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It’s Official: USA Hells is back in town By ZOE WULFSOHN-DUNKLEY

The superstar lager hadn’t been seen out in public since its moment in the limelight this time last year, retiring deep into the Brewery to hide out and plot world domination and leaving its sibling beers Camden Hells and Unfiltered Hells (the Baldwin brothers of the beer world) to get on with running the family business.

Rumours Abound After images of USA Hells on the bottling line were leaked on the web last month, the beverage world was abuzz with crackpot theories about the notoriously elusive beer’s comeback and what form it would take. We can now exclusively confirm that USA is returning fulltime to the Camden Town Brewery line-up in both keg and bottle.

The Truth So, for those of you who didn’t meet this enigmatic beer first time around, what’s it actually like? Well, there’s certainly a strong family resemblance to Camden and Unfiltered Hells lager but punchy American hops give USA a transatlantic accent characterised by the refreshing tang of hops grown stateside.


We Love USA: Excited fans celebrate the return of their favourite beer with a drink of... guess what?

4 things you didn’t know about USA Hells: • Matthew McConaughey’s role in 1993 cult comedy Dazed & Confused was originally written for USA Hells. • Spring was cold this year because USA Hells hadn’t been released yet. • USA had brief affairs with both Courtney Love and Milla Jovovich, at the same time! • USA Hells’ favourite colours are red, white and blue, favourite cheese is American Cheese Slices, and favourite song is Born in the USA by Bruce Springsteen, even though we all know that USA Hells was born right here at Camden Town Brewery.

BEERMANIA: Excited crowds gather to welcome back USA Hells

We’ve Got Growlers By MARK DREDGE

“If we could then we’d run a hosepipe direct from the brewery going to our house so we could have fresh beer all the time,” said Barry Chelsea, brewing expert, “but we can’t do that.” He explains the logistic issues with such an idea, including “trees and walls, plus we’d obviously need really long hose pipes.” Luckily, Camden Town Brewery

have come up a solution to this age-old filler at any one time in two sizes, Jr. problem and installed a Growler Filling (1.6 pints) and Sr (3.2 pints). But one Station. A growler is a large glass bottle and mystery remains: where does the name the station fills it with draft beer. “Now we come from? One theory is that the noise can take beer fresh from the brewery and of a bottle being filled sounded like carry it home to drink it there!” said Dave growling while another is that a cowboy Milktree, another company employee. in the wild west used to take a milk bottle The growler is an American invention, to a local tavern and fill it with like the cheeseburger and Disneyworld beer to quench his horse’s and is popular with the millions of craft thirst. The horse’s name was beer drinkers over there who prefer to growler, after the local brothel. travel to a brewery, buy beer and take it However it got its name, home to drink.Camden a growler sure is a great Fill ‘Em Up: Artist’s Town Brewery have up impression of the way drink fresh growler in action. to four beers on the draft beer at home.

A Gold Medal to Cut Out ‘n’ Keep Back in February, Camden Hells won a Gold Medal in the lager category at the International Brewing Awards. As you can imagine, we’re pretty stoked about this – we won silver in 2012 so if we keep progressing at this rate they’ll have to start thinking up new precious metals. But there’s no point having a gold medal winning lager without lots of good folk to drink it, which is why you people all deserve a prize too. Thanks for everything and here’s a little medal for you!

Instructions: Cut out your medal and colour it in gold. Pin it to your shirt and say “Bravo!”

Camden Post, Issue 1, April–May 2013

Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of... Hells Lager with Chilli Heatwave Doritos

Straight Outta Camden with


What next for USA?


Gentleman’s Wit with Smith’s Scampi Fries A beer that appeals to most paired with the most antisocial crisp of all time; nothing says “I care about my own pleasure and no-one else” like a scampi fry. They may reek like nobody’s business but my word are they tasty parcels of wonderment! Wit becomes the lemon you squeezed onto the mediocre seaside meal you ate with your parents as a youth. That’s some Proustian shit right there! BREWS OF THE WORLD

Alsatian Invasion

A Totally Unbiased Review of our Pub The Horseshoe By ZOE WULFSOHN-DUNKLEY

When it came to trying to choose a pub or restaurant to review in the first issue of the Camden Post, the Horseshoe was a natural choice. In the current climate of widespread press standard enquiries and doubts about journalistic ethics, I should probably declare our vested interest. We do indeed own the place. The Horseshoe’s cellar is where Camden Town Brewery was born. You might not guess from its smart interior that the messy process of brewing could ever take place inside; the Horseshoe looks more airy, modern restaurant than down and dirty brewpub. But beer is – literally – very much on the menu, 18 bottled beers available as well as all of Camden’s own brews, making it a little more apparent that this is indeed the holy manger in which the baby Camden Town Brewery took its first breath. So apart from being a kind of brewing industry Bethlehem, what else does the Horseshoe have to offer? The answer to this is damned good food. A pub grub classic fish finger sandwich is made from Cornish haddock and served with the exciting addition of curry mayo and an elegant, muslin-wrapped lemon on the side for easy squeezing. Saffron & potato dumplings (gnocchi, in other words) are fried and accompanied by mushrooms, asparagus, wild garlic pesto and tomato sauce, to make a flavoursome and surprisingly light plateful. All really delicious. I’d recommend you go, even if I wasn’t paid to. Promise. The Horseshoe, 28 Heath St, London, NW3 6TE

An Alsatian has been spotted in Carlon, Victoria. It’s Camden Town’s new beer Alsace Alt, invading the Great Australasian Beer Spectapular (24-26th May). Exclusive to the festival, this 4.6% Altbier won’t get served in the UK until after GABS is over so if you’d like a piece of the action you’d better book yourself some flights. If long haul travel isn’t your thing, we’ll be serving the beer from the end of May. It’s well worth the wait, promise.

It’s Crunch Time: (clockwise from top left) Salt & Vinegar Squares, T-Bone Steak Roysters, Chilli Heatwave Doritos and Smith’s Scampi Fries.

Camden Ink with T-Bone Steak Roysters Roysters are a bonefide underground newsagent classic – no room for poseurs here. The bubbled texture and big meaty breadth of this snack need the velvet fist of our full flavoured nitro stout to caress it with a firm but loving hand. Sensual.

EXCLUSIVE! Gentleman’s Wit has taken up an exclusive bottle residency in Byron restaurants from April 2013. “Byron’s beer list is well good,” says Raz Olive, a beer and hamburger expert from London. “I’m well excited that Gentleman’s Wit is now on the menu.” A Wit beer brewed with lemon and bergamot, it has a taste that Olive describes as “well delicious.” The craft beer list at Byron also features two other beers brewed by Camden Town: Hells Lager plus the house pale ale, designed by Byron staff to be the perfect beer accompaniment for a hamburger. Get your bottle of Gentleman’s Wit in Byron restaurants and at the Brewery Bar from this month onwards. High fives all ‘round to hamburgers and beer. Find out more at

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Beer (But Were Afraid to Ask)

A modern brew matched with an old school classic. Squares are the bomb – disagree at your peril infidels! The body and caramalt are like a bouncycastle underpinning for the frolicking children jumping around on top of it (the children being a metaphor for hoppy goodness interacting with salt and vinegar delight). Flavour for days ya’ll. CAMDEN’S LONELY HEARTS

Beer Goggles Love beer? Looking for love with someone who also loves beer? Tweet us at @camdenbrewery #beergoggles and we’ll print the best ones.

Last Thursday I saw you across bar. You are tall and handsome and wore white wellies. I’ve never seen a brewer so good looking. You saw me, I saw you, I had your beer and now I want you. I’ll be back in the bar and you’d better be waiting. Can I wear your boots sometime? – IPA lover, London We were on the brewery tour. I poured you a beer and you handed me some chocolate malt to say thanks. You said the hops smelt of flowers and you gave them to me. We learnt a lot about beer, now I want to learn more about you. Meet me under the fermenters? – Craft Can Fan, Camden

Goodbye James This month, the brewery bids farewell to one of its most precious children. James Garstang is leaving Camden Town to explore pastures new. Adieu James! Goodbye now! Don’t be a stranger!

MARK DREDGE Is Telling It Like It Is

#1.What is Craft Beer? I get a lot of people coming up to me in the street and saying: ‘Hey Mark, you’re a beer expert and international beer judge, what’s craft beer?’ I try and distract them – look it’s a fox! – and run away, but it’s not always possible, so sometimes I have to come up with an answer. This is difficult. You see, craft beer is just beer, really. Pretty much every beer you drink from a small brewery counts as craft beer, whether it’s in a bottle, can, cask or keg. The thing is, ‘craft beer’ is an American term which British brewers have tried to use, but like your nan calling something ‘awesome’, it just doesn’t work and it’s awkward. But whatever. It doesn’t matter. Craft beer is an idea, it’s a way of drinking, a knowledgeable way of approaching beer in which you’re conscious of your choices, aware of what you’re ordering and why and

Pale Ale with Salt & Vinegar Squares

Your Monthly Hoposcope

Craft Beer World by Mark Dredge, available 30th April from Dog ‘n’ Bone books, £16.99.

choosing your beer because you want it to be as delicious as possible. Being this intangible thing, I couldn’t define it in 350 words, so I wrote a whole book on it, featuring over 350 beers. And I decided to call it Craft Beer World. It’s filled with wonderful anecdotes of my drinking, fun facts and information that’ll soon have you talking like a brewmaster. Anyway, it’s being released on Thursday 2 May at the Camden Town Brewery Bar! Come along and grab a copy!

Pacific Gem As the seasons change, your bitterness diminishes from your time hibernating in the cold. It's time to get out there and show the world how fruity you can be! Generally you revel in the dark side of life at Camden Town Brewery, but your recent excursions in the light have proven you to be a versatile and companiable addition to the team. Seek Out: Your pal First Wort Avoid: Dry hop shennanigans



(Continued from Page 1) Experts predict that this will be the summer of USA Hells with Beermania sweeping the nation and a national holiday declared in it honour. Hells USA is tipped to get a prominent job as the UN’s celebrity Beer Ambassador then write a best selling autobiography – the first ever to be authored by a beverage!

Beer matching isn’t just about flavour, it’s a lifestyle philosophy. A cool, clean Hells washes away the spicy heat of any Doritos with ease, therefore making them perfect bedfellows. However, the real reason I paired these together is that Hells is the bread and butter of the brewery and (if I’m being honest) so are Doritos in their many forms. Praise be!

Camden Town Brewery is powered by crisps (or chips as the aussie contigent calls them) so it seems fitting that brewer James Garstang should pair our beers with some of our favourite Costcutter classics. Sit back and enjoy a few pearls of wisdom from the brewery’s resident crisp expert.

Hotdogs are great. To hell with the haters who dismiss them as a ‘fad food’, we’ll get over hotdogs when you find us another foodstuff that’s not only perfect paired with beer but also this easy to eat while holding a pint. Hotdogs may be here to stay, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t find new ways to enjoy them. Here we present Dogfather Diner, the hot new hotdog stand trading at the brewery bar this month, as well as a recipe for Camden Hells ketchup perfect for dressing your dogs with at home.

Dogfather Diner Think a hotdog is just about the sausage and the bun? Think again. Dogfather Diner use this classic combo as a platform for serious excess, pilling the humble dog high with a diverse range of toppings from chorizo and mac ‘n’ cheese to sag aloo or cactus leaves and lovingly finishing each one off with a pun-based name (try the Slum Dog or Mac My Bitch Up on for size). Good dog! @Dogfatherdiner ( are at the Brewery Bar on the 13th, 19th & 26th of April.

Mark’s Beer Ketchup Donate a splash of your Hells lager to this beer ketchup and you’ll have a perfect condiment compliment to grilled weiners, fried onions and fresh buns, washed down with plenty more Hells, of course! To make the ketchup, soften onion and garlic, add some herbs and spices (paprika, mustard, clove, bay, thyme, pepper), sugar and salt, a few handfuls of fresh tomatoes or 400g tinned and let them bubble down to mush. Add equal amounts of beer and vinegar, cook for about 20 minutes and strain through a sieve. Reduce it further to get the right consistency, then serve cold.

Can You Tell What it is Yet? Welcome to the first edition of the Camden Post, Camden Town Brewery’s newspaper. Let us know what you think on by tweeting us @CamdenBrewery #CamdenPost, on facebook or by emailing


The first issue of Camden Town Brewery's newspaper

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