Of You Baby,” “All Star,” “Then The Morning Comes,” and their cover of The Monkees “I’m a Believer” from the first Shrek movie will be firmly rooted in the collective consciousness of their childhoods. This is an act that will hook into a sense of nostalgia for your students, a feeling probably fresh for folks not long into adulthood. It’s one of those acts that will draw people who aren’t necessarily fans of the band previously, simply because of their prior fame and the notion of seeing the original performers play songs that they are so familiar with.

With 10,000,000 albums sold, Smash Mouth is a definite draw. Not to mention schools can piggyback on the upcoming buzz and likely success of their upcoming “Under The Sun” summer tour, which will feature some of the best 90’s acts we all remember and will be Coheadlined by Sugar Ray.

Steve Harwell is the recognizably smooth and cool voice of Smash Mouth, and takes the time just before heading out for an Australian tour to talk with readers of Campus Activities Magazine®.

Originating in the San Jose area, their roots are as a ska band. “We were young and that was what was happening in the scene back in the day. We kind of followed suit. We were doing some Beastie Boys kind of stuff, as well as ska, and we molded ourselves into that local scene.”

It wasn’t long before the band decided they weren’t going to just spin their wheels in the local bar scene. “We kind of disappeared from there not long after we started. There were all of these local bands that played the same places over and over, in a cycle of going nowhere and our goal right from the start was to get a record deal. We decided

just to hide out and rehearse. We would just write songs and get better, while we were working our regular jobs.”

Slowly the band started playing around more and were the first unsigned act to get major radio play in their home town. “That was what really kicked things off for us.” A couple of the other members had played in other bands and were known to the local scene, but Steve was a new face. “People were like ‘who is this guy?’ I caught a lot of flak for that and there were many haters, but we just worked on getting better. Songwriting was the real goal for us.” The band’s big break came in an unexpected way, from a local connection that was destined to be a big deal, and pay off huge for them. “Well, I personally knew Carson Daly from way back, when he was a disc jockey at the local San Jose station, KLME and we had been friends and worked together before.


“Fast forward to 1997, after we had cut the track for ‘Walkin’ On The Sun.’ In one day I had shopped a record deal and gotten turned down by five labels. The very next day I said ‘you know what, screw it, let’s just go to Carson at KROQ. We played it for him and he’s like, ‘What is this?! Dude.‘ He took it to Kevin Weatherly, the program director, who is still there, at the biggest alternative rock station in the country. Kevin said, ‘Put it on the air right now,’ and Carson goes, ‘but they’re not signed.’ Kevin says, ‘I don’t care; do it.’”

The song went to number one, and it wasn’t long before the phones were coming off the hook (this was back when you could still hang a phone up). “We immediately got signed and our first major tour was with Sugar Ray. We made our first record, Fush Yu Mang and after basically going number one overnight, we were thrust into the tour world, having never even been on tour before. Most bands go out and tour in vans for the first 5 or 10 years only dreaming of something better and right out of the gate we were on a million dollar tour bus. We got such a great record deal, we really could have gotten anything we wanted. ‘Walkin On The Sun’ was lighting up the charts going to number one so quickly it just opened the door.”

It is often said everything from fashion to dance and yes, music is cyclical. What’s old becomes new again, and it appears that the 90’s are primed to make a resurgence, much like the wave of 80’s nostalgia some time ago. “I can see the wave coming again, and that’s why we put this summer’s ‘Under The Sun’ tour together, because we all think it’s time.”

The tour will be packaged as a 90’s extravaganza, with acts like Smash Mouth, Sugar Ray, Gin Blossoms, Fastball, Vertical Horizon, SR-71 and others hitting over 40 markets. If the success of last year’s 90’s nostalgia Summerland Tour (which also included Sugar Ray) is to be any indication, the Under The Sun tour could be a smash-ing success (couldn’t resist). “We’d love to do this every summer, with Sugar Ray and Smash Mouth headlining, and swapping out other great 90’s acts to support us,” Steve says.

While you still have your Biebers and Gaga’s, nowadays multiplatinum artists are much less common, since the collapse of the traditional record industry and the rise of digital music. There are not many acts out there working the campus market who can be referred to as bona fide multiplatinum artists, but this is definitely one, ten times over, and that’s albums not singles. “We been really fortunate to have had the success we have with our records, and we have become a go-to band for folks in the television and film industry. With record sales being the way they are now, the licensing side of things has been a real boon. Things have come back full circle to folks just buying singles online now, the world of whole album sales has all but disappeared.” Selling albums isn’t the sole measurement of an act’s success any more, but even dropping regular hit singles isn’t what is truly keeping bands alive today – it’s touring. Sure, the hits help, but just because acts like Smash Mouth and Sugar Ray aren’t topping the charts with regularity any more doesn’t mean the work they have done and success they have had has diminished their ability to please crowds,

DAVID HALL Best Variety Artist Has performed all over the world and for celebrities like Mick Jagger!

or support themselves. “I was just reading a great article featuring Mark McGrath who talks about the haters out there, who call him washed up or whatever ( Mark is totally fine with it. He wouldn’t trade his success for the world and he’s not going to stop because of what some petty people think. He’s not sick of playing the same old songs because he should be proud of them, and we are too. We may not be playing a new hit every week, but when we go and play our songs crowds react like it’s still the 90’s, because the songs are so familiar to them.” Steve says the rules may have changed along the way with how bands make money, but the game is still the same. Make crowds happy. “My manager made a great point the other day. He said ‘You know, back in the day you guys were selling so many records a week (in the hundred of thousands) that you weren’t worried about what you made touring. You toured to promote.’ And he’s right, we didn’t care about what money we were making on tour, we never even thought about it. It never even crossed my mind. It was all promotion

THE GOOD, BAD and THE SLOPPY Best Comedy Artists You get THREE comedians for the price of ONE. MTV, FOX, Sirius, Disney Channel, ABC, TBS and MORE!

for record sales and that’s how things ran for years. Now, it’s completely opposite. Bands have to rely on touring to pay the bills, so it has made a complete 360, and made every single live date that any band does that much more important. That is why we are so excited not only for this summer tour, but to get out there and play at colleges and other dates as well.”

The band works often in the corporate market, performing arts centers, fairs and festivals and yes, of course, colleges. When it comes to putting on a show, this act knows how to handle different age groups, more or less conservative crowds and differing venues, but they always bring the same hits. Maybe if over 10,000,000 records sold doesn’t convince you they can pack your house, because that is grandpa’s old measuring stick, upwards of 50,000,000 YouTube hits should (http://www.

BOOK IT: For more information on this iconic 90’s band, contact Brian Swanson at Monterey International at 312-640-7500 or

REVERSE ORDER 2013 Fastest Rising Star 2012 Grammy Nominees America’s Got Talent 2012 The “DON’T MISS” Act for 2013

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If you want to know how good an act might be that you plan on booking, just ask another campus where they have played. Here are current reports from our readers. All ratings here had complete verifiable information and were signed by the reviewer. All reports must have been submitted by the school where the date was played. These reports are comprised of reports electronically submitted on our web site and paper submissions. The easiest way to submit is on our website at You can also submit by mail or fax through 12/31/12. We only accept reports on the authentic form and only from the campus or institution. Reports MAY NOT be submitted by the artist or their agency. ALL REPORTS AFTER DECEMBER 31, 2012 MUST BE SUBMITTED ON OUR WEBSITE AT:

HERE ARE THE CATEGORIES FOR THE RATINGS FOUND AFTER THE BUYER’S NAME AND PLAY DATE: (1) ORIGINALITY; (2) ARTIST’S ABILITY; (3) RELATIONSHIP TO THE AUDIENCE; (4) COOPERATION / ATTITUDE; (5) ROAD CREW / MANAGEMENT; (6) AGENCY COOPERATION; (7) PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS PROVIDED. Campus Reports listed in RED indicate the buyer reported a perfect score in all categories that applied to their campus performance for that artist or event. Highlighted acts earned top rankings for this issue’s submissions ( u. ATTENDANCE (When Available) AND THE LOCATION ON CAMPUS WILL FOLLOW THE PERFORMANCE DATE.


ADAM GRABOWSKI Auburn Moon Agency

Lawrence University, Appleton, WI 01/10/13 15+ School Cafe 5555--Sophia Wang, Host

Saint Ambrose University, Davenport, IA 01/15/13 150+ Rogalski Center Ballroom 5555--Adam was awesome! Chelsea Ebert, CAB Spec Events co-chair

Western Iowa Tech Community College, Sioux City, IA 01/16/13 50 Dorm Lobby 5555444 Adam was a very down to earth performer! He arrived to our campus an hour before performance time for set up! We had a good time getting to know him a little bit prior to the show. We had seen him at NACA and he exceeded our expectations when he came to our campus! His show was so relaxed and off the cuff that it made it feel non-scripted and natural! After the show he stuck around to take pictures and chill with students! He is the best comedian WIT has seen in awhile! He even came up with some new jokes from our audience participation. He was the talk around the dorms for the next few days! Katlyn Tranmer, Student Senate Rep Winona State University, Winona, MN 01/19/13 150+ WSU Somsen Auditorium 5555555 Adam was FANTASTIC! He was very enthusiastic and passionate about his performance. He created a relationship with the audience, which was phenomenal! I had many students coming up to me afterwards that were very happy with his performance. His graphs were not only original, but very realistic. We would love to have Adam back any time! Kim Melle, Spec Events On Campus Dir.

Iowa Lakes Community College, Emmets burg , Iowa 01/22/13 185 College Cafetera 5555555 Great show!!, Would highly recommend !! High energy, funny, fun, will invite back !! Bill Lapczenski, Director

Peru State College, Peru, NE 01/24/13 50+ College Theatre 5555555 Adam was not only friendly on and off stage but outgoing to all the students who wanted to meet him. While on stage problems with the school's heating and lighting occur yet he used that to his advantage. It was my first time being the schools hospitality adviser and Adam taught me how to act to the performer as well as others while doing my job. If I can get my school to have him come back, I would make it a bigger event. That guy is awesome! TJ Beckert, C.A.B hospitality advisor ANTON SHUFORD Kirkland Productions

Merrimack College, North Andover, MA 01/22/13 100 Cascia Hall 5555-5Rose Dolan, Assistant Director of Student Involvement

ASIF ALI Metropolis Mgmt & Entertainment Group

Florida Gulf Coast University, Fort Myers, FL 09/20/12 200 Student Ballroom 4545-54 He was an excellent performer. He had the students laughing because he was relatable and very funny. Meghan Moss-Solomon, Dir. of Comedy COMEDY FEST - PAUL NARDIZZI, AMY ANDERSON, JOSH SNEED Summit Comedy, Inc.

Springfield College, Springfield, MA 12/13/12 100 Campus Union Stage 5555-5Students loved all 3 comedians! Summit Comedy was great to work with and very helpful!


Christina Frugale, Graduate Associate JASON WEEMS KP Comedy

University of South Alabama, Mobile, AL 11/29/12 150 Mitchell Center Arena Globe 3455-5Jason was a super nice guy! If you're expecting "jokes" to be told from start to finish, this is not the show for you; however, if you prefer audience interaction and funny stories, Jason is your guy! Very professional and personable. Students enjoyed the show and had a good time at dinner with Jason afterward. Heather Sprinkle, Coordinator, University Programs Eastern Washington University, Cheney, WA 01/08/13 325+ MPR 5555555 We loved working with Jason and suggest him and KP Comedy for shows in the future. Berto Cerrillo, Advisor for Campus Programs

Menlo College, Atherton, CA 01/09/13 100 Florence Moore Auditorium 4555-55 Menlo College really enjoyed the show that Jason Weems performed for us. We loved the originality of his jokes and the connection made with the audience. Jason was very well mannered and arrived on time and even performed a little longer that expected. Menlo College highly recommends Jason Weems. :) Charnae Dickson, Student Gov VP The College of Idaho, Caldwell, ID 01/28/13 100 Student Center 5555555 The show with Jason Weems was HILARIOUS! He was so original and quick on his feet. Most of his show was interacting with the crowd and it went very well! Ariel Lawson, Program Council Chair

Western Oregon University, Monmouth, OR 01/29/13 50 Pacific Room 5555555 Jason was amazing. We unfortunately had a mishap with advertising and did not get the crowd size we had

hoped for, however Jason did a tremendous job of working with the audience size and really stepped up to the plate. We would recommend him anytime. Audra Rhodes, Director JESSI CAMPBELL Summit Comedy, Inc.

Jamestown College, Jamestown, ND 01/15/13 60+ L2, Nafus Student Center 5555-55 Jessi connected with the audience and had them laughing the entire show. It was a pretty clean show that worked great for our campus. Krysten Edwards, Director of Student Activities K-VON Neon Entertainment

Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, Bloomsburg, PA 12/07/12 136 Kehr Union Ballroom 5555-5Rob Rowinski, Program Board Special Events Chair KEY & PEELE The Gersh Agency

Wright State University-Main Campus, Dayton, OH 11/17/12 1400 Nutter Center 4555212 Keegan-Michael Key & Jordan Peele put on an amazing show themselves on event day. They went above and beyond by spending time hanging out with the programming board. While doing so, they did research on the culture of the campus and wrote their customized opening act based on the facts provided about the institution. The crowd loved hearing all about themselves. Due to the projection needs of the show, it would have been useful to have the cues and a crew available at the show (or noted in the rider). Lastly, the agency had little prepared to assist in promoting the show as would be expected of an act of this magnitude and failed frequently to return calls, emails, or requests for information. Daniel Schraeder, Assistant Director for Residence Life


HERE ARE THE CATEGORIES FOR THE RATINGS FOUND AFTER THE BUYER’S NAME AND PLAY DATE: (1) ORIGINALITY; (2) ARTIST’S ABILITY; (3) RELATIONSHIP TO THE AUDIENCE; (4) COOPERATION / ATTITUDE; (5) ROAD CREW / MANAGEMENT; (6) AGENCY COOPERATION; (7) PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS PROVIDED. Campus Reports listed in RED indicate the buyer reported a perfect score in all categories that applied to their campus performance for that artist or event. MISSION IMPROVABLE Bass/Schuler Entertainment

Capital University, Columbus, OH 01/18/13 50+ Huntington Recital Hall 5555555 As always, we love MI! Deanna Wagner, Assistant Director of Student and Community Engagement Wichita State University, Wichita, KS 01/25/13 81 CAC Theater 5555555 Loved it! Rachel Tuck, Shocker Spirit Chair The College of Saint Scholastica, Duluth, MN 01/31/13 80 Mitchell Auditorium 5555555 Angela Tumini, Performer Chair PETE LEE The College Agency

Urbana University, Urbana, OH 01/10/13 80+ Student Center 5555-5Pete Lee is a perfect comedian for any size campus. He worked extremely well with our students and programming board. Absolutely a top-notch act! TCA and Sue Boxrud was fantastic to work with! Mitch Joseph, Director of Campus Life RONNIE JORDAN Auburn Moon Agency

Florida Gulf Coast University, Fort Myers, FL 11/28/12 350 Student Ballroom 5555-55 Meghan Moss-Solomon, Director of Comedy ROY WOOD, JR. Summit Comedy, Inc.

Lake Superior State University, Sault Ste Marie, MI 01/15/13 300+ Cisler Center 4445554 Great event for such a small school! Aubrey Ekblad, Director Of Activities Board SAMUEL J. COMROE Flappers Comedy

University of Akron Main Campus, Akron, OH 01/29/13 312 Student Union Ballroom 555555The show was a hit! Samuel and the agency were great to work with. His Q&A in the middle of his skit made the show unique, fun, and hilariously interesting. Holly K. Pilcavage, GA-RHPB THE BLACK-JEW DIALOGUES Bass/Schuler Entertainment

Iowa Western Community College, Council Bluffs, IA 01/22/13 100+ Iowa Western Arts Center 5555555 The BJD performance was great! They engaged the audience for the entire show with their clever comedy, slideshow and video usage, and their ability to relate to the audience. The open discussion following the performance was powerful, inspiring, and highly educational. I would recommend the BJD to anyone looking for a diversity program with a twist! Adam Long, Student Life Coordinator

TODD WOMACK Kirkland Productions

Ramapo College of New Jersey, Mahwah, NJ 12/11/12 35 Friends Hall 4445-54 Kathryn Lee, Program Coordinator


CAS HALEY Developing Artist Booking

Florida Gulf Coast University, Fort Myers, FL 10/23/12 300+ Library Lawn 5555555 Cas was one of the nicest people that i have worked with. He was so helpful with the entire show and his laid back attitude really set a great mood for the show Domenic Volpi, Director of Live Entertainment JAKE OUSLEY Wally's World Of Entertainment

Wake Forest University, Winston Salem, NC 09/26/12 50 Shorty's, Benson Center 5535454 Kirsten Hutton, Student Union Coffeehouse Chair University of Wisconsin Green Bay, Green Bay, WI 11/02/12 65 Coffee House 3333333 He was a delight to have on campus Stephanie Kaponya, Program Coordinator Office of Student Life

Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI 11/08/12 30+ Alumni Memorial UnionStudent Union 5555555 Jake interacted great with the audience. He was genuine and made the atmosphere very friendly! Sasha Molin, Coffeehouse Commissioner Anoka-Ramsey Community College, Cambridge, MN 12/11/12 50 Campus Food Court 5555-5Cindi Gilbert, Student Activities Coordinator JETTY RAE Quick Artist Agency

Lake Superior State University, Sault Ste Marie, MI 11/29/12 50 Galley 5555555 Awesome Artist. Def will be having her back! Aubrey Ekblad, Director Of Activites Board

KAZUAL Metropolis Mgmt & Entertainment Group

Florida Gulf Coast University, Fort Myers, FL 12/03/12 3000+ FGCU Library Lawn 5555555 The A Cappella Troupe Kazual, was a huge hit at my Winter Wonderland event earlier this month! They were wonderful to work with and very adaptable to the music selection and even sang some holiday songs. I would book them again in a heartbeat! Laura Guzick, Director of Traditions

MAGGIE MCCLURE & SHANE HENRY Wally's World Of Entertainment

San Jacinto College-Central, Pasadena, TX 12/04/12 250 Student Center Cafe 4555555 Maggie & Shane are always popular with the students. They are both very down to earth and great to work with. They are not high maintenance artists and appreciates the opportunity to perform for the students. The stayed after and spoke with students. Their cost is very reasonable and affordable. Their music is appealing to the students. Amanda Rose, Coordinator of Student Life PRESTON PUGMIRE Auburn Moon Agency

University of Akron Main Campus, Akron, OH 01/13/13 1170 Student Union Starbucks 555555Preston is extremely entertaining from beginning to end. He connected amazingly with our students, sang some well-known crowd favorites, and even used a megaphone as part of his performance! Holly K Pilcavage, GA-RHPB


AUDIOBODY Fresh Variety

Vincennes University Jasper, Jasper, IN 01/16/13 250 Jasper Arts Center 5555555 Matt and Jason were extremely easy to work with leading up to and planning for the show. I was impressed with their professionalism and the amount of materials they had which helped with marketing the event. I was also impressed with how well they planned ahead to ensure everything would be in place when they came. The day of the show they showed up right on time with smiles on their faces. It was evident that they enjoy what they do. Setting up for the show was a breeze. They did it all! They were very easy to please and extremely laid back. I could not have asked them to be any easier to work with.I would recommend AudioBody for every campus that is looking for something entertaining, creative, hilarious, and inspiring. You will not be disappointed! Alli Baer, Student Activities Coordinator CHRISJONES Bass/Schuler Entertainment

Chippewa Valley Technical College, Eau Claire, WI 11/13/12 100 BEC Student Commons 4455-54 ChrisJones was a success on our campus. He connected well to our audience, including a few children who attended. He had a unque way in which he described hypnosis which put the audience at ease to participate. We will invite Chris back to our campus. Alisa Hoepner Schley, Student Life Specialist Midland University, Fremont, NE 11/14/12 300 Clemmons Hall 5555555 Students haven't stopped talking about ChrisJones! Original performance and great connection with the student audience. Kelly Drury, Campus Activities Board Advisor

Urbana University, Urbana, OH 11/15/12 80+ Student Center 5555-5ChrisJones was AMAZING!!! The students loved him, he has a very very energetic show, and is just a lot of fun! He’s at the top of my list now for artists that we've brought in ... just absolutely amazing (and the students would agree!)!! Mitch Joseph, Director of Campus Life

Lewis University, Romeoville, IL 11/29/12 80+ Lewis University Student Union 4555-54 We received so much great feedback from both current and prospective students and multiple requests to have ChrisJones come back. Many of our current students that have participated in this program before mentioned this was the best entertainment we’ve ever had. Our staff loved it as well! Chris was very friendly and entertaining. He was a pleasure to work with. Ashley Dobbyn, Event Coordinator Northern State University, Aberdeen, SD 11/30/12 224 Johnson Fine Arts Center 555555This marked the second year in a row that we booked ChrisJones. Not only is he a great entertainer, he's extremely easy to work with and within minutes of taking the stage he develops a good relationship with audience members. I'm confident we'll have him back again next year. Bart Carithers, Director of Student Activities CHRISTOPHER CARTER Bass/Schuler Entertainment

Wright State University-Main Campus, Dayton, OH 11/10/12 200 120 Med Sci 5555555 Every aspect from booking the show to Chris' arrival on campus through his farewell is carefully communicated. Chris kindly stuck around following his performance and kept the programming board entertained by answering all of their questions and providing them so additional tricks to thank them for their efforts. Daniel Schraeder, Assistant Director for Residence Life Louisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical College, Baton Rouge, LA 01/16/13 100+ LSU Union Theater 5555-55 Mr. Carter was delightful to host, he was agreeable to additional promotional opportunities the day of the event which helped increase the number of student attendance. The students loved the show and we plan to host Mr. Carter again next season. A clear WINNER! Terry Serio, Asst. Director Methodist College of Nursing, Peoria, IL 01/17/13 120+ Methodist College 5555555 Jordan Ticaric, Coordinator Student Life & Career Services

Babson College, Wellesley, MA 01/20/13 50+ Reynolds Campus Center 5555-5Christopher was so great during fall orientation that we brought him back for spring orientation and he did not disappoint! The students enjoyed the show and he kept them guessing the whole night. Melissa A. Grove, Assistant Director, Student Activities and Leadership




HERE ARE THE CATEGORIES FOR THE RATINGS FOUND AFTER THE BUYER’S NAME AND PLAY DATE: (1) ORIGINALITY; (2) ARTIST’S ABILITY; (3) RELATIONSHIP TO THE AUDIENCE; (4) COOPERATION / ATTITUDE; (5) ROAD CREW / MANAGEMENT; (6) AGENCY COOPERATION; (7) PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS PROVIDED. Campus Reports listed in RED indicate the buyer reported a perfect score in all categories that applied to their campus performance for that artist or event. CRAIG KARGES Karges Productions

Augustana College, Rock Island, IL 12/01/12 300 Wallenberg Hall 5555555 Craig Karges is a wonderful entertainer and we love working with him at Augustana College. We have hosted him before on our campus and we always have a great turn out of students, faculty and community memebers. Out of all of the agencies and artists that we work with throughout the year, Craig and Karges productions is by far the best to work with and I imagine Augustana College will host him again in the future. Emily Kitterman, Special Events Chair

Black Hills State University, Spearfish, SD 01/25/13 750 Young Center Gymnasium 5555555 If one were to look in a dictionary under "Perfect Performer" I believe the definition would be "Craig Karges." He is a top-notch entertainer, a respected professional and a fantastic human being. Craig is the kind for performer you want every student to meet not only was his show amazing and entertaining, his final words to the students were insightful and inspiring. Karges Productions has my highest recommendation and support. Jane Klug, Director of Student Services DALE K Rubber Room Productions

Wright State University-Main Campus, Dayton, OH 08/23/12 425 120 Med Sci 5555555 It is always a pleasure to work with Dale K, and he did a great job keeping the attention of a packed house of brand new freshmen! Dale's unique energy, props, and comedic timing made time fly by and got unfamiliar students to establish bonds that lasted all semester long. Daniel Schraeder, Assistant Director for Residence Life DANIEL MARTIN Bass/Schuler Entertainment

University of New Orleans, New Orleans, LA 01/14/13 250 Ballroom 5555-55 Dan's show was great-- his energy was contagious and he was a hit. Students are still talking about it! LeeAnne Sipe, Coordinator of Campus Programs ERICA MINA GP Entertainment

Pennsylvania State University-Penn State Altoona, Altoona, PA 01/12/13 250 Slep Pondview 5555--5 Eric spent a couple hours before the show going to our residence halls and dining facilities doing teasers. His hypnosis was original, and he kept the crowd laughing the whole way through! Very easy to work with. Dayna Coleman, Assistant Coordinator of Student Life


College of DuPage, Glen Ellyn, IL 01/17/13 150+ Student Lounge 5555555 Loved it! Will definitely do it again. Erin Richardson, Variety Acts Producer

JARED SHERLOCK G.L. Berg Entertainment

Bemidji State University, Bemidji, MN 12/12/12 200+ Hagg Sauer 100 5555-55 Jared was an awesome guy to work with and talk to, he was very friendly and we even got dinner with him before the show when he was getting ready to do a teaser with the students in the Campus Dining area. The audience loved the show and showed up to the tune of 200-250 people. One of our biggest audiences to date this semester. Dylan Davison, President JOEL MEYERS GP Entertainment

Pennsylvania State University-Penn State Altoona, Altoona, PA 01/11/13 250 Slep Pondview 5555--5 Joel spent a couple hours before the show going to our residence halls and dining facilities doing teasers, and his show was captivating to the audience. Everyone loved it! ------ Joel was awesome to work with. He did a free teaser prior to the show and was totally laid back, personable and funny. The audience loved him and we would love to have him back to our campus. Nikki Runzo - Assistant Director Student Life Dayna Coleman, Assistant Coordinator of Student Life Ursinus College, Collegeville, PA 01/14/13 100+ Lower Wismer 5555555 HE WAS THE GREATEST THING TO EVER COME TO OUR CAMPUS. Samantha Salomon, President of the Campus Activities Board

Neumann University, Aston, PA 01/16/13 40+ Schmidt Multi Purpose Room 5555555 Very Polite to the student helpers and all around good atmosphere. Richard Tutak, Executive Board Member In charge of Social Media University of Missouri-St Louis, Saint Louis, MO 01/29/13 100 Pilot House 5555555 Everybody had an amazing time! The audience loves him. The board loves working with him! Katie Green, Program Chair JOHN CASSIDY Sophie K. Entertainment

Winthrop University, Rock Hill, SC 01/17/13 110+ TIllman Auditorium 555555John and His Wife Jen were extremely nice people to work with. They provided a show that was fun entertaining and energetic. They used all aspects of the audience to cater the show into a first-class act. Tevin Brown, DSU Special Events Chair


University of Minnesota/Crookston, Crookston, MN 01/16/13 95 Auditorium 5555-54 Alysa Tulibaski, Student Experience

Wartburg College, Waverly, IA 01/19/13 450+ Neumann 5555-4Very easy to work with, and willing to fit his performance around the theme of the show he was emceeing. Overall a very successful performance and a very talented performer! Cody Osegard, ETK President Grand Valley State University, Allendale, MI 01/25/13 150 Grand River Room 4455-4Chelsea Pulice, Campus Programming Graduate Assistant JONNY ZAVANT Redd Promo Talent

University of New Orleans, New Orleans, LA 01/14/13 250 Ballroom 5555-55 Jonny was a hit and his promo/marketing suggestions were excellent. Students have been talking about his show for days. LeeAnne Sipe, Coordinator of Campus Programs MAT FRANCO Franco Talent

Otterbein University, Westerville, OH 12/07/12 90 Otterbein University Campus Center 4555555 Mat was awesome! He engaged the crowd from the moment he walked onto the stage and kept their attention for the entire performance. Being able to have him on- campus prior to the show for a teaser was a great success and truly helped us to get more people to attend the show. Mat is extremely easy going and great to work with. I have been working in campus activities for a while now and I am extremely picky about the agencies and performers I will work with. Mat far exceeded my expectations and I look forward to continue working with him and his agency. Molly Ward, Assistant Director MICHAEL KENT Fresh Variety

Carthage College, Kenosha, WI 01/11/13 200 Student Union Theatre 5555555 Great interaction with the students. Connected university traditions to jokes and performance. Definitely recommend! Becky Windberg, Director of Student Activities SAILESH Metropolis Mgmt & Entertainment Group

Winthrop University, Rock Hill, SC 01/10/13 120+ Tillman Auditorium 555555Sailesh was really easy to work with. Being our first spring hypnotist in over 20 years he came in and made a lasting impression. He is a class act and one of the nicest people to work with and to get to know. He is great with adapting the show to the audience at hand and making it enjoyable for everyone. Tevin Brown, Special Events Chair University of Akron Main Campus, Akron, OH 01/23/13 726 E.J. Thomas Hall 555555Sailesh was very creative and tailored his show to the students and what they reacted to. He was hilarious and one of the nicest people to work with the night of his show. Holly K. Pilcavage, GA-RHPB




CANDLE CREATIONS Kirkland Productions

University of South Florida-St. Petersburg Campus, St. Petersburg, FL 12/06/12 185+ Harborwalk 555555The candles were awesome and a big hit! We actually ran out because more students showed up than I had anticipated! Thank you so much, we will be using more novelties and variety from Kirkland Productions. Alaura Marriott, Director of Special Events Harborside Activities Board CARICATURE ARTISTS Party Animals

University of Akron Main Campus, Akron, OH 01/13/13 1170 Student Union 555555All three artists were fantastic! They would draw the students and even add backgrounds, quotes, and whatever else they asked for. They were great and very easy to work with. Holly K Pilcavage, GA-RHPB CHAIR MASSAGE Kirkland Productions

University of South Florida-St. Petersburg Campus, St. Petersburg, FL 12/06/12 185+ Harborwalk 555555The students LOVED the massages! They were great to have and the student body left us with feedback to bring them back to campus for the end of every semester. They all arrived on time, and we will be looking forward to booking them again in the near future! Alaura Marriott, Director of Special Events Harborside Activities Board GOURMET HOT CHOCOLATE BAR Maui Wowi Hawaiian

University of Akron Main Campus, Akron, OH 01/12/13 217 Quaker Ballroom 555555The hot chocolate was fresh and amazingly delicious. The students loved that they could add over 10 different toppings to their already tasteful hot drinks! Holly K Pilcavage, GA-RHPB JOHN M/ SKINS Kirkland Productions

Florida International University, Miami, FL 11/26/12 200+ Wolfe University Center 5555555 Claribel Azcona, Graduate Assistant LESTER & BODY ART BY SUSAN Everything But The Mime

Cincinnati State Technical and Community College, Cincinnati, OH 10/10/12 200 Art Show 5555555 They are great. Cannot say enough good words about them. Brenda Maples, Director, Student Activities

University of Akron Main Campus, Akron, OH 01/13/13 1170 Student Union 555555Lester & Susan are such an amazing duo. Lester's balloon creations could be seen all throughout the event being worn and carried around and Susan's amazing body art, especially her face creations, were

a huge hit among the students! Holly K Pilcavage, GA-RHPB

St Petersburg College-Seminole, Seminole, FL 01/16/13 300+ College Lobby 555555Dena Leeks, Student Life and Sr. Administrator

State College of Florida-Manatee-Sarasota, Bradenton, FL 01/23/13 300 outside pavillion 5555-5Always a crowd favorite and will be invited back in the future. Herschel Johnson, Coordinator Student Life PERSONALIZED LICENSE PLATES Art and Fun

San Jacinto College-Central, Pasadena, TX 01/15/13 300 Student Center 5555555 Art & Fun is a great agency. The staff is very friendly and works well with students. Amanda Rose, Coordinator of Student Life PHOTO BOBBLEHEADS Kirkland Productions

Kentucky Wesleyan College, Owensboro, KY 12/05/12 200 Student Center 5555-55 John with Photo Bobble Heads was TERRIFIC to work with. The bobble heads were extremely high quality and the production rate was very fast (much higher than other photo items). Great product, student loved it! Andrew Rash, Director of Student Life PHOTO BOOTH Art and Fun

San Jacinto College-Central, Pasadena, TX 12/05/12 300+ Student Center 5555555 Great Event!! Art & Fun customizes the logo on the photo strip to your event, your school or whatever you prefer. There was a line from start to finsh. Art & Fun

even stayed about 30 minutes late to make sure all the students in line were able to get pictures. Amanda Rose, Coordinator of Student Life PUT IT WHERE YOU WANT IT CEP Incorporated

Sheridan College, Sheridan, WY 01/18/13 79 Commons Cafe 4555555 Very accommodating performance. Students enjoyed receiving free items that they created and selected. Collin Wallace, Coordinator of Residential Education and Intramural Programs REALITY CHECK GAME SHOW PEER Awareness

Bethel University, McKenzie, TN 01/16/13 40 Multipurpose Room 5555555 Great Duo! Orlando and Derek work incredibly well together and obviously care a lot about what they do. The students enjoyed the show and the wide variety of activities during the program appealed to everyone in the audience, even those who aren't particularly trivia savvy. Orlando contacted very well with the students and everyone walked out feeling like a winner. We chose the "Drug and Alcohol Awareness" questions and our students learned much more than they realized. Great program - we will definitely be bringing these two back again as soon as possible. Incredibly professional in every aspect. Rachel Stephens, Director of Student Activities

TEXT WARS GP Entertainment

Pennsylvania State University-Penn State Altoona, Altoona, PA 01/10/13 100 Slep Pondview 2231--Artists showed up late and were purchasing coffee at the convenience store and fixing their hair 20 minutes after they were set to go on. They were not as funny as we were expecting, and had a powerpoint with questions then gave cash. We feel we could have put a powerpoint together with better questions and had a better quality event. I would not recommend. Dayna Coleman, Asst. Coord of Student Life

THINKFAST TjohnE Booking & Production

Wright State University-Main Campus, Dayton, OH 09/29/12 115 120 Med Sci 5555555 Think Fast Game Show is the best touring trivia game show for the money in the market. Their host is top notch, their buzzers are plentiful and easy to use, and they keep every member of the audience engaged with the opportunity to win up until the very end! Daniel Schraeder, Assistant Director for Residence Life University of Akron Main Campus, Akron, OH 01/12/13 217 Quaker Ballroom 555555ThinkFast was an amazing Welcome Weekend event! It's extremely interactive and the host is hilarious. They brought everything they needed from lights and sound to the entire game show setup! Holly K Pilcavage, GA-RHPB TRONSYSTEM TjohnE Booking & Production

University of Akron Main Campus, Akron, OH 01/13/13 1170 Student Union 555555Everyone wanted to get in on at least one game of laser tag. We turned out all of the lights in our ballrooms and they put up a bunch of inflatables, handed out the electronic vests and laser tag guns, and let the games begin! Holly K Pilcavage, GA-RHPB


BARRY SCOTT Kirkland Productions

Treasure Valley Community College, Ontario, OR 01/23/13 70+ Classroom/Cafeteria 555555Barry was wonderful, we have nothing but wonderful

feedback. Our students were pleasantly surprised and many professors asked that we do more events like his "Tribute to Martin Luther King Jr." He is always a pleasure to have out! Tasha Sorensen, Student Life Coordinator Caldwell Illinois Wesleyan University, Bloomington, IL 01/27/13 200+ Young Main Lounge 5555555 This was a great event. Barry really connected with the audience and made the event very meaningful Carl Teichman, Dir of Government/ Community Relations BARRY SMITH Kirkland Productions

Tufts University, Medford, MA 11/28/12 100+ Braker Hall 5555--5 Barry Smith's "Ever Job I've Ever Had" was a fresh approach to the very stressful topic of career exploration on college campuses. By sharing his life experiences, Barry gets students to think about their own passions and goals, while showing that it's okay to not follow the path most-traveled. The students in attendance appreciated Barry's candidness and his oftenforgotten message. Victor Wang, President of Senior Class Council DAVID COLEMAN Coleman Productions, Inc.

Florida Gulf Coast University, Fort Myers, FL 11/27/12 300 Campus 5555555 The lecture was a great turn out. David Coleman was able to really connect with the students and reach out to them. He kept it entertaining while educational at the same time. As I sat in the back I was able to see each and every student. Each student was very attentive and eager to participate. We also had speed dating right after the lecture which was part of the program. The speed dating that David conducted was the best thing to end the event with. Nikolas St. Cyr, Come Meet The Real Hitch SPEAKERS CONTINUE ON PAGE 28



Roane State Community College, Harriman, TN 01/11/13 12 Main Campus 4555-55 Del did a fantastic job. He had my students engaged from the beginning. Very effective training and useful lessons and information. Sarah Hooper, Coordinator - Student Engagement SUNY College of Agriculture and Technology at Cobleskill, Cobleskill, NY 01/19/13 80 conference room 4555-5Del was a great facilitator. The retreat helped our programming board in so many ways. Del also spoke to the RAs as an added bonus. He is great to work with and his knowledge is extensive. Jeff Foote, Activities Director

DR. JOHN CORVINO Kirkland Productions

Salisbury University, Salisbury, MD 11/27/12 180+ Wicomico Room 5555-5Emma Newell, Talks and Topics Chair JUDSON LAIPPLY The College Agency

University of Akron Main Campus, Akron, OH 01/30/13 131 Student Union Theatre 555555Judson was able to deliver common sense in a uncommon and effective way. He wrapped up his lecture with the infamous Evolution of Dance! He was definitely a student favorite. Holly K. Pilcavage, GA-RHPB

RICHARD HIGHT Kirkland Productions

College of Lake County, Grayslake, IL 11/27/12 50 Auditorium 5555555 We had a great time working with Richard, unfortunately not that many people showed up but the audience had a great time with his works of art. George Gonzaga, Programming Clerk Lewis-Clark State College, Lewiston, ID 01/21/13 100+ Activity Center 5545554 Brandon Lytle, Student Activities Coordinator

If you are a student considering a career in the entertainment industry, we need to talk. CAM is looking for writers with credits and student interns. Most positions will allow you to work from home or campus. INTERESTED? (803) 712-1429 or




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We will continue to publish results in our print edition but are building a more long-term resource for you on-line. Artists may have the form readily available for buyers on a iPad or tablet at the end of their performance if the school feels comfortable giving feedback at that point. Some schools may feel intimidated by this approach and choose to complete the form after speaking with their students. An easy solution in this case would be an agency customer service call or email to the buyer after the play date requesting that they evaluate your show. The system is simple and easy. It completely eliminates most information errors and helps us track the number of dates played and the success of performances. This is information that can be extremely helpful to schools as they look at artist and agency histories. Be very clear with the agency on the exact GENRE of the act you are reporting on. Comedy hypnotists are NOT comedians but qualify only in the VARIETY category. Speakers that make you laugh are NOT comedians but SPEAKERS. Artists that make funny balloons are not VARIETY but qualify as GAMES. To be considered VARIETY the artist must have a stage show (mentalist, magicians, jugglers, hypnotists, etc.). By splitting categories you rob the artist of an accurate over-all score. In most cases our system with auto-correct information if that show, artist, agency or campus is already in the system.

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Story By Shawn Radley

Most students don’t see your Facebook posts-.According to TechCrunch only about 12% of your fans do. Most don’t see your Tweets either..-. According to Betaworks the average half life of a post in 2012 was FOUR minutes-. And very few ever read your emails -..According to mailer/mailer the average open rate for emails sent in 2012 is about 19%, meaning 81 out of every 100 you send are NEVER read by anyone-..

Needless to say students are more reliant on technology than ever before, and live their lives instantly and in real time. Advances in mobile technology over the past few years are helping Program Boards take advantage of new communication methods to engage their students on campus directly via text message in affordable and simple ways. We will explore some ways your school can use mobile technology on your campus to help increase your attendance, communicate with your students about events, get student feedback via polling and surveys and bring your marketing and technology use out of the stone-ages!

TEXT MESSAGES The average 18-24 year old student sends and receives over 3,000 texts per

month and for most, it is their primary daily communication method. Below are a few ways your Program Board can incorporate text messages as part of your marketing mix on campus!

Starting a text list for your Board In 2013 this may well be the easiest way to communicate with your students. The software platforms available today such as OnCampusText make running a text list as simple as writing an email. Your students text a keyword (for example SCOPE, SAPB, LSUCAB, URISEC) to a shortcode and they are automatically opted in to your list. You then include info about your list “TEXT COLLEGE to 63566” for example in all of your on-campus event marketing materials (posters, news paper ad’s, flyers, radio ad’s, etc) for the entire year to drive signup’s. Schools have also used “Text-towin” type givaways or iPads, Kindles, Gift Cards, etc to drive initial sign-ups to the list.

Send Specific Text Messages about Events on Campus Let’s say you have a great comedian performing on campus Wednesday night. Which of these marketing ideas do you think is more effective in 2013? The posters hanging in the student union with the comedian’s name and picture, or a text message you send out to the students on your list with


a fully clickable YouTube link showing a two minute clip of the comedian’s stand-up routine? It’s a lot easier for your students to know if someone is funny when they can see them perform. The same concept applies to music for your coffeehouse series. You send a link to listen to music. Movie Trailers for your movie series….again, just send a YouTube link to generate excitement about the film.

Students today are used to this type of oneclick marketing, as they get it everywhere else in their lives, so why not take advantage of that as a Program Board? Most students are deciding what to do on Wednesday night an hour or two in advance, so you can now remind them about your events as they are making their plans, rather than hoping they see your poster two weeks before in the Union and remember to come. This instant communication and delivery has helped increase attendance and awareness at events for many different campuses currently using mobile technology. As long as you don’t overload or spam your students and send them only timely, relevant information they will view your text list as a great service to inform them about events. For most schools sending a weekly reminder about that week’s events at the same time on the same day every week

creates a habit with students, who then look forward to the info on a weekly basis. Random (and sometimes scary3.) Texting Facts

• 97% of all text messages are read, and most in the first 15 minutes. • The average person checks their cell phone 100-150 times per day…..once every 6.5 minutes. • Over 90% of students sleep with their phone within arms length and for more than 75% it is the first thing they look at in the morning, and last thing they look at before sleeping. • More people in the world own a cellphone than a toothbrush. • 62% of students surveyed would rather lose their wallet (including money) than their cell phone. The data and information is harder to replace than cash. • More iPhones are sold each day (407k) than people are born (300k) in the world. • 96% of students text every day, and in the US we send 3.5 BILLION texts per day and 2.1 TRILLION per year. POLLING When you want to find out info from your students how does your campus do it? Do you tackle students in the dining hall and beg them to give you answers? Use a paper ballot to try and get feedback? Use online options like SurveyMonkey?

Why not use Mobile Technology to poll students real time via text messages? You type out a question and send it out to students on your list (or they text a keyword to get the question from you – it works either way) and they text back the answers. Sounds easy, right? IT IS!! You get almost instantaneous feedback and results as your students reply to your questions. Most of your students grew up in the “American Idol” generation and they are used to using their cell phones for voting and polling.

CONTESTS “Text to Win” type promotions have quickly become a favorite way for companies like Coke, McDonalds and Taco Bell to drive brand loyalty and do giveaways with their fans. Your Program Board can now use mobile technology to run similar contests on your campus to drive students to join your text list. Some examples below will show you some of the ways schools have used the technology on their campus.

Best Seats in the House Promotion – Hold a pair of front row tickets to your Spring Concert or other event, or even a meet and greet pass if you can arrange it. Put up signs for people to see as they walk in “TEXT SCOPE to 63566 for the chance to Win Front Row Tix Tonite!!” Right before the show starts the winner gets a text telling them how to get their ticket upgrade, and everyone has been opted in to your text list. Free Stuff - We all know how much students like free stuff. When students text in to join your list at events you can give them something for free. Maybe their autoresponse tells them to show this text for a free cupcake, or T Shirt. You can also include wording like “First 25 people to show text get a free _____” in your promotions for an event to drive people there. Again, students get free stuff, and you get their number opted in to your list…WIN-WIN! Orientation Events - Work with Orientation leaders to make sure they include your text

list marketing in their events. When you have a room filled with 100 Freshman and you tell them to “TEXT SCOPE to 63566” to get weekly texts about campus events all year it is much easier to get them to opt in than trying to chase them all down when they arrive in September.

MOBILE TECHNOLOGY ISN’T GOING AWAY Cell Phones aren’t a fad, and students are not going to start throwing them away tomorrow for something new. In fact almost 99% of your students will have the same cell phone number when they graduate as they did when they first got to campus. Once you have a student opt in to your list, you can communicate and engage with them for all four years!!

It will take time to grow an opt-in list, but by including Mobile and Text Technology as part of your overall marketing mix you can keep your students better informed about events, as well as getting real time feedback from your students helping create a more successful overall presence on campus for your Board and maximizing the impact of your events on campus! Shawn Radley is President of OnCampusText. To reach him for more information: or call him at (617) 359-8634.

You can also use the technology to run voting on “Campus Idol” , “Campus has Talent” or “Battle of the Bands” type events. You can use text-based voting just like your students are used to seeing on TV to run your events. It happens in real time and you can watch votes come in on any computer screen when logged in to an account.


Are you bored with run of the mill variety entertainment? Are you awash in a world of average grey when you just want a little color on stage? Are you ready for a new “spin” on live novelty? Did you really think this story would not include some form of that pun? Greg Frisbee is a very busy man, working over 200 dates a year (most of them in the summer time festival circuit) and a veteran of over 10 years experience, but is just now discovering the joys of entertaining the vibrant demographic of the campus market. “I started performing in the mid 1990s, in the Boston area of New England where I grew up and went to school. I began by street performing, but it wasn’t until about 2000 that I consider myself to have been really performing professionally.”

Variety performers seem to occupy a space in the campus market unique to any other type of act. Comics for example, tend to do well the closer they are in age to their audience. Not a given, but a good rule of thumb. The same can largely be said of music acts. But, variety is a little different. Sure, it couldn’t hurt to have a juggler or magician growing up watching the same cartoons as your students, but there is a lot to be said for experience, especially when you are talking about an entertainer who performs feats of skill. There are things Greg can do now that he couldn’t have shown an audience when he was 20, and he has honed perhaps the most difficult skill for any performer to a razor-sharp point: crowd control. Being able to manage, relate to and communicate with any given crowd nullifies any consideration an age gap might create between audience and performer. “I try to always work on new things to be creative and keep it fresh. I want to be a little bit edgy and have people guessing.” From flying rubber chickens to masterful escapes,


Greg knows how to keep an audience on it’s toes, but beyond experience, uniqueness, variety or the professionalism in his show, perhaps the most significant and universal draw for campus buyers is the fact that Greg’s performance is all ages. From 8-80, he is the perfect choice for little sibs, family weekend, or nearly any demographic you can imagine.

Truly, we have struck on Greg’s greatest talent, and that is his ability to perform for such a wide variety of audiences and attune his show to each one, learning this skill through working shows at tons of fairs and festivals, performing arts centers, corporations, casinos and yes, colleges. “I want to appeal to everyone from the 8-80 crowd, but I find the 16-30 year old market (which lines up very nicely with the college market coincidentally) for some reason has the strongest reaction to my show. Probably the more dangerous elements of the show draw them in, things like juggling knives or lighting myself on fire or a few daring escapes I do. I do things that are totally absurd, like launching rubber chickens out of cannons.” Check out Of course with a show like this, you can’t be light on laughs, and Greg seems to have found his niche there too. “The humor of my show appeals to a wide variety of people. There are ‘jokes’ in there that are for everyone, but I think the real appeal is in a more organic, physical sort of comedy that comes from the natural absurdity of what I do for a living. And heck, everyone can relate to that.”

Have Greg Frisbee entertain your audience, whether it’s all ages, or any age by calling Starshine Events at (540) 585-4292 or

PO Box 509 Prosperity SC 29127

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