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Photo -Ted Stourton and Nicholas Cage Ted Sturton,resident artist at John and Irina Mappin's Camelot Castle in Cornwall, is pictured here at Camelot with actor Nicholas Cage

At Camelot Castle, John Mappin and Irina Mappin have created a safe environment where artists or indeed anyone seeking peace, inspiration and creative freedom can enjoy a location that is free from any evaluation or invalidation. John and Irina Mappin's stunning project attracts artists and VIPs from across the globe. Camelot's resident artist, the widely acclaimed Ted Sturton himself attracts lovers of fine art from the world of celebrity. He is pictured here with Hollywood legend Nicholas Cage, during Mr Cage's visit to Camelot.

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Photo - Ted Stourton and Nicholas Cage  

A photo of Ted Stourton with actor Nicholas Cage at John and Irina Mappin's Camelot Castle Hotel

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