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DAN AHDOOT 18 Dan has consistently become a stronger comedian and a favorite among campus buyers. LIVE! AT MIAMI U. OF OHIO 20 Nestled in a small area of Ohio is a school with a great big program and a top-notch group of dedicated buyers who make things happen.

2011 CAM READER’S CHOICE AWARDS BALLOT 25 For 19 years the Reader’s Choice Awards have been the measuring stick for campus entertainment.


Donald Glover has a cult following on America’s Campuses. Not only is his comedy hysterically funny but his role in NBC’s “Community” has exploded him in the eyes of comedy buffs everywhere.

AEP CHANGES BUYING 34 The Association of Entertainment Professionals gives campus members a new edge on the hottest artists and shows.


From the Publisher Laff Guru Real Life w/ Elaine Pasqua APCA Events

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Artist Showcase Campus Activities LIVE Artist Profile:Nick Howard Entertainment Warehouse


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Campus Activities Magazine速 and American Entertainment Magazine Become The Official Publications of The Association of Entertainment Professionals (AEP Worldwide).

In a landmark decision this month, Campus Activities Magazine速 led the way for more diversity in the activities field by diversifying access to the entertainment market for buyers from colleges and universities.

While historically there have always been two strong organizations in this segment of the marketplace, AEP is not trying to either compete with or replace either of these. Rather, the aim is to give directors and buyers something

far more diversified. In some cases buyers see virtually the same artists showcase and exhibit year after year. With AEP, the intent is to bring all the different markets together: specifically associations, corporations and organizations, fairs, festivals, amusement parks, casinos, military, performing arts theaters, venues, colleges and universities. For the first time ever, college students who may possibly be considering a career in the industry or who are looking for a wider variety of entertainment for their


campuses, can rub elbows with buyers, artists and agencies from a wide variety of entertainment segments. The choices for new programs and events is boundless. The educational opportunities are incredible because you can learn from potential colleagues with a wide variety of different experiences. And if you happen to be looking for a career or internship to move you into the industry, you have the world at your fingertips.

MORE BANG! LESS BUCKS! Because this is a professional organization serving the industry, the cost to join is remarkably reasonable - Just $199 for the first person from each campus and $50 for each additional one from the same location. If you join before July 1, the introductory rate is guaranteed renewable at that rate for an additional year.

If you are an artist or agency, the cost is $395 per year for the first person and $50 for each additional person from the same business. Again, if you join before July 1, 2011, you are guaranteed to be renewed at that rate for an additional year. All memberships renew annually from the date the primary member joins from each campus or agency. Just a partial list of the deliverables include:

• A fully functioning website that includes artists, agencies, suppliers of entertainment services and buyers in a closed, protected searchable database. Buyers and agencies can have instant access to graduating college students and their resumes. Plus buyers can search for artists and agencies by an number of ways and have access to tour schedules, contract riders and even view videos of potential acts they are considering for an event.

• An annual conference which will be both a social and networking environment. Not only will their be celebrity showcases, but showcases for developing artists, main stage showcases, exhibits, educational sessions and social functions. For most college buyers, this will be the chance to see entertainment and work with agencies you have not experienced before. For college agents and acts, it will be the chance to meet and even perform before audiences who never even knew their act(s) existed. • A regular but unobtrusive newsletter making you aware of events and functions within AEP but also those of the traditional college entertainment associations like NACA and APCA.

• Membership includes an annual subscription to BOTH Campus Activities Magazine® and American Entertainment Magazine to keep you current on all the activities and buying trends.

• An annual job fair within the national conference which will allow students the opportunity to meet potential employers and companies, artists and agencies the chance to see potential job candidates.

Look for the AEP website launch later in January.


The Big Three-Oh-Oh

On December 10, 2010, I hit another milestone in my life: I hit The Big 3-0-0!” No, I’m not THAT old. I’m referring to Facebook friends. On a cold snowy morning, I “friended” my 300th person in cyberspace. “Friended” incidentally, is another word that technology created, sort of like “Googling.” “Friend” used to be a noun; now it’s a verb.

I can remember when I only had 100 friends, then 200, and now 300 and climbing. I “friended” four more people today so the official count stands at 304. Problem is, I don’t know who half of these people are.

Where did I meet the “professional makeup artist from Florida?” Who exactly is the guy who keeps sending me “Get Out of Jail Free” cakes via Facebook? And why exactly did I choose to be friends with the “president of a management company that represents eco-friendly professionals?” There must have been SOME reason because this guy has 4,724 other friends. I’m guessing I won’t be getting a Christmas card from him any time soon.

Speaking of Christmas cards, on the same day that I friended my 300th Facebook user, I sat at my desk addressing holiday greeting cards, complete with personal notes. I recognized every name on the list. In many cases I could instantly recall the

names of kids, pets and job titles.

Therein lies the difference between Facebook friends and actual friends: friendship. Your actual friends are there for life. Your Facebook friends are there to clutter your life. When I was 12, I had two friends. John, Gerry and myself were inseparable as we navigated the tricky world of middle school. We hung out together, studied together and learned about girls together.

When I entered high school I expanded my social network by adding about four more friends. At 17, I graduated high school with what I considered to be more than enough friends: nine. Now I’m 48. If I added nine friends for every 17 years of my life, I should have about 41.7 friends. Instead I have 300.

Luckily Facebook allows you to “group” your friends by category. I’ve heard a lot of social networking experts say this is the only way to deal with all the information that we are bombarded with every day, be it email messages, blog posts, newsletters or contacts. Sort them into groups and look at those groups at your convenience rather than all at once.

So here are the Facebook groups I have developed. Go ahead and use them if you


think your Facebook friends list is getting out of control. Also, feel free to rename each group to suit your personal needs.

Here goes: 1) Friends I actually care about 2) Friends who I can vaguely recall after something in their profile jogged my memory 3) Friends who I friended just to be polite 4) Friends who I plan to “defriend” because they keep sending me links to political sites 5) Friends who really don’t value my friendship because they have more than 5,000 other friends 6) Friends who are fans of the TV show “Friends” 7) Friends whose names I don’t recognize and aren’t helping matters because their profile picture is an animal 8) Friends who I didn’t need to friend because they are family members. (Shouldn’t that be enough?) 9) Friends who I accidentally friended by clicking on the wrong icon 10) My dog. After all he is man’s best friend

“The Laff Guru” has taken his message of LAUGHTER=NIRVANA to all 50 states and 23 countries. To find out more about his award-winning comedy act please visit:


Four Loko

And Other Caffeinated Alcoholic Beverages

Before I speak at a college or university I ask my contact about specific issues that their students are facing for that particular semester. Often there are new problems that campuses have to deal with each year.

unsafe food additive.” Seven manufacturers agreed to pull these products off of the shelf by mid December and remove the caffeine. Phusion, the manufacturer of Four Loko promises it will be back on the shelf without the caffeine.

Although they will no longer be sold in stores I feel it’s important to talk about mixing alcohol and energy drinks. Many individuals make their own concoctions by mixing vodka and Red Bull and some students have been stocking up on Four Loko after learning that the drinks were to be banned.

In late September I was preparing for an alcohol awareness week program for a campus in the New York City area. My contact mentioned Four Loko. They had a number of hospital transports where all of the students had consumed Four Loko. This was the first time that someone from a college spoke to me about this drink.

As the weeks went by almost every campus that I spoke with mentioned they too were experiencing problems. Often referred to as “Blackout in a Can,” Four Loko seemed to be everywhere in the media. With an alcohol content of 12 percent, drinking one can is equivalent to almost 5 beers and a very large dose of caffeine. These malt liquor beverages are loaded with sugar and carbonation, masking the flavor of the alcohol and making it easier to consume more.

Colleges were banning the sale and consumption of it after numerous hospitalizations. Some students were requiring serious medical attention. One college in New Jersey banned it after nearly one dozen students were taken to the hospital. Many campuses were also experiencing an increase in accidents related to the caffeinated alcoholic beverages.

In November the FDA sent warnings to four manufacturers of caffeinated alcoholic beverages. The regulatory agency stated that the caffeine added to malt alcoholic beverages is “an

So what is the problem with mixing alcohol with energy drinks?

When a person combines alcohol and caffeine, the caffeine counteracts the body’s sedative effects of intoxication by keeping them more alert. Because the person does not experience those symptoms they tend to drink more. When intoxication might slow them down or even make them pass out, the caffeine keeps them going and places them in harm’s way. They are not aware of the effects of alcohol, feel invincible, and take risks they may not normally take. When the caffeine


wears off they feel the full effects of the alcohol. Both alcohol and caffeine cause dehydration. A dehydrated body does not break down the alcohol as well, leading to lack of coordination, balance and ability to regulate body temperature. Other negative effects such as unwanted sex, increased violence, alcohol poisoning and subsequent blackouts have been observed on many campuses across the country. According to a Wake Forest University study, students who combined alcohol and caffeine were more likely to sustain alcohol-related injuries as opposed to students who drank alcohol. Another study from the University of Florida found that students who mixed caffeine and alcohol believed they were more capable of driving a car when compared with the students who consumed alcohol alone. Once again the caffeine leads to a feeling of invincibility, as it masks the true level of intoxication.

It is important for you to talk to your friends who might be mixing these cocktails. This is a dangerous practice. I mentioned in last month’s article on alcohol that high-risk drinking is the behavior that interferes most with a successful college education. No substance has caused more harm and suffering to humans than alcohol abuse. Combining alcohol with energy drinks has just taken this problem to a higher level. We need to be smart, use common sense, and look out for one another.

Rule of thumb: Don’t mix alcohol with caffeinated energy drinks and don’t consume more than one alcoholic beverage per hour. Drink a non-alcoholic beverage in between to rehydrate and to give the body chance to break down the alcohol. Let’s be safe, respect our healthy bodies, and maintain our goals through college. Questions on college life? Email me at



We all seem to be captivated with the notion of a self-made man. Even more enchanting is the young go-getter becoming uber-successful based solely on their organic talents (and, okay maybe just a bit o’ luck). At just 27, Donald Glover has an impressive list of credits. Most recently he has been featured on NBC’s prime time sitcom “Community” next to legend Chevy Chase and “The Soup” host Joel McHale. Having gotten the gig based on juice from being a writer on “30 Rock,” alongside some other equally legendary figures, he even had his own Comedy Central special air March 19, 2010 and received the Rising Comedy Star Award at the Just For Laughs Festival in July.

Donald’s talents go well beyond writing and acting, as he also has a blossoming career in both standup and music. He brings a unique hybrid of the two to the college market for his upcoming “I Am Donald” tour. For the first half of his performance, he performs standup, then he does a video bit with interactive aspects, followed by a fade into a music half scored by a live band, also with elements of comedy. Donald’s music career is almost as impressive as his acting, as his persona “Childish Gambino” has sold out every performance he has booked.

“Community” was an incredible boost in Donald’s career, putting him in front of millions of weekly television viewers. He describes the surreal experience of working on camera with someone as renowned as Chevy Chase. “It has been really fun. I never expected to get that job. I wrote for “30 Rock” for three years and stopped because I had fallen in love with standup. I was asked to audition by the Russo brothers, who also did ‘Arrested Development.’ I got the audition and the part and working with Chevy Chase and Joel McHale has been really cool. I mean, these are guys I have already watched; I was already into them. It reminded me lot of when I was writing for “30 Rock” and working with Tina Fey. We have all become so familiar with her through the years, when you start


working with someone like that you feel like you already know them – or least I did.” Rather than be intimidated, Donald says the level of talent and experience he has been surrounded with has only served to motivate him. “It made me work harder. With someone like Chevy Chase, most of us grew up with him. Now, I hang out with him and he sends me weird text messages,” he says laughing. “It’s pretty surreal, just to be able to hang out with those guys. It really makes me step up my game and work harder at what I love doing.” For some reason, the image of Chevy Chase doesn’t conflict with a guy who sends out frequent, random and weird text messages. “He definitely does. He sends weird text messages all the time, in fact I am thinking about starting a blog called ‘I think Chevy Was DrunkC’ .com.”

Never short on material or thoughts to share as an experienced writer (with a degree in dramatic writing from NYU) and sketch artist (as a member of Derrick Comedy), Donald has more recently begun to master the craft of standup. “I actually started writing in high school, working on plays and movie and television scripts all the way through college. I didn’t start doing standup until about three years ago. I have no idea why it took that long...I think my plate was so full with improv, sketch and writing that I was letting myself get ready. That, and the opportunity for my theater work came about before I had a road into standup.” Donald and some friends got the chance to rent out an unoccupied venue and give it a shot. “We found this space in Queens, New York that no one was using. We decided to try hosting some standup shows there and I just loved it.”

Despite the incredible opportunities of being a television writer at his age, Donald found the freedom of standup refreshing. “As a writer for ‘30 Rock’ you can’t just say anything you want, because it has to be screened by network television censors. I can’t be at a writer’s meeting for ’30 Rock’ and say ‘Hey, let’s just say ‘penis’ 20 times in a row.’ That is against the rules (laughs), but the great thing about doing standup is that there is no censoring, you can truly say what you want. It is a really liberating feeling.

Donald says to be sure to watch out for that particular segment in his show (sarcasm detectors engaged please). “I guess I can perform about 65 minutes,” he says, “and probably only about 63 minutes of that is about penis (laughs). The last two minutes are, of course, about my family.” That seems like a fair ratio. “I think it is,” he laughs. “I want to let them know I’m a down-to-earth family man you knowC”

Donald can cater his show for particular events, but his background deep in the roots of comedy have polluted his precious young mind to the humorous, if sometimes a little dirty side of life. “People think I am joking, because in my half-hour Comedy Central special I do a bit about how Tracey Morgan wanted me to get up and talk about gross stuff. I am not joking, he literally said ‘Talk about penises!’ I think that is the one thing about standup, my favorite part. Not talking about penises I mean, but I get to be myself and say what I feel. Of course it isn’t all literally penis jokes, but I also hope people don’t expect me to just walk out as Abed from ‘Community’ and just start rapping in Spanish although that would be awesome I know (laughs)”

For those experienced in the field of standup, one thing that jumps out from Donald’s statements is his level of development in standup for such a short time in the game. There are comics who have been practicing the art for three years and are still stretching for seven minutes, while Donald is able perform an entire headlining set. “I think I got used to it really fast. At The Creek and The Cave in Queens, we had a show every week. It was a fun little upstart place and the Derrick guys and I had many return guests week after week. That forced us to write new jokes and come up with fresh material to keep our audience coming back every week. Every time I was like ‘Oh crap, this same guy is going to be watching from the front row again.’ I had to kick it up and keep it fresh.”

Donald is a versatile performer, so schools or groups with somewhat more conservative bases shouldn’t be scared off. “I know my audience, but I try to be as versatile as possible. The people who know me from my Derrick Comedy days, which is a huge portion of my fan base, know I can be a little dirty, but it’s not crazy dirty. It is more like dirty with a point. But I can definitely change it for people. If they want it to be a cleaner set, it isn’t a problem as long as they let me know in advance. In general though, I do try to be adaptable to as many audiences as possible.” His versatility is pretty apparent, considering the impressive career he has already built. Years of sketch, writing and improv experience with Derrick Comedy, a staff writing position on the smash “30 Rock,” his own Comedy Central Special and his feature role in NBC’s “Community” all add up to chameleon-like talent for a performer perfect to fit your campus demographic.

BOOK IT! For more information on Donald Glover contact Matt Blake at Creative Artist Agency or reach him through our website at January 2011, CAMPUS ACTIVITIES MAGAZINE, 17

BY SAMUEL HOOKER Upon entering a gig as tough as performing on The Tonight Show, you might think one’s inner tension would tighten when told your slot has been bumped up thirty minutes from original stage time. For Dan Adhoot, it was a typical day at the office. The secret to this surprising attitude regarding such a gut wrenching, career defining feat...experience in the college market.

When Dan was asked to give the college scene a try, he was thrilled. He also unabashedly shared that same enthusiasm when asked to perform an entire hour of material, not realizing just how short the actual material fifteen minutes of Dan had would feel in front of 200 students. “I would like to apologize to the first few dozen schools that booked me (laughs), because all I did was get up on stage and ask people what their major was and what they were going to do when they graduated.” He now realizes how much this shaped his composure when faced with situations like on Leno.

“The college market was like my boot camp,” Dan explains, sharing with us some of his first performances for the college crowd. From a drunken giant of a football player charging the stage to take his head off to performing at an arts and crafts festival with no seated audience, it seems Dan has always had a knack to overcoming the obstacles that are placed in his performing path.

Just think about this for a minute; you are a standup comedian. Typically performing in a seated venue with the same faces staring you down for an hour, you have some opportunity to build a rapport. Comparatively, standing in front of a crowd that is constantly scampering around while you try to hammer in punch lines before they leave earshot is a bit chaotic! True talent has to take control and that is exactly why Dan Adhoot is such a success and well-rounded performer.

Let’s take a step back to look at Dan’s unique career time line: Before the college market, the second season of a little TV show on NBC called “Last Comic Standing”, took place. According to host and comedic legend Jay Mohr, Dan’s performance was seamless. Pretty huge considering he had only been performing comedy for three and a half years. Although he was not the winner, Dan’s career was launched in a direction he had been longing for, especially after ditching his degree in medicine to follow his dream on the “financially secure” and “parentally favored” route of comedy (note the sarcasm). It was shortly after his time on LCS that he got a phone call from Kate McGill at Sophie K Entertainment to sign him onto their college roster. With Dan’s comedic gift, perseverance and a fundamental understanding for working a crowd, it didn’t take him long to anchor roots around the U.S. Now performing at


140 plus schools a year and consistently getting one of the highest return form rates at conferences, Dan has quickly spread his wings and is rising to stardom.

Originally establishing himself as “The Iranian Jew” from Great Neck, New York on “LCS,” this signature has stuck throughout his career. “It’s great. I’m Iranian and Jewish. You can either hate me, or hate me,” Dan rips on himself during his show. He also toys with the emotions of his proud father by tap dancing the topic of his career choice after graduating from John Hopkins University with honors. “I mean, who wouldn’t rather become a writer for ‘Crank Yankers,’ Comedy Central’s ‘Premium Blend’ and Nick Cannon’s hit MTV show, ‘Short Circuit.’ (Seems an obvious choice to me dad!)” No matter the event or occasion, Dan Adhoot is sure to keep the crowd roaring at every performance. Funny, funny, funny! There is no other way to describe this guy. Once you have had Dan at your school or event you will see exactly why he is one of the highest booked comedy acts on campus. Be sure to check out Dan’s showcase this year at NACA’s National Conference. BOOK IT! For more information on Dan Ahdoot, contact Kate Magill at Sophie K. at (877) 664-8559.



et in the beautiful rural heart of the state, Miami Uni versity of Ohio resides in Oxford, a town truly built around it’s school. In fact, the University’s student population dominates the town, occupying more than 75 percent of it’s populace at 16,000 thousand and 22,000 residents in the town itself.

Situated in the country about 30 minutes from Cincinnati, the school retains many students for the multitude of student activities they host. With a diverse series of majors available, all manner of students attend Miami U., so many types of programs fit into their schedule. The dominant majors seem to be business, education and communications and, the school was honored nationally as the number two school for undergraduate commitment to teaching. The interesting mix of the student population brings a dynamic into the cultural mix at the school, and subsequently 20, CAMPUS ACTIVITIES MAGAZINE, January 2011

it’s entertainment. “There seems to have been a perception that Miami is a very conservative school,” says JS Bragg, Assistant Director of Student Activities and Leadership on the campus. “However, all the recent data and surveys we have done point toward a balance. Almost exactly evenly they have identified themselves as conservative or liberal, within 2 students in one case. So, we have an even split, which gives us a very wide demographic of students to program for.” Miami Entertainment’s activities structure has retained an interesting format. Instead of one unified body programming for the entire campus, the duties are divided amongst two groups, which used to be three. “There were three programming groups, but there was a large push from the upper end of the university administration to reduce that. The request was to bring it down to a single unified group, but we convinced them that wouldn’t work so we just merged two and are left with two,” JS explains.

Mike Emling, Executive Chair of the Campus Activities Council, explains the split. “CAC, After Dark and the Shriver Center Program Board were the original three. SCPB was dedicated strictly to bringing people into the student union and was merged with the After Dark program.”

Vanessa Braun, Assistant Director, fills us in on the duties of Campus Activities Council. “CAC focuses on the large scale university-wide events like Homecoming, Family Weekend and our little sibs weekend, which we call Kidsfest.” Mike adds, “That also covers many of the big concerts we bring and we are affiliated with the Association of Student Governments, acting as their programming arm.” Miami U’s differing entities are all funded uniquely. CAC as a part of ASG has funds allocated directly from the overall student government, funded by student tuition fees and allocated by the Vice President of Student Affairs Office. After Dark gets $5 per residence hall student, per semester coming directly through the office of residence life. With about 60% of their students’ population living on campus (required for first and second year students), this means a thriving program for After Dark. CAC is the single largest programing group on campus with a total of about 150 members on 9 committees with an executive council 30 strong. “It is a motivated group and though large, structures are in place to keep it manageable. We are lucky this year, because for the first time we have two graduate assistants who are advising two boards each, as well as having Vanessa as our full time advisor.” Between the program groups, there is something going on all the time for the students at Miami U. “After Dark has programs every Friday night,” explains Natalie Parham, Assistant Director of Marketing for After Dark.

While Cincinnati is only about half an hour away, apparently the drive is not one students readily make, so Miami Entertainment doesn’t seem to be competing with night clubs for the student’s attention. “People don’t seem to like to drive there, they don’t leave Oxford. We are the opposite of a suitcase campus,” JS says. “To paraphrase the former President here, 'Oxford isn’t a place that’s easy to find, but once you are here, you never want to leave.’” This writer can attest to that fact. Going for a jog around the quaint little town quickly displays it’s clear boundaries and sense of community. The main town is essentially squared off in a grid, with homes and businesses snugly roosted toward its center. It is definitely a closely knit community and,

definitely a college town. There are probably as many sub shops and pizza parlors as homes.

The main programming groups associated with Miami Entertainment and CAC aren’t the only entities generating the things going on around Oxford. “There are over 400 student organizations on campus, all of which do some degree of programming. We have the University Lecture Series, a performing arts series, etc. I would venture to sat that there is rarely day that goes by where there is not some type of guest speaker, program, entertainment event or something else on campus.” There is some competition for attendance, both between programming groups and sports, but there is also collaboration.

“We do CO-organizational things often,” Devin Bachman, cochair of Program Board says. “One of the things we have been focusing on this year is getting cosponsorships of events. We have done this in the past, but this year we are trying to get as many different clubs involved as possible.”

CAM always encourages campus activities programing groups to reach out to as many organizations and even local merchant groups for cosponsorship opportunities. It’s a great way to attract new and more varied audiences and involve the community. Miami U. hosts a few large events each year, the Goo-Goo Dolls were set to play for Family Weekend when we visited campus. The board talks about a few more of the events on campus and the challenges of hosting them. “We have great space for the smaller and medium scale events in the Shriver Center, our student union. Events range from comics to coffeehouse acts to drag a cappella to cooking competitions,” Devin says, as JS adds “Our multipurpose rooms can hold a capacity of 750 people and we also have a smaller ballroom that can hold around 300.”

“CAC uses some of the larger spaces on campus,” Mike says. “I would say it’s often more of a challenge for us, especially for larger events. We brought Girl Talk two years ago and last year had Kid Cudi and both of those ended up being in (Mullett?) Hall, which is our basketball arena. It is not ideal for acoustics and seating arrangements (laughs). The Goo-Goo Dolls will be in the same venue for Family Weekend.” Miami University of Ohio and Miami Entertainment certainly have an action packed schedule for their students, for more information on how they make the magic happen, contact JS Bragg at January 2011, CAMPUS ACTIVITIES MAGAZINE, 21

After one of the toughest campaigns ever by artists and agencies to get nominated, the 2011 AWARDS are set to be history making.

On the pages which follow, you will find a brief summary of the candidates in fourteen categories. You may fax or mail the ballot on the following page or you may vote online at CAMPUSACTIVITIESMAGAZINE.COM. Please remember that you do not have to vote in every category for your vote to be counted, but you must sign all paper ballots submitted and indicate your school or business. ONLINE ballots will be randomly checked for validity. ANY Campus Buyer can vote. Any artist or agency can vote. ALL BALLOTS MUST BE RECEIVED BY FEBRUARY 15, 2011. You will find the winners featured in the APRIL 2011 issue of CAMPUS ACTIVITIES MAGAZINE速. Ballot is on page 33.

NATE STANIFORTH: Nate Staniforth began performing at colleges while still a student himself, studying theater and history by day and driving for hours to perform at campus’ at night. In 2008 superstar David Blaine recruited Nate to design an original illusion for his ABC TV special. Nate now tours full time, bringing his original “unplugged” magic show to universities across the country.

RONNIE JORDAN: Ronnie headlined the RJE Comedy Cabaret Tour which is the longest running and highest grossing comedy tour targeting colleges and universities. He broke college touring records last spring with 102 colleges in 112 days within 2 regions. Ronnie is currently touring the nation's colleges and universities on his "College Material Tour" through the Auburn Moon Agency.

AMANDA DUNCAN: In a black and white world of singer/songwriters, Amanda Duncan is a burst of color. As a spectator, you'll probably be impressed by her hummable melodies and powerful vocals but what she'd rather is that you find a little bit of yourself in her lyrics and leave a little happier than when you came in.

AUSTIN CANE: "Damn Fine Blues!" Original & classic delta blues featuring slide guitar and soulful vocals. Musician, Austin “Walkin’ Cane” has broken some serious records being the most booked band and boasting over 60,000+ hits to his name on Sonicbids. Austin "Walkin' Cane" is a blues singer, songwriter and slide guitarist that performs acoustic solo, duo & electric band sets.

REBECCA LOEBE: Rebecca Loebe is a laid-back award-winning indie-folk singer from Atlanta, Since quitting her job as a full-time recording studio engineer, she has performed 100+ shows per year at colleges, coffeehouses and theaters in 30 states of the US. She has garnered rave reviews for her highenergy performances, weaving together skillful, emotional song writing, folk storytelling and comedy for the ADHD generation.

PREACHER MOSS: Preacher Moss’ “End of Racism” Comedy and Lecture Tour tackles the idea of Race and Diversity not only with talk, and humor, but with service. Considered an "unconventional" teacher on race and diversity on the college circuit, Preacher Moss, a two-time “Best Diversity Artist,” continues to deliver the goods on Race and Diversity with a smile.

STAN PEARSON: Stan is a bilingual, salsa dancing speaker whose dynamic, interactive, thought-provoking and charismatic delivery will have you participating, involved and moved to be better today than you were yesterday. Stan’s programs are engaging, interactive, and educational. They have been presented for Greeks, Diversity Programming, Student Life, Leadership and Orientation Programs.

MARC ELLIOT: Marc Elliot knows the importance of understanding people's differences. Marc's speech is loaded with timely humor, powerful anecdotes, and fundamental lessons of tolerance to encourage audiences leaving them motivated, better-informed, and reflecting on their own lives. He shares his life story to convey the value of tolerance and the basic attitudes and behaviors that allow it to flourish.

JOSH BLUE: Born in Cameroon West Africa and diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, Josh was blessed with biting wit and charm, both of which have helped guide him through a truly remarkable life. An award winning comedian, member of the US Paralympic Soccer Team, and an accomplished artist, Josh’s goal is to educate people to realize that those with disabilities are just as capable as anyone else, and in many cases more so.

BLACK JEW DIALOGUES: Black Jew Dialogues combines comedic sketches, improv, and audience participation to provide a fast-paced program . The show has been praised by CNN and the Boston Globe for it's ability to promote an "eye opening and honest" dialogue about culture in America. Ron and Larry play a myriad of characters taking the audience on a hysterical and poignant journey through our closest held beliefs (and misbeliefs).

SAFETY SUIT: The four members, who have been friends forever, simply feel safe and comfortable around each other. “We’re in a safe environment& and that makes us feel free to be who we are. The key word is safety,” says Doug Brown, singer-guitarist. It wasn’t long before this budding Tulsa, Oklahoma band began drawing 1000+ people a night around their home region. So, the touring began – at nice places; at crappy places; at dives, theatres, clubs, colleges, or wherever anyone would take them.

JENN GRINELS: Award-winning singer-songwriter Jenn Grinels has awed audiences with her heartfelt tunes, powerful pipes and witty stage banter. Grinels’ distinctive mix of delicate prettiness and soulful grittiness has been heard on television networks like MTV and live at over 50 universities in the last year alone. The pitch-perfect performer has also collected countless accolades, including the honor of 2010 College Female Solo Artist of the Year.

AMANDA DUNCAN: In a black and white world of singer/songwriters, Amanda Duncan is a burst of color. As a spectator, you'll probably be impressed by her hummable melodies and powerful vocals but what she'd rather is that you find a little bit of yourself in her lyrics and leave a little happier than when you came in.

HOT SPUR: Hotspur truly shines onstage. Over the years, the band has evolved into a five-man barrage of sound with constant touring, stadium-caliber live performances and tireless attention paid to their fans will all contribute to making Hotspur a household name. With three videos on mtvU and tours with Boys Like Girls and 2AM Club, Hotspur is a hit on college campus.

JASON LEVASSEUR: Jason LeVasseur has lived in Mexico, Belgium, North Carolina, Massachusetts, New Jersey and currently Nashville — but one thing has remained constant: the award-winning singer/songwriter’s folk -tinged, pop/rock roots. Jason has gained a reputation as best college solo performer and songwriter. He has been awarded Campus Activities Magazine Reader's Choice Awards for both Best Musical and Best Small Venue Artist.

MARC ELLIOT: Marc Elliot knows the importance of understanding people's differences. Marc's speech is loaded with timely humor, powerful anecdotes, and fundamental lessons of tolerance to encourage audiences leaving them motivated, better-informed, and reflecting on their own lives. He shares his life story to convey the value of tolerance and the basic attitudes and behaviors that allow it to flourish. SEX SIGNALS: A sexual assault awareness program that incorporates improvisational comedy, education, and audience interaction to provide a provocative look at dating, sex, and the core issue of consent, as well as bystander intervention strategies. The two-person program has been presented over 3500 times at over 400 colleges. It has become one of the most talked about lecture programs. JOHN CORVINO: Combining rigorous content with sensitivity and humor, Dr. John Corvino challenges audiences to rethink assumptions about gays, lesbians, and the moral debates surrounding them. Dr. Corvino is a philosophy professor at Wayne State University in Detroit; he is also known as The Gay Moralist, a weekly columnist for LOGO Online Bottom line: he’s funny and he makes you think.

C.L. LINDSAY: CL Lindsay is a lawyer and the founder of the Coalition for Student and Academic Rights. He is also the guy who’s been nominated three times for this award but ALWAYS seems to lose to David Coleman. He remembers a month in the fifth grade when he got dumped both by Karen Lutostanksy and Melissa MacLean after one date each. That’s what he feels like when he loses to David Coleman. Please consider him when you vote. ELAINE PASQUA: Elaine ’s ability to engage an audience with her infectious energy leaves college students talking for weeks! Her entertaining, eye-opening and uniquely interactive programs motivate thousands of students to assess the life-altering consequences of high-risk drinking and unprotected sex. Her hilarious commentary elicits strong responses from students.

KELLY McFARLAND: Kelly MacFarland has an extensive resume including comedy clubs, theaters, colleges and television appearances including Comedy Central, Today Show and Cartoon Network. In 2010, Kelly was voted Best of the Fest at the Aspen Rooftop Comedy Festival. Kelly captivates the crowd with her charm and non-stop energy. Her playful point of view makes her irresistible. Kelly is a must see!

JACKIE TOHN: American Idol Alum and guitar/ukulele-totingsinger-songwriter whose songs can be heard all over Film and Television, loves touring. Playing LIVE is her passion.

ANJELAH JOHNSON: Anjelah Johnson was a professional cheerleader for the Oakland Raiders before becoming an internet sensation with her viral video "Nail Salon" and later appearing on “MADtv” spawning another internet sensation “Bon Qui Qui.” Johnson can also be seen as a live action character in the film ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS: THE SQUEAKQUEL. She lent her voice to the animated film MARMADUKE.

AMANDA DUNCAN: In a black and white world of singer/songwriters, Amanda Duncan is a burst of color. As a spectator, you'll probably be impressed by her hummable melodies and powerful vocals but what she'd rather is that you find a little bit of yourself in her lyrics and leave a little happier than when you came in.

PETER BOIE: Peter Boie Magician for Non-Believers captivates audiences across the country with his award winning magic that will defy your reality. Performing for packed houses at colleges and theaters, his show leaves his audience gasping, laughing, and thoroughly entertained. The rave reviews are piling up and he is becoming one of the most in demand college performers in the country.

DAVID COLEMAN: David Coleman, “The Dating Doctor” and “America’s Real-Life Hitch," has been honored 13 times as Speaker of the Year! His programs resonate long after he leaves campus and his advice is featured on radio, television, in print and by social media worldwide. He travels worldwide entertaining our troops and his website, receives over 250,000 visitors per month.

NORMAN NG: The Norman Magic Experience is the country’s most exciting magic show! The show stars award-winning magician, Norman Ng. No smoke, mirrors or bunnies in this showEjust pure energy, personality and original magic. It’s amazing, fun and clean entertainment that’s far from the NORM! 90% of the material in Norman’s show is all original, which means you won’t see it anywhere else! Norman’s show has been seen by more than half a million people in 48 states.

ERIC O’SHEA: Eric O'Shea's show is a HUGE HIT on Campuses Nationwide. His CLEAN wit and priceless observations take you through your embarrassing childhood and everyday moments that drive you insane! From surviving family, to surviving all 24 hours of the day--from original stories to celebrity impressions including FAMILY GUY & ELMO--Eric's UNIQUE humor, expressions, and high-energy show is unlike anything you've ever heard.

Jackie's three albums have received much critical acclaim: “Her music is pretty pop with a twitch; a paradox of vulnerability and arrogance, honesty and exaggeration, swagger and silliness.” -

MICHELLE BUTEAU: Michelle Buteau’s effervescence and bouncy appearance is betrayed by her devilish wit. Michelle has performed at Seattle’s Bumbershoot, Aspen’s HBO, and the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival, but she’s most recognized for her performances on Seasons 5 and 6 of NBC’s “Last Comic Standing”. She’s also been seen on Comedy Central’s “Premium Blend” and Paramount Comedy Network’s “The World Stands Up”.

DANIEL MARTIN: Daniel Martin has quickly become the most in-demand magician in the college market. His unique blend of Magic, Escapes and Sarcastic Improv have lead to standing ovations with record breaking crowds at campuses across the country. "I feel so honored schools nominated me for Best Male Performer and I hope to get your vote so my agent doesn't hit me."

MARK HARTLEY: Mark Hartley’s program Situation Normal, All F*** Up, has received rave reviews from college audiences across America because he challenges students to live a life of excellence without compromise. He’s a talk show host for a program called Educational Roundtable and the author of the highly acclaimed book series, “If I Knew Then What I Know NowD”

JOE CASTILLO: Joe Castillo, the only Sand artist on the American Continent is certainly the premier “SandStory” artist performing today! Clients include Disney, Mercedes-Benz, LexMark, Intercontinental Hotels and The Dubai Bank, Joe has traveled the world telling unique and custom stories in Sand. He is the 2009 winner of American Entertainment Magazine’s Reader’s Choice Award for Best Solo Novelty Act of 2009 and has burst onto the campus entertainment scene.

MARC ELLIOT: Marc Elliot knows the importance of understanding people's differences. Marc's speech is loaded with timely humor, powerful anecdotes, and fundamental lessons of tolerance to encourage audiences leaving them motivated, better-informed, and reflecting on their own lives. He shares his life story to convey the value of tolerance and the basic attitudes and behaviors that allow it to flourish.

NORE DAVIS: This young refreshing face of comedy, delivers an energetic performance filled with witty quips and sharp punch lines, combined with an amazing stage presence. Edgy and clean, NORE tells it like it is, speaking to audiences everywhere. With Feature spots on MTV’s hit shows ‘Yo Momma’, and most recently, Nick Cannon presents ‘HATIN on ’09’ NORE is always perfecting his act. He reinvents comedy one laugh at a time..

MATT COREY: "Venturing far outside of the realm of traditional saxophone music, Matt Corey’s Sax/DJ set features music by many of today’s top artists. Fusing club and radio hits with raw energy and virtuosic instrumental mastery, Matt has been featured in performances in London, Walt Disney World, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and hundreds of clubs, colleges. He has opened for Dave Matthews Band, Lil Wayne, Mario, Average White Band, & O.A.R. ZAC BROWN BAND: Music only scratches the surface of what Zac Brown is all about. Zac Brown Band is always looking for ways to enhance the fan experience. At every headline show, Zac Brown delivers a full-blown southern gourmet BBQ for 100 attendees prior to the performance. ZBB is a leader in digital sales, selling over 11 million units online (including digital tracks, digital albums and ringtones) One of only 10 Country Artists to have over 1 Million Fans

RECYCLED PERCUSSION: Recycled Percussion has emerged from underground live show sensation to one of the most powerful touring shows in the U.S. The band has single-handedly brought the terms "Power-Percussion" and "Junk Rock" into mainstream music circles. Remarkable drumming led by the world’s "fastest extreme drummer" Justin Spencer, and intoxicating hiphop funk grooves spun by "DJ Pharaoh" deliver a fist-pumping thrill . BEN BAILEY: Acclaimed standup comedian, Ben Bailey is the most desired cabbie in New York. He is the host of "Cash Cab" and "Cash Cab: After Dark". He was singled out by publications such as Entertainment Weekly and People Magazine who said "All Hail Cash Cab." As a stand-up he has also been profiled in publications such as the New York Times, Maxim, the Associated Press and other reputable media outlets.

NICK CANNON: There aren’t many folks who had their face seen by more people this summer than Nick Cannon, host of this summer’s smash hit on NBC, “America’s Got Talent.”Nick is a DaVinci of the entertainment industry, this guy literally does it all. Singing, dancing, acting and of course, his true love of standup comedy. Even more impressive than Nick’s many talents is the way raw grit, determination and talent got him to the top of his game. MIKE BIRBIGLIA: In the third grade I won the "Author of the Month" for a poem I wrote about bears and Thanksgiving. In college I won the “Funniest Person on Campus" contest and the chance to perform at the D.C. Improv. They were so impressed they hired me to bus tables. From there I took my jokes to NYC, where I proceeded to drive my mom’s old car to comedy clubs all over America until my mechanic would no longer take my calls.

BONGO BALL MANIA: The excitement of American Gladiator, the speed of Laser Tag, and the thrill of Paintball, Bongo Ball Mania!, is the fastest game of capture the flag. There are two teams of five with each player wearing matching team helmets, chest and shoulder armor, and their defender Air Cannon. Players hide between, under, and behind obstacles as they advance in the battlefield of flying Nerf balls to capture the flag and win the game.

PLAYFAIR: PLAYFAIR reaches out celebrating the diversity of each of us in an atmosphere of non-competitive play allowing new students to meet one another in a very positive and supportive environment. It has been proven that laughter and play help the body stay healthy. PLAYFAIR is a great program to have outside, but works equally as well in a large indoor space. Give your freshman a gift they will always remember.

THINKFAST: ThinkFast \Think-

fast\ (Translation: Voted best show 11 years running by students). Innovative concept, Pace setter, TjohnE's custom software, Wickedfun with intellectual properties, Quality production set, Pro Mackey Sound,, Turn-key operation, Mainstream music and videos, Straight Talk Videos, Pop Culture Trivia, Fun Survey Questions, Customized promotion, Engaging host, and Winnertake-all cash prize!

LIVE BAND KARAOKE: If you've ever wanted to be the lead singer of your own band; LIVE BAND KARAOKE gives you the chance to fulfill that wish! LBK performs across the nation at colleges and universities, continuing to wow crowds with an overwhelming response to the energy and excitement that only a live band can deliver. LBK allows anyone to fulfill their rock and roll fantasies.

FUNNY TS: With over 600 dates a year played and 3 units touring full-time, Funny T’s and Pictures Too is the only digital t-shirt show using a patented, wax-thermal transfer system, which makes the t-shirts last for years. Their catalog offers over 400 selections and unlimited t-shirts per 6 hour event. Since 2005, Funny T’s has been the #1 Novelty event booked in America.

PETER BOIE: Peter Boie Magician for Non-Believers captivates audiences across the country with his award winning magic that will defy your reality. Performing for packed houses at colleges and theaters, his show leaves his audience gasping, laughing, and thoroughly entertained. The rave reviews are piling up and he is becoming one of the most in demand college performers in the country.

FREDERICK WINTERS: Frederick Winters has made comedy hypnosis hotter than ever! He’s consistently ranked as one of the top 5 campus acts in the country. After performing over 3,000 perfectly chiseled and wildly popular shows, you could say Frederick Winters is legendary! Fasten your seatbelt for a show that has been designated one of the very best on college campuses for nearly a decade!

CHRISTOPHER CARTER: Christopher Carter has been called the world’s greatest mindreader. But he’s not psychic. He’s just in the business of freaking people out. With well over 2000 campus performances to his credit, and numerous past Readers Choice awards under his belt, Christopher is one of the most sought after entertainers in the campus market.

SAILESH: Sailesh has exploded as the host of the hottest hypnotist stage show that exists in the college market today. Sailesh has been featured on POP TV, Inside E!, VH1 and he has numerous showcase credits to his name. Sailesh has a huge following because of his unique and unconventional style of hypnosis. Integrating comedy, high-energy music, and improv, Sailesh travels all over the universe entertaining millions.

NORMAN NG: The Norman Magic Experience is the country’s most exciting magic show! The show stars award-winning magician, Norman Ng. No smoke, mirrors or bunnies in this showAjust pure energy, personality and original magic. It’s amazing, fun and clean entertainment that’s far from the NORM! 90% of the material in Norman’s show is all original, which means you won’t see it anywhere else! Norman’s show has been seen by more than half a million people in 48 states.

JEN KOBER: Jen Kober lives to make people laugh. Originally from Lake Charles, Louisiana, Kober has taken her southern style sassiness to Los Angeles where she has quickly become a nationally recognized headliner playing colleges, casinos and comedy clubs all over the country and bringing crowds to their feet with her original blend of stand-up, story telling, and improvised rock-n-roll comedy.

DAN AHDOOT: Featured on The Jay Leno Show and Comedy Central’s Premium Blend and was a guest at the Comedy Central South Beach Comedy Festival. Dan was a finalist on Season 2 of NBCs “Last Comic Standing”. He has written for MTV’s “Short Circuits”, Comedy Central’s “Crank Yankers”, and A&E’s Roast of Gene Simmons. Dan went to college at Johns Hopkins University and graduated with honors as a premed student .

MISSION IMPROVABLE: This Chicago & LA based troupe has been touring the college circuit heavily over past years. Mission IMPROVable is one of the top ranked comedy companies & you're guaranteed to laugh out loud when these guys are around. With various regional and national showcases under its belt, this group of improv masters has perfected the art of making its audience laugh.

TOMMY JOHNAGIN: Tommy Johnagin is an autobiographical comedian with a gift of finding something funny in everyone he meets and everything he does. His credits include, Comedy Central's "Live at Gotham", CMT's "Comedy Stage", 3 appearances on The Late Show w/David Letterman, his own 30 minute special on Comedy Central, and finished 2nd in the 2010 season of NBC’s “Last Comic Standing!”

JAY BLACK: In 2007, Jay left a job teaching English to pursue stand-up full time. Since then, he has performed at over 300 colleges, performed for our troops, headlined clubs, and opened for stars like Joel McHale, D.L. Hughley, Carlos Mencia, Sinbad, and others. He's honored to be nominated for Reader's Choice for Comedian of the Year and hopes that it inspires the college students to follow their dreams.

UNIV OF NV/ LAS VEGAS: The Special Events committee of Rebel Pride Council made it’s debut in Spring 2009. This committee's responsibilities include programming new and unique activities/events for UNLV students. Past events include Open Mic Nights, Game Show Nights, Speed Dating, Mr. UNLV, UNLV Idol and more. Rebels After Dark is a late night entertainment program that occurs on select Friday nights in the UNLV Student Union.

SUNY/ COBLESKILL: The Council for Student Activities plans events and activities for all SUNY Cobleskill students. The members, officers, and advisors work very hard to make sure that every student has the opportunity to get involved on campus. The events that CSA sponsors each year include a comedy series, numerous stage shows, a movie series, roller-skating, bowling trips,Tag Ball Tournaments, and Shopping Trips. METHODIST UNIVERSITY: Student Activities is responsible for planning & implementation of all student entertainment and activities held at Methodist University. This includes comedians, novelty acts, homecoming, Spring Fling and movies. All full-time students are encouraged to participate in this open organization. Involvement in campus programs and activities is vital to a well-rounded education experience.

CMU’s Proposed New Events Center

CENTRAL MICHIGAN: Central Michigan University was established in Mount Pleasant, Michigan in the spring of 1892. Officially the Student Activities Board began the fall of 1928. Today, The Program Board is well known as one of the strongest programming groups on campus, providing a wide range of entertainment, large and small. Committees include: Cinema, Concerts, Comedy, Lectures, Daytime/Special, and Cultural.

WINTHROP UNIVERSITY: The DiGiorgio Student Union is the student association in charge of programming entertainment for the Winthrop community. Each semester, we bring numerous comedians, singers, bands, lecturers, novelty acts, and so much more! There are numerous opportunities for interested students to become involved in the social and cultural sides of campus life.

BASS/SCHULER ENT.: Bass/Schuler Entertainment works with hundreds of colleges and universities around the country. A combination of award-winning acts and impeccable customer service has garnered the company a nomination for Campus Activities Magazine's "Agency of the Year Award" every year since Scott Bass and Chris Schuler founded the firm in 1999. BSE has racked up five wins, more than any other agency.

NEON ENTERTAINMENT: Neon Entertainment, the Brightest Agency in the business, is a full service entertainment agency that has been providing the best in musicians, comedians, celebrities, novelty events and other entertainers to colleges, corporations, and private parties across the country since 1993. We have recently expanded and now have a second southeast office in addition to our Buffalo, NY office.

CUTTING EDGE PRODUCTIONS: CEP develops exciting new entertainment for schools and campuses nationwide. They have been featured in Campus Activities Magazine and have received spectacular reviews. Packages include some exciting and unique experiences that simply cannot be found anywhere else. Each event is custom-designed to for your specific desires. CEP offers an unparalleled quality & service.

METROPOLIS MGMT. Established in 1995, their goal was to becoming the number one talent and management company internationally. Over the past 15 years Metropolis has build a team of professional agents and entertainers while providing impeccable service. They represent multiple facets of the entertainment industry with a foundation to provide services in the industries of entertainment promotions, media production, and talent management.

KIRKLAND PRODUCTIONS: Kirkland Productions specializes in entertainment, cultural, and educational programs for colleges and universities. The roster includes Issues & Ideas, Performing Arts, Variety & Special Events, Novelties, Family Programming, Product Packages, Concert Management & Production; and the sister company, KP Comedy, offers a full comedy roster.

CHRISTOPHER CARTER: Christopher Carter has been called the world’s greatest mindreader. But he’s not psychic. He’s just in the business of freaking people out. With well over 2000 campus performances to his credit, and numerous past Readers Choice awards under his belt, Christopher is one of the most sought after entertainers in the campus market.

NATALIE STOVALL: Natalie’s sound strikes a perfect balance of country and high-energy rock. She’s not just a great singer; she also plays a mean fiddle. Natalie has opened for artists such as Little Big Town, Gretchen Wilson and was invited by the President Bush to sing God Bless America at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner. Peace. Love. Fiddle!

FREDERICK WINTERS: Frederick Winters has made comedy hypnosis hotter than ever! He’s consistently ranked as one of the top 5 campus acts in the country. After performing over 3,000 perfectly chiseled and wildly popular shows, you could say Frederick Winters is legendary! Fasten your seatbelt for a show that has been designated one of the very best on college campuses for nearly a decade!

SAILESH: Sailesh has exploded as the host of the hottest hypnotist stage show that exists in the college market today. Sailesh has been featured on POP TV, Inside E!, VH1 and he has numerous showcase credits to his name. Sailesh has a huge following because of his unique and unconventional style of hypnosis. Integrating comedy, high-energy music, and improv, Sailesh travels all over the universe entertaining millions.

DAVID COLEMAN: David Coleman, “The Dating Doctor” and “America’s Real-Life Hitch," has been honored 13 times as Speaker of the Year! His programs resonate long after he leaves campus and his advice is featured on radio, television, in print and by social media worldwide. He travels worldwide entertaining our troops and his website, receives over 250,000 visitors per month.


FAX TO (803) 712-6703 • MAIL TO: CAMPUS ACTIVITIES MAGAZINE, PO BOX 509, PROSPERITY SC 29127 VOTE ONLINE AT School/Agency: _____________________________________ Your Name: ___________________________________

Address: ______________________________________ Your Phone Number: (

City/State/Zip: ____________________________________


Signature: ___________________________________


#1 BEST SMALL VENUE ARTIST Nate Staniforth Amanda Duncan Rebecca Loebe Ronnie Jordan Austin Cane

#6 BEST MALE ARTIST Peter Boie Norman NG Daniel Martin David Coleman Eric O’shea

#11 BEST COMEDY ARTIST 2011 Jen Kober Mission Improvable Jay Black Dan Ahdoot Tommy Johnagin

#8 MAJOR ARTIST Zac Brown Band Recycled Percussion Ben Bailey Nick Cannon Mike Birbiglia

#13 AGENCY OF THE YEAR 2011 Bass/Schuler Entertainment Cutting Edge Productions Kirkland Productions Neon Entertainment Metropolis Management

#2 BEST DIVERSITY ARTIST Preacher Moss Marc Elliot Black Jew Dialogues Stan Pearson Josh Blue

#7 FASTEST RISING STAR Mark Hartley Marc Elliot Matt Corey Joe Castillo Nore Davis

#4 BEST SPEAKER Marc Elliot Sex Signals John Corvino C.L. Lindsay Elaine Pasqua

#9 BEST NOVELTY/ GAMES Bongo Ball Mania Playfair Funny Ts ThinkFast Live Band Karaoke

#3 BEST MUSIC ARTIST Safety Suit Amanda Duncan Jason LeVasseur Jenn Grinnels Hot Spur

#5 BEST FEMALE ARTIST Kelly McFarland Anjelah Johnson Michelle Buteau Jackie Tohn Amanda Duncan

#10 BEST NOVELTY / LIVE Peter Boie Christopher Carter Norman NG Frederick Winters Sailesh

#12 BEST CAMPUS PROGRAM 2011 Univ of NV/ Las Vegas SUNY/ Cobleskill Methodist University Central Michigan Winthrop University

#14 ENTERTAINER OF THE YEAR 2011 Christopher Carter Frederick Winters David Coleman Natalie Stovall Sailesh

PLEASE BE SURE YOU HAVE SIGNED YOUR BALLOT. Your privacy is protected. We do NOT sell, barter or trade your information to any outside sources.


Äť5 --)#.#)(5 )5 (.,.#('(.5 ,)--#)(&-5 ),&1# %-5 .-5 /.5 )5 ,)--70,5 (,-5 ;5 .),-

The long-awaited premier of AEP Worldwide is over. After plans were announced last year to bring the entertainment industry a new organization that would cross-pollinate both talent and buyers from the corporate and association markets,colleges, fairs and festivals, casinos, performing arts and other venues across the nation, in January 2011 it will become a reality. The brainchild of Leona Plaugh, former executive director of IACEP, Ian Kirby and W.C. Kirby, from American Entertainment Magazine and Campus Activities MagazineŽ, the new organization will be a collection of buyers, artists and agencies in a professional atmosphere that will nurture business across market lines. “The intent of this organization,� according to Kirby, is not to replace the parent

organizations from each sector but to work with them in promoting their conferences and give their buyers a chance to see acts from a variety of other sectors that fit the requirements for their audiences. The industry has adapted well to change and we feel these buyers can prosper by finding incredible new acts and celebrity talents that previously were uncharted territory for them.�

Leona Plaugh, who was well-known and respected Executive Director at IACEP (International Association for Corporate Entertainment Producers) will head up AEP as Executive Director. Plaugh has outstanding credentials in membership development and retention, conference planning and site negotiations and will be a perfect fit for the organization. W.C. Kirby (“Kirby�) spent eleven years


with the National Association for Campus Activities (NACA) before starting Campus Activities MagazineŽ, the world’s #1 publication for campus entertainment in 1991, and American Entertainment Magazine in 2001. Both magazines will be intimately involved in the planning and promotion of AEP and the events associated with it. Ian Kirby of Cameo Publishing will be the point man for working with agencies and artists for the new organization. Ian is currently the editor for Campus Activities MagazineŽ and American Entertainment Magazine. He has been with Cameo since he was 15 years old. The Formula: Leona admits it took months of research and consulting with buyers to reach the formula that they hope will bring success

to the organization. “First, we are coming out of one of the most troubling times for the entertainment industry. While things are looking up, it was our chore to come up with a membership and a conference plan that would be affordable and attractive to members. We think we have accomplished both. With the help of some of our colleagues in the industry, we tried to come up with the most bang for the buck.

talent. You may not sell any talent of your own or sell talent as a middle agent. The membership is a company membership for the primary contact. Additional memberships within the company are $50 per year per individual. The membership year begins the day you join for a period of one year.

From Kirby’s point of view, he thinks AEP must be able to offer something for every demographic and then teach each how they can use these relationships to their advantage.

“Each one of the major divisions in entertainment have changed and evolved. There is so much talent that is being missed because it is only really promoted and offered in a single segment. So many of these acts can be perfect for a variety of sectors, but they don’t have the contacts and access to them. Having to try to promote themselves, advertise and showcase their talents in each where they feel they are appropriate is not only challenging, but extremely expensive. Our job is to simplify the procedure with one organization and one conference.

“The same is true of the buyers. Not only have costs been a stumbling block in recent times, but as audiences evolve and change in demographics, buyers have to be able to find new and emerging talent that will reach a wider age-range. This is where AEP will step in. I know from talking with buyers from arts venues and even some major clubs and performance venues, they are having to buy for a younger audience or even family audiences that will help them fill their seats. They can no longer rely completely on traditional performing arts shows to accomplish this. The tastes of their audience is transitioning.

“The same is true for corporate and association buyers as well as event planners. Developing artists is a term on everyone’s tongues and nowhere can you find more of these acts than on campus stages. The campus market has the

reputation of being the proving ground for new talent. If they can pass their stringent test for popularity, they are ripe to move up the ladder to other venues.” The Investment: Kirby and Leona are quick to tell you that members should look at the price they pay for membership as an investment rather than a cost. And, they have constructed a very appealing investment factor. The price for a BUYER membership will only be $199 a year,” Leona relates. That rate is good through June 30, 2011. After that, the rate will be $295. But here is the kicker. If you join before July 1, you will be guaranteed the $199 rate for an additional year at renewal. To qualify for the BUYER rate, you must exclusively buy


$249 AFTER JUNE 30, 2011



All Membership Rates Are Company Memberships For The Primary Contact. Additional Members $50/yr per member.

Memberships for AGENCIES or ARTISTS are $395 per year. Upon joining this year, you will be guaranteed that rate for an additional year. You may purchase additional memberships for individuals within your company for $50 per year per individual. The AGENT/ARTIST membership qualifies you to be listed on the AEP database, as well as allows you perference for exhibits and/or showcases at the annual conference (exhibit, attendee, showcase fees are additional). The Bang For The Buck: The deliverables for members include:

1) An annual conference which will be a social and business environment. Featured will be educational sessions, mainstage and developing artist showcases, exhibits and social functions. It will give you the opportunity to discover new entertainment opportunities, meet agents and artists face-to-face, and socialize with peers and colleagues in a relaxed setting.

2) A fully functioning website that includes artists, agencies, suppliers of entertainment services and buyers in a searchable database. Access to graduating college students (and their resumes) who are interested in making the entertainment industry their careers. Plus artists and agencies will have direct links to websites as well as video and bios on the AEP site. 3) Social functions at other conferences throughout the country in various segments of the entertainment industry. 4) A regular but not obtrusive e-newsletter making you aware of events and functions within AEP including open dates for many artists. 5) An annual subscription to BOTH American Entertainment Magazine and


Campus Activities Magazine® to keep you current on upcoming artists and buying trends.

6) An annual job fair within the national conference which will allow you to meet potential candidates face-toface... an excellent source for finding

interns and future employees.

7) Regular access to developing artists where you can find shows at affordable prices at the inception of the artists’ careers. 8) Volunteer opportunities that will not consume your time but allow you to give and

receive valuable input on the inner workings and the future of the organization. 9) A town hall meeting at the end of the annual conference where artists and agencies can meet face-to-face and discuss problems and changes in the entertainment industry. 10) And most importantly, a professionally run organization with an experienced staff that can respond to your needs. The National Conference:

The AEP National Conference is currently being negotiated for 2011. Tentative plans include considering two different sites in the Las Vegas area with suitable space for an entertainment audience. More details will be available when a final contract is negotiated. Right now dates under consideration are late September. The conference will be open to all members at a reasonable delegate fee and to non-members at an added cost. The AEP website is currently under construction and plans are for it to be online in early 2011. This will be a completely searchable database open to members only.

If you would like to be part of the AEP Advisory Board, the organization would like to encourage you to apply. You can give as little as a hour a month to the tele-conference meetings and have your voice heard on the future trends of the organization. We promise to be respectful of your time and use it accordingly. In addition, volunteer positions will also be recruited for the annual conference for 2011 in Las Vegas. If you have a special skill that you would enjoy sharing with the organization for this meeting, please let us know. For questions about joining AEP, contact Leona Plaugh at (803) 782-1946 or Ian Kirby at (803) 712-1429.




Breaking out within an already over saturated marketplace is a daunting task for a singer/songwriter. Moreover, staking that claim within the U.S. college market after a trip across the pond is that much more impressive. For UK native Nick Howard, it is only the beginning. Opening for acts like Jack Johnson and Gavin DeGraw and having his original music featured on popular television shows like “LA Ink”, and “The Jersey Shore” relate just a few of the reasons why Nick Howard will be a name to remember. In addition to Nick’s ever-growing list of credits comes an equal if not greater passion for both his craft and his audiences. “Colleges in the states are different than anywhere else. It’s such a great community atmosphere and it’s such an invigorating place to be around.” The excitement in Nick’s voice as he speaks of the college market only confirms the level of commitment he brings to his performances.

Beginning his career in the UK before venturing to the states made him appreciate the richness and diversity of our live entertainment markets. “I’ve been playing music my whole life, played in a band all through college, and I really gave a go of it professionally before moving here in the states. I moved here for that purpose and obvi-

ously the opportunities here are a lot better. My theory was if I can do it here in the states then I should be able to do it anywhere.”

Stepping off a plane from England, arriving in The Big Apple and beginning a new career in music would seemingly be a terrifying moment for most. Nick, steadfast and driven, worked hard in New York, always remembering, as Sinatra said, if he could make it here, he could make it anywhere. “I feel like so many of those little anecdotes about the US are true. It’s an amazing place! If you come here and are really prepared to work hard it gives you back whatever your trying to get out of it.” After a few years of odd jobs and pounding the pavement, Nick was able to go full time with his music career, having only begun playing in the college market one year ago. Off to a jolly good start, Nick has played countless dates all over the country as not only a solo act but also accompanied by a full band. Nick’s versatility allows him event specific catering of his performances.

With so many singer/songwriters performing in this market, not only is it important to examine the dedication and talent of a performer but also the content delivered. With two EP’s, a full-length album released and another one on the way, Nick is in no way lacking in original music. Beyond that, he performs a veritable cornucopia of unique cover songs. “Actually it’s kinda fun. I really enjoy playing the covers anyway and making them my own.’

Combined with Nick’s technical abilities on the guitar, his smooth melodic voice carries the tunes as eclectic as Lady Gaga to Brittany Spears, but where his talent truly blooms is within his original music. Energetic while purposeful and melodic, Nick’s brand of songwriting can resonate with any crowd. Important to any singer/songwriter’s credentials is his/her body of work. Nick is no exception and is continually adding to his. Nick’s second full length album is about a third finished and he is anticipated to release sometime in 2011. However, those who see him live will get to take home a disc single (complete with b-side) Nick is providing gratis to his audience.

Both on and off the stage, Nick’s strong positive character brings about an uplifting energy to those around him. Combine that with his smooth voice and you get an unforgettable performance. Whether solo or with a five piece band, Nick Howard’s performance won’t be soon forgotten.

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