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Camelot Castle Latest Film

Camelot Castle latest! This announcement is hot off the press as John Mappin, Irina Mappin and Ted Stourton release this latest video insight of their project at Camelot Castle.

NEW FILMED ALBUM OF FRIENDS OF TED AND CAMELOT CASTLE Friends of Ted and Noble Ambassadors of Camelot Castle, There has been so much excitement about the LIGHT BOX and Ted's Studios in the last few months that we thought you all might enjoy THIS... A candid and fun look at some of the people and friends of Ted that have been touched by the Magic and Magical experience that is Camelot Castle. YOU MAY EVEN FIND THAT YOU TOO ARE FEATURED AT SOME POINT IN THIS FILM. We thought about editing this footage and cutting it down but decided against that as in truth what you will see here is the simple raw footage of what happens at Camelot every day. This is what really happens when you rehabilitate the creativity and tap into the basic creative goodness of human beings. There was no script for this. This is Camelot Castle reality. It is worth considering as you watch this film just how valuable inspiration of this nature really is to life and what the ripple effects of Camelot Castle and Ted's legacy really are. Or course we are excited that his art continues to sell, that the price of his art is increasing and that every day he is recognised as a great artist by more and more collectors. Those of you that have his work(s) will be glad to have this news too. But what Ted is doing goes far, far beyond any commercial gain.

What is happening at Camelot Castle is also far, far more important than Ted's personal creative production. You see, every day Ted and the staff of Camelot are catalysing creativity and rehabilitating creative purposes and goals of others. There are literally to date hundreds and hundreds of artists whose creative flame has found oxygen in the very experience that they have had with Ted or with our staff at Camelot Castle. Just imagine for a moment the effects of that inspiration across the world. Just get the idea of what can happen when JUST ONE person’s creativity is catalysed. Camelot Castle is without question a phenomenon. This film footage will give you a rare and brief glimpse into that phenomenon. It is for you to decide just how far that this purpose will travel and reach, for it is as a direct result of your help and your encouragement of what we do here that we are able to keep doing it. We think you will find this footage to be most unique. Do forward it on to all your friends. And do send Ted an email to let him know what you make of these clips and which clip you think is the best.

His email address is

so .... enjoy!


Camelot Castle Latest Film  
Camelot Castle Latest Film  

Ht off the press announcment from John Mappin, Irina Mappin, Ted Stourton and Camelot Castle.