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into your requirements for the coming year. We want to suggest that you complete an Artist Report Card on ANY act you book so other campuses will have the benefit of your experiences. Plus every Artist Report Card earns you credit toward a possible FREE weekend of entertainment.

STACY LANNERT In May 2009, Stacey appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show. After the governor granted her clemency she was released from prison where she served 18 years for fatally shooting the man who raped her from ages 8 through 18--her father. Stacey is now sharing her story including: How to spot sexual and emotional abuse; The importance of speaking up, and never being ashamed of who you are. KIRKLAND PRODUCTIONS

J. CHRIS NEWBURG: J Chris Newberg is funny. He has performed on “America’s Got Talent”, but lost to dancers that sparkle. He has also been on the “Tonight Show”, “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and Comedy Central. He has toured with Dane Cook and written songs for American Idol. ( @thechrisarmy SOPHIE K ENTERTAINMENT

MICHAEL RAMSDELL: His first film, MONTCLAIR a narrative study of Montclair, NJ won best screenplay at the Universal Studios Cinema City Film Festival. The Second, THE ANATOMY OF HATE: A DIALOGUE TO HOPE has been featured on news outlets such as, NPR, FOXnews, etc. Mike has been honored to speak at over 100 campuses in the past two years about “hateful” actions and howwe can overcome them. COLEMAN PRODUCTIONS

ROB GLEESON: Rob Gleeson is the star of the upcoming feature film The Ivy League and the host of NBC's highly anticipated pilot "Catch.” Rob was also recently featured on an MTV comedy showcase and listed in the New York Post as having one of the 150 Best Jokes of the year! If you are looking for something new and different, check Rob out. NEON ENTERTAINMENT

JOSH BLUE: If there was ever a unique comedian amongst the throngs of comics over the last decade, it has to be Josh Blue. Winner of NBC’s “Last Comic Standing” and a campus tradition now across the country, Josh brought the audience to their feet at the recent inaugural conference for the Association of Entertainment Professionals (AEP) Worldwide in Vegas. American Entertainment Magazine: “A hit every time!” AGENCY FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS (APA)

NORE: NORE, the young refreshing face of comedy, delivers an energetic performance filled with witty quips and sharp punch lines, combined with an amazing stage presence. TV Feature spots on MTV’s “Yo Momma”, Nick Cannon presents “HATIN on ’09” and MTV’s “Kiss & Tell: The Do’s & Dont’s of Dating.” SOPHIE K ENTERTAINMENT


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