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Winter/Spring 2011 $2.00 QUARTERLY FALL 2010 FALL 2010

Toronto Island Film Festival p.6 p.4 Macedonian Film Festival p.15 ReelWorld Film Festival p.5 Commffest (Global) Community Film Festival p.6 aluCine Toronto Latin Film & Media Arts Festival p.12

Tim Burtons exhibit p.24 City of Toronto launches FILM FESTIVALS Portal p.14 Toronto Film Commissioner Peter Finestone talks with festival directors

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GTA Film Festival Newsmag



Human Rights Watch Film Festival p4 Reelworld Film Festival p5 Toronto Island Film Festival p6 COMMFFEST Global Community Film Festival p7 In My Hands p8 Film Remix to Rio p10 Film Alucine Media Arts Film Festival p12 Toronto Film Festival Launch p13 Macedonia Film Festival p15 Toronto Film Festival Group p16-17 Showbiz With Humiliation p18 (article) Honoring Ray p19 Exploring the community p20 (article) The lady behind p22 9Article Tim Burtons exhibit p24 (article) Who is Oscar p26 (article) Pals Festival director p27 (article) Paul Soles p28 (article)

After the very successful fall 2010 issue, GTA Film Festival Newsmag has been recognized as the city’s guide for news, views, and images to the over 70 Film Festivals Toronto hosts each year. We are encouraged with the response from other festivals and merchants and look forward with fresh ideas to help service the growing Film Festival industry into the future..

Sandie De Freitas. Publisher


To advertise call 416 886 5465

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The 8th Annual Toronto Human Rights Watch Film Festival February 22 – March 4 2011


eatures 10 outstanding documentary and feature films that address humanitarian issues and fundamental matters of justice from around the world. The Festival opens with the Canadian-premiere of Ali Samadi’s electrifying documentary The Green Wave.


Other films include Enemies of the People, The Oath, 12 Angry Lebanese, The First Grader and Life, Above All. Advance tickets can be purchased online at or by phone at 416-599-TIFF (8433). The Festival is co-presented with TIFF and all screenings are at the TIFF Bell Lightbox.

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pril 6- 10, 2011, the ReelWorld Film Festival will celebrate it’s 11th year. Founder and President, actress Tonya Lee Williams vision, was to provide a platform, showcasing Canadian films and filmmakers, of diverse backgrounds, both in front of and behind the cameras. ReelWorld’s mandate is to give presence on the big screen to films, reflecting the Canada we see, day to day on our streets. Films from the, Aboriginal, Asian, Black, Latino, Middle-Eastern, South Asian, and other multi-racial communities. With it’s sponsors, ReelWorld has put in place, initiatives such as the

Indie Film Lounge, held in September, bringing young filmmakers together with national and international industry experts. Our “alumni filmmakers”, who debuted their first films at the festival, have returned, having won awards, both in Canada and internationally. These filmmakers become a part of the ongoing nurturing that takes place during and after the festival is over. The ReelWorld Film Festival is proud to be a source of entry for young filmmakers and audiences alike, into the richly diverse world that is Canada. See you in April!

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The Toronto Island Film Festival


he Toronto Island Film Festival welcomes submissions in all genres from all backgrounds and provides a welcoming space for film and video artists to show and share their work. Three venues are presently offered for screenings with Q and A:

All venues are also available for special events. Weekends only, cash bar and eats available. For further information call

Christopher Pinheiro, Curator @ 416-888-3427.

1. Algonquin Island Association Clubhouse, January to April, 2011 2. Wards Island Association, Sat 7th May to Sat 18th June, 2011 3. Artscape Gibraltar Point, October to Novembar 2011 Â

Christopher Pinheiro at festival Christopher Pinheiro at festival portal launch


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COMMFFEST (Global) Community Film Festival

September 21-25 2011

Toronto’s 6th Annual COMMFFEST

(GLOBAL) COMMUNITY FILM FESTIVAL offers a unique platform for filmmakers young and old, emerging or seasoned, in today’s media-explosive world to engage in a dialogue of social issues and cultural exchange through the powerful language of film. COMMFFEST presents a diverse lineup of films representing current affairs and relevant issues that affect our communities, providing filmmakers the opportunity to express themselves freely and connect with audiences on a personal level. NOW Magazine declares that there are few festivals with the “grassroots and gumption” of COMMFFEST, and adds, “the eclectic slate consists of a mix of shorts and features most of which use a tiny budget and take on underexplored themes.” Exhibiting filmmakers receive gift packages, hotel discounts, restaurant gift certificates, and invitations to all COMMFFEST festivities

including the filmmaker brunch and the annual awards gala. The year’s best films will be honored with a Making A Difference (MADA) Award, plus other honors that will be announced later in the year. MORE ABOUT THE FESTIVAL Alum Matias Margulis (MAKE GOALS NOT WAR) sums it up best: “COMMFFEST is important for social issue filmmakers. Its community-relevant and globally-minded programming provides a great opportunity for the expression of new artistic works and engagement with the Toronto community on various social issues. I believe that this festival makes a unique contribution to Toronto’s artistic landscape.” SUBMISSIONS 2011 The Festival’s collective mix of film, filmmakers, and audiences creates a dynamic atmosphere to provoke thought and stimulate further understanding and exploration of ideas, attitudes, and emotions that can foster change. If your film explores social and cultural issues, submit to COMMFFEST today!

Closing date May 15 2011

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In My Hands

Review and Photos by Norman Hart ne of the big winners at this years O COMMFFEST Global Community Film Festival was the Canadian premiere of “In My Hands” A story of Marfan Syndrome.

The Sister Productions film, created by Tony Award winner Ann Reinking, writer, director and filmmaker Brenda Siemer Scheider and Emma Joan Morris, is a moving, heartwarming account of learning to live with Marfan syndrome, a potentially lifethreatening disorder of connective tissue. Few people know about Marfan’s which is one of the reasons the producers decided to make the film to educate the public and shine a light on a potentially lethal disease. Connective tissue is found throughout the body; thus Marfan


syndrome affects many body systems. People with the condition are frequently tall, with disproportionately long arms and legs. They often have indented or protruding chest bones; scoliosis; flat feet; hyperflexible joints and other skeletal abnormalities. This film demonstrates the human resilience and can help everyone who sees it. For more info contact, Canadian Marfan Association or Dr. Timothy Bradley, Cardiologist at the Hospital For Sick Children. Seen above is Filmmaker Brenda Siemer Scheider, receiving her MADA Award (Making A Difference Award) from COMMFFEST Founder and President Sandie DeFreitas.

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Ann Reinking, below, demonstrates a dancemovement to twins Kami and Kaitlin Delgardo. Photo by Brenda Siemer Scheider


nn Reinking’s son, Christopher, was born a few days before my own son arrived in 1990. But Christopher has had a very different 18 years. Scoliosis twisted his spine off at a 70-degree angle. Recent surgery to straighten his spine added 3 1/2 inches to his towering torso restoring him to his true 6’9” stature. Because his lenses are dislocated he is incredibly near-sighted. At age12, he needed open-heart surgery to save his aorta from rupture. Christopher Stuart and his fellow teens are facing the consequences of Marfan syndrome. You might be thinking, “What is that?” So does most of the world. One in 5,000 people are stricken. 200,000 people have been diagnosed with it in the USA. Jonathan Larsen, the writer of “ Rent,” died of undiagnosed Marfan

just prior to his Broadway opening. Marfan Syndrome is a connective tissue disorder that touches all of the systems of the body. Corneas displace causing blindness, lung tissue can be weak; and most importantly, the aorta can burst from a weakening wall that will result in a fatal aneurysm. Early diagnosis is critical. By following the stories of several families, In My Hands weaves equally the complex threads of learning to live with Marfan Syndrome and all those affected by it. We see the despair and loneliness of trying to “fit in” against what is deemed normal. And we are moved by the hope and inspiration in finding a unique beauty within oneself. by Brenda Siemer Scheider

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Remix To Rio

Another big winner at COMMFF-

EST is Canadian Filmmaker Ravi Steve wins Best Youth Documentary. His film Remix to Rio is a one hour documenatry that follows Canada’s most innovative youth outreach organization, REMIX Project, REMIX-to-RIO follows youth outreach project co-founders Gavin and Drex as they travel to Rio De Janeiro and join forces with Sandro, an Exdrug lord turned activist in hopes of constructing a recording studio for disadvantaged youth in the Favela known as “The Enchanted Land” (Tera Encontada). We watch this global partnership unfurl as they bring the REMIX model to Rio and try to construct a recording studio for disadvantaged youth in Sandro’s home Favela


known as “The Enchanted Land”. Gavin and crew also bring four of their brightest students to Rio. The HUTUZ Hip-Hop festival, Latin America’s largest Hip-hop festival, is in full swing and sets the scene for the REMIX kids to test the skills they’ve been honing over the last 6 months. Most of these kids have never traveled outside of their ‘hoods, let alone over seas. The culture shock they experience and the perspectives they gain are life changing. As their big Hip-hop concert approaches the REMIX Crew decide to enlist the help of the young drummers from a local music outreach program based in a notoriously violent community.

GTA Film Festival Newsmag

As rehearsals progress an unexpected bond is formed between these little drummers and the REMIX crew.

Above Group Remix on stage, below the the youth in post interview with MTV.

It is through these enthusiastic new friends that the REMIX team ultimately discover the brutal reality facing Rio’s youth.

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luCine is the premiere showcase of cutting edge Latin short films and video. aluCine is an international festival that showcases works by Latin-American artists living in Canada and around the world.

416 548 8914 330 Adelaide Street West Toronto-, Ontario Canada M5V 1R4

SUBMISSIONS 2011 aluCine accepts submissions in all genres: experimental, fiction, documentary, animation, video art, and web art of any subject matter and under 30 minutes. aluCine is a competitive festival. No Entry Fees Deadline For Submissions: June 1st, 2011. Final Decision: Aug 15th, 2011.


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Toronto Film Festivals Group


On Oct 5th 2010 in the Tiff Bell

Lightbox’s Blackberry Lounge over 200 people representing many film festivals, the media and supporters watched as Toronto City Hall Film & TV Commissioner Peter Finestone, Moe Jiwan (ReelWorld) along with Paul Reyes and his team from George Brown College School of Design launched the official online portal dedicated to showcasing the over 70 film festivals Toronto hosts each year.

are running, and a search feature that allows you to find festivals or events by theme, month or name. It’s simple and easy to use, and is a great resource for movie buffs in Canada’s largest city. If you have a chance to visit Tiff Lightbox I’m sure you will be impressed by the ease in getting around and the comfort when settled. TIFF is dedicated to presenting the best of international and Canadian cinema to film lovers. It includes an alphabetical list of film festivals happening in Toronto, a calendar view of when festivals GTA Film Festival Newsmag


Film group poses with the Mayor

What began as a ten-day film festival has grown to embrace programming 365 days a year. It offers screenings, lectures, discussions, festivals, workshops industry support and the chance to meet filmmakers from Canada and around the world.


Any interesting related stories you would like us to print, let us know at:

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The Macedonian Film Festival T-shirt, custom designed.

heck out our beautifully designed Macedonian Film Festival T-Shirt which celebrates over 100 years of filmmaking. Finally a unique T-shirt, so cool and so affordable. Supplies and sizes are limited at just $20 each, so order yours through our website (delivery is extra) In May 2006 the Macedonian Film Festival (MFF), the first of its kind in North America, made its debut in Toronto and since that time has screened over 50 films from around the world. Films by Macedonians or those with a Macedonian theme are featured at the annual festival.

Cinematography has been a long standing Macedonian tradition for over a century beginning with the famed Manaki brothers. Since that time Macedonia has produced many outstanding films both historical and contemporary.


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TORONTO FILM FESTIVALS FOR 2011 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

aluCine: Toronto Latin@Media Festival Brazil Film Fest Canadian Labour International FF Canadian Sport Festival Cinefranco COMMFFEST Global Community Film Festival Diaspora Film Festival European Film Festival Female Eye Film Festival FILMI South Asian Film Festival First Take Student Film Festival Giggleshorts International Comedy Short Film Festival – Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival Human Rights Watch International Film Festival................. Images Festival imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival................. Inside Out Toronto Lesbian & Gay Film & Video Festival Israel Film Festival Macedonian Film Festival Masala! Mehndi! Masti! Mobifest Moving Image Film Festival MPENZI: Black Women’s International Film & Video Festival MuslimFest NXNE – North by Northeast Music & Film Festival & Conference Parkdale Film Showcase Planet In Focus: Toronto International Environmental Film & Video Festival


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• Pomegranate Film Festival • Reelworld Film Festival • Regent Park Film Festival • Rendezvous with Madness FF • Ryerson University Film Festival • Si–Si Cine Toronto Latin Film Festival www. • Spinning Wheel Film Festival • Sprockets Internat’l Film Festival For Children ............... • Toronto African Music & Film Festival • Toronto After Dark Film Festival • Toronto Digital Image Fest • Toronto Hispano – American FF Toronto International Film Festival • Toronto Internat’l Latin Film Festival • Toronto International Portuguese FF Toronto Italian Film Festival • • Toronto Japanese Short Film Festival • Toronto Jewish Film Festival • Toronto Online Film Festival • Toronto Palestine Film Festival • Toronto Reel Asian International FF • Toronto Singapore Film Festival • Toronto Student Film Festival • Toronto Tibet Film Festival • Toronto Urban Film Festival • World Of Comedy (International) FF • Worldwide Short Film Festival • YoungCuts Film Festival

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By Margot Roesslein



eah, yeah, we all know when it’s not stardom and glamour, showbiz can be daunting with underappreciated performances of a lifetime; or, having to put up with bizarre hairdos, makeup and wardrobe; also working unholy hours under all sorts of hardship conditions, and grovelling for credits. But, thanks to the acting bug, lots can be endured—even humiliation. Picture this: A studio filled to the brim with actresses 50+ auditioning in upscale cocktail dresses for a “woman’s product of a sensitive nature” for a print-ad gig. Behind cubicle drapes, flashing cameras are capturing one actress after another sitting on a bar chair convulsing in loud animated laughter to show what a good social time she is having thanks to this innovative product for women in precarious situations. Energetically, the crew is laughing along.

laughter coming from behind the drapes, with the lined-up actresses sporting self-conscious half smiles. Along the way, one smart actress decides that it was too humiliating to laugh out loud for a print ad and so she convulses into silent laughter throwing back her head with wide open mouth, then recoiling into herself because she is “laughing” so hard—well you get the picture. Laughing hysterically in silence posing with her head tilted this way and that, crossing and uncrossing her legs, wringing and opening her hands, all this seems even weirder than the loud, over-the-top laughter performances. Even the crew stops its laughter. Guess who got the gig; maybe the one who laughed the loudest, laughing all the way to the bank? The payment was in the thousands . . . Okay Showbiz Friends, more stories on Showbiz with Humiliation in the next issue!

The uninitiated actresses with later call times--every five minutes apart, look stunned upon entering the studio at the sound of hysterical


GTA Film Festival Newsmag

Honoring Ray


friend to the community and a special friend to Commffest and other GTA film festivals, his main objective was to serve rather than be served, to honour rather be honoured and above all to love his family and friends. Ray T. Domenico was the general manager for the Hotel Victoria at Yonge St and Wellington here in downtown Toronto for the past 14 years. So long Ray‌and thank you. July 13 1931- Jan 21 2011 Commffest Director


Member of the Silver Hotel Group


56 Yonge Street,Toronto, ON, M5E 1G5 Canada Tel. (416) 363-1666 ~ Fax (416) 363-7327 Toll Free 1-800-363-8228 Call anytime (24 hour service) for more information or visit our web site: email: Built in 1909 during the reign of King Edward, Queen Victoria’s son. The Hotel Victoria is the second oldest hotel in Toronto and still proudly exudes some of the elegance of that bygone era.

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Exploring The Community With LEE ORR Writer/Animator


al was born on February 14th, 1932 into a theatrical family. Her father, Dave Morris (who later became a well known comedian, in partnership with Bill Smith) played in many Theatres, both in Lancashire and Yorkshire. On occasion, Val’s talented mother, Lilly, performed in political skits with them. She was a brilliant actress! Val’s eldest sister, Rene, sang in a local show; “Contact”. It was an R.A.F. presentation. Val was encouraged by Rene to learn tap, ballet and classical dance. Val also learned the importance of watching and listening to a variety of performers. She picked up on their accents, dialects and came to understand the comedic potential in theatre.

permanent home. At age 12, Val attended the Annett Schulz School of Dance. She appeared in “The Childrens’ Ballet” with Marjorie Halliwell (as a partner) and 100 other girls. Later Val was chosen for the “Babes in the Wood” Pantomime with the famous, Leslie Henson. At age 14 she was in the chorus line of the Pantomime “Queen of Hearts” and caused the Stage Manager several unpleasant moments with accidental comedic happenings. At age 17, she auditioned for “Allan Young and His Organtones” and was hired to be the lead singer with this very talented musical group. Val’s vocal knowledge came to her first by listening to her sisters’ warm mellow tones and later by absorbing the music of the great Lena Horne and Sarah Vaughn. Read more about LEE ORR’S Community in our next issue or at

In 1939, her family moved to Blackpool. Dave Morris and Bill Smith performed in “On With the Show” for Lawrence Wright (Writer) and later in “Pantomimes” in Manchester and Liverpool. Like many in London, her family’s place was badly bombed and looted during the German air raids. Blackpool became their


Entertainer Valerie Abigail Morris

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We welcome all neighbourhoods in the GTA to participate GTA Film Festival Newsmag


The Lady Behind


Marlene Cook is founder & orga-

nizer of Toronto’s WOOFSTOCK, North America’s largest dog festival. She also runs the popular SUNDAY ANTIQUE MARKET in the St. Lawrence Market neighbourhood. Coming to Toronto from Moose Jaw at age 11, she immediately fell in love with the CNE, Newspapers and the many TV stations. Admitting to being a Prairies Gal, she’s a real Toronto woman at heart. The idea for the Antique Market came after first running a book fair and getting interested in collecting early Toronto post cards, advertisements, photographs, and vintage 20’s doggie items, then 15 years ago, starting the successful SUNDAY ANTIQUE MARKET where she can often be seen browsing for her treasures.


There’s always a crowd from 7am ‘till 5pm shuffling from table to table inspecting the large array of great stuff including old movie making equipment, props, costumes, posters, and memorabilia, definitely worth visiting at least once. The idea for WOOFSTOCK came about because of the love for her 16 year old Wheaton Terrier, Barkley, who recently passed on, her dogs Sydney & Addison, tethered in their paisley doggie hammock, and lastly because of the strict Ontario laws as where in some countries your dog is allowed everywhere with you. She’s created a wonderful 2 day outing for people and their dogs to have a lot of fun together and help raise funds for canine cancer survivors. Being held this June for the ninth consecutive year at the St. Lawrence Market. area where there will be a multitude of people and pets as well as hundreds of vendors with vitamins, creams, supplements, grooming products, & dog clothes. There are always people that go to extremes with their pets, but all they’re giving and getting is more love and attention. Isn’t it what we all want? For more info about the Summer & Winter WOOFSTOCK

GTA Film Festival Newsmag

GTA Film Festival Newsmag



TIM BURTON EXHIBIT .....................

recently asked GERI, my 6 year old granddaughter, where she would like to be taken for our next outing. To my surprise she said “Tim Burton”.

The exhibit, which was organized by the Museum of Modern Art in New York, started November 26th at Tiff Bell Lightbox 350 King West and is already breaking attendance records. Four of us met on Thursday Dec 30th and arrived at 1.30pm not thinking there would be such a huge crowd. The next showing was 3.30pm so after a nice lunch at a local deli we joined the line and slowly got ushered in to view over 500 of Tim Burton’s personal items that span 20 years and establishes him as one of


the most important forces in modern film history. We jostled around the exhibits following the flow as best we could and managed to see his many drawings, models, paintings, school books. And film clips. Geri told me her favorite Tim Burton movie is Alice In Wonderland. Most of his films are enjoyed by people of all ages especially kids. I highly recommend you see this special Exhibit when there isn’t such a crowd..It’s a good place to bring your kids or grandkids……..who would have thought?

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Technicians. It weighs 8.5-pounds (3.85 kg) and stands 13.5-inches (34.3 cm) tall. They cast each statuette in britannium (a metal alloy), and plated it with 24-karat gold. The figure is mounted to a round, black marble base. It was the creation of MGM art director Cedric Gibbons and sculptor George Stanley and originally referred to as the Academy Award of Merit that is until Academy librarian named Margaret Herrick remarked that the statue looked like her Uncle Oscar. AP Photo/Amy Sancetta

Who is Oscar? As Hollywood gears up for its 83rd

The Oscars take place this year February 27 2011 at the Kodak Theatre.

annual award ceremonies, for those who have ever wondered about the story behind Oscar, here it is.

The award was conceived by Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, a professional honorary society formed in 1927 with members of over 6000 filmmaking professionals comprised of actors, producers, directors and a variety of other film craftsmen, who decide on the recipients each year by casting ballots. The purpose of the Academy Awards is to promote excellence in filmmaking by honoring extraordinary achievements from the previous year. The statuette depicts a crusader knight, grasping a sword standing on a film reel, with five spokes that represent the five original branches of the Academy: Directors, Actors, Writers, Producers and


GTA Film Festival Newsmag


Founder of COMMFFEST Global

Community Film Festival & GTA Film Festival Newsmag. A recent article in Palingenesis, a highly regarded newspaper about the entertainment industry, wrote this about her. Pal Place resident Sandie De Freitas had a job that included watching and distributing 1000’s of movies from emerging filmmakers, but on seeing the many good projects being rejected she left the company. In 2005 she founded Global Community Film Festival (COMMFFEST), today recognized as a leading not-for-profit platform for emerging filmmakers, permitting them to record worldwide social and cultural issues using digital technology. The very first Commffest 2005 was held in the Crest Theatre at Pal Place. The memorable Opening Night Gals was followed by 3 days of screenings (20 movies), Q&A’s and workshops. Its success necessitated a move to a larger venue in 2006 where, by 2010, 70 movies were screened with 100’s in attendance over a 5 day period. In 2006 Sandie went on to create and publish GTA FILM FESTIVAL Newsmag, and its internet version , featuring necessary information about schedules, films and filmmakers. Now working with the Toronto Film & Television office, Newsmag is fast becoming Toronto’s most influential film festival magazine & guide. Always encouraging and helpful at PAL, Sandie’s an inspiration with a vision for the future. Volunteers may contact her at GTA Film Festival Newsmag


Adrienne Clarkson, Mary Lou Finlay and Hana Gartner; Canada After Dark; and Beyond Reason. He also played “The Lawbreaker” in the longrunning series, This is the Law.

Paul Soles - Actor by Norman Hart


ctor Paul Soles was born and raised in Toronto, where he still lives today in the Performing Arts Lodge. He was the eldest of three children. His mother was a bookkeeper, and father a traveling salesman of children’s clothes. In high school he enjoyed public debating, and was encouraged by his cousin, Canadian broadcaster Bernard Cowan, to consider a media career. After studying psychology at the University of Western Ontario, he worked as a radio announcer, and then as a television news announcer for CFPL from 1953 to 1963. In the 1950s he was also a cast member of the longrunning CBC TV show, The Wayne and Shuster Comedy Hour. As a TV news and current affairs host, Soles anchored CBC’s Take 30 for sixteen seasons, with co-hosts Anna Cameron,


As a stage actor Paul Soles has acted in at least one play a year throughout his career, including Pirandello’s Six Characters in Search of an Author (which won the Dominion Drama Festival in 1960); The Diary of Anne Frank for the Young People’s Theatre in Toronto in 1977, with Eli Wallach and Kate Reid ; Macbeth on Broadway, with Glenda Jackson and Christopher Plummer ; as “Nat” in the major Canadian touring production of I’m Not Rappaport; as Shylock in the Stratford Festival ‘s The Merchant of Venice; and as Grandfather in the musical, Ragtime. His many film and television credits include: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (1964); the voice of “Peter Parker” in the original 1967 animated series of Spiderman; Ticket to Heaven (1980); Just the Way You Are (1984); Schindler in Beethoven Lives Upstairs with Neil Munro , Fiona Reid , and Albert Schultz , directed by David Devine (1992); as Einstein in Einstein: Light To The Power of 2, one of a series for young people entitled Inventors Specials, filmed in Toronto and directed by David Devine (1997). He has also acted in The Score with Angela Bassett, Marlon Brando, Bobby Brown, Robert De Niro, and Gary Farmer (2001). Soles was nominated for a Genie for his role as “Harvey” in the film Falling Over Backwards. I look forward to his next movie.

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GTA Film Festival Newsmag 1 Food missing from hand of woman in pink scarf 2 Clock hands 3 Half tan tattoo 4 Blue tag on ladies red and green jacket 5 Xmas chain link missing


6 Gold chain missing from stand 7 Cup missing from hand 8 Red xmas bows missing 9 Wristwatch missing 10 Purple purse missing

Relax! Spot the 10 differences

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GTA FIlm Festival Newsmag  

film festival magazine

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film festival magazine