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A note from the Principal Welcome to this edition of Academy Life – I hope the pages of this magazine give you a glimpse into the many different ways our students are succeeding in their learning. If you have visited the academy recently, you will have noticed that work is now well underway on our exciting building expansion. The new facilities will provide even more opportunities for our students. It will take 12 months to complete. When the extension opens next academic year, it will bring some much needed extra space and some fantastic new facilities for our students including a theatre, fitness suite, climbing wall and brand new Art, Drama, Music, English and Maths department areas.

We are now approaching the exam season, and our Year 11 students in particular will be feeling the pressure. I have been proud to see the students give up extra time for booster sessions in the mornings and evenings, and even during weekends and holidays. Our staff will continue to offer booster sessions right up to the exams, and I strongly recommend that students take advantage of every opportunity to secure the results they are capable of. Our Year 11 prefects will be taking a step back from their duties to focus on their exams. I want to thank all our Year 11 prefects for their hard work and commitment during their time as a prefect. I am also delighted to welcome our new cohort of Year 9 and Year 10 prefects who will be stepping up to take their place.

We have also recently launched a leadership programme that gives our youngest students in Years 7 and 8 the chance to get involved in student leadership. I was fortunate enough to attend the Runway on the Runway fashion event at Manchester Airport, where our students walked down a catwalk under the wings of the Concorde plane. It was a fantastic evening with our students presenting their money raised for the Teenage Cancer Trust, totalling well over ÂŁ4500. A great achievement! As always, I look forward to welcoming you to the academy this summer term. Mr S. Brice, Principal

"We exist to value each other and bring out the best in everyone" Our Values are:

A note from the principal

Fair and seen to be fair to everyone


Respect shown to oursleves, each other and our community

Ambition, to raise aspirations and inspire all of us to achieve

Contact me: 0161 795 3005

Charity fundraising Final total - £4,763.45 As part of Runway on the Runway, our students took the lead on an ambitious fundraising campaign for the Teenage Cancer Trust. Our Sixth Form far exceeded our totals from previous years. These photos show our origami flower sale, Henna and Pamper Day and our student Easter raffle – just some of the initiatives that contributed to the total. Well done to our entire academy community for this impressive feat!

Runway on the Runway I was very pleased and excited for our academy to be chosen again this year to take part in Runway on the Runway – a charity fashion show which takes place under the wings of the Concorde plane. It is a real honour to take part in an event that not only raises money for a really good cause, but also gives our students the opportunity to project manage fundraising events and to develop other skills. Aysha, who is in our Sixth Form, was awarded the Most Improved Model on the catwalk. This was given to her by the choreographer who commented that she was amazed by how Aysha’s confidence had improved. I was also very proud for our students to win the Trevor Sorbie Award for Best Catwalk Hair. All hair was done by the students and did stand out from the rest. Thank you to Abbey and Jade in Year 11 for helping out and preparing the models before they went on stage. Mrs Wedderburn

Who’s that on the catwalk?

“Being part of the Runway event for the second time has been more inspiring than I could imagine. An an amazing opportunity.” Demi

“I felt pleased that I helped raise money for the Teenage Cancer Trust and I would do it again”. Kurtis

“Raising money for Teenage Cancer Trust has been amazing and I really enjoyed being part of the crew. I felt exceptionally pleased when The Co-operative Academy of Manchester was awarded for having the best hair of the night.” Chloe

Latest news

Yes it’s Mr Moosa and Mrs Lees – who donned a special version of the academy uniform to strut down the catwalk! Well done to them for getting in the spirit for charity.


Beating exam stress As this issue of Academy Life goes to print, Year 11 will be starting their exams. At this time, a degree of anxiety is normal and it can even be useful, producing a rush of adrenalin to keep you focussed. Too much anxiety can block thoughts and hold you back – so here are ten tips to beat exam stress:

News in brief

1. Get enough sleep! 2. Take regular exercise. 3. Feed your brain with healthy, regular meals. 4. Drink plenty of fluids. 5. Keep up iron levels - dark green leafy vegetables, red meat, beans and seafood all contain high levels. 6. Take plenty of short breaks. 7. Try to leave enough time in your revision for some fun. 8. Be realistic, do not try and do too much in one day. 9. Chill out! When you start to feel you are losing it –take some time: • Close your eyes, breathe deeply and slowly. • Tell yourself how well you are doing. • Shake your arms, relax your shoulders to decrease tension. • Go for a walk or do some exercise. • Use sayings such as ‘calm down’ and ‘relax’. 10. After the exams there may be feelings of relief, but you may feel a little anxious if things have not gone well. You may want to talk with your parents, friends or a member of staff about how you feel.


Chess Club Easter tournament

Co-op’s new CEO visits

Just before the holidays, students were invited to compete in a chess tournament organised by Mr Burton and Mr Smith. Well done to all who took part and especially to the winner, Ryan, who won a £10 Argos gift card and an Easter egg. Congratulations also to runner-up Mohamed and our 3rd place winner Ahmed, who also won prizes.

Recently Steve Murrells, the new CEO of The Co-op visited the academy to hear first-hand from our students what our academy is like. Our Family Captains met Steve and explained to him our Family system which takes inspiration from co-operative pioneers from around the world.

Tense competition in the CAM Challenge 2017

Work is now underway on our building expansion

Students compete in a game show-like event testing spelling, puzzle solving and lateral thinking

Work has now started on site for our exciting new building project and will take 12 months to complete. When the extension opens next academic year, it will bring some much needed extra space and some fantastic new facilities for our students including a theatre, fitness suite, climbing wall and brand new Art, Drama, Music, English and Maths department areas. In addition to the new build work, there will also be a significant amount of refurbishment taking place in the existing building over the summer holiday closure. This may well impact on the type of summer events we are able to offer this summer.

A number of students from Years 8 and 9 were selected to take part in the CAM Challenge 2017. The event, now in its second year, is a chance for Able and Talented students to compete in a variety of academic challenges in a format much like a TV game show. Mr Patel and Ms Hodge were our hosts this year, guiding the teams through tests of their spelling, puzzle solving and lateral thinking. In the final round, each team took part in a general knowledge knock-out.

All students have already been briefed on the immediate changes to the building and we will have to accommodate the inconvenience of the building work for the next 12 months in the knowledge that the end result will be well worth it.

Parents and carers of the competitors were invited to cheer on their teams, and to find out how the academy is nurturing the talents of students who we think are capable of gaining places at the best universities. Louis (one member of the victorious team) said, “Winning it was very exciting and it was such a thrill to have a feeling of accomplishment after such a hard challenge.�

Three entrepreneurial design students in Year 8 and a rising star in Year 7 have been participating in the Technology Able and Talented Club every week this year. This club has given them the opportunity to develop skills beyond the classroom and challenge their creative minds. They have constructed their own torches, laser cut flat pack toys and their latest project has given them an opportunity of a life time which many working designers or university students would be jealous of! The Design Director of the Co-op (who oversees any design solution used in stores nationwide) met with the group at CAM and set them a brief. The brief outlined an exciting new project where they have been asked to come up with an innovative design solution for supermarkets that makes the shopping experience more enjoyable. All four students have worked extremely hard and demonstrated excellent oracy skills and confidence when they later visited Angel Square to share a variety of their ideas. The students have a final deadline coming up in May. At this point in the project the Design Director will select a winning design idea which his own team will develop into a prototype at their innovation centre. If they deem this to be commercially viable it will even be trialled in store with real customers! This would be a huge achievement for the students. Miss Roughley is extremely proud of Alan, Sofiya, Faith and Jenson’s determination and dedication. Watch this space, designers of the future!

News in brief

Creating new products for Co-op Food stores


Way back in the autumn, Year 9 put on a fantastic production of Macbeth at the Contact Theatre in Manchester. This was part of the Shakespeare in Schools Festival. Ms Peavoy was exceptionally proud of her cast of talented performers. We have now been given some photos from the organisers that show what a great job the students did.

The Monstrum

Drama news

Year 9 have been performing The Monstrum, a gothic melodrama about the terrifying onset of adolescence. It’s a new play by Kellie Smith and our production is part of the National Theatre Connections 2017. We performed it at the academy at the end of March, and then took our production to the HOME arts centre in Manchester city centre on Wednesday 26 April. At HOME, the play’s writer Kellie Smith came to watch our students and praised their performance.


Grease is the word in fantastic production

Students from Years 7-11 performed in front of sell-out audiences for their three-night run of Grease the musical on February 8th, 9th and 10th. In addition, our talented students ran the lights, sound, changed the scenery and provided the live music. The cast spent twenty weeks rehearsing for the show. Audiences were transported to an American high school in 1959 through songs like Greased Lightnin’, We Go Together and Summer Nights. Not only have the students produced a fantastic show, but many of the cast and crew have grown in confidence and made new friends along the way. Folajimi said, “I joined Grease to get out of my bubble. I was never really part of things that took place in school, especially before I joined The Co-operative Academy of Manchester, and I want to change that. Grease has made me feel better about myself as a performer and it’s caused me to appreciate drama more.”

Drama news

Head of Drama, Mrs Lees, says, “We feel that every one of the performers has achieved a phenomenal amount and we are proud of each one of them. We are about to start a building expansion which includes some exciting new facilities, and I can’t wait to see what our students can do on a bigger stage.”


Ruby Tanya by Robert Swindells

The CAM BookBench – inspiring creativity

The blurb… This is a contemporary tale about two friends - one of whom, Asra, is an asylum seeker from an unnamed Eastern European country. The other, Ruby Tanya, is the daughter of a local man who is campaigning against the presence of asylum seekers in his community. During a dramatic explosion at the girls' school, a young teacher is killed. The asylum seekers at the local camp are blamed, and local people begin to argue that they should be deported. A branch of the National Front gets involved and demos are planned. Asra and her parents are due to be deported, but Asra runs away at the last minute so her parents have to return without her. She hides in a nearby derelict building and is helped by Ruby Tanya.

We are very excited to be taking part in the Read Manchester BookBench project this year. This project is part of a campaign led by Manchester City Council and the National Literacy Trust to promote reading and boost literacy throughout the city. Over the next couple of months students will be designing and painting our iconic BookBench which will form part of a trail of BookBenches to be placed on display in cultural hubs, leisure complexes, shopping centres and other venues around Manchester. Residents and visitors will be able to follow the trail to discover the BookBenches throughout the summer months. We don’t know where our BookBench will be displayed yet but we hope you will take time over the summer break to follow the trail and see how our bench compares with the others on the trail.

Literacy news

The review… By Maham, Year 8


I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to any of my friends because it is mysterious and scary (in places). My favourite character was Mr Shafiq, the camp leader, as he keeps on interrupting the children.

Our BookBench is currently looking very bare but, as you can see from other examples of illustrated BookBenches, it will look amazing when it has been painted. We will post some pictures of our completed BookBench in the next magazine along with more details about the BookBench trail and how you can see the BookBenches over the summer. Mrs Brice

Sixth Formers celebrate World Book Day with their own book club Our Post-16 students marked World Book Day with the launch of their own book club!

Accelerated Reader

The Accelerated Reader program is a computerized program that tests reading comprehension. Students do a reading test every half term which tells them their reading age and which book levels they should aim to read. In the Library, students have access to a wide range of reading material to choose from at each level, including; novels, short stories, classic fiction, graphic novels and non-fiction. Each time a student finishes reading a book they take a quiz which tests their understanding of the book. To encourage students in Year 7 and 8 to read more regularly we offer lots of incentives in the form of Vivos. For every successfully passed book quiz we reward students 10 Vivos. Each time they score 100% in a quiz they are also entered into our half termly prize draw to win 1000 Vivos. Students who read the most words and make it onto our top ten leader board are also rewarded 100 Vivos each half term. Students can spend their Vivos in the online Vivo shop to buy a wide variety of items. We will soon be sending out letters to all parents/carers of students following the Accelerated Reader programme, giving details of how you can log onto an online website to view your child’s reading progress. It is extremely important for children to read as much as possible, and to read a wide variety of material. Studies have shown that just 15 minutes of reading each day can improve children’s grades across all subject areas by at least one grade.

League Table Name Word Count Katie, Year 8 834,822 Neil, Year 8 702,050 Jodi, Year 8 500,617 Abbas, Year 8 340,488 Nisha, Year 7 (New entry) 267,882 Jason, Year 7 (New entry) 262,185 Alyssa, Year 7 (New entry) 252,135 Aliha, Year 7 (New entry) 240,161 Molly, Year 7 235,728 Sean, Year 7 199,854


Mr Montgomer

Literacy news

esign D t c u d o r P E GCS

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The Student Council consists of Head Boy, Head Girl, Deputy Head Prefects, Family Captains and Vice Family Captains . We meet up every half term to talk about any improvements that we can make so that the school is a better place for everyone. Teachers and senior leaders often come along to the meetings to discuss ideas and ask for students’ views before new schemes are put into place or changes are made. Any students can also place comments and suggestions in the suggestion boxes which are placed in the academy Library and at Student Services. The Student Council will then take them into consideration and talk about them in our meetings. All the surveys that are completed in form time are being looked over in our meetings so that we can look at how we can change the school to suit everyone. Members of the Student Council will also ask for suggestions and feedback in form time so there are a lot of chances for you to give us your ideas. I enjoy being part of the Student Council because I love expressing my ideas on how we can change the school. Esmanda, Ashworth Family Captain.

Our student council recently attended an open day at the Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust where they made their voices and opinions heard on matters that are important to them in local health services. Our students were a credit to the academy and really impressed staff at the Trust.

Si w xth ex ork Fo pe rm rie nc e

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Extracurricular timetable

3-4pm Humanities Create Lego Mindstorm Club Rock Band Girls Handball Manga Club Rounders 3-4.30pm Debate Mate


7.45-8.20am Piano Club 2.30-3pm English ILT Club 2.30-3.15pm Japanese Culture Club

3-4pm Big Band

2.30-3.30pm Science Club Radio Club Business Club KS3 Handball Girls Rugby Art Club EAL ICT Club 2.30-3.45pm Chess Club



2.30-3pm String Orchestra EAL ILT club 2.30-3.30pm Minecraft Club KS4 Handball Maths Magicians 2.30-3.15 CAM Singers

2.30-3pm EAL ILT Club

2.30-4pm Dance

2.30-3.20pm Magic of the Gathering 2.30-3.30pm Athletics Cross-Country

Extra-curricular timetable


2.30-3.30pm Exploring Computer Science Humanities ILT Club


Parent voice -

make a difference to our academy

Parents and carers have an important perspective on how the academy can best support your child. We welcome feedback from parents and carers in a number of ways:

Attending our Parents Forum meetings. These are opportunities to sit and discuss ideas for the improvement of the academy with senior staff and other parents

By speaking to members of staff directly

Next meetings:

Completing Ofsted’s Parent View tool each year via Completing our annual survey (thank you to all who completed the 2017 survey)

Wednesday 17 May 2017, from 5pm

Wednesday 5 July 2017, from 5pm.

Wellbeing helplines and websites Young Minds - Parents Helpline for advice on children with mental health issues - 0808 802 5544.

Samaritans Helpline - A 24hour service offering emotional support - 116 123,

The Proud Trust - help and advice for young people who want to find out more about gender and identity -

Childnet - Site aimed at children and young people with advice on staying safe online -

Brook Young People’s Information Service - Information, support and signposting service for young people under 25 on sexual health -

Think U Know - The Website of the Child Exploitation & Online Protection Centre (CEOP) to tackle online abuse with useful tips for parents to help them keep children safe -

Childline - Emotional support for children and young people on issues relating to child abuse, bullying etc. - 0800 1111,

BullyingUK - Advice for parents who want further information on issues surrounding bullying -

Did you know? The academy has recently invested in an exciting online learning platform which enables students who need to miss a short period of school if incapacitated by injury (broken leg etc.) to continue to access education without affecting their attendance record. Please do not hesitate to speak to our attendance team if you ever find yourself in this situation.

If you have been following the news, you will have seen a lot of coverage recently on taking students on holiday during term time. Given the situation, we thought it would be useful to clarify the rules. The Co-operative Academy of Manchester follows rules set out by the government. These say that your child can only be allowed to miss school if they are ill or if you have received advanced permission from the academy. Please note that the rules state that permission can only be given for exceptional circumstances.

Parent zone

If you take your child out of school without permission, you risk receiving a fine of £60, which rises to £120 if paid after 21 days. There are even more serious consequences for not paying the fines. At the academy, we are certain that there is a direct relationship between the amount of time our students spend in school, and their ability to achieve the grades they are capable of. We know from our high attendance rates – some of the best in the country – that our families are hugely supportive of their child’s education. Our thanks go to all parents who work in partnership with us to secure the very best outcomes for their child.


For the official government advice, please visit Mrs Robey, Attendance Officer

Art gallery

Here are some of the stunning pieces created by Year 11 students for their art exam.


International Women’s Day assemblies Miss Saleh and Miss Knowles delivered assemblies for years 7 to 10 with an important message about International Women’s Day and gender equality; the motto of IWD this year is to #BeBoldForChange. Students heard about the problems many people face due to their gender and explored some bold but simple changes we can all make to bring more gender equality to our academy.

• • •

The Heads of Family team won the Equity and Equality Award due to their transformation of the family system. Mrs Turner won the Solidarity Award for supporting staff with curriculum and data. Mr G Clarke (one of our longstanding Governors) received special recognition for outstanding contribution to the Trust.

Ms Peavoy

Able and Talented Students recently visited the University of Liverpool

Fairness, ambition, respect

Several of our Able and Talented students are part of Brilliant Club. Brilliant Clubs exist in state schools all over the country, and bring school students in touch with PhD students at university. Our students have been looking at challenging topics from university-level Maths and have sent off their final assignment – which they will hear about in June.


This picture shows the students visiting the University of Liverpool and finding out what university can be like.

Students were shocked to hear that there are as many as 70 million girls around the world, aged between 6 and 12, who are not in school due to poverty, sexism or political problems. 41,000 girls are forced into marriage every day, some as young as 8 or 9 years old. Students were also indignant to learn about the gender pay gap and how it discriminates against women. In order to combat some of these issues in the academy we asked these questions: What if the world truly stepped

up to take bold action? What can staff and students do in school to make the world a fairer place for everyone? As a school, we hope to #BeBoldForChange by: • Challenging people for using exclusive language • Challenging stereotypes and sexism • Recognising everyone’s contributions equally • Celebrating the success of leaders of all genders • Encouraging more girls to consider STEM education and careers • Not stereotyping subjects, roles and jobs as a “girl’s” or “boy’s” • Never letting our gender dictate our futures. Miss Knowles

Co-operative values Whilst at the academy we focus on our values of Fairness, Ambition and Respect, the wider co-operative movement uses a lot of words to describe how co-operatives make a difference. Here’s a focus on a few more keywords from the international co-operative movement: Democracy There has been the first meeting of the students Values, Behaviours and Rewards committee. Students have discussed issues around promoting more recycling for staff and students, respecting the environment through the use of student lead projects and have created their own FairTrade Action Plan. Social Responsibility

Miss North has been nominated for a social responsibility award at the University of Manchester for her outstanding contribution when promoting sustainable energy, Fair Trade and globalisation with the geography curriculum. Students have participated in various activities, including student voice, where students have voted on ways in which to promote Fairtrade at the academy and creating their own country with ethical laws. Well done Miss North and all of her students! Equity & Equality The academy has recently teamed up with the Proud Trust, a Manchester based LGBT charity, to promote understanding and acceptance of all identities. We will be participating in the Rainbow Flag Award, a Department for Education funded project that aims to promote a safe and supportive environment for all students, by taking a whole school approach.

February was LGBT History Month, which raises awareness of issues such as bullying which can be faced by people who are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender. Mr Durkan ran assemblies in which he explained how the last few decades have seen big changes in the law which has improved life for LGBT people. Ms Peavoy

Fairness, ambition, respect

Ms Peavoy


Working with our primary schools •

Our Year 8 MFL Lead Learners have been visiting E-ACT Blackley Academy to deliver weekly French lessons to two Year 5 classes. Anastasija and Sofiya enjoyed the opportunity to develop their leadership skills and inspire the primary pupils, and they both agree it has boosted their confidence.

Mr Williams visited Bowker Vale Primary School with ICT Lead Learners following Safer Internet Day on 7 February – they led some fun activities designed to help Year 6 children revise what they had already learnt with their own teachers.

Year 5 pupils from E-ACT, Bowker Vale and Irk Valley Community Primary School have enjoyed hair styling and nail art sessions with Mrs Wedderburn in our academy salon. We look forward to welcoming children from other local primary schools very soon!

Miss Atkinson and Year 7 students enjoyed delivering weekly PE lessons at Moston Lane Community Primary School and Oasis Academy Harpur Mount during the first few months of 2017.

In February, our PE Department hosted a primary schools athletics tournament.

Our Fairtrade journey

Fairtrade assemblies

Fairtrade Fortnight

Following Fairtrade Fortnight, a week of assemblies was delivered to raise awareness and understanding even further. The highlight of the assemblies was when students from Year 8 acted out a news report scenario in front of a green screen (you can see a small preview of this on our Facebook page!).

27 February marked the start of Fairtrade Fortnight – a yearly campaign organised by the Fairtrade Foundation to raise awareness of Fairtrade products.

Business Studies trip

At CAM we got involved in several ways: • We opened a fair trade tuck shop selling products such as Fairtrade orange juice and Fairtrade banana smoothies • Students competed for Family points in a fair trade quiz. Congratulations to students in Edhi Family for submitting the most entries and also to Joshua in Year 11 who got all the answers correct and won himself some Fairtrade goodies from The Co-op!

Community news

• Ms Stannard, our Catering Manager, included Fairtrade food on the lunch menu each day for a week


• Form tutors read out interesting facts and played informative videos during morning tutor time

On 13 March, CAM was one of three schools invited to attend a private audience with speakers from Zaytoun, a Palestinian social enterprise which markets produce in the UK, and Veena Nabar, an Indian economist and expert on co-operatives. Year 9 students heard about the challenges faced by farmers in developing countries, and the positive impact of fair trade and working cooperatively.

How does Fairtrade look at The Co-op? Our Radio Club students visited Co-op HQ in Manchester to interview Amy about Fairtrade. Below is an excerpt from the interview (the full CAM Radio interview can be heard at

Students from all year groups hosted increasingly popular family bingo evenings in February and March. Parents, local community members and their families attended, winning themselves some great prizes and helping to raise money towards Teenage Cancer Trust.

Ava and Tom, who attended our March bingo event with their mum, told us they found the evening “fun and exciting”! Visit to join our mailing list to be the first to hear about our community events for the whole family. Miss Morley


munity 0161 300 589

Q: What is Fairtrade? A: Fairtrade is all about decent prices, good working conditions and better terms of trading, so making sure they have a good standard of living. Q: Can you give us an example of Fairtrade products? A: Sure, that’s things like bananas, tea, coffee, cocoa which goes into our chocolate obviously! There’s about 200 products which have cocoa in so that’s everything from muffins which have a chocolate drop in to… our battered fish was the one that’s the weirdest; it’s got a little bit of cocoa dusting on the end!

FairActive is the second in a series of three awards given by the Fairtrade Foundation. Becoming a Fairtrade School helps students understand that, whatever their age or background, they have the power to make a difference in the world. We are currently working towards the final award – FairAchiever – which includes adopting a fair trade policy and completing challenges. Miss Morley

The Co-operative Academy of Manchester 20 April 2017 Valid until: 20 April 2019

Community news

We are a FairActive school!


Pride in our academy Here are just a few of the many stories we have to be proud of.

Family competition standings At the end of term 2, Edhi Family were leading the way in the Family points competition. After finishing 4th in term 1 they have had great success this time round, particularly in inter-family competitions. Well done to Usiri Family for having the best attendance figures and well done to Brierley Family for having the best behaviour ratio. We now move into the FINAL TERM to decide the winning family for the academic year.


P ri d e

Pride Drive We’ve been putting up extra noticeboards to celebrate our students work all around the academy. Will you see yourself featured on one?






Shout Out to our local Scout troop Congratulations to Gary Hollingsworth who runs the 105th Manchester St Peters Scout Group based at the academy. The Scouts offer opportunities for CAM students and children from all the Higher Blackley area. Gary has recently been awarded the Silver Acorn award for his 30+ years as a Scout leader and he has been invited to Windor Castle for a special St George’s Day service and parade. Well done!

SHOUT Reading for success

Mrs Brice wants to congratulate Khalid in Year 8 for the dramatic improvement in his reading. Khalid read over 20 books last month and had a high pass rate on the Accelerated Reader quizzes. Khalid is also our 100% winner for Half Term 4 and wins 1000 Vivos!

Walking that extra mile for GCSE success

Rising to the baking challenge

Year 11 Catering students have been baking some amazing focaccia bread – here is Maha with hers. Mrs Priestley

Kelcey (Year 11) used her free time to find a meander to help her Geography revision. Miss North is very impressed!

Shout outs

Football scholarship


A Shout Out and huge congratulations to Sabahat who has gained an unconditional offer of a football scholarship at Coaching Connexions next year! The EAL Department are all very proud of you and think you will be very successful!

Holiday booster sessions A Shout Out to all Year 11 students who came in the holidays for booster sessions - working hard to get the grades they deserve! Thanks to staff for finding the time to run them too.

Shout Out for Humanities Create Club Liliana (Year 7) attends the Humanities Create Club and she created this amazing river display! Miss North

Prefects Shout Out

T OUTS UK Maths Challenge

Naples trip Shout Out

Well done to Alex, Cole, Amber and Zinedine in Year 9 who took part in a tough Mathematics challenge against other schools. They had to answer degree level questions which is a great achievement to be attempting so young!

A Shout Out to all Year 9 pupils who are preparing for their adventure to Naples in October. Planning is well underway and staff are very excited about all the Geography they are going to see.

Shout out to all of the Year 11 Senior Prefects who were absolutely amazing in the new prefect training before Easter. Not only were the sessions well planned and organised by the students themselves, they also overcame their nerves, delivering their training with confidence and style. As Year 11 reach their exams, those who are prefects will be taking a step back from their duties. We look forward to our new prefects stepping up to the challenge. Well done from Mrs Brice and Ms Thistlethwaite

Easter holiday club Shout Out A big thank you to those children who participated in our Easter holiday club, and to those staff who ran the workshops. The children who came had a great time.

Miss Higgins

Year 7 baking club Mrs Marshall-Sellars would like to say well done to the Year 7 students who attend her after-school baking club!

Shout Out to Muhib in Year 10 who has recently taken on two extra positions of responsibility at CAM. Muhib is already Vice Tutor Captain for his form but has also been successfully appointed as one of our new Prefects. But it doesn’t end there! Muhib has also been awarded his student librarian badge for completing his training in the academy Library. Keep up the good work. Mrs Brice

Shout outs

Student Leadership excellence




All the latest sports news from The Co-operative Academy of Manchester



Girls rugby

We’re really proud of our Under 13s handball team who competed in their first ever fixtures recently.

Well done to our Under 13s girls Rugby team who took part in their first ever Rugby tournament


Ghyll Head Lake District Visit

Year 9 took part in the Greater Manchester Games, playing volleyball at Sportcity.

Our PE staff took our Able and Talented PE students to the Ghyll Head outdoor education centre in the Lake District to try out some new activities. The group had amazing weather for their hiking, canoeing and climbing!

Spring 2017 Academy Life magazine  
Spring 2017 Academy Life magazine