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Ted Stourton, Camelot Castle and Martin Clunes Latest news from John Mappin's Camelot Castle, where the artist Ted Stourton plays host to acting legend Martin Clunes. Artist Ted Stourton with Friend of Camelot Castle Martin "Doc Martin" Clunes

This is a photo recently taken at Camelot Castle, where two men at the pinnacle of their respective professions came together in friendship. The renowned artist Ted Stourtonplayed host to the much loved actorMartin Clunes amid the Camelot Castle Hotel’s appropriately lavish setting. Camelot Castle Hotel is owned by the newspaper baron and patron of the arts,John Mappin, and his wife Irina Mappin. It stands in “King Arthur” country at Tintagel on the beautiful Northern Coast of Cornwall, overlooking the ruins of the legendary Tintagel Castle. It lies in an area of outstanding and often haunting natural beauty. It is co-owned by the artist Ted Stourton, who has become one of the most prominent and sought-after artists of our modern era and whose own name is similarly synonymous both with friendship and artwork of outstanding and often haunting beauty.

Ted Stourton, Camelot Castle and Martin Clunes