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To whom it may concern: I wish to take this opportunity to introduce myself. I have recently completed my Masters of Architecture and am now seeking a full time Architectural Graduate position where I can apply my proven skills and knowledge base to gain practical experience with the career goal of becoming a Registered Architect. As outlined in my CV (following pages), I have completed a Masters in Architecture (MArch (prof)) and prior to this a Bachelor of Architectural Studies (BAS) at Victoria University, Wellington. I have worked in a range of roles (both voluntary and paid) that include: - Architectural intern, +MAP, Christchurch - Freelance design, cbp design, Wellington - Bakery assistant, Brooklyn, Bakery, Wellington - Class representative, 4th and 5th year, Victoria University - Manager / Coach, OBU Spartans (rugby), Wellington 55 Centaurus Road Cashmere Christchurch 8022 14-03-2011

Camden Pyke Covering Letter

E: P: +64 27 330 3594 W:

As a result of these positions and my qualifications I have a range of specialised skills including a high competence in: -AutoCAD -Autodesk Revit -Autodesk 3ds Max -Adobe Illustrator -Microsoft Word 2007 -Client interaction

-Graphisoft ArchiCad -Draughting -Dispute resolution

-Adobe Photoshop -Model Making

I have a keen eye for design and art, stemming from my time at high school under the tutorage of influential New Zealand artists Darryn George and Phil Price. Additionally I have proven and effective communication and interpersonal skills. I am also highly self motivated, adaptable and enjoy being part of, and contributing to a team. I look forward to an opportunity to meet with you to further discuss how my specific skills, knowledge and experience would make me an effective member of your firm. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon Yours sincerely, Camden Pyke

Career objective:

Architectural skills:

Relevant employment:

I have recently completed my Masters in Architecture - MArch (prof ) - at Victoria University and am now seeking a full time Architectural Graduate position where I can apply my proven skills and knowledge base to gain practical experience with the career goal of becoming a Registered Architect.

High competency in: Autodesk Revit (5 years) Graphisoft ArchiCad (5 years) AutoCAD (2 year) Autodesk 3ds Max (3 years) Adobe Photoshop (7 years) Adobe Illustrator (2 years) Adobe In-design (2 years) Microsoft Word 2007 Endnote

2010 Freelancing- cbp design: -Undertook full consent process for Hitaua Bay additions (see portfolio) -Research on two Heritage buildings for publication.

Key attributes: -Committed, proactive person who is not afraid to take risks -Not satisfied with the status quo and am always pushing my understanding and knowledge

Camden Pyke Curriculum Vitae

E: P: +64 27 330 3594 W:

-Enjoy active discussion of issues and thrive on new challenges -Always prepared to give things a go and go the extra mile, as reflected in my diverse employment history -Good




-Relish teamwork and enjoy the office environment

Draughting Model Making Client interaction Dispute resolution Some competency in: Google SketchUp (1 year) SolidWorks (1 year) Adobe Dreamweaver Microsoft PowerPoint Microsoft Excel Microsoft Access

Qualifications: 2009-2010 Masters Architecture (prof ), Victoria University, Wellington: Current Average: A2006-2008 Bachelor Architectural studies, Victoria University, Wellington: Average: B+

2009 - 2010 Summer Research Scholarship, Victoria University Building Energy End-use Study (BEES): -Researcher for relevant articles relating to energy and water use in domestic and commercial buildings. -Undertook comprehensive literature review (to be published). 2008 Modern Architecture Partners (+MAP), Christchurch, Architectural intern: -Undertook detailing and preliminary design on a number of projects in New Zealand and Fiji. 2006 - 2008 Armitage Williams Construction, Christchurch, Building labourer: -Basic construction training in the commercial sector. -Involved throughout construction process of Selwyn District Council Offices.

Other employment:

Tertiary Education:

Secondary Education:


2009 - ongoing Brooklyn Bakery, Wellington: Bakery assistant

2009-2010 MArch (prof ) Victoria University, Wellington

Shenuka de Sylva Kulugammana, Thesis Supervisor Victoria University, Wellington

2007 Fitzgerald Applied Sociology, Christchurch, Researcher: -Database construction and research assistant.

2010 SARC 591: to be assessed SARC 461: (Prof. Practice) : A-

2001 - 2005 Christ’s College, Christchurch -At Christ’s College I had the good fortune of having two of New Zealand’s most prominent artists as teachers, painter Darryn George and sculptor Phil Price.

2005 - 2007 Graeme Odell Contracting, Christchurch: Farm Contractor -Understanding of machinery and complex processes -Long hours helped build strong work ethic. Voluntary positions: 2009 - 2010 Class Representative Victoria University: -Successfully advocated for better facilities and gained useful insight and relationships with faculty. 2007- 2010 Coach / Manager OBU Spartans (U85kg Rugby): -Organised, coached and played with team. Won Division 2 in 2009, runner up 2010.

2009 -As Class representative I advocated for better facilities resulting in a 50% increase in computer stations for the studio as well as free printing and couch facilities to improve the studio. Average: A2006 - 2008 BAS, Victoria University, Wellington 2008 -Member of the Arch & Design Ball Committee. In this role I contributed to gathering sponsorship and organisation. It also helped create new relationships for the faculty and organise the most successful ball in it’s history with over 500 students attending Average: B+ 2007 Average: B+ 2006 Average: B+

Achievements: NCEA Level 3 University Entrance House Prefect Humanitarian Committee, 1st XV (Rugby) Scholarship class Gold Coast Rugby Tournament (proposed) Nepal Trek member Winner combined colleges “Battle of the Bands”(Guitarist) Interests: In my spare time I enjoy: Architecture Music Guitar Painting Event Organisation Rugby Tennis Skiing Water-skiing Tramping Analogue photography Photo / film development Digital photography

+64 4 463 6063 +64 22 160 6760 Erica Simms Office Manager Brooklyn Bakery, Wellington +64 4 802 4111 +64 27 429 1233

Cover Letter and CV  

Camden Pyke, Architectural Graduate - Cover letter and CV