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Honeywell Video Systems

Honeywell Intelligent Analytics Suite.. Honeywell’s innovative analytics solutions deliver the required functionality to increase security and reduce shrinkage.

Active Alert®

Integrated Data Manager

Honeywell’s Active Alert® software analyzes the behavior of individuals and vehicles to provide real-time alarms and search tools that enhance manned and unmanned video surveillance systems.

Honeywell’s IDM (Integrated Data Manager) software combines video with data from business operations applications to pinpoint suspicious activity and provide information for improving overall business operations. IDM is ideal for retail, banking and gaming applications.

Features: • Reports 35+ actionable events and behaviors • Tracks up to 20 targets in each camera view • Enables user-defined event and alarm settings for each camera view Benefits: • Increases productivity—by alerting only suspicious behavior, a single operator is able to monitor a larger area • Improves security—automating the continuous surveillance process significantly reduces missed detections • Controls costs—only activities of interest are alerted; virtually eliminating false alarms • Improves efficiency—search tools enable easy incident retrieval in seconds Applications:

Perimeter Protection

Restricted Area


Abandon Object

Features: • Reports exceptions on transactions such as voids, no sale, coupons and discounts • Search by transaction to view associated video • Reports in easy to read graphical formats Benefits: • Reduces shrinkage—prevents under rings, voids, sweet hearting, cash stolen from registers and other fraudulent activity • Increases management effectiveness and staff productivity— eliminates manual analysis. Identifies trends, exceptions and training requirements • Lowers implementation costs—eliminates costs associated with complicated hardware installations

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..Smarter Video, Smarter Decisions Honeywell’s innovative analytics solutions provide organizations with the information required to improve customer service and increase operational efficiencies.

Smart Impressions® Honeywell’s Smart Impressions® software provides data that enables end users to better understand their operations and potential revenue opportunities. Smart Impressions reports on both people and vehicle activity. People Activity: By counting and reporting the number of people entering and exiting as well as providing dwell time and entering target zone data, managers can better understand their closing ratio and opportunities for operational improvements, such as: • Increase customer service during key selling periods • Reduce costs during slow selling periods • Determine effectiveness of advertising expenses and promotional campaigns • Determine effectiveness of merchandising and displays Vehicle Activity: The ability of Smart Impressions to count vehicles adds a new dimension in analyzing roadway and parking operations including design, safety, revenue opportunities and the detection of problems and deficiencies, for example: • Analyze roadway geometry and design • Plan roadway improvements and maintenance • Estimate revenue • Synchronize signal timing

Tracking customer behavior

Car counting

People Counter Honeywell’s People Counter provides crucial information that helps end users make the best use of their resources to increase sales. Combining directional traffic data with other operational data allows you to accurately: • Increase customer service during key selling periods • Reduce costs during slow selling periods • Determine effectiveness of advertising expenses and promotional campaigns High accuracy two-way entry/exit counts at keypoints

mation on these or other video systems products visit or call 1-800-79

Fusion III v3.5 DVR Series

Rapid Eye™ Multi-Media DSP v8

Bridging the Gap between Analog, IP and Intelligent Video

Event-driven Digital Recording and Transmission System

Migrate your analog surveillance system to IP at your own pace. Fusion III v3.5 is the next step in digital video recording.

Rapid Eye™ Multi-Media has expanded beyond traditional timelapse video recording and is now a truly event-driven digital recording and transmission system.

• Enhanced mouse driven, LocalView interface • Expandable system grows with you • Supports analog, IP, network encoders and megapixel recording sources • Integrated Intelligent Video Analytics • Integrated Intelligent Data Analytics

• The DVD writer exports up to seven times the duration of video clips than to a CD • Graphical timeline shows the availability and type of video recorded • Multiple language support • Wizard-based RapidConfig™ allows easy setup of the main DVR features

HCD92534 and HD4D

e-Series and L-Series LCD Monitors

True Day/Night Cameras

High Performance Images—in a Cost-effective Solution

For high resolution video indoors or out, Honeywell’s two new True Day/Night cameras with Digital Noise Reduction and Digital Slow Shutter offer exceptional low light visibility and low video noise.

Honeywell’s new LCD monitors provide high resolution display of computer signals and/or composite video.

• The super high (540/530 TVL) resolution gives you crisp, clear video regardless of light levels

• Remarkably lower energy consumption

• Digital Noise Reduction removes grainy appearance from images to significantly increase storage capacity

• More than double the useful screen life compared to a CRT monitor

• The HCD92534 offers external adjustment of lens zoom and focus.

• Crisp, clear images and smearless motion to watch high-speed movement

96-CCTV (2288).

• Quick panel response time to minimize ghosting in motion video

Get connected...

EQUIP Series

…and stay connected. Honeywell’s EQUIP Series IP cameras transmit better images—over longer distances than ever before! ACUIX™ IP Indoor Pendant

Honeywell’s new family of IP-ready cameras and domes allows users to capitalize on the advantages of network camera technology. Our new Internet Protocol cameras transmit better images than ever! And now you can stream and view live or recorded images over your network or the Internet. Anytime, anywhere. Features: • TCP/IP and analog video out • Camera sabotage detection and motion detection • Power over Ethernet (PoE) on mini-dome and box camera versions • MPEG4/ASP (dual streams) up to 4CIF/30 FPS • Supported in DVM, next generation video management system • Web browser and externally accessible Web-based menu • Auto Sensing 12 VDC/24

ACUIX™ IP Outdoor Pendant

HD4DIP True Day/Night IP Mini Dome

ACUIX™ IP In-ceiling Dome

HCD544IP True Day/Night HCS544ID Software Day/Night IP Box Camera

Benefits: • Utilize existing IT network and structured cabling infrastructure • True remote access via Web server or over the LAN/WAN/Internet • Advanced compression and digitization functionality • Migration path supports integration with existing analog video systems Web Browser

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