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Spring 2017

Kill Climate Deniers by David Finnigan Š Sarah Walker @CamdenPT

Fuel to the flames: six months of scorching new theatre and performance at CPT, guaranteed to make sparks fly‌

Welcome to spring 2017 at Camden People’s Theatre Have you recovered yet from 2016? If not, we’ve got the perfect tonic: a programme of extraordinary new theatre from the country’s freshest and most adventurous artists. It includes a stonking new show DollyWould (p.18)(about Ms Parton, natch) from indie theatre mega-stars and CPT associates Sh!t Theatre, and a week’s run of Heidi Niemi’s blissfully funny, megalomaniac Shakespeare take-off, MacBETTI (p.16). We’ve got Jenna Watt’s Fringe First-winning delve into the nuclear debate, Faslane (p.13); the premiere of a new project about language, Word (p.12), by the man behind much-discussed interactive shocker The Privileged, Jamal Harewood; and a lovely new show on sleep-walking and sleep-talking from Lillian Henley (1927) and Tom Adams, Elephant and Castle (p.13). There are two rip-roaring festivals, beginning with Sprint 2017 (p.06) – our annual cavalcade of hotoff-the-press work, often from first-time artists, and headlined this year by local hero Scottee’s new production Bravado (p.07). In April, we launch Hotbed (p.14), a new season of performances exploring sex, and spearheaded by the latest show from CPT favourite Louise Orwin, entitled Oh Yes Oh No. Elsewhere, several events are made with and for our Camden community, including the return of Tom Marshman’s acclaimed Kings Cross (Remix) (p.15), uncovering the hidden histories of LGBTQ+ London. Subika Anwar-Khan premieres Divided (p.18), co-commissioned by CPT and our neighbours, the Hopscotch Asian Women’s Centre. And in June, we preview our new in-house show about London air pollution, Fog Everywhere (p.18), made with King’s College London and our friends at Westminster Kingsway college. There is, in short, a feast of entertainment to help you hit 2017 running.

Amber, Anna, Brian and all at CPT © Joe Twigg Photography

Dancing Bear Dancing Bear by Gameshow © Adam Levy

Powder Keg


Morale is High

5 Encounters on a site called Craigslist

Wed 25 – Thu 26 Jan, 7.15pm

(Since we gave up Hope)

Theatrical soothsaying, storytelling through a crystal ball – basically we saw the future and OH BOY do we have some stuff to tell you! Morale is High (Since we gave up Hope) is a performance that seeks to predict what will happen between now and the next general election in 2020. Throughout the show, intertwining narratives explore the effects of popular culture, political policy and inane day-to-day actions on who we choose to vote for. A theatre-meets-gig that smashes pop and politics in some space-age futuristic collider to create an ongoing evaluation of our political climate. £12/£10 concs

Wed 25 – Thu 26 Jan, 9pm

Desperately hilarious and achingly bleak, 5 Encounters On A Site Called Craigslist is an intricate and tender question mark around our attempts to encounter each other in this technologized world. It’s a show that, in exploring this one person’s self-sabotaged attempts to know those around him, considers the extent to which a group of people in a darkened room can ever get to know each other. £8 (work-in-progress)


Fri 27 – Sat 28 Jan, 7.15pm

Dancing Bear, Dancing Bear

Dancing Bear, Dancing Bear is a show about men and women and how we relate to each other. Audiences listen on headphones to Hannah Ringham (Shunt) who draws you into a hypnotic world of immersive sound and music. On stage, raw and visually striking physicality blurs into tender moments of intimacy.


£12/£10 concs

Spring 2017 at Camden People’s Theatre [ 02 ]

September 11th © Red Zone Theatre

Joe Bunce

Crowded Nest



Fri 27 – Sat 28 Jan, 9pm Sam writes poetry. Sam plays the guitar and loves David Bowie. Sam gels his hair, flosses his teeth and always wears eau de toilette to school. Sam loves Lucy. Lucy doesn’t love Sam. But Sam has a plan. A new play in development between writer & director Joe Bunce, and performer Billy Taylor, Alphabet explores modern masculinity, through a patchwork of romcoms, snapchats and gangbangs. £8 (work-in-progress)

Varjack & Simpson

Tue 14 Feb, 8pm

Worst. Date. Ever

A very special (Anti-)Valentine Edition! Are you sick of swiping left and right? Or filling out pointless online questionnaires only to message back and forth with people you are not even sure you want to meet IRL? Maybe you are sick of dating altogether? Maybe you are seeing someone but would like to make new friends? Well the makers of The Anti-Slam know that the best way to bond is over failure. WORST. DATE. EVER is a night of performances about dates gone wrong, mixed up with silly games for people of all relationship statuses, sexualities and genders. Featuring a fantastic line up of comedians, theatre makers, spoken word and performance artists! £8 [ 03 ] Spring 2017 at Camden People’s Theatre

Wed 15 Feb, 7.15pm Billy decides to give up her social media presence for good while Harvey dives in head first - but they’re not the only teens who are trying to separate who they are from who they are on the internet. And that’s a tough thing to do when you can’t remember living without it. NO FILTER is a lo-fi DIY play that uses teens’ own experience to translate what happens on 2-dimensional screens into a 3-dimensional production about social media right now. Is it all fake, or is it forever? PERFORMED BY A COMPANY OF A-LEVEL DRAMA STUDENTS FROM THE ST MARYLEBONE CE SCHOOL

£12/£10 concs

Red Zone Theatre

Wed 15 – Fri 17 Feb, 9pm

September 11th

Be cautious, beware, a terrorist could be anywhere. Fear. Paranoia. Vulnerability. Iraqi fugitive Kuhel Khalid invites you to discover a patchwork of his memories from Iraq, in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, and how his sense of self was suddenly subverted by a new Western stigma: terrorist. This controversial, raw play looks to challenge our assumptions about who and what a terrorist is, and how such people are created. It explores the complex relationship between terrorism and government agencies, a constant and chaotic collaboration which has resulted in the death, suffering and displacement of millions of people around the world. £10/£8 concs

The Sick of the Fringe © Mamoru Iriguchi

Flabbergast Theatre

Thu 16 – Fri 17 Feb, 7.15pm

Boris and Sergey

The Balkan bad boys of puppetry leap into a world of reminiscent ramblings. What is Boris & Sergey without…Boris…? Join these puppets who will make you love, hate and pity them all at the same time. Their quest to find the meaning of life….no. We all know it’s 42. But something is lurking behind the shadows, watching and waiting, will you see it before they do? ★★★★★ Three Weeks (for a previous show) £8 (work-in-progress)

Running Dog

Wed 1 – Thu 2 Mar, 7.15pm

Wanna Dance With Somebody! Or, A Guide To Managing Social Anxiety Using Theoretical Physics

Is the hokey cokey really what it’s all about? Really? Josh doesn’t know, but he’s damn well going to find out. A new show about social anxiety, about coping mechanisms – about big ideas and how they impact on small things. About taking chances. And about dancing. Mixing storytelling, live music and physical comedy: Running Dog Theatre creates a show that’s part physics lecture, part dance lesson and school disco. £12/£10 concs

Fri 17 – Sun 19 Feb

The Sick of the Fringe

Since 2015, The Sick of the Fringe has existed to connect work engaging with arts and health across the Edinburgh Fringe, bringing voices from outside the mainstream into public discourse in new and exciting ways. Join us for our first ever London festival, featuring stellar performance and discussions with artists and scientists thinking about the body’s problems and possibilities. There will also be a programme for practitioners in creative and medical fields. The Sick of the Fringe will take place in four venues across London, including CPT. The programme will include work from Drunken Chorus, Steve Nice and Brigitte Aphrodite.



Barrel Organ

Mon 27 Feb and Mon 15 May, 7.30pm


A scratch night curated by CPT associate artists Barrel Organ; presenting experimental and non-traditional work that specifically acknowledges the presence of the audience and plays with the ‘liveness’ of theatre. £5 Spring 2017 at Camden People’s Theatre [ 04 ]

Marador(a) © Adam Foster and Susan Kempster

Susan Kempster & Adam Foster

Theodora van der Beek



Thu 2 – Sat 4 Mar, 9pm

Framed by the pomp and ceremony of bullfighting and inspired by a catalogue of entertainers who have died during performance, the piece is a darkly funny meditation on empathy, death and snails. In a world where we find ourselves more emotionally engaged by videos of cute kittens on the internet than unimaginable human tragedies in the developing world, we want to challenge our audience to interrogate what they really feel at a time when we are witnessing an arbitrary disintegration of empathy. DEVELOPED ON STARTING BLOCKS 2016

£12/£10 concs

[ 05 ] Spring 2017 at Camden People’s Theatre

Fri 3 – Sat 4 Mar, 7.15pm

Egg is the story of one egg’s quest to find herself in a human world. At once powerful & powerless, comedic & majestic, Egg stands alone. Hatching with curious, fresh eyes, Egg overcomes many obstacles to become who she can be, struggling to fulfill her potential and claim a slice of this life for her own. But Alas! She is an egg and her fate is sealed. With no one and nothing to save her, her end is certain: she will be fried, yes, fried in a pan... £12 / 10 conc


I Am A Tree by Jamie Wood © Ben Duffy

Tue 7 – Sun 26 Mar

Sprint 2017

Sprint is CPT’s flagship annual festival of adventurous new performance. For twenty years, it’s been hosting the most eye-opening new talents in theatre – many of whom are now fixtures on major stages worldwide. In 2017, we can promise you another intense hit of creativity: three weeks of shows like you’ve never seen shows before, by the most exciting theatre-makers you’ve yet to meet. In Sprint 2017, you’ll find

• brand new artists making their first professional work • fast-rising artists performing new shows for the first time • big-hitting artists trying out hot-off-the-press new work

In the latter category, we’re delighted to welcome back to CPT the award-winning artist Scottee, whose extraordinary new production addresses bravado, banter, male aggression and domestic abuse. Bravado will headline the first week of Sprint 2017. Always a highlight of the CPT year, Sprint is when we play fastest and loosest, where we open our doors widest to the most extraordinary array of new and diverse indie theatre talent. Join us in March for this cavalcade of invention, entertainment and new ideas. tickets from £5

Spring 2017 at Camden People’s Theatre [ 06 ]

Rabbit Heart (pg. 08) by Shambles Theatre © Laurence Howe

Suprise! by Lauren Silver © Ben Broomfield


Katherine Turner

Martha in Orbit


Tue 7 Mar, 7.15pm

A DIY sci-fi exploring loneliness, nostalgia, what’s important about our planet and what we’d miss if it were gone. £8 (work-in-progress) Laura Kurlansky & Victoria Watson

Tue 7 Mar, 9pm

Of the Crowd

Inspired by video games and the rise of artificial intelligence, this immersive performance explores the point at which humans and computers might overlap. £12/£10 concs

Wed 8 Mar, 9pm

Using the frame of Hollywood films, Latent Dreams unravels the capitalist ideologies underpinning popular concepts of the Apocalypse. £8 (work-in-progress)

Lauren Silver

Thu 9 – Fri 10 Mar, 9pm


How does a girl with social and anticipation anxiety enjoy a surprise party? Join Lauren as she finds out, in a show packed full of party games and hopefully no panic attacks. £8 (work-in-progress) Gameshow

Thu 9 Mar, from 6.30pm Scottee

Wed 8 - Sat 11 Mar, 7.15pm


Following the huge success of Putting Words in your Mouth at the Roundhouse in 2016 (★★★★★ What’s On Stage ★★★★ Guardian, The Stage, Time Out ) Scottee is back with a brand new show. Scottee grew up around strong, brave and violent men and boys. Bravado is his memoir of working class masculinity from 1991 to 1999 as seen by a sheep in wolf’s clothing, exploring the graphic nature of maleness. Blood, spit and tears are set against a drunken backdrop of aggressive sensitivity and Oasis songs. This show is not for the weak hearted - it includes graphic accounts of violence, abuse, assault and sex. Over 18’s only. Attend at your own risk. £12/£10 concs

What I’m Worth

How does our society value a l​ife? How about you? A representation of the price of sustaining a single human life for a year, using​​100,000 tiddlywinks​. free

Susanna Fournier & Ted Witzel

Sat 11 – Sun 12 Mar 9pm (8.30pm on 12 Mar)

lulu v.3 who do lulu? you do lulu? A performance-cum-installation about sex and loneliness in digital hookup culture. £12/£10 concs

Smallest Majority

Sun 12 Mar, 7pm

The Oppression Games

An examination of documented cases of LGBTQ+ hate crimes and a commemoration of those that have fatally suffered in a world obsessed with labelling. £12/£10 concs

[ 07 ] Spring 2017 at Camden People’s Theatre

Sisters of Eden © Joanna Walton

There but for the Grace of God by Weltschmerz Company © Tom Idelson

Flickbook Theatre

Louisa Claughton

Casket Case

Interchangeable Bodies

Tue 14 Mar, 7.15pm Casket Case is a show about our fear of death, dying and being dead. Part-story, part-cabaret, and part totally morbid curiosity. £12/£10 concs

Shambles Theatre

Tue 14 Mar, 9pm

Rabbit Heart: A Lovely Tragedy

Addressing both cultural acceptance of violence against women and the stigma surrounding men’s mental health, Rabbit Heart drags the audience into a couple’s lair and closes the cage behind them. £12/£10 concs

Manic Chord Theatre

Wed 15 Mar, 7.15pm

The Economy of Ecology

Thu 16 Mar, 9pm

Is it as simple as pink and blue? An exploration of what gender means to us, where these perceptions come from and how they shape us. £8 (work-in-progress)

Weltschmerz Company

Fri 17 Mar, 7.15pm

There but for the grace of God (Go I) A techno-paranoid tale about the absurd lengths we go to in order to justify our online selves. £8 (work-in-progress)

Edythe Woolley

Fri 17 Mar, 9pm

The Cabinet of Curiosities: Did you Get That From Your Mother?

£8 (work-in-progress)

A mini historic romp through the female form grotesquely squeezed into cabinets and jars displayed for all who wish to see. £12/£10 concs

LaPelle’s Factory

Theatre, JK

The Black Cat

Theatre and Dragons

An urgent and provocative tale about grief, communication and our impact on the natural world.

Wed 15 Mar, 9pm

An examination of Edgar Alan Poe’s The Black Cat through the haze of 21st century post-truth, picking apart the very process of retelling itself. £8 (work-in-progress)

Sat 18 Mar, 6pm

A riotous, comic and self-aware choose-your-own adventure where the audience decides which route the performance takes. £8 (work-in-progress) Gobscure

Sisters of Eden

Sat 18 Mar, 7.15pm

Volume I: Blood

A witty exploration of the language of sanism (discrimination against those with a mental illness), finding beauty beneath wounding words.

Thu 16 Mar, 7.15pm

An orgasmic celebration of the functions, beautiful variety and overdue ownership of the female body. £12/£10 concs

With added nuts £12/£10 concs

Spring 2017 at Camden People’s Theatre [ 08 ]

The Fatherhood Project by Not Now Collective © Fernando

I’ll Have What She’s Having © Lydia Milne

Vijay Patel

Wonder Fools

Pull The Trigger

The Coolidge Effect

Sat 18 Mar, 9pm

A live art/cabaret deconstruction and reconstruction of Indian corner shop culture, endurance and servitude, unearthing frustrating structures of work life within the anarchy of capitalism. £12/£10 concs

Wed 22 Mar, 7.15pm

An exploration of the relationship that society has with pornography, and its impacts on mental health, relationships, and sexual experiences. £12/£10 concs Jess Brodie & Victoria Bianchi

Wed 22 Mar, 9pm Sat 19 Mar, 5pm

Starting Blocks Showcase

Starting Blocks offers the opportunity to create new theatre work over ten weeks with the support of CPT, as part of a peer network that encourages collaboration and engagement between participating artists. This year’s showcase will present work from Christina Hardinge, Embolon Theatre, Haley McGee, Hannah Maxwell, Double Trouble, and Ryan Calais Cameron. £12/£10 concs

Not Now Collective

Tue 21 Mar, 7.15pm

The Fatherhood Project

A merciless challenge of gender equality, social norms and our inability to forego the idea of the perfect family. £8 (work-in-progress) Roxanne Carney

Tue 21 Mar, 8.30pm

I’m The Hero of This Story

An exploration of the expectations of young women through gender politics, breakups, family, dating, (sexual) health, democracy and generation rent. £8 (work-in-progress) [ 09 ] Spring 2017 at Camden People’s Theatre

I’ll Have What She’s Having

An unpacking of the pressures put on young women to forge a career, marry, procreate and get on the property ladder all before hitting 30. £8 (work-in-progress)

Performance Anxiety

Thu 23 Mar, 7.15pm


(Or, How I Learned to Love Fucking Up)

In a society that demands success, is admitting failure taboo? This show celebrates fucking up, being vulnerable - and body hair. £8 (work-in-progress)

Jamie Wood

Thu 23 Mar, 9pm

I Am A Tree

My Granddad taught me how to listen, and one other valuable lesson. But I can’t remember what the second lesson was. This year I walked back to where he was born to try to find out - a homemade pilgrimage, a return to roots, slow motion time travel. The show will be something else entirely. Still living a dream. £8 (work-in-progress)

Nina Talks About Her Values © Nina Bowers

Earth © Taz Thomas

Nathan Birkinshaw

Vanessa Kisuule

How I lost the will to live


Fri 24 Mar, 7.15pm

(& why you should too)

A coming of age story for a hyper-connected world. A world where it’s not the size that matters, but what you do. £8 (work-in-progress) Various artists

Sat 25 Mar, 7.15pm

Where can I find some sexy, please? Is it really a confidence thing, or is that all bollocks? As a young woman who loves literature, smashing the patriarchy and a well-timed slut drop, these questions have plagued Vanessa her whole life. £8 (work-in-progress)

Fri 24 Mar, 9pm

Deanna Rodger and Gemma Rogers

Our regular scratch night returns with new work from Clarie Gaydon, Jo Hauge, Nina Bowers, Gameshow Grace Gibson and Harry Kearton.



£8 (work-in-progress)

Big Bang £12/£10 concs

Sat 25 Mar, 3pm

Pigeon Patrol

​ uthor Peter Ackroyd claims that pigeons fly A particular toutes across the city. Join Gameshow and track one of these journeys north offering a fresh experience of nature, landscape and atmosphere in a man-made world. £5 OFF SITE

Ding & sich

Sat 25 Mar, 6pm

Ding & sich

With a tabletop for a stage, for a limited audience, Ding & Sich will perform - and in performing attempt to reclaim - the language of flowers. In this reclamation, human emotions concerning the memories of the past and our hopes for the future will be shown variously as rooted, growing, tended, lost - a flourishing, wilting thing. £8 (work-in-progress)

Sat 26 - Sun 26 Mar, 9pm (8.30pm on 26 Mar)

Blasting the past, prepare to rocket into a quest of questions, sing along banter and mystical meetings, and come face to face with a few home truths. Madi Maxwell-Libby

Sun 26 Mar, 7pm

Coping Strategies for Contemporary Living (part 1)

Join Receptionist of the Year and professional timewaster Madi Maxwell-Libby on a journey to better understand our economic system. A physical-videopoetry-comedy show about labour, loyalty cards and the radical potential of caelidhs. £8 (work-in-progress)

Sprint 2017 TICKET OFFERS Festival Pass: Five tickets for £40 for Sprint 2017 when booked at the same time Double bill: two shows on the same night for £16 Offers are subject to availability. Please book online, or call the box office.

Becci Sharrock

Catherine Hoffmann

Letters to Myself

Free Lunch with the StenchWench

Tue 28 – Wed 29 Mar, 7.15pm Created from letters written by real people, Letters to Myself is a heart-warming and humorous look at the best advice we never had. Taking a trip down memory lane it is a recognition of our shared regret and a celebration of our daily triumphs. £12 / 10 conc

James Varney

Tue 28 Mar, 9pm

Haha ghosts lol

Ghosts govern our lives. Whether we like it or not, we spend our time avoiding them, invoking them, becoming them. There are absences everywhere: we know about places we’ve never been, our politicians resign months before they leave power and we find comfort in planning for after we die. Using extracts from interviews, political speeches, funeral advice and the board game ‘Don’t Wake Dad’, haha ghosts lol probes the places we find meaninglessness, to see if there’s a reason they’re there. £8 (work-in-progress)

Catherine Duquette

Wed 29 – Thu 30 Mar , 9pm

Celebrity Bound

So you want to be famous. You want to be a star. But do you have what it takes? Blending movement, scripted and improvised text, video, and interactive media, Catherine shapes a complex and personal narrative around her desire and disgust for fame. She works with the audience to achieve a single goal – to become a star. Her quest moves between comedy, satire, brutal honesty, fantasy, heartbreak, and hope, all the while unveiling the secret to fame. £12 / 10 conc

[ 11 ] Spring 2017 at Camden People’s Theatre

Thu 30 Mar – Sat 1 Apr, 7.15pm

A humiliating scrap with growing up skint in flat broke Britain. Charting the drive for survival and fitting in, the StenchWench shares stories of growing up as one of the ‘feral underclass’ whilst precariously existing in Austerity Britain today. Cheap clothes, thrifty bread, cold baths, and debauched disadvantaged dancing will be investigated as Catherine charts the drive for survival and fitting in. Expect a one-woman flea circus with faded glory, austerity pants, drop scones and hot chocolate. £8 Haley McGee

Fri 31 Mar – Sat 1 Apr, 9pm

Kitchener + Waterloo

Kitchener + Waterloo is a storytelling show, a series of ugly portraits of Haley’s hometown in Canada, KitchenerWaterloo. This show weaves together stories of real people from KW (some true, some lies, some memories and some imagined futures) at various points of crisis and triumph in their lives. £12 / 10 conc The Mayers Ensemble

Tue 4 – Wed 5 Apr, 7.15pm

What If I Told You?

Throughout Pauline’s life, people have made assumptions about her based on her gender, background and race. She’s defied these expectations at every turn, tearing up the narrative that society tried to impose on her. Carefully balancing dance and theatre, What If I Told You? immerses us in Pauline’s world as she invites us to pause, breathe and reconsider the stories we tell about our past and the history on which we build our futures. Each show will be followed by a 1hr post-show discussion with invited guests. £12 / 10 conc Rebecca Atkinson-Lord

Thu 6 – Sat 8 Apr, 7.15pm

The Class Project

This is a show about belonging. About tribes and families. About the place you belong because you were born there; the places that are in your blood but also the places you adopt; that you pretend are your home and the places you change yourself to try and belong in. It’s about class mobility. And regional identity. And being a Thatcher’s child. It’s about education and ‘making good’ for yourself. And maybe about how that can leave you exiled from the place you started. With nowhere to quite belong. £12 / 10 conc

Letters to Myself by Becci Sharrock © Bish

Theatre Counterpoint

Jane English

Am I Pretty?


Thu 6 – Sat 8 Apr, 9pm

Tue 11 – Wed 12 Apr, 9pm

An examination of current issues around the self, body image, and cosmetic surgery. Jazz structure informs the piece as the performers play with rhythm, movement, and sounds to create a sense of musicality and delve into the important question: “what do we want to see when we look at ourselves and what lengths will we go to achieve it?”

20B charts Jane’s search for her story, the story of the estate she grew up in, its beginning and ending, the story of the city and its residents. It lead her to dusty archives, dead ends and endless cups of tea. High-rise social-housing is a disappearing heritage and it is vital to share these stories before they are lost, along with the structures that helped to shape them.

£12 / 10 conc

£12 / 10 conc

Jamal Harewood

David Finnigan


Kill Climate Deniers

Tue 11 – Sat 15 Apr, 7pm

Thu 13 – Sat 15 Apr, 9pm

They’re pretty special. They give a person an opportunity to express themselves. They can be read. They can be heard. They can be spoken. They allow us to communicate with one another. I was always told that it’s not what you said, but how you said it - is this true? Become the contestant or host in an audience led gameshow that holds a magnifying glass up to the words we use daily. “An extraordinary charged and disturbing meditation on cultural stereotypes and perceptions” The Guardian (on The Privileged).

Kill Climate Deniers is a sharply satirical look at politics that examines what happens when the two-party political system comes face-to-face with a massive, global-scale crisis unfolding over the span of decades. The performance is soundtracked with a barrage of classic House and Techno bangers from 1988-92. The result is a high-intensity performance threaded through with blistering political satire and a gunsblazing action adventure set at the heart of Australian democracy. Hugely controversial in its native Australia, Kill Climate Deniers now receives its UK premiere

£12 / 10 conc

£12 / 10 conc


Spring 2017 at Camden People’s Theatre [ 12 ]

Faslane by Jenna Watt © Mihaela Bodlovic

Katy Dye

Tom Adams and Lillian Henley


Elephant and Castle

Tue 18 – Wed 19 Apr, 7.15pm Post Brexit, Katy has become fascinated with the symbol of the British flag. From Gerri Halliwell’s Union Jack dress at the Brit awards, to a tea cosy happily bought in a tourist shop, to union flag murals branded on Shankhill road in Belfast, it is a symbol whose meaning is constantly changing. Katy would feel hesitant to wear one, and even more uncomfortable to wave one. And yet she wonders why? Why does she feel like it’s not all right to be proud of the country she comes from, and what is so wrong with feeling patriotic?

Thu 20 – Sat 22 Apr, 7.15pm

Do you tell the truth when you talk in your sleep? Does your sleep talk even make sense? And could it just be that you analyse your relationships in a way that’s more honest than you do when you’re awake? Using live music and extracts from recordings, Elephant and Castle is a gig theatre show about how honest it’s possible to be and have your relationship survive, created by composer and theatre maker Tom Adams, and 1927’s Lillian Henley. £12 / 10 conc

£12 / 10 conc

Jenna Watt

Viki Browne


Tue 18 – Wed 19 Apr, 9pm

The Gran Show

Viki’s Gran died in December 2014. This solo performance (which wishes it were a duet) is the ongoing product of her grief. It is about things that were never said, one-sided conversations and failing substitutes. This surprising and amusing performance features dancing grapefruits, The Archers, fake tan, giant cigarettes, balloons and Phil Collins. £12 / 10 conc

Thu 20 – Sat 22 Apr, 9pm Her Majesty’s Naval Base Clyde, or Faslane, situated 40 miles outside Glasgow, is home to the UK’s nuclear missile program: Trident. With her family having worked in Faslane all her life, and with friends protesting at the gates, Faslane explores what happens when the personal and political collide. Drawing upon interviews with individuals at the front line of the nuclear debate, Jenna navigates her own journey through the politics, protests and peace camps. Winner of a Fringe First Award 2016. “Fascinating and completely gripping.” ★★★★ The Scotsman £12 / 10 conc

[ 13 ] Spring 2017 at Camden People’s Theatre


Tue 25 Apr – Sun 14 May

Hotbed: a festival of sex

Let’s talk about sex, baby. We live in a world saturated with sexual imagery – but how often do we talk about sex as it’s really felt, experienced or imagined? And why is theatre so seldom a part of that conversation? Hotbed is CPT’s brand new festival of sex: three weeks of adventurous performance guaranteed to expand your carnal knowledge. From the ubiquity of porn to the secrets of your sexual fantasies, from a celebration of sex-positivity to the difficulties of representing sex on stage, this twenty-one night stand lays bare sex, 2017-style. Come join us at CPT’s sexual congress for a bit of what you fancy – and more. Featuring the premiere of Oh Yes Oh No, the new show from Pretty Ugly and A Girl and A Gun creator Louise Orwin. tickets from £8 Spring 2017 at Camden People’s Theatre [ 14 ]

Kings Cross (Remix) © Tom Marshman

Milk Presents

Tom Marshman


Kings Cross (Remix)

Sun 7 May, 4pm

“I am a minotaur and I am dangerous to those I love. I don’t mean to make anyone feel uncomfortable, that’s not my intention, but facts are what they are.” Written from testimony and personal experience this is the story of one person’s quest for a way out of the labyrinth.

Bullish is the recipient of CPT’s first Home Run commission. The award will see the company commissioned and supported to develop the show to full production in Autumn 2017


£8 (work-in-progress)

[ 15 ] Spring 2017 at Camden People’s Theatre

Tue 16 – Sat 27 May, 7.15pm

Kings Cross (Remix) uncovers the hidden histories of LGBT communities in London during the 1980s through memories of the Kings Cross area, which has undergone radical change since its day as a hub of LGBT communities, bars and culture. Woven together from the stories of people who experienced it first-hand, Tom’s show celebrates a raucous, riotous time in the life of central London where sexuality was for exploring, HIV was causing tragedy, and rights were to be fought for. “One of the most exciting things about Marshman’s work is his ability to pick a seemingly small subject and peel back the layers to expose something unexpectedly profound” Big Issue COMMISSIONED BY CPT AND SUPPORTED BY THE HERITAGE LOTTERY FUND.

£12 / 10 conc

Digs by Theatre with Legs © Etch

Heidi Niemi

Theatre with Legs



Tue 16 – Sat 20 May, 9pm

One Woman. All the roles. A quest for total POWER! The “actress” is sick of men getting all the good parts. In this show, one woman, Heidi Niemi, will take over all the roles in Macbeth. She knows the lines, she knows sword fighting, she has a horse, she’s ready! The main reason to make this show is to get stage time, get famous and get absolute dominance! It’s going to be Heidi, Heidi, Hail Heidi! Heil Heidi!….oh, and also a sound dude/prop guy/musician /prompter (Gus Kennedy Jacob)

“Don’t think I’ve laughed at a piece of theatre as much as I did tonight. Amazing work” Audience feedback, Sep 2016.

Tue 23 – Wed 24 May, 9pm

What is home? DIGS explores the nature of shared living, posing provocations on the housing crisis, love and loneliness. It observes the rituals, the patterns and the codes of behaviour that we adopt when sharing living space. Playfully combining verbatim text, dynamic movement and a live music score, this piece takes the audience on a darkly comic and poetic journey. With personal stories at the helm, from the bizarre to the profound, DIGS looks at how human behaviour plays out in both public and private space. £8 (work-in-progress)

£12 / 10 conc

Spring 2017 at Camden People’s Theatre [ 16 ]

Binary Optional © Lucia Lucas

Oedipa and Lucia Lucas

Annie Siddons

Binary Optional

Dennis of Penge

Thu 25 – Fri 26 May, 9pm

Sun 28 May, 7pm

Oedipa and Lucia Lucas collaborate on an evening of song in transition; from masc to femme, classical to queer and oppression to freedom. Taking in a range of styles, Lucia draws on her vast experience singing classical repertoire to celebrate the fluidity and plurality of gender in opera.

Touching on themes of addiction, survival, poverty, joy and ecstasy in the city, Dennis ​​ of Penge combines Annie Siddons’ raw poetry with music and performance to create an urgent, vital and uplifting new show. From the maker of the acclaimed CPT hit How ​​ Not to Live in Suburbia.

£12 / 10 conc

£8 (work-in-progress)

Gracefool Collective

Sat 27 - Sun 28 May, 9pm (8.30pm on Sun 28 May)

TICKET OFFERS Double bill: two shows on the same night for £16 Season pass: 20% off when you book five or more shows at the same time Offers are subject to availability. Please book online, or call the box office.

[ 17 ] Spring 2017 at Camden People’s Theatre

This Really Is Too Much

Look. (point) You’ve never had it so good. We. Are moving. Forward. Outlandish and highly entertaining, this piece of dance theatre delves into a world of farcical stereotypes and preposterous power struggles. Watch four characters bend over backwards in an attempt to be 3-dimensional, high definition, waterdrinking, salad-eating, moisturizing WO-men in modern society. £12 / 10 conc

DollyWould © Sh!t THeatre

Sh!t Theatre

Subika Anwar



Tue 30 May – Fri 2 June, 7.15pm

Wed 31 May – Fri 2 Jun, 9pm


Divided has been developed with CPT and Hopscotch Asian Women’s Centre and inspired by real-life case studies of domestic violence and segregation. As three different characters explore integration into an unknown territory, flat representations of femininity are challenged by understanding westernisation from a South Asian perspective. Divided uses different music styles and genres, to illustrate the perplexity of integration into the West.

£12 / 10 conc

£12 / 10 conc

Mark Dean Quinn

Camden People’s Theatre

Observation Without Comedy

Fog Everywhere

Oh look, Sh!t Theatre again, what is it this time? Oh, is it unemployment? Is there a crisis? Is the government doing something wrong again? No it’s a show about Dolly Parton. We fucking love her.

“Hilarious and heartbreaking” ★★★★ Sunday Times

(review of Letters to Windor House)

Tue 30 May, 9pm

Mark Dean Quinn comes to CPT with his show called Mark Dean Quinn or Observation Without Comedy, he hasn’t decided yet. It is about trust, ice creams and buckets. There are no jokes. Everyone gets sweets.

“A fascinating, poignant and extremely entertaining study in deadpan tragicomedy” Exeunt £8 (preview)

Sat 3 Jun

Fog Everywhere (working title) is CPT’s new production with local young people, made in collaboration with the Lung Biology Group at King’s College London and students from Westminster Kingsway. It explores the drastic effects - particularly on young people - of air pollution in our city, and tells dramatic stories of the history of the London fog. Please join us at this early work-in-progress performance and contribute your ideas to the future development of the show. £8 (work-in-progress) Spring 2017 at Camden People’s Theatre [ 18 ]

What If I Told You? by The Mayers Ensemble © Lizzie Coombes

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Camden People’s Theatre is a central London space dedicated year-round to supporting young and emerging artists making inventive new theatre – particularly about issues that matter to people right now. By doing so, we champion different ways of thinking about and living in the world. Our work is rooted in the communities of Camden and London more widely, and through it, we celebrate the bold, the spirited and the unconventional. By presenting a diverse range of voices and perspectives on our stage, our work speaks to an audience reflective of the makeup of the UK.

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Camden People’s Theatre 58-60 Hampstead Road Box Office 020 7419 4841 London @CamdenPT NW1 2PY

CPT’s theatre is wheelchair accessible. If you are a wheelchair user, please let us know when you are booking so we can ensure you have the best possible experience during your visit.

Spring 2017 at CPT  

Fuel to the flames: six months of scorching new theatre and performance at CPT, guaranteed to make sparks fly...

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