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The business of learning & the art of success This prospectus may be your first introduction to the academy and although it is impossible to convey everything about us in just a few pages, I hope it will at least give you a flavour of what makes life at the academy so special. Our standards at the academy are high, and so is the quality of our offer: • the very best state of the art facilities and equipment • the very best team of teaching and support staff • the very best environment where your child is safe, feels valued and can excel • the very best curriculum offer to motivate and encourage your child and set them up for future success In 2013, the rapid rise in our GCSE examination results meant that we were the most improved school in Manchester and in November 2014, Ofsted judged the academy to be ‘good’ with many ‘outstanding’ features. Innovation at the academy comes not only through extremely high quality teaching, but from our co-operative values of fairness, ambition and respect, which we hold dear. We believe that all children have a talent and can excel at something. It is our job to unlock this and provide experiences that mean your child will want to come to school every day, to make friends, to enjoy learning and succeed. Our core values are at the heart of all we do and are not only the key to ensuring the best learning experiences each day, but are central to promoting the future successes of the young people in our care. Leadership is a strength of the academy and was rated ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted. We are committed to developing student leadership at all levels and it is the excellent relationships between staff and students that enable us to continue to raise standards. I invite you to come and visit us and experience for yourself the confidence and ‘can do’ attitude of our staff and students. You will see from visiting the academy that we do things a little differently - with Flexible Learning Zones modelled on modern open plan business spaces, our students treat the academy as a working environment. The business of learning is our core purpose, and we pride ourselves in excelling at this. Equally important for us though is the art of success which can be seen not only in students’ qualifications and results, but also in the exciting range of arts and sports enrichment opportunities on offer throughout the year. I am proud to work alongside such talented staff and students every day, and look forward to welcoming you to the academy to share in our success.

Steve Brice Principal

“There is an extremely positive culture for learning in which all staff set high expectations for students’ behaviour and achievement.” Ofsted 2014

A message from Frank Norris the Director of The Co-operative Academies Trust The Co-operative Academies Trust is made up of seven academies in the North of England, each of which is sponsored by The Co-operative Group. At The Co-operative, we believe passionately in high quality education for all and this commitment goes back over 150 years. As one of Manchester’s largest businesses, we are well placed to provide expertise from across our range of businesses to ensure students receive a relevant and exciting learning experience. The focus of the Trust’s work is to inspire a new generation of high‑achieving, aspirational, skilled and confident young people who fully understand and appreciate how a co‑operative approach will prepare and enable them to play their part in the changing global society.

Working together with our sponsors The sponsor doesn’t just provide support to the Trust and governance of the academies, but also works with teachers to provide development opportunities for students. During the past year, The Co-operative has provided a wealth of opportunities for the students and staff at the academy. These have included: high quality work experience placements, working with The Co-operative’s food development team, visiting the Rochdale Pioneers Museum, delivering student leadership training, delivering Accountancy courses and a variety of reward trips to The Co-operative’s new headquarters in central Manchester. “Our trust is unique. It is the only one in the country that benefits from the sponsorship of a large national business for the mutual benefit of students and staff. The impact of the relationship over time has been very positive with major improvements in student performance. We were all proud to see The Co-operative Academy of Manchester achieve a ‘good’ grade for overall effectiveness and an ‘outstanding’ grade for leadership and management in the Ofsted inspection in November 2014.” Frank Norris

Nurturing success Student life at the academy is vibrant; our students take a leading role in shaping the building, developing our teaching practices and forming the opportunities they have access to. This is achieved through our commitment to ‘student voice’ and by providing student leadership opportunities; from prefects to student librarians, lead learners and ambassadors for our reward scheme. More than that, our trained peer mentors give fellow students a kind listening ear if they have a problem to discuss. Our staff ensure all students receive the highest levels of care. Our taster days and holiday clubs support the transition of pupils in Years 5 and 6 as they move towards secondary school. On arriving at the academy, students are welcomed into one of our five ‘families’ where they spend tutor time together with students from a mix of year groups so that they can develop good relationships with older students. Each of our year groups is looked after by a Learning and Pastoral Support Officer (LPSO) whose job is to ensure the welfare of our students and provide a central point of contact for parents and carers.


Visitors to the academy often comment on our calm, businesslike atmosphere. In addition to our high expectations of behaviour, we also foster excellent attendance, punctuality and standards of uniform. These attributes unlock opportunities for our students and prepare those who dream of high-flying careers for the expectations of professional environments.

“The academy has been transformed. It has raised aspiration for the local community and improved the lives of students. There is very strong capacity to continue this improvement.” Ofsted 2014

be happy


be successful

be a leader “The Co-operative Academy has worked hard to reach out to the children in our community and successfully provided them with a wide range of exciting opportunities to engage them and encourage them to take part. Our children greatly enjoy their visits to the Co-operative Academy and always look forward to being invited back.� Mrs Starkey, Headteacher, Charlestown Community Primary School

be con

be ambitious


Achieving success Equipping our students with the right mind-set is key to our approach to learning. We believe that academic and personal success depends on our students developing as independent learners with a positive outlook and high aspirations. Key to our success is building the attributes of resilience, resourcefulness, showing reasoning skills, being responsible and being able to reflect on learning. Students regularly take the role of lead learners, with their distinctive red lanyards, to make powerful contributions to the quality of teaching and learning. Our students have access to the best resources to prepare them for 21st Century life, including our computer and Apple Mac suites, super fast Chromebooks and iPads, our state-of-the-art 3G sports pitch and sports hall, specialist drama studio and music and recording rooms. This combination of excellent resources and innovative teaching means that our GCSE results have been amongst the highest in the area for the last few years. Our three year Key Stage 4 curriculum gives students the best chance of success at the end of Year 11. Students are given a high level of personalised support which is right for them. Our Inclusion team ensure that students who need it have support in lessons or through additional sessions to catch up with their peers. This can include literacy and numeracy interventions, English as an Additional Language lessons, support for dyslexia and also help with social interaction and emotional skills. Our Able and Talented programme ensures that students with a particular academic strength or an aptitude in specific subject areas are able to work at the highest level, both within the classroom and beyond. Able and Talented students can access additional curriculum resources and have the opportunity to take part in targeted enrichment activities such as university trips and Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths events. Each year, our students achieve the highest grades and go on to further success beyond the academy. This is also true of our Post 16 students who have gone on directly to university after securing the highest possible qualifications in our Sixth Form.

Cultivating success

“Students show pride in the academy. They commit fully to the academy’s core principles of ‘fairness, ambition and respect.” Ofsted 2014

Not only do our students leave the academy ready for the world of employment or higher education, but they leave with experience of it. Students regularly have chance to interact with university students and employers through our Flexible Learning Days, guest speakers in assemblies and inspirational trips. Our students are also able to gain an insight into aspirational career pathways through the close links with our sponsor, The Co-operative Group. Students can choose to progress to our own Sixth Form, which specialises in English, Maths, ICT and Business Studies and which also offers opportunities to train as a hairdresser in our very own professionally equipped salon. Sixth Formers follow personalised learning pathways and continue to receive the high level of support our main school enjoys, as well as offering opportunities to contribute to student life for the whole academy. We have an exciting breadth of extra-curricular activities on offer for all students, from our award-winning gardening club and bee club, to our Debate Mate scheme and successful sports teams in football, netball, rugby, cross-country and more. We host a vibrant music service which our students can attend, and our fantastic band is the pride of the academy. Students are able to enjoy free instrumental lessons from Year 7. These enrichment activities give students the chance to learn new skills and to take part in regional and national competitions. We even have clubs run by students, for students, such as our First Aid club. We also run extra sessions to give students help with particular subjects and students are welcome to complete their Independent Learning Tasks in our well-equipped modern library or ICT suite.


be involved


How will your success story read?

When Hulan was in Year 5 and Year 6, her class came for taster activities at the academy which helped her settle in to academy life. She is now excelling in her studies.

Taylor represented the academy in the Manchester Schools Cross Country League.

When Reece was in Year 7, he performed for the Queen as part of the academy’s brass band.

Cameron created an amazing 3D board game for his science Independent Learning Task. He is on our Able and Talented register and has represented the academy in a science competition.

Emily was one of the students who attended our summer trip to Paris. She was inspired to take up a GSCE French option and is well on her way to achieving the highest grades.

Danny (Year 8) was one of the students who built our award winning show garden at the Tatton Park Flower Show.

Jack is our Olympic hopeful - the academy has fully supported Jack’s swimming training regime throughout his time at the academy.

Simona volunteered to work at the Senior Citizens Christmas Party and be a part of the wider community. She is now applying to be a prefect where she can make a difference as a role model for younger students and an ambassador for the academy.

Year 9 students Lewis and Scott wowed the crowds in our musical production of Little Shop of Horrors. Scott has gone on to appear in Corrie!

In Year 10, Jack completed his work experience at 1 Angel Square, The Co-operative Group’s headquarters. The confidence he gained there helped him to lead a team of prefects as Head Boy in Year 11.

Ade has worked hard in Year 11 and, like all his peers, has been supported with booster classes, inspirational trips and careers advice. He expects to attain great exam results and move on to study A Levels.

Sixth Former Chelsea took a leading role in organising our entry into the Runway on the Runway fashion show. She worked hard to lead our fund raising campaign which raised over ÂŁ2000. Shaun loved the trip to Oxford University. As an executive prefect, he has already developed a track record for taking on new projects and using his skills to achieve his goals - he has plenty to write about in his university applications.

Robbyn (class of 2013) is going to study Medicine at the University of East Anglia after completing her A Levels at Xaverian College.

Vaidotas left our Sixth Form and went straight to university at MMU to read Accounting after achieving the highest grades. This achievement is all the more impressive when you consider that he arrived from Lithuania in Year 10 as a learner of English.

Determined Hayley realised that an apprenticeship was the post-16 route that would work best for her. By the end of Year 11 she had the skills and qualifications needed to secure a fantastic job at The Co-operative Bank.

“Our son really enjoys school and has built up really good relationships with all the teachers, Vivos and Praise Pod are a good incentive for them and the academy has recognised him as Able and Talented and there’s a programme in place for it. It’s good that those children are given the same amount of support as those that have Special Education Needs.” Mr & Mrs Burke, Parents

who will you be? “I chose the academy because of its reputation and because of what other parents were saying as well as because of its GCSE results. I am very happy with my choice. The staff have time for the students as individuals as well as being part of a class.” Ms Stott, Parent

Plant Hill Road, Higher Blackley, Manchester M9 0WQ T: 0161 795 3005 F: 0161 702 3324 E:

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We exist to value each other and bring out the best in everyone

The Co-operative Academy of Manchester Prospectus 2015-2016  
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